Andrew Yang - Freedom Dividend Is Capitalism/Purpose

alright guys this is going to be my hats workout run a week's workout hey you all welcome back to the channel and today I want to talk to you all about purpose purpose in your job and work your careers the concepts and ideas that we hand over to ideas of these jobs and careers to be a part of who we are and how to view that going forward into a world that's gonna be automated away and and a lot of robotic technology and understanding where purpose fits into this and maybe some of the misconceptions where we put purpose right and we also want to talk about why the freedom dividend is capitalism all right I think this is very important because I think they're still not a quite a bit of putting this together and clarifying exactly what this is all right so you know I remember having conversations with my grandparents and family members about a time when you know basically like how we get to see in this video this is a video of me do out on my ranch chopping wood and you know I'm out there chopping wood you know who's mostly for exercise you know at this point in time but there is a time when this isn't a necessity you know necessary for survival right because you know you needed it for your heating sources you needed it to to stay warm to survive winter and you needed it for for a heating for cooking and you know wood-burning stoves and the like and you know this was the life of my grandparents right and so technology now has it's a world we can you know we don't have to do that job anymore we have to we can go out and we can or we just go to the century area and hit on and we might not even have to walk to the century or unit you know Google has you know Alexa F what's activated temperature control so I imagine you can just sit up you know in house and just you know turned on by voice command and I say all that to say that there was a purpose or I'm sorry there was a time were people and their families uh you know keeping that house warm and keeping food on a table in order you know using that that heating source that necessarily heating source or to survive with that energy source uh was a daily task and job you know you know chopping wood is not easy it is a job it is a ten it is a task right but the people who would do that you know you go back generations to go you know go back hundreds of years ago thousand years ago but you have to actually physically go out and do this job you know the people who did those things you know the idea that they no longer have to do those things and don't do those things for the most part didn't take away their purpose right they didn't lose purpose they didn't lose purpose for that you know the idea of purpose was switched right you know body movements let's just think about this for a moment body movements repetitive tasks right don't give you purpose right if you think they do then you know it might be time for you to kind of step up take a step back in spend a little bit of time with yourself and try to you know Stanwell purpose comes from you know but you know you end up and going to you know job deli doing those repetitive tasks you know they you know now I do understand that a lot of people get you out of their work right I try to stay with jobs and tasks that I enjoy doing and so I understand that and any and I think it an idea you can still do many of those jobs and tasks much like you know like I go out and I chop firewood and and a variety of things like that I do it for exercise as well but you know any idea that I'm still doing that even though I could just you know turn on the heating right century or units and a variety of things still doing that and it doesn't interfere it doesn't disturb that purpose right you know I love the Joe Rogan podcast is his channel but and Joe Rogan has been very good for the energy gain campaign he had him on his show and as you ain't got a lot of recognition from that show right and so thankful that Joe Rogan hat as you going on the show and from what I can see and understand Joe Rogan is is a pretty big supporter of anjou yeah I think he asks one discerns about the play for the most part I would say Joe Rogan's are bored with engineering he goes to back to him for me you know when he has the opportunity they had Abby Martin on the show the other day and she was talking about you know this I believe she brought up automation or something like that and she was saying like how nobody's you know talking about they're doing it Joe Rogan came in and said oh no no Andrew Yang is doing it right and you know you kind of like compare that to what you might get with some like NBC or CNN and all these major networks what we really and oddly enough the exception of Fox News that did have Andrew yang on any give them a great chance to talk about what many of these other networks have you know you know every chance they got try to silence the idea or down play them in some way and we've got to see that in the NBC debates you know some of the same people who really understand and know Andrew Yang's policies because he's talked to him as a matter of fact a few days earlier Chuck Todd who was one of the hub debate moderators who fully understood Andrew yang didn't you know didn't have questions for him again you know and understands his policy but you know Gant planted at that that's another video but the point the point we're making is that autumn to get back to Joe Rogan the reason I brought Joe Rogan up Joe Rogan talks a lot about the idea that it you know in relation to Andrew Yang's policies that you know people need purpose they need to be able to do something right there's a lot of things we can do in the world and I love Joe Rogan but I think the confusion he's making is that somehow purpose translates to the job market which it doesn't you know we know that's not true and so as technology has moved in and people have no longer had to do certain tasks it hasn't robbed them of purpose right or it doesn't have to and again you know I think that we really need that a broader explore what purpose is I think that might be a type of misunderstanding the purpose right now it's true we can make our own purposes and choose our own purposes but just like in the way we can create that with our minds and make our own purpose and choose our own purposes it also deal with translate we can make up more purposes right this is this is not at the necessity level well you know in that way so purpose is not related to tasks you go out and do every day right you know purpose is you know for me is what affects the well-being of society over all right where you can go on your communities and neighborhoods and everybody is healthy and everybody's alright and everybody's fine to me that's more important than people going out and doing repetitive tasks every day right and the freedom dividend it helps us to do that and so while you know we talk about the fourth Industrial Revolution you know a few things and wanted you know get back to the real quick to the founders from well it's a lot double talk about that because where I get confused about how I people comment on it and in the purpose idea after all you know people aren't gonna be doing anything is that we sit around all day doing nothing not you know working well you know again a thousand dollars the supplemental income it's not enough income to stop everybody from working and some people will but for the most part I think more people will continue to work and so you know I think it's very important that we clarify that that and not double-talk that because a lot of double-talk that's like all it's all it is free money and nobody's doing anything then there's not enough money so which one is it right is it too much is it it's enough money to stop people working orders or not so when Angie talks about things like the fourth Industrial Revolution there will be tasks there will be jobs you know some some reports have said that there won't be all these manufacturing jobs and variety of things like that it's the robots and automation will take them over but there will be jobs like Zumba instructors right and they'll be limited capacity jobs but here's the thing let's think about this for a moment if you're gonna be a Zumba instructor right let me wrong being a Zumba instructor report was saying that it just probably won't be enough job openers for a Zumba instructors to fill that gap for you know people who would you know be wouldn't have that you know a job and work available so they have to get something like the freedom dividend but if you're if you could if you consider something like being a Zumba instructor or a job and a career and things like that why can't we didn't adapt and move to other ideas that are just as valid in as being a job you know what is a job what is work we need to clearly define what that is what has worked if it's productive to somebody it should be classes work right it is valuable to somebody and it's a task it should be classes work so if you're a parent if you're a parent you know I would say that's probably the hardest job ever that you're ever going to do is one a hardest is one of the most important two and it should be one of the most purposeful so when Joe Rogan talks about people looking for purpose you know Joe Rogan has a I think a pretty good sizeable family at home I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think he does from what I've heard other people say and you know Joe I'm sure Joe Rogan is busy doing his podcast and within his family you know as most parents I'm not a parent but I've heard parents say things like you know they're not perfect and they wish they had more time with their family and children and they they wish they could have done something different in their parenting for the children so if that's the case why not spend it's a lot of parents in the country why not spend a lot of that time looking for purpose and placing it over the work why not spend a lot of time working on your family right being best parents harvesting and raising the best generation of people we can write glad to have a family that's a job that's a good purpose right you know if that is your is that if that's a big problem the issue to you right and there's many other things you can do as many arts and music and things you can see that can inspire the world creativity creativity creativity create and a creative way well I can't speak today so you know you know people listen to music and they look at art they get inspired to go out and create something that makes the world a better place right so as it's many you know things we could sort of work as many ideas that can be part of our purpose and I just thought that was very important because a lot of people get decided with a freedom dividend people just gonna be laying around sent around doing nothing all day and just going into this state of atrophy which is not true that's not going to happen you know people don't just sit around people are gonna still create people are still gonna bill people are still gonna dream and people are still gonna set out to make their environment and their worlds better so now let's get over quick to – the freedom dividend it's capitalism right this idea that is socialism socialism is a false narrative and I'm gonna explain to you why first we just look at some some simple evidence that the idea of the freedom dividend universal basic income to many historians and economists are looked at as capitalist right a lot of Republicans and conservatives that's why a lot of them find it so much easier to accept Andrew Yang's plan over many Democratic plans because they know at the root level there are very capitalistic ideas within that that are more removed from more socialistic ideas that you get with bigger governments and we're not going to that a little bit so these people that say oh it's free handouts and so in socialism I used to think these people were Republicans or conservatives but I'm gonna tell you something they may not be there there may be some type of interesting enough oddly enough Democrat I know a lot of you might be shocked by that but I would be surprised if they might be some of that because they certainly aren't conservatives necessarily you don't find a whole lot of conservatives speaking out against universal basic income right and a begin innate some of them try to but then some of their biggest leaders and their biggest proponents people like being Shapiro on a Tucker Carlson show you know he taught with Andrew you ain't Fox News has had them on there a lot do you really think excuse me do you really think Fox News would have Andrew yang on there as many times they had them talking about the universal basic income and the freedom dividends and automation if they didn't think it's somehow sir their their ideas you know it's a principle that is very capital capitalistic right is is it's linked and capitalism we're not going to that a little bit it clear up some of the misconceptions as you're hearing explains that as capitalism that doesn't start at zero right and I think that's a great way of describing it because in economics the best site the best economies exist with good distribution if you're a rich person it doesn't matter if there's your money you made every money in society that matter if you were one entity that mean every dollar in the country without being distributing that dollar around to the population that's a bad economy right so you got to have good distribution in that in that idea now where it becomes so much capitalists in a government like setting is one big issue is that well we pay all these tax dollars to the government and the government it generally consists like this there's a minority group right is a very small group to spend on all our tax dollars and they're not spending them how we'd spend them right so what do you call it when a small group of people in a government which has now become a big government because they have control of all your tax dollars and they're spending this money the way they want right do you know what type of regimes and governments mirrored at socialist governments right remember what they are they're large governments right with all the control of all to cap the capital and production like which get in communism and they're spending the resources of the of the country and and like right and they are given amounts back to the people but they're making other decisions I had it how to spend that money right now what the freedom dividend is not set up that way a supplemental right you're not getting you know you know even distribution of goods and services to the level of like that you know that works and in that idea but what you are getting is you're getting a dividend right which is very capitalistic from the resources of the of the country in this in this case will be the v80 tax which is amazon pan is fear of taxes and companies and corporations like it pan is fair share of taxes but here's the difference and here's a big kicker and this is what makes it so so much capitalistic instead of giving it over to the government to spend how they see fit why does just give it to the people since this government forty people by two people you let them spend the tax dollars that's very capitalistic right that's not big government either so we're controlling the money we're spending tax dollars right cuz it belongs to the people we're spending the tax dollars back into the economy right we're not part of some government corruption where they're taking all this money and giving tax breaks which is essentially taking the money and divvy then giving it up to certain groups of their friends or the people they want to pee right because that's what our tax system does with the freedom dividend you give all the tax money back to the people right with the v80 and we spend it that's that's this capitalistic as you get buddy you know we spend it back into the economy so you know I think big misconception about its socialism it's not socialism right because another thing you know it's not socialism it goes to the rich it goes to the poor right and it's the American people spending their tax dollars back into the economy in a democratic way right it's not corruption is not collusion with the government given some of this tax money to who they want to pick as the winners right that's that's capitalism right capitalism isn't picking winners and losers right that's crony capitalism that's corporatism and that's what a lot of you all who come on a channel and say this won't work this so that's what you are are all are your people who support crony capitalism and corporatism right capitalism is when people really have a more fair system where they can play on an even playing field in a business road to freedom dividend is a part of a capitalistic model right dividends and corporations are part of capitalistic models were these shares in that business right that corporation get a dividend that's what we're getting that's the American people right but it's not part of crony capitalism what we're in now what you get with tax breaks and what you get with government officials who are corrupt and who are being bought right it's not corporatism where the corporations are controlling the government through government legislation using government legislation through their influence to make the government moving away it it wants to move right and and and in that way usurping money from the American people back to them through the backdoor that's not capitalism the closest thing to capitalism and all these ideas is the freedom dividend right so I just wanted to clear that up this morning this beautiful weekend morning and I love you hear you guys thoughts and opinions on it but that's all I got to say in this video well I will say that just you know to speak on the debate again real quick that pulling a divest bearing release that show and Rianne pulling at about 1.3 percent so they're not pulling at about 1.2 percent so you know was kind of right any idea that I you know I didn't think that this hurt Andrew yang that much because or help them you know it really didn't do anything because his Andrew Yang's base is pretty much you know I already knew that everybody who's supporting hands remain everybody who's already on amble and Ruane ship they're probably not getting off his ship I'm just gonna tell you that right now so I knew that the I knew it wouldn't hurt him too much right and the fact that it didn't go down much you know really almost showed the debates as you know according to the polling data kind of showed that the basis uh you know really not having effect I had you yank at all so again I wouldn't worry a whole lot about that now it did raises Twitter files a lot and that is great so here's the next part I want to say and that is polling down a good debates good points being made and one-liners being delivered that get people all excited about these debates that doesn't mean zilch anata when it comes to actually getting out there to vote hit the voting booth right so here here's my theory about the whole thing when it comes to voter turnout Andrew yang is gonna have really good voter turnout all right people are gonna actually get up and go to the voting booth for Andrew yang and I think a lot of candidates were polling good now you know in the data it's one thing to be polling good but it's another thing to have voter turnout and a lot of these people I don't think they're gonna have these candidates gonna actually have the voter turnout like an Zi yang is gonna have and so I I think that's also important to consider also real quick Bitcoin my kid calm our own universal basic income program they use the blockchain technology crypto currencies like litecoin theorem this is real money that could be traded for currencies of your choice is a free program everybody watching the channel can join now and get this free cryptocurrency money it's especially great for people outside of America who are involved with our who are a champion people like Andrew Leeanne to finally make the United States of America a beacon of hope for many other countries because if we get the dividend working well the freedom dividend universal basic income working well in the United States I believe it will be a model for people around the world and and their countries may follow suit but as of right now that's not gonna be happening for them and we still need to win this election but there's something we could do right now we can join now our website that uses cryptocurrency blockchain technology there are secure technologies totally free to you all free money going to individuals with this cryptocurrency that is created and generated through activity this is what we term an activity based economy it's based on active your attention right activity and attention so attention is the right word attention based economy right so paying attention to things watching videos going on our websites doing a variety of things generates this cryptocurrency that you can move around the world and it definitely will help a lot of people to supplement their income help people in developing nations to pay for grocery bills and a variety of things like that so it's a very ambitious project when we're very proud of happy about and we think it works well with the direction of the Andrew yang campaign so we love for you all to join today it's open for everybody start getting crypto currencies free today just by joining so do it right now but that's all I got to say in this video if you like content like this don't forget like subscribe and until next time take care

  1. Thank you for making this video for other Americans who are clueless about this to understand better! #LetYangSpeak

  2. Yang has already stated that Freedom Dividend is capitalism… he explains it alot better than you… he explains it over and over again when he does interviews that ITS CAPITALISM THAT STARTS AT 1K a month instead of 0 a month. He makes it clear that's its capitalism…and not socialism… Yang has never made it a riddle or something we need to do any deep thinking on..its very clear to me and others that ITS A FORM of CAPITALISM ..we're not unaware of this notion

  3. Freedom Dividend is a transition from all these job loses and buys us some time to figure out what the meaning of life, job and other complex issues as a society.

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