Andrew Yang Vs Laura Ingraham On UBI & The Economy

so Andrew yang spoke to Laura Ingraham on Fox News and he calmly exposed how that that she is she's gonna argue against ubi without really even making an argument she just says I have this feeling it's bad and she ultimately ends up talking so much that she contradicts yourself watch I want to read you a statement hold on Android that you made just a few weeks ago to Newsweek you said when I talked to Trump voters around the country they've said that they're disappointed and what they've gotten from the administration they feel like a lot of it was bluster in hot air but recent goldman sachs study found that wage growth has picked up sharply bottom fifty percent of wage earners are making more consumer confidence is up got other metrics up at seventy one percent have since the beginning of polling on confidence in the economy things people think they're gonna get things even get better so this idea that nothing's working with Trump I just think that's an overstatement at best well I've been around the country now and a lot of people don't feel like they're connected to a lot of the statistics that are coming out and if you remember Donald Trump the candidate in 2015 he said that a lot of these headline unemployment numbers were misleading and they don't report what's happening on the ground and then now that he's in the White House he's singing a very different tune the experience I'm having when I talked to voters around the country is that seventy eight percent of them are living paycheck to paycheck fifty-seven percent can afford an unexpected five hundred dollar bill I think you're right about that there's a lot there's a lot of people who still are vulnerable they're still feeling insecure but this is this has been going on for what twenty years they've had flatlining income for eighteen years preceding Trump finally it's going up but the biz back to leadership though and oh because I think you're someone I don't maybe agree with you but you're someone who seems like you want to solve things you want you want to solve problems and I respect that Forbes says the top five cities in the United States with the largest home with homeless populations are the following it's not surprising so New York LA Seattle San Diego San Jose now four of five of these cities are run by Democrats so how is liberal governance working out for these cities my hometown of Hartford outside of Hartford Connecticut from Hartford Connecticut it's it's it's having real problems had problems for a long time always Liberal leadership and hard for Detroit Chicago has big challenges it's not like these are raging conservative districts of the country Andrea now that's one reason why we need to build a trickle up economy that works for everyone by putting economic resources directly into people's hands because we're in the midst of this winner-take-all economy you can certainly see it in our urban areas where there are rich and poor living next to each other in very different circumstances and unfortunately the dynamics of our economy are just going to become even more extremely polarized as technology starts transforming industries like retail transportation food service and on and on so we need to wake up to the fact that we're in the midst of the greatest economic transformation in our country's history and start moving in a direction of just putting economic resources directly into our hands because we're the oldest did anyone give you a handout to start or work with Manhattan prep you started that right was that your baby now well that was my baby and we've all had a hand in yeah you did really well you were really I mean you're really good successful entrepreneur and you've got you work really hard when everyone gets help but did anyone hand you a thousand bucks to get you got I mean well a lot of people including entrepreneurs have something in the way you're a successful capitalist and there's nothing wrong with that I mean you've you've become a huge success because of the market and because of your hard work and because of your work ethic all of that together your family I imagine not everybody has a family who supports them but that all that combined to really work for you well and that's a great thing about putting these economic resources into our hands it'll give more people an opportunity to start businesses you would create two million new jobs in the economy it would reward hard work because right now many Americans might have a great idea but they're stuck with their heads down and they're not able to build around them and build a new business like oh I've maintained this the best time in my lifetime to be an American if you want to work and you want a job it's it's only it's all that's this guy is a limit right now I think okay I don't know if you call it the contradiction you have to honestly watch the clip a couple times before you catch it but at the beginning she talks about how you know listen this economy bro you're talking to people who are not doing well I mean listen this is this is a great economy alright people are doing great and then Andrew yang dropped some facts on her ass and he's like hey listen 78 percent of people are living paycheck to paycheck a preposterous lehigh number of Americans high percentage of Americans can't afford a $500 emergency who are we kidding who we can the reality is the way we measure the economy is totally off the idea that you just look at the unemployment rate or you just look at the official unemployment rate nonetheless which is total bullshit or you look at the stock market or GDP growth it's like those are like the worst economic indicators for how everybody's doing so he says then what does she do she's in a corner she was like no you know I mean you're right you're right so things aren't great but to be fair they haven't been great for like a long time it's not just Trump's fault he's like yeah that's true but okay that's it checkmate he won the argument your things are great they're wonderful he's I actually know they're not she's like no you're right they're not they're not that great then by the end she comes full circle again and that's the contradiction she comes back and she's like you know I think that in this economy if you're not doing it it's it's you know you can do whatever you want to do in this economy if you're not making it that's on you well you not just here for like three minutes ago when you agreed to the opposite point and Andrew proves you wrong where were you for the conversation you were just having because he just said 70% of people who live in paycheck to paycheck that's what he just said and you were just like it that's okay right so so yeah she's she goes from things are great okay things are bad but seriously though things are great right and then notice what I love about yang in this interview is he just keeps saying the same thing she'll give some bullshit and then he's like yeah anyway so you be eyes great and let me explain why and then she'll say something else and he's like right which is why you be eyes great and then she's like what okay I enjoyed that okay so but notice guys and here's the thing for the pro-trump people they're now in an unwinnable situation why do I say that it's very simple Donald Trump ran as a I'm gonna the forgotten man will never be forgotten again I'm gonna help out the average Joe and Jane in the middle of the country who are hard workers and you know that's that's who I'm all about make America great again fight the outsourcing work for the little guy and then now you know he's in office all of his policies are helping the elites that's not a question that's a fact all of his but deregulation of Wall Street out the wazoo tax cuts that overwhelmingly go to the top one percent corporations just all of it policy for the rich after a policy for the rich so now what do you do you got to run for re-election so do you hit hit him with the I'm for the little guy even though I wasn't but I'm for the little guy again but hold on you were just in office for four years he didn't help little guy and that's why there's now the debate going on Trump to has even said he doesn't know what you gonna go with make America great again again for the second run for the second term for the election season or keep America great again and what you see is that cognitive dissonance with all the pro Trump hoes because half the time they're like yeah the working class that's we're for the working class and we're for helping oh yeah that's half the time and the other half the time it's like well you know if you're not making in this economy it's on you and you got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and the economy's great and if you're not doing well it's not the fault of Trump or the government or our policies it's on you which is it do you want to help the little guy do you want to help there the average Joe and Jane do you want to look out for them and are they getting shafted or are things just great and if they're not doing well it's on them and Laura Ingraham is she has that cognitive dissonance now that's what she has she doesn't know how to deal with it she's got a pick one she doesn't know which one to pick or why or how really sad but that's what you're gonna see they don't they don't know what to do should we argue the same thing pretend like we're for the working class or should we say the economy's already and if you're not doing great it's on you and the final thing I want to say real quick cuz one of those points really pissed me off listen ultimately Laura Ingram has one point that she always comes back to that point is Trump good Republicans good Democrats bad that's all she's got she shall recycle that 930 thousand ways but that's all she has on her show that's it that's that's it that's all she's got so what does she do she cites for Andrew yang hey Andrew here's some cities they're run by Democrats and they have the highest homelessness population how's that Democratic leadership going Wow Laura you just a logic Tim to death okay that's not an argument Republican states are the poorest so in other words the democratic states are more wealthy the Republican states are the poorest it is that it is at the end of the conversation because that's what Laura Ingraham is trying to do at the city level like oh yeah the democratic cities are are pretty poor so this again these aren't arguments this is this is partisan gotya games what you obvious what any serious person has to do is they have to dig into the macroeconomic trends the micro economic trends the exact policies that lead to an increase in homelessness so here's an idea you do know that if homelessness is a problem there is a way to fix it right which is give the homeless homes now is that a policy luring room sports no no she does not she would argue against that til the cows come home but that just shows how like disingenuous this whole argument is as if she cares about the homeless she doesn't care about the homeless she found one weird cherry-picked fact where she could try to blame homelessness on Democrats and so she went with it more homeless are in the cities well you know it could maybe be because cities have a larger population so they're by definition more likely to have more of every kind of person including homeless people that could be one no it's the Democrats it's got to be the Democrats okay then how do you respond to the fact that the poorest states or Republican states does that make you go the Republicans are add no it doesn't cuz again but you're a hack you're just a partisan hack and there's no talking logically with you there's none of that it's always you're just everything is like I'm gonna try to revert it to a partisan gotcha game I don't give a shit about that game I care about actual solutions so you know an actual solution for homelessness and by the way this has been well documented this has been studied repeatedly um if you just give homeless people small studio apartment you know nothing bare-bones you don't need to go nuts or anything like that but you give them a roof over their head you know what happens right it saves the taxpayer money and you literally reduce the homeless population so you could do that but again Laura Ingraham doesn't want to actually fix homeless and she wants to use this argument as a cheap partisan point to try to play a gotyou game with Andrew yang to say aha Democrats bad spare me Laura spare me you're not even mildly entertaining or interesting or accurate it's a yawn I yawn at your nonsense

  1. The very interesting part of this topic is the conservative state of Utah has Ben housing the homeless people in their state or the specific reason that it saves them money. It is sad to see conservatives doing the right thing when liberals will not. The fact is it cost more money to have a homeless person out in the bad weather going to the emergency room regularly exposing themselves to disease on the streets causing other health conditions probably as they are spreading disease and illness throughout the communities. We need to house homeless people responsibly and it will save us all money just like the conservatives in Utah have proven.

  2. It's funny how Faux Noise rags on large cities being "liberal". Generally, conservatives gravitate more towards smaller cloistered monoculture communities–the absolute opposite of cities. Conservatives don't run large cities because they hate everything about them.

  3. The problem with leftists is they advocate for policies that give people stuff they assume people want, but only individuals can decide what makes their life better.

  4. I saw a flag in someone's yard recently that said "TRUMP 2020: NO MORE BULLSHIT." Like uhhh….YOU'RE THE PRESIDENT. The amount of bullshit going on is entirely up to you!

  5. How can people actually listen to this twat? Holy shit, her voice alone is enough to repel anyone with a set of ears, much less the words that are coming out of that hole in her face.

  6. Obviously this white American has no respect for non-white-Americans. As as Asian, I see this all the time. When people such as Laura Ingrahm knowing she is no match intellectually, they will continue to disrespect. No reasons. No logics. Just disprespect.

  7. Once again my people's ain't gettin more of nothing f'n liars
    Idk who this dude is but I'm tired of hearing fox news sayin people are gettin more as in gettin paid more cause no there not. the rich are gettin richer the poor are gettin more poor don't make up lies

  8. So, that line of 4 of 5 top US cities with homeless run by Democrats is one of the most misleading I've seen in a while. Are the cities that are run by Republicans without homeless people? Name one somebody.

  9. Skies the limit if u wanna work TWO to or more jobs, he's so on the money with his numbers and she's totally out of touch with reality
    Is there a way we can somehow get a Yang, Bernie, Tulsi sandwich of intelligence and Because they all talk about all the issues some, but each seems to focus on one not all. Bernie sort of but not really. There's just too much for one person to get done. With a government that's this far off what the average American citizen deals with day to day, and it needs completely turned around. Term limits would help a TON

  10. The biggest cities have the most homeless people but they are ran by liberals so therefore their policies suck? This is biased conservative logic.

  11. Didnt trump ask his daddy for a small loan of a million bucks idk get her point in asking him if hes ever gotten a handout

  12. To Laura: It's because the Dems are not liberals. They're conservatives in disguise. Name one liberal policy Nancy Pelosi is for.

  13. Honestly I would like to see Bernie + Yang/Bernie + Tulsi/Tulsi + Yang 2020 (Any combination of those three is fine with me)

  14. funny how she talk about handouts hmm disnt your beloved president get a 10 million dollar one. Along with the other trust fund babies.

  15. Yes there's going to be more homeless in a city of say 12 million than stublefuck Iowa population 800 where maybe only 2 out of 100 people are homeless but everyone knows them and helps them and everyone else who is poor is not homeless because they live with relatives who aren't totally broke.. It doesn't logically follow that Stumblefuck Iowa is better run. That's a non-equivelant assertion. Also if stumblefuck Iowa is a better place to live why don't 12 million people want to live there?

  16. I used to like to listen to Laura on radio, but in this interview she did a terrible job. Let him talk

  17. Lmao hand me down she said….didnโ€™t trump get handed down 400 million from his dad as a loan ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ great start

  18. Yeah the Republican states cost Democratic states a lot, but you have to make sure people are taken care of. That is the purpose of government. Kinda sad to see what the partisans glean from this. I'm looking at you Laura.

  19. I don't think Trump will have any problem convincing the same people to vote for him again. If FOX News tells them that Trump's policies have helped the little man, then that's exactly what they'll believe.

  20. Homeless are in those cities because their cost of living is very high stupid Laura. Oh the hand out argument, did Laura get any help? I highly think so, she did not grow up cleaning bathrooms or working the field right.

  21. Normally when "Vs" is in the title there are large amounts of dislikes. Not with Yang.
    This brilliant man is really throwing himself into the fire. I have so much respect for him at this point!
    Edit: The Asian Obama ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. As a person who lives 5 minutes away from Hartford for my entire life, I have to say this bitch has no idea what the real issues are about the city.

  23. "Those are hands outs, that's the problem" ๐Ÿ‘น She doesn't belong in the human race. Sounds like she wants to live like true animals so I would dump her ๐Ÿฌ ass onto the Serengeti and watch her try to survive without " handouts" against lions, hyenas and everything else that wants to kill her for food.

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    . young fresh booty is new
    . things of value
    . take her to
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    . ๐Ÿ‘
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