Anarchist Socialist Commie Leftist

this week let's start off with a math lesson before occupy Venice shows us how to fight the power while helping the powerless the rules teaches us that they can be changed let's Google our government in France with a mic drop but first this lunatic bitch has something to say call me an anarchist socialist commie leftist cuz you don't know the difference but all those words sounds scary and when you call me an American what you're really saying is that I'm anti-war not brainwashed or whitewashed this is what I stand for outside of party lines repeat offender of thought crimes humanity / oligarchy fists up if you follow me not like sheep oh but people think for yourselves rise up in rebel take to the streets meet me at the corner of freedom and justice in this fight it's just us ain't no Savior a prayer can lift us up drag your gods from their man-made Thrones throw them out of the clouds on to the ground and watch how they quake in the wake of reality like a flickering TV weaker as you the Creator grows stronger than seen unplug and stand up switch homicide for deus i drop your idols grab hold of humanity and rise let apathy fall by the wayside you don't need it that drug don't let it define you not one more line of God's will shrugs and brain spills rebel cuz you know it's the only way that this will get better fuck keep calm we're yelling propelling forward putting people over profit planet in peace over the putrid holes we fill with cheap plastic and bombastic nationalistic shows of a hollow pride yes we need out cries and at least trials for war crimes instead of libraries named for trigger-happy fools illiterate tools who couldn't spell their way out of elementary school where children left behind Sieg Heil to monopoly man on high learn how to stay in line count time based on eight hour work days 365 and yet as we toil our minds shrink and spoil well below average like Forrest Gump just a hunch but maybe those trillions we spend on bombing and drilling could go into filling our kids with knowledge but that's American exceptionalism number one at war we're good at killing people number fuck science and math and everything else excelling it failing failing freedom d railing think closing your eyes will keep us from crashing as we roll just rehashing all the mistakes that dug us this grave am I fucking insane to think that blood mixed with oil will stain our future our name fuck our hearts and our brains that the poison born of Agent Orange shouldn't be sprayed on our food fuck you we stack alms the steeple while people just outside starve in the corners they carved from a precious foundation founded on hope and change crumbling stumbling these facades can't save us for long ain't it strange that Patriots named for war is waged these freedom Crusades that make us less safe less free and less brave and we those for peace and a life without chains or unamerican me socialists come feminist cunt isn't it time we flipped some fucking paradigms ready let's try from tweets2 marching in the streets this is act out

  1. Sorry, you are a sheeple. And the people who call you a socialist commie leftist are 100% correct and they know what they are talking about. It is people like yourself, who need to do some research and reeducate yourself. As a young person, you are the benefactor of a dumbing down, revised education system, fed to you by Marxists. You are indoctrinated and have been rendered a useful idiot. People have been receiving indoctrination, rather then education's, for well over 50 years now. But the intelligent do reeducate themselves.

    Fasciest, Socialist, Progressive, Democrat, Communist, all of those ideologies, are cut from the same despicable, oppressive cloth. Fascism was born from Marxism.

    So you, are a domestic terrorist, who is mindlessly helping the Communist Socialist left, oppress people, not help people. You are a mindless slave of the richest, old money people in the world. They use you to try and break and control the rest of us. Divide and conquer. And George Soros, who is a Nazi, is your slave master. He is the head of all things Progressive right now.

    Do not kid yourself, you are part of the Communist cancer, that is not only killing America, but killing many other countries.

  2. Brilliant. I subscribed. Don't be discouraged by negative sniping from butt hurt mouth breathers. You are an inspiring young person. I'll share your work to my contacts.

  3. If you are looking at this then its probably obvious you are looking at it from a computer if so thank you for supporting capitalism.

  4. in the words of a corrupt cop played so superbly by underrated Gary Oldman in the movie the Professional just before his men are going to try to take down the anti hero played by Jean Reno…
    ¬†"Be careful…".
    because if you and i are to avoid the same evils we seek to eliminate in those who came before us, we would be the first people in history to be able to credibly claim to have done so. surely this calls for us to be humble before this daunting task.

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