1. "Thieves" fucking rich coming from a commie. Or fucking poor, I guess, since wealth is an impossibility under communism.

  2. There's nothing that need be said of this abomination. It is, for lack of a better term, confoundable tommyrot. If you continued to peruse this after catching the title of "Maoist Rebel News" you could have foreshadowed that the tone of this video would be dismissive and pseudo-intellectual in nature. Clearly lacking a degree in linguistics, or philosophy; and being deficient in logic and reason, the author chose instead to focus on loose or misguided definitions. Antifa says they're anarcho-communist-if that makes sense to you, then you are mentally deficient and in need of the Maoist Solution. Choose the manner of your demise gutter snipe. Forced labor, starvation, merciless beating. I, on the other hand, shall be enjoying a coffee and trying to keep my breakfast down as I ponder the insipid ramblings of a Commie fan boy.

  3. Who gives a shit what we call ourselves. I think communists agree that intellectual property can't be owned so why do you care what we call ourselves

  4. No, your form of anarchism rejects capitalism. You feel that you are being oppressed by the capitalists and government, so you support anarcho-communism or just libertarian communism. Ancaps believe that people aren't oppressed by business owners because these exchanges are voluntary. Both are anarchists, because they support the abolition of the government.

  5. I hate ancaps, but ancap is not contradictory. Anarchy is the absence in government and there is no specification of whether or not it supports capitalism or not.

  6. Anarchy, from the Greek anarchos, meaning "one without rulers. Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production. You can only get rich in Ancapistan by voluntary trading with your fellow man. The NAP summarizes the hole thing and its the foundation for a real Civilized society absent force or violence.

  7. HAHAHA well, you see capitalism isn't the problem! Corporatism is the problem! When corporations start messing with government entities which are very powerful that then means corporations have control over the people. So you destroy the government and ditch national currency. Corporations then have no control over your lives because not every company is a bad company and they can't control a decentralized currency. No laws stopping the homeless from living in a house that isn't in use no laws stopping people from opening a savings account, no laws more freedom. Go to your job make your living pay a landlord just like people do now or even buy the house if you make enough money. Every man for himself and every organization for themselves no central controller. You're an idiot.

  8. More morons in the comments that don't know the difference between personal and private property lol. We comin for those toothbrushes

  9. Anarcho capitalists are private statists. They believe in the idea of land ownership and the right of the owner to defend their land and the use of force to maintain their land. This is not different from a state. A state is an entity which grants itself the authorization to use force over a certain geographical area

  10. Dude how are you this retarded? You pick what your life is about, if you don't like your boss quit. Why can't I live in the woods and sell my wares without having to give money to the state, aka the thing required to give out all the gimmies to lazy fuckers who don't want to try and succeed. Why can I not freely sell my time to a company or person in exchange for resources if it will better my living conditions? If you think your survival is anyone's responsibility other than yours than you are not an anarchist.

  11. anarcho capitalism is stupid because they base the argument of personal freedom on the basis of you being able to choose the company you work for and how to spend your money. If companies still maintains a hierarchical structure you are essentially just choosing among smaller governments which you have little influence over. Since money is what give you influence and freedom and company owners would take a majority of the share then it simply follows that your freedom is limited

  12. You said how Anarcho-Capitalists steal the prefix "anarcho" when they represent the opposite of it. Um okay how? Free market capitalism insures an individual's economic freedom, while on the other hand, communism restricts personal growth, and requires a society with absolute rule, so wouldn't the term "Anarcho-Communism" contradict itself? That means the idea of anarchy in general wouldn't support the economic system of communism. And in the beginning of the video, you said Anarchism is the rejection of capitalism and the state. Anarchism is actually an absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual. I'd highly recommend for you to have a civilized discussion with any Anarcho-Capitalists and look more into the idea of Anarcho-Capitalism in general. Peace….

  13. I agree, but I'm not sure Marxism is any better in this sense.  capitalism and Marxism are polar opposites but yet yield the same result, much like the left/right political paradigm

  14. I never knew one could "steal" a word. Literally every word I write has been said or written by someone else. We must all be thieves.

  15. If you recognize the natural right to life, to private property and to a means of exchange with no illegitimate coercion by external parties, you're by definition an anarchocapitalist. I'm real tired of the bullshit anarcho-"communists" like to spit out based on left-biased blackshirts of old.
    Anarchism is a rejection of the state, period. Of corporativism? Maybe. Of capital? No. Of the free market, de facto libre economy? Hell no, and that was NEVER implied in the philosophy at its base, hence why plain anarchism branched out.

    I suppose minarchism is a much more attractive option in terms of practicality, but as it stands as an objective to some, it's a reasonable middle ground to most true ancaps. However, if you interpret anarchism as a full rejection of any structure of power (and you do yourself the displeasure of including MONEY in that), then not only any form of anarchism is impossible, but also you're a moron based on flawed premises.

    Also, you can't steal a prefix. Despite the facts that there are no significant inventors or that it's just an articulation of a dead language, ancaps will probably say there is no such thing as intellectual property.

  16. It's entirely possible to want to keep the fruits of your own labors, while not wanting rulers… all while still having rules.

  17. "anarchy rejects capitalism." That's your view commie filth.
    Learn economics, before you try to argue against capitalism. It's the government actions that create the crony in "crony capitalism".
    An unholy alliance you are too ideologically blind to recognize. Since your state is god and the only instrument to bring peace and harmony. lol

  18. Jason, capitalism in your framework has a different meaning than it does in the framework of anarcho-capitalism. At its root, capitalism is not "the appropriation of capital by some to the exclusion of others". Rather, it is voluntary exchange enforced through a market-determined arbitration system. Perhaps anarcho-capitalism is better understood when compared to voluntarism (itself a form of anarchism). As proposed, anarcho-capitalism protects private property and its use by means of compacts which are arbitrated through market-determined methods. It espouses anarchy, i.e. no government, while still espousing the rule of law, albeit law as determined through market forces. I understand this may not gel with your concept of anarchy, but that is more likely because your view is narrowed (knowingly or not, I make no judgement), not because anarcho-capitalism fails the commonly held litmus test of anarchism. Thank you.

  19. Anarchism isn't only the denial of capitalism, or state, its the denial off money and all kind of private property, (mainly any form of hereditary property that will allow the existence of hereditary hierarchies)
    The concept of anarcho-capitalist makes less sense than someone calling themselves atheist-christian…

  20. >Claims to be a communist
    >Says ancaps stole from ancoms
    >Says that ancaps are the ones who contradict themselves

  21. Anarcho Capitalism is based on voluntary exchange rather than coercion and taxation, thus the socialists are thieves for they wish to take the people's money and do with it what they please.

  22. Capitalism is the only economic system that can exist without government as it doesn't require regulation or redistribution of wealth. All other economic systems require force (violence) on behalf of the state to be implemenred. Capitalism however is simply the voluntary exchange of goods and services. I am not an anarcho capitalist, I do believe in a tiny government (like the one people like Ron Paul advocate for) but it is clear to me that the only kind of anarchism is anarcho capitalism as so called anarcho communism requires force to be implemented (to take away private property and centrally plan the economy) and therefore it is not anarchy at all.

  23. Jason, anarchism by definition makes no mention of capitalism. Anarchism is the rejection of a ruling class and nothing more; anarcho-capitalism is philosophically consistent with the principles of anarchism because, well, there doesn't have to be a state for capitalism; much unlike the contradiction in terms known as anarcho-communism.

  24. Initiating property voluntary market sequence 1Z niner alpha!

    State bad…business good!

    Tax bad…rent good!

    Free goods evil…charging for necessities good.












    Wage slavery!




    Power differential enforce and force "trade"!




    Muh propertah!

  25. I like to describe it like this (from left to right):

    AnCom: Smash the state! It destroys opportunities for the disadvantaged and rejects the idea of a working class!

    AnSynd (syndicalism): Smash the state! It cares more about profit than it does the benefits of the workers! We need a worker-oriented system that is on par with mutualism but is more leftist!

    Mutualism: Smash the state! Allow for a central bank to loan money to people in times of need with just enough interest to keep the bank afloat! Abolish rent as it exploits the worker!

    AnCap: Smash the state! It hinders free market growth and it does not give people maximum freedom to truly do whatever they choose, even if it is considered immoral by everyone else!

    I, personally, am a syndicalist/maybe a minarchist, and I'm also very bad at explanations. However, I think I did an okay job this time around with an explanation.

  26. what the fuck? I don't even know where to start. how can you get rid of capital without forcing people to stop interacting with each other? Capital is just anything of value. Citizen's of a stateless society can't have anything if value? How can it be anarchy if someone can't do some work for their neighbor in exchange for something he needs?

    Capatalism, or at least what an caps refer to, is free markets. Nothing else. No government or entity involved at all. People freely exchanging goods services with private voluntary contracts. We are currently under the power of corperatism, not capitalism. Their is nothing free about US or global markets. just the fact The FED controls the money means its not capitalism. Who would enforce the banishment of capital in a stateless society? Who would fund this entity? It sounds a lot like government. I'm completely lost.

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