Anarchists in Israel: We Oppose Judaism As We Do Nazism

I'm anarchists from Moscow now in Israel helping my friends now with this demonstration would you say that you would give your life for this these ideals of anarchism if I don't think so I won't be here to be honest I won't speak for hours but for me it's kind of serious it's not just just there you know who think to get out to hang out with friends because this is what I believe in somebody may believe in God somebody they may believe you know in capitalism and I believe in our ideals what does it mean to be an anarchist to be an anarchist in Israel to be anarchist in Israel is the same like in the whole world you know because we are not dividing people in nations in States we think that people are equal all people are equal and everywhere the main thing anarchists must do is trying to receive a bright future to be honest because we don't trust any state no matter how bad it is from United States to Somali we believe that the state is a kind of evil under his name we would select the low loom you to salvage your note you know stamp the Sicilian mute observe Underhill's and the law and to see me no it's the undefended Oh auntie tunisie own particular stevedoring aunt it's a little bit assumed negative in the video more so we here to meet gum naked low Illume utility mutual Grameen in an exceedingly Michelle and Addison we will sell negative suitably it for 15 fish alcohol so would you say that you are against the definition of the Israel as the Jewish state is there like a Jewish state to be honest of a rise of nationalism shows not only in Israel the whole Europe shows these shitty conditions you yourself are – yeah and you feel that you you're ashamed to be – I'm not ashamed to be Jewish because the first thing I am a man you know you are you proud to be Jewish I am not feeling anything about it because the first thing I am part of mankind and after all of these I'm man I am Jew I may be brown hair all of these doesn't matter but he relates all the more violent activities of anarchism in Israel you know in Israel violent activities to be honest not so popular because if you go to Germany or to Greece here goes really city riots all of this I think that the violence is a you know only two and not everybody needed it's not our goal now I understand that you're saying I'm here also on the 1st of May that this day is actually a day of anarchism Cait market we we know about Kate market and we're here not only to celebrate 1st of May is not just a holiday to peyto anything about which we remember our victims you know they were killed by the state like many others but we're situation is so specific so absurd it's very one of the best examples of state violence

  1. hmmmm, your channel says another thing, but anyway, why the fuck you criticize israeli anarchists if they are opposed to any state, including the israeli one? let israelis and palestinians live in peace in their common land, till anarchism is not reached, I support the two states solution.

  2. watch?v=8fHhJGNZ5LA –Watch the debate and see the stupidity of the "new testicle". You haters cant handle the truth soo you hate on Jews. But we will have our revenge in this world and especially the next. Death to Nazi scumbags as yourself.

  3. Eternal Hell awaits you and all the Nazis like you. And by the way Christianity is FALSE. You can't admit the truth soo you have to hate Jews who stand for the Eternal truth of G-D. Their is 1 G-D and their is 1 Torah and Israel His nation. All you enemies and haters will have eternal Hell and demnation awaiting you.

  4. It says that in your new testicle. The real Torah says otherwise. And G-D did say that He will exile Israel (as happened), but that He will also gather Israel from all corners of the world, as we see clearly today.
    You came to a Jewish channel, soo you "Fuck OFF". May G-D's curses be upon you speedily, Amen.

  5. You call yourself a "Christian" yett deny the Bible? The Torah (Bible) says that G-D will Bless those who Bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. You are cursed.

  6. Thanks to Israeli politics who opened the doors to all those Russian non-Jews. Mafia, Alcohol, murders, zonot, and those anarchist… Thanks again. (I forget the cupait, sorry for her)

  7. I doubt that this guy is a Jew. If so, then he will wear a tee-shirt in the next world which reads: " I was a stupid idiot in the world of sheqer"

  8. Israel is so generous and tolerant to allow such idiots free speech. Israel is surrounded by 650 times its own land area of Islamic States in which militant idiots like this would be executed for heresy and sedition. Israel is the global epicenter of freedom!!!!! Bravo!!!!

  9. Stupid ! Why dont you go to Arab country to protest about Unequality ??? Where Women are opress ??? Stupid Morron ! Israel is not the agressor you are stupid !

  10. soon all jews will feel their own jewish pride, we will all be united, and the fake jewish amalekies and antisemties will disappear and support for israel will be full

  11. This was a problem when the secular government let in so many people in from Russia alot were not even Jews..and what did they get Amalek !!..Killl these people they are looking to harm Israel and the Jewish people..Remember what Amalek did to you ?

  12. While I agree with your viewpoint more than I would agree with the statements of the young people in this video, I would add that there were also those in the period of the judges who had prophecy, and in fact there were even schools of prophets. Also, don't forget that Jewish kings had to accept the rule of laws, over and above them. So learned people were part of the democratic process of how society was governed, and anyone who wanted to learn did so. Israel always was a light to nations.

  13. Anyone who opposes Judaism and also claims to be a Jew is a very confused person, to say the least. Anarchism is a failed ideology of the past, but since some Jews who live without the light of Torah are stubborn, they refuse to acknowledge the death of stupid ideologies like socialism, anarchism, etc. Only Torah can make one wise and clever. All the rest is dense material blocking our light.

  14. The reality is that people are not equal, nomatter how much you want them to be. Someone will always have an advantage: prettier, stronger, smarter, more charismatic, etc. When someone has an advantage it is very difficult not to make use of it. The one world of peace he is looking for will only happen when the world studies by the light that the Children of Israel shed.

  15. See, even Israel isnot devoid of freaks like this. I can only shake my head in disbelief, but it is in fact reality. I think these idiots should try living in any of the surrounding islamic shit holes and see how far their little "statements" get them. They are the ones that need a reality check.

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