Anarchist Runs for President ... since 1988

mobile broadcast news I can do whatever the hell I want it's my campaign who's gonna stop me I think that just seeing the name German supreme on the ballot giving people the opportunity it has been treated as a protest phone people read into it and that's fine because you know it's hot it is what it is it's obvious what it is you can vote for vermin supreme look on the ballot there's vermin I get it you just you can't not get it yeah and so if it's a none of the above I mean it has been used as a protest vote in the past I think this is a this is a great great 200 thousands of people I see I'm afraid of all [Applause] you so much a lot of a lot of bad one for instance some of those in environment thank you new source review I'd get rid of a lot of those signing statements I'd get rid of you know he's dropping on citizens a lot of that work executive orders many many more wouldn't like it I don't like the Patriot Act it's anything similar to that Hey look it's a crazy man with a boot on his head and if they take it at face value I think it's more amusing but who cares really I mean once again it's I don't believe that I have a chance of winning I'm not in it to win but I do win every time it's a moral victory it's an oral victory I'm winning by a landfill I should have the Freak vote sewn up tight but you know some freaks are a little more leaning towards Ron Paul or towards Cassini my base of support is sort of on the far side of the right far side the left I believe younger people are you know might see and might understand might believe that their vote for a mainstream candidate is not going to make any difference at all it's not going to make any change but their vote for a fringe or lesser-known candidate their voting their heart their voting their mind that they're voting for something they can really believe in we can stop this portion that private Shayla just by a sterilised all-americans there'll be no need for abortions whatever our issues are whatever brings us out onto the street is the First Amendment the US Constitution that enables us to do so and so I respect anybody who has anything to say who's gonna come out and say it and I might make fun of them and I might engage them in an off-the-wall way but I fully respect their right to do it my own personal goal is if I can get more votes than Lyndon LaRouche I would be extremely pleased but if I don't it doesn't matter you know I mean anything can happen Paul is telling the truth Danis consensus telling the truth the people who are excluded from the debates are the ones you need to be fighting for not the ones who are bought and paid for by your HMO the same people who denied your odds and your uncle and I transplant for our corrective eye surgery last year are the people this year I started wearing a suit and ties last I think this is about as conformist mirmix agreement I'm a real person it's my real name I live my real life I'm Here I am trying to get votes I am running a can real campaigns like I say I mean the platforms I mean are they reality based maybe not the whole system's rotten it stinks the power concentration of the the corporate influences in America is over-the-top the the ability of us as citizens and citizenry to really make a difference to really control our lives it has been compromised by my own real political personal beliefs do lean towards anarchism I am an anarchist in real life I'm not you know I'm rest Republican but I believe that we don't need government to run our lives I don't believe we need the government to tell us what to do where to do when to do it and how much to do it but I also believe that in order for that to happen we also have to take the responsibility for ourselves we have to take responsibility for others we have to offer mutual aid and support and care to our fellow citizens and it's those two things it's it's you know we can't the libertarians or you know just about abolishing the government and let shit flow as fall where it may but I believe that's a mistake I believe that we can dismantle the government gradually if we have the citizens take up more of the slack I mean it's all it's all a certain public idea you know you know taking the government down but they offer no alternative to helping people other than charity I mean civics citizenship Americans don't know what it means to be a citizen anymore they're not taught in school like what it means and if they are if they're taught some very twisted and jingoistic fashion people are being lied to people and that's why I offer lies for Less that's why my joke humor campaign is so important there are real issues we're in serious trouble and the people don't wake up the planets going down the freakin toilet ie global warming ie the environment ie the the totalitarian fascist clamped down that's going on in our lives you know I'm here I'm running my rights will be violated I know this every campaign I go out onto the streets I will my civil liberties will be violated this is a guarantee they've been violated already it's fucked I do not consent to a search mutinies for militarism supports vermin supreme space aliens they're here I've been blessed with the ability to be able to do what I do and so I do it because if I wasn't doing it it would just who would who would be doing this not no one here I am dog

  1. Can someone tell me where mutual aid comes from without the government? He even comments on it, the anarchy he describes is not anarchy, he's describing a republic! A republic necessitates some sort of governing body to maintain order. There is no such thing as "citizen takeover". I realize he's a satirist, but am aiming this more at anarchist commenters.

  2. Vermin supreme is the beautful crazy response to a rigged political system. Bernie Sanders is the logical.

  3. "Protest Vote" 

    Basically, a way to say "fuck you" to every other politician, ever? 

    I'll vote for this guy. 


  5. I've met him at the NH primaries; he's a hoot and we need such fun he can bring to the event.  He does make a good point in reference to the very fact that both dems and reps can't fix the broken system.  The guy is perfectly sane and I must say that he does bring an issue to light and does so with comedy.

  6. Dear mr Embroik… If that is your real name… I do suggest… You are a McfuckenMcballsack… Do you concur with my accusation?

  7. whats so funny is that, when he's not giving his stump speech, he actually seems like an awesome guy.

  8. What the hell are you talking about. My dad told me this man will run the world to peace. Take this really seriously.

  9. anarchists should do anything in his/her power to destroy authority. That includes voting and becoming a candidate.

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