Ancient Ruins civilization on Mars SOL 580 Curiosity Rover Nature’s Lullaby

this image is from Sol 580 and today I
want to take a closer look at this image I did a version the other day where I
just featured the whole image and you know I thought this looked like an
ancient civilization and some of this looked like a broken up road bed and I
still do but I want to go in closer and look at some of the things that I see
I’m going to start up here on this side and this little part for some reason it
was a different color when I spliced all these images together there is a total
of 60 and I didn’t do a very good job you can see that I just put them
together but I think the overall picture gives a better perspective of what is
going on here now when I zoomed in close here this is what I see is this little
thing here sticking out I just find that odd for this to be sticking out right
here like that it looks like some kind of a pipe or something I’m not sure
exactly what that would be maybe a hose or it could be a growth maybe it’s some
type of tree or something that’s starting to grow on Mars who really
knows it could be a rocket or a cannon of some sort sticking out of the ground
but it just doesn’t look like something that is natural what I was noticing here
is all of these broken up pieces here they look like broken up pieces of
roadbed or even broken up pieces of sheet rock you know like from a house or
something I’m going to zoom in a little bit closer right here so we can see this
and even this right here it’s kind of got like a little point down here it is
sticking into the ground a little bit and then right here is the shadow it
doesn’t look like it’s natural it looks like it’s me unmade material point is
ooh not a little but bring some more of this over here
right here it just looks like a foundation or something you know so
maybe when something catastrophic happened like an asteroid or somebody
blew up Mars you know whatever they did maybe they blew up their own planet this
was something that was broken up or over time the landscape has shifted and
pushed the road out of place and this is what happens when a planet is living and
moving and things are happening inside it the planets expanding and the things
that we’re man-made are not going to be permanent in place anymore now over here
is some things that I thought were unusual I’m going to zoom in a little
bit closer here so we can see them and the first thing that I see right here is
this it’s like now this little piece right here it almost looks like a brick
you can see right in here there’s some dark spots and I’ll highlight it a
little bit right here is the straight line and then there’s a cross-section
here that goes down and then there’s a section right here you can see the
darkness there that’s hollowed out and then right here is another piece that
goes around and down here of course is the shadow it just does not look like
it’s something that nature would make it looks like it’s man-made and then even
this little part right here this is a little square piece right here to me it
looks like a traffic light almost and right here is maybe the metal section I’m not sure but it just it doesn’t look
like it’s something that nature would make and then this comes out right here
and some of it of course is going into the ground so you may not be able to see
everything because some of it is buried and then I see a lot of this in this
image this looks like a curb so if you step out your front door and you live in
a major city you see these curbs and I know in my
neighborhood we have curbs that are rounded like that and that is something
I see throughout this whole image is the curb and it looks like a sidewalk so it
could be buried underneath here and we don’t see all the sidewalk but as we
progress further in this image there are some parts that will surface of the
sidewalk and so I’ll show that to you as we go further along in the image and
this little thing down here I thought looked interesting because right here I
see this little eye and then sort of a little point right here is sort of like
a Serpent’s head you know maybe it was a sculpture or something and then right
here part of this sticks out like that so it just looked to be a serpent you
know I don’t know it could just be my imagination too and you know I just see
these things and they stand out and then right down here is another part but I
just thought that that was something I thought looked interesting and then this
part here it almost looks like wood a lot of this through here looks like wood
and you can see it comes to a point right there it’s kind of like it’s
slivered and then we go out here and then come back in it looks like slivers
of wood and I just found that unusual like maybe something that was wooden at
one time exploded possibly moving up here to the upper left a little bit and
I’m going to zoom in right here this little piece right here is unusual and
there’s a straight line right here and then we go from here back up to here
up there like that and then down here you can see this is the shadowed side up
here to the point and right here is a straight edge there’s down here to a
point up here and then it goes around like this and this part is dark so it is
hidden from the Sun from the view of the Sun at this time curves on around here
then we have a little dark spot right there and it just does not look me
unmade this looks like it’s maybe carved or some sort of tool or something but
there’s a lot of these in this images unless their bones maybe they could be
bones of some sort now when I move up here you’ll see more of them and right
here this little line I’ll mention right here this is where the images were
spliced together I didn’t take the time to blend them together because I didn’t
want to I think it’s more important to just leave the images on top of each
other as they come in and this just shows how the rover Curiosity took the
images but the bigger perspective is all the images put together even though
they’re not perfect I don’t think they have to be perfect but it does show
things that are not being talked about and if we look right here there’s
another kind of a v-shape almost a v-shaped wishbone type of image right
there and this thing up here I thought was unusual there’s a dark opening right
here that curves on around will go around like this down over and then up
here this doesn’t look like something that nature would make either it just
looks like something that’s fallen over and there’s something straight right
here and then it goes back right here it’s got this curved stuff right in here
and there’s a shadow right there and then this is straight and we go up here
like this and I just don’t know what this would be but it it just it looks
like something that intelligent life would make now I’m going to move on over
in this direction I have a lot of things I’ve highlighted along the way that I
want to point out but I keep coming across more and more stuff right here is
something that I thought was unusual this here there’s these straight lines
right here and then there’s something right here there’s a line right here and
we go through here this little part right here it almost looks terrorist and
I’ll start out right here it’s kind of more of that Sidewalk thing that I was
talking about right here and or the curb I should say and it curves back like
this and some of it does look like it’s buried beneath some other things and
then there’s something unusual right here as well this is odd looking then it
comes out right here to a point let’s shut that off here it almost looks like
a shoe and then it’s got a little I don’t know what this is it kind of looks
like there’s an eye shape right there maybe that’s part of the design I don’t
know that is really unusual and then right here is something rounded right
there and then there’s all these straight lines line here here there’s a
line there’s a line and it keeps this common direction going up but that’s how
the pictures came in I probably could have curved the pictures a little bit
more in Photoshop or warped to make them straight but I just decided
I wanted to leave them as they were so I didn’t make them straight and then if we
look right here there’s something there and then it looks like there’s a little
hole right in there it almost looks like a little tiny
amphitheater or something some type of a carving and then there’s more right here
I don’t know if you remember those Greek Coliseum’s where you would go down into
the earth and they’d have those sightings or places where people would
get together and gather it kind of reminds me of that like like one of
those theaters and I suppose people back in the day they didn’t have social media
like we have now and movie theaters and things like that you know things evolve
as time passes and so people would get together and do things and they’d
bullfight and they’d fight each other with swords and you know do all kinds of
strange things that really don’t make sense for today’s society you know
fighting just seems kind of ridiculous if you think about it and here is
something this is curved right here goes up there like that I mean I don’t know
what that could be it could be some little animal or something coming out
right there it almost looks like a thumb this is where I’m at in the image and
right here is this curb that I keep seeing I see something else right here
this even looks like something really really unusual right here that just looks like something made by
someone not the earth now I’m headed up here and this is another one of those
splinter looking things that I’ve been seeing right here is the line that goes
down here a little bit like this then there’s an opening right here that looks
like light is coming through now I’m going to move on over here oh we have
another one right here as well here it is again and right here is the light and
it goes up here and then there’s a shadow down here but it’s just unusual
why some of this is dark and then there’s light so that would mean that
there’s a hole coming through it just looks splintered kind of like
splintered wood and that is the part that I find unusual for rocks they all
have this common shape in this Y shape Y and I moved over to the left a little
bit more I’m just gradually moving along here and
this piece is really unusual because it goes up to a point here like this and
it’s hidden behind this rock right here and then there’s this other piece right
here that looks unusual it does not look like something that nature would make
unless it’s a creature possibly even you know so how would these things get up
here and why would they be like this and then here is a straight line kind of
like it’s been cut right here and this is common for carvings like the
the stones and things when people made those stone roads or stone floors the
sides are not even they’re not cut even in exact and then they put the sand or
the grout or whatever they put in in between now I’m moving up here a little
bit and this part this is the part that just speaks volumes this looks like a
brick house almost it looks like the stones if you’ve ever watched those old
wood shopping shows or those old shows where they try to imitate what people
did before we had modern technology and tools it looks like a bunch of stones
intentionally placed on top of each other and there are I saw a show not too
long ago on public broadcasting and they were talking about how when they do this
this is some of the best ways to lay stone and the fences last forever or I
mean really nothing lasts forever but defense is last longer than the wooden
fences so if you put up a wooden fence in your yard eventually it’s gonna rot
but when you put up a stone fence like this that creates kind of a fortress
then it lasts a lot longer than the wooden fence or the iron fence which
will rust and rot away over time but a lot of these fences like this which is
what the buildings were made out of as well and then you can see right in here
there’s a lot of stones that look like they’ve been hand placed there this just
doesn’t look like something that nature is going to do and I even see this right
up here there’s just kind of a line right there you can follow right along
and there’s these stones right in here they look like they’ve been placed there
with a purpose you know not all of them are invisible
you know and easy to see but but they’re there and you can see them there’s even
something right here sticking out right there and then there’s a big rock right here
and over time some of it does wear away maybe some of it is worn away by wind
and and then here again we have this little Y shaped thing here and then
right here is this unusual Y shaped piece as well and then here is a
straight line down this almost looks like it’s been cut or carved and then
here is this common thing where we have the Y shape or rounded shape and then
there’s a hole in the middle and there’s a lot of these I don’t I mean is that
parts is that metal parts maybe and that’s why the hole is there because
wood wood would have rotted you know that’s something I can admit unless wood
was covered quickly by some catastrophic event you know like an ash cloud or
something like that and then that takes away the natural ability for wood to rot
naturally and so over time then minerals will replace the wood and then that’s
how it becomes petrified now right here I saw this other unusual thing and to me
it looks like a statue that has fallen and I’m going to trace right around here
this looks like the nose right there and maybe a mouth and a chin that goes up
around like this then down here it just does not look like something that nature
would make then we go around here back up around here is the head it’s curved
on around and then this right here is the eye and then there’s some detail
right in here then there’s a straight line right here it’s set back a little
bit and another one right there but I just
find it really unusual here I’ll zoom in a little bit so we can look at a little
closer there it just does not look like something that nature has made you can
see these little parts back here that look carved out and these straight lines
right here and when I move up here now this part was really unusual this looks
almost like Mount Rushmore or something there is a little carving right in here
that’s carved out it looks like a head right here and then something there and
then another head right here and something else right here I’ll shut that
off and you can see how it’s clearly a little carving and then we have more of
these rocks that have been placed then there’s more rocks right here there’s
clearly straight lines they’ve been set on top of each other
for a reason and with a purpose there’s another one right here there’s all these
little rocks placed in here for some reason for a purpose maybe for shelter
or maybe it was some filtering system for water at one time and even if we
look at this right here this is unusual I’m not sure how this rock is staying in
place because it looks like it should be falling but it just doesn’t look like
it’s secured there in place very well there’s something really unusual about
this and this part right there looks like it’s been sanded or something very
unusual then we see more of the little rocks
here placed on top of each other then there’s
some more down here now I’m going to move on up here well you can see it’s
kind of curved around here it looks like it’s connected I’m going to zoom in a
little bit so we can look at it a little closer but there’s this little part
right here and this weird shadow right here this side just looks like it’s been
cut off or something really unusual but then there’s a shadow right here that
doesn’t look it doesn’t look normal something’s odd about that so I’m not
sure if that’s part of the modifications to the images that NASA is doing before
they put them up here but when I go back over here then we can see this part is
flat as well it looks like something has fallen over and then this is flat and
then we go down here and this is curved it goes up here like that and there’s
some more parts right around here but some of this of course you can see it’s
buried by the sand and the mud or maybe that’s something that NASA put there or
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory put there I don’t know and then we have we have this little
piece sticking up here and then more of this stuff here that’s kind of shaped
like some structure or foundation of something and then this little thing
right here this rounded thing doesn’t look normal
it looks really strange you can see here how it’s kind of oval-shaped it almost
looks like an egg maybe and then there’s something else right here this is more
of that wishbone shaped thing that I’ve been seeing throughout this whole image
and then we go around here and then up here and then the inside is hollow right
in here all this is hollow and then here is another wishbone shape I don’t know
what these are they may be some type of parts or something metal parts but it
just doesn’t look natural like something that nature would make and then this
part right here this was unusual as well these are clearly straight lines you can
see these right here let me zoom in a little bit more right here I’ll shut that off for a
minute this is just really strange it looks like carvings almost like carving
on a cane possibly or something or a totem pole maybe and then this has some
carvings in it too I’m not sure what that would be it just looks like these
straight carvings and it looks well it’s in line here with this whole thing so
whatever it is it looks like it was connected at one time but it is somewhat
buried below the ground on Mars there and when we zoom out like that then I’ll
shut that off and then you can see or I can see anyway you may not see it and
that’s alright we don’t all have to see the same thing and then if we move over
here well this is kind of more of that kerb or that connection of the image
that I was seeing and we see this right here as well this all looks like it was
something that was together at one time and then something happened and it was
destroyed but then when i zoom in you can still see the lines in there here’s
these carved lines right here they’re all the same every one of them is the
same and here’s right here and here and here but this is what I liked about
peace and this image together is because it showed a bigger picture than what I
would have seen by the individual images and so this was a lot of fun I didn’t
you know as I said previously I didn’t do a lot of hard work putting it
together I just lined everything up just to be able to take a look at it oh and
this is the part right here now this is still some of that same thing that I was
talking about it looks like a sidewalk or a curb right here
and there’s all these straight lines right through here like they’ve been
intentionally cut and yeah it’s shifted over time more cut here right here in
here you can see how they all align up together it just looks like a great big
slab here and then even an even right here there’s something right here it
almost looks like it has a little spiral right there and then when i zoom in
right here then I see this little it almost looks like some kind of a frog or
something that has been edited out of the image but it just doesn’t look
natural then there’s something else up here right here and then you can see all
these little lines kind of like a little millipede or something and then this
right here you can see an eye right here and here this just looks like one of
those translucent creatures that everyone sees in these images you see him right there you know I
suppose it could be some mud or something growing but you know I just
see a little translucent creature there and then right here this looks like
somebody lost their little dog right there here’s his front leg the back leg he’s
got a little wet nose there I hear and then I right there not far from this
little curb right there but he’s sitting there taking a look at the rover posing
for a picture right below this big thing up here that I think is a fallen statue
or sculpture of some kind I see this and and this is what I see it has kind of
this bone shape to it like this right around here like that it is right here
next to the line which is where I pasted the two images together it really
doesn’t look like anything has been done there unless NASA or the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory placed it in there just to make it look like there’s something
there when it’s not but I don’t know why they would do that put things in there
that aren’t actually in there right here this looks like a little bird or
creature of some kind and I know lots of people see what looks like little
creatures on Mars and then there’s those doubters who just say oh it’s all rocks
so you’ll just have to let me know in the comments section what you think some
of these objects are here is more straight lines
here’s another straight line that looks like a cut and I’ll zoom out here so you
can see where this image is and respective to the rest of the images and
right here is the part that looks like the curb it looks just like the curb out
on my road and actually we do have the little notches like this every so often
I don’t know why they do that but there are little notches and then we have
numbers out there the numbers I don’t know if that’s something to identify
where we live or if that had to do with the parts being put together oh these
two things right here this sort of looks like something right here it’s got sort
of a Lisa Simpson type shape going on here right around here and then we go
down here I’m not sure what that is and then we’ve got another one right here
and it’s still got that little Lisa Simpson thing going on right here and
then you can see there here’s the back and here’s a little tail or something
there’s an eye right there and an eye right there and this one even has eyes
right there I don’t know if these would have been Martian toys or what it is and
then right here is sort of a triangle thing and it has a face right here and
so you know I’m just not too sure about what these would be but they do look
like some little toy or creature or something and this isn’t in really close
so I think that this is a ground level shot it’s probably not a very far wall
zoom out so you can see so it probably would be a good distance from where the
rover took the picture so whatever these are would be pretty good-sized and then
now you can start to see right here is the mountain and then back here even
back here you can follow along here and you can see like this terrorist thing
going on here like these rocks back here were put in place by design as well that
somebody put them there purposely I’ll draw a green line there I don’t know if
we can see that I’ll move over this direction now we can see that a little
bit better like that but that’s kind of what I look for is
you know things that go together in place and you can see this part here is
a little bit wavy and that’s because of how the images are placed together but
what I do is I look for common features in each image and so so this image right
here I placed it on top of this previous image and then I I lowered the opacity
so I can see the other features in the image and then I lined them up and then
sometimes I may have to do the transform and then I’ll move the little dot down
so it stays in place when I move it to try to align things I was trying to do
the curve thing here at the end and I do like the curve a little bit better I
don’t know if you can see this here yeah some of these down here I was trying to
do the curve a little bit and it does look a lot nicer when you do the curve
but you know I don’t think these images have to be perfectly aligned for us to
see what’s going on here and to see that things are being hidden and not shown I
know the other day NASA did a conference and they said that they do believe that
there was water in Gale Crater at one time so if they believe that there was
water in Gale Crater and it’s clear that some of the things that we’re seeing are
showing water some of the some of the darkening of the land and soil in that
area it’s showing that there is still water there so the thing about that
would be that there could be very small life form there or there could be large
life form I was also watching a video the other day about some of the ancient
water lifting systems on YouTube and how they create this elaborate system of
water they live in the desert but they created this elaborate system of water
that runs through the mountains so they all have water I have no idea how they
did it but it was a really interesting video so the thing is that this could be
done as well and the people in the other
country I think it was over in the Middle East possibly in that region
somewhere I’ll have to find the video and right here on YouTube I did I put in
a search for ancient water system and you can see all these videos that are
talking about the ancient water lifting systems and this is what I was referring
to that in the in the desert regions there are ways to get the water up out
of the ground and it doesn’t have to be that sophisticated so it is possible to
make water run uphill with some ancient technology and it’s not something that
most of us are going to understand because we get water out of the sink but
if we watch these videos on YouTube about ancient water systems and how they
lifted it up out of the ground then it would make sense for Mars and possibly
some technology that they may have had at one time on Mars and here is another
piece that looks like that looks like a brick or something and then it has these
little dark spots here there’s a line through here and then another dark spot
and so then it looks like part of it may be covered up and this looks like it may
have some stuff stuck in it and this right here is rounded something
is buried right there well I shouldn’t have taken it out that far but right
like that that looks a little better it looks like it could be crushed
even right through here looks like it could be crushed and then up here from
these little Lisa Simpson characters there is still another one right in here
that’s got some little googly eyes or something going on right in there and
you can see the eyes there and then here is another one this one looks like those
translucent creatures that everyone talks about seeing and you can see
there’s something standing up there there’s even even something standing up
right here too I don’t know maybe there are little worms or something I mean I
just I know a lot of you are not going to agree with me but and that’s alright
but I do believe that it’s possible for there to be small creatures on Mars so
let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are

  1. Nice conjecture…and nice imagination…but I disagree.

    Straight rocks occur pretty naturally on earth, rock strata generally look a lot like this, as far as I have seen (not a geologist). There was definitely some disturbance, but that would be enough to disturb some local strata and create shattered looking strata. I'd wager you could easily find some similar looking rock on earth, for which there is no evidence (neither through materials or through close inspection) that there was anything man-made.

    For something to conclusively be 'carved' I would have to see something a lot straighter and much more defined (which I realize would be difficult to find on Mars given the climate).

    Who knows? Maybe, but at best this is an inconclusive conjecture.

    Anyways nice image. If you could share the sourced original, that might be nice.

  2. @Sebastian Audet Here are the images.  It was necessary to split them in half to upload them to Google Drive.  The original was 650 MB.  I hope they will work.
    Right Side SOL 580
    Left Side Left Side SOL 580

  3. Pls NHF…Stop making such a video analysis simply because you're not real and people like you disturbing real research and internet information.
    2d photos with so much detail and great imagination see 1000 faces and roads in one picture omg… I see here the dry bottom of the old lake, which is geologically destroyed…. and you see even a traffic light…pls dont use your imagination on photos with so many details! 1000 rocks with 1000 shadows!

  4. Really who knows if the pictures you got are even of Mars they lie so much about everything maybe it's pictures of some water refuge in Devils Canyon or something they're nothing but constant liers unless you go take the pictures yourself you will never know world's ran by Satan owned by Satan everything we was ever taught read study or anything is all the fucking lie like this Columbus discovered the us wrong the Vikings were here helped a lot longer than then Columbus did he just gets credit for it sorry to be so negative and rain on your parade but usually 10 years or or so later you find out please photos were fake these videos were fake Kim trails they really were spraying on the people O time to push in the next tourney tyranny and voice text will actually work have fun

  5. I super enjoyed your clip and the commentary.
    Keep up the good work… I am going to try to locate your other stuff… I'm at the limit of my subscriptions but I have saved your URL for your channel.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts.

  6. Come on, please dont say stop lights, sidewalks. You are out of your mind. I hope as i listen to you talk it gets better. I watch alot of these videos and just saying , watch what your saying.

  7. I particularly appreciated the Greek Colosseum where people would go underground to gather. I think you have to go through forests of history books girl…
    And among all the weird things you can find on Mars, you handpicked the only ones that are clearly natural…

  8. most importantly, compare to downward surfaces on earth & downward flowing surface soil due to erosion of both rain & winds.  Compare eroded huge hills of earth with these images on Mars

  9. I never believed some ancient civilization lived on Mars. I started looking to verify my belief, but the more I look, the more I am convinced. A bronze level race lived on Mars and was nuked by an alien race. The evidence is overwhelming. JPL, tell us the truth rather than pushing your unmanned rover model.

  10. where it is undeniable something unnatural has happened, i think you are taking it a bit far…none the less thanks for the info

  11. Look at it on angle and flat plain like a plane fly over u might be surprised to see different pictures from the one your looking at some mar pic got white dot to line up just make sure your phone 4K and you might have to change the brightness but there not just one picture u are looking at now is it mars or images took at different angle and plain the first plain is flat and find the angle the rotate to find the images have fun the picture is not what you see when u look straight at it there in all the mar uploads now think twice when u look at a picture.????

  12. I see people and things and she sees broken rocks?Her scale is huge.Idk what the scale is,but I have always used a mag glass?So,I am confused what is the scale?Is this for "special people?"

  13. Your green highlights are too distracting. It would probably be better to use a pointer to trace the outlines without highlighting so we can better see with our own eyes.

  14. actually looks like flat broken up road not traffic light . can see the width of what looks like slabs . can we not retrieve anything from mars yet ??

  15. Very good job on splicing. You have a good voice. I have seen these same type rocks in my area, but they are white.

  16. In your first showing of the pipe under,that fram about 30ft, there was something I want to see again! And I sure you would also!!

  17. She sounds like such a stupied fuck my god what she smoking 🚬 man made lmao and it looks like a trafic light lol wow

  18. What you think looks like curbs, to me looks like breakwater rocks for a port. Then again, these images are not very large as people would think. The image of the "alien" that's gone viral is only 2 inches tall lol. Nature can play tricks on the eyes. I've seen many a rocks under the Rapids in rivers that look man made, but they arent. Mars has storms, silica is razor sharp and carves a lot of Mars rocks into weird shapes. I've seen rocks snorkeling that fooled me into thinking they were petrified wood. They weren't. They were just margo.

  19. I like your enthusiasm, it's people of your calibre that asks the questions nobody thinks of asking, or they don't dare ask from fear of ridicule, I hold nothing but respect for you. Stay curious.

  20. Keep looking. There are also pyramids on Mars and monoliths as well many items that look like debris , artefacts and not rocks. Don't take notice of the negative comments. There are people who see things that are not real in rocks but there are also people who see rocks where there are intelligently designed artefacts because they've been told to see rocks by 'respectable' organisations like NASA.

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  22. I don't know if you know, but there used to be flowing liquid water on Mars before the planet lost its atmosphere. That water, just like on Earth, is the cause of corrosion that shapes the rock this. So everything you try to point out, can be easily explained by that. And because Mars' atmosphere vanished, there is no corrosion happening anymore, so these rocks are left exactly the way they were millions of years ago. Trying to see thing that aren't there is just fooling yourself.

  23. ADAM THE MARTIAN, living in the ancient civilization on Mars. Enjoy his adventures

  24. ADAM THE MARTIAN, living in the ancient civilization on Mars. Enjoy his adventures

  25. ADAM THE MARTIAN, living in the ancient civilization on Mars. Enjoy his adventures

  26. This is not made by aliens! This was made by our ancestors, we are the aliens that dismayed mars and came to this planet and not we are looking for a new one to colonize.

  27. I totally agree with your analysis of these images. I feel you are on the right track looking at all the panorama as apposed to one at a time. these are not rocks and definitely not a weather balloon either. As you study the image you can only come to one conclusion and that's artificial structures regardless of what these idiots at NASA say!

  28. I know this is an older video but I can’t believe all of the ridicule. This woman didnt claim to be an expert or anything else for that matter. It makes me sick especially considering all of the actual b.s. that passes for entertainment in this day and age. We were made to wonder.

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