1. If Andy cannot make POTUS he must be strongly considered for vice POTUS…I love this guy…Common sense solutions all the way…Yang Gang

  2. I also dont think it's the duty of Amazon/walmart, etc to pay for all these subsides. If they are forcing small mom & pop businesses, lets see if we can get those businesses work WITH these big companies so both will earn big bucks. Why must it be all or nothing?

  3. Given, I haven't heard too much on Andrew Yang – but there are some topics that he's for that are throwing red flags for me. He seems like a good candidate to bridge the huge gap between all parties, but I'm afraid we would sell our fredoms for promises of security… In which we would deserve none…

  4. "I want to quote my friend Eric Weinstein". He's friends with Eric Weinstein? Good lord I love this guy more and more the more I hear him speak.

  5. In New York, at least, the way we report employment is flawed. We reported jobs filled, not individuals employed. When wages went up, we slashed almost all full time retail and food industry shifts, offering only part time with very few full time spots, usually for shift managers and above. This caused people to get "paid more" yet earn less. The unskilled labor workers now work 2 to 3 different part time jobs to make ends meet and we'd chuckle in corporate that this reality is presented as if unemployment went down and everyone is patting themselves on the back and talking about these great employment figures. Yet you look around and these Upstate towns are dead and dying.

  6. I think even if he doesn’t win the primary, someone ought to pick him up as a running mate.

  7. Yang's domestic policies + Trump's trade policy + Gabbard's foreign policies = extreme 🇺🇲 success

  8. Im concerned, this is going to be so expensive. To implement the ubi means more bureacracy and a greater burden on our debt. Just figure how many people are at least 18 yrs in america and multipy that # by 12,000 to account for the annual payout and that will be the yearly amount added to our budget and thats not even including free college either. This will bankrupt this country further. Dont be lured in by free money! 😔

  9. This is so true. 30% of retail stores are closing every year because of online stores and currently this also happening everywhere in the world .

  10. if you think about it the standard for "poor" in the USA is if you make $12,490 or less (in a family size of 1). So its not like your living large with UBI you'd still be considered poor, that's where the incentive for a job comes in. people are still going to work with UBI because it acts like a security net, so if you have heath bills or need to move, it lets college students pay off their tuition fees or help them get an apartment after college so they don't have to move back with mom and dad. this literally helps everyone because everyone is getting it, i dont see why anyone could be against it. even how were going to pay for this is laid out really well by Yangs website and his policies.

  11. Thank you Joe and Fox for exposing Andrew Yang to ordinary Americans! This presidential candidate IMHO is without a doubt an American patriot with the best thought out and viable ideas that can create the greatest good for America, a country we love dearly. I am so sick and tired of snake oil peddler Trump Land his crooked cronies. Thank you Steve Chen and his buddies for creating YouTube, which is a powerful tool for keeping America for the people and by the people. I trust Americans and our democratic system to allow us to self correct from mistakes like Trump, Hillary, etc… God please continue to bless America and keep us as free people.

  12. Cavuto, really? Get educated and get perspective. The GOP SPENDS TRILLIONS on the MILITARY, the biggest socialist program in the history of the world. Do you have to be ignorant to be on Fox?

  13. It will work. Canada already did an experiment. Read it at this link

  14. I think Mr. Yang needs more exposure sign the petition to get him on 60 Minutes

  15. Well yea we’ve bailed out and gave tax handouts for o corporations for Americans just to get spit in the face by cutting jobs or moving to another country……

    About time trickle down we directly water the source of these companies income.. the customer “americans”

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