Anarchists Burn Flag And Patriots Cross The Street And Confront Them In Portland Oregon

[Applause] [Applause] why I guess what [Applause] no food no power handsome nobody is the man I think you told me to come over to burn my flag yeah so remember them goddamn cowards that ran off say that's words or you did not hear that right here and you shit I'll hand you a Polish shit as well all happy all you're worth with your eyes wide what are you are you I like being here all right carmine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know [Applause] [Applause] all right you're less energy

  1. The women are always in the front because they have bigger dicks than the so called men they came with

  2. I understand why antifa is so mad , having to wear that stupid hot ass uniform.

  3. you are discussing too much in america. Teeth should fly over the streets. Burn own flag, fuck antifa and the ninja in black dishcloth. Greetings from white Poland.

  4. Those anarchists are such pussys. Act all big and bad but then once you in their face they want talk about you don’t have right touch me lmao

  5. Por que los guarros tienen q ir a joder las manis de los patriotas cuando a las suyas no va nadie?,sera por no cojer piojos

  6. Their men are more of a pussie then the girls are..and is it me or do all the girls in the antifa group look like dikes and boys..anyway they aren't shit when the shit hits the fan their show their true colors…one more thing if they dont like it here in America leave no ones making them stay..but the thing is they couldn't get away with their bull shit any were else except maybe in the uk …and for people who hate the police so much they sure love to call them help when they get punched in the mouth…bbaallahhahahaa! They just need a hug from mommy n daddy thats all…

  7. Drive by with an RPG, C how tough they r then, hahaha, I like to blow shit up, I'm so down to use it on someone, watch them explode!!

  8. Who the hell burns their own flag?
    So sad to see this going on in the US.
    At this rate another US civil war will be held probably after Trump leaves office.

  9. Anyone else notice how none of this shit ever escalated so quickly and quickly until Donald Trump became president????? Seems like there's a "protest" every weekend all across the country now that we're trying to "Make America White….I mean, Great Again"

  10. If those camera 📷 wasn't there im willing to bet my right nut that one if not both of those dudes would have back handed them girls..Those are whats left of the old sxhool dudes…the rest are in prison.

  11. lol that one Antifa cunt, you ain't got a job you don't pay taxes stop lying.

    Antifa are a cancer that needs to be removed.

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