Anarchist Response to PragerU's "Why You Love Capitalism"

you love capitalism really you do I love capitalism ha that is news to me and yeah that means I am responding to another video by Prager University and you can't stand big government really you can't don't believe me then I'll just have to prove it to you do you use an iphone android maxwell pc here we have the classic argument for capitalism that conflates capitalism the economic system with the products made under it and then says hey if you like these products you must like the system itself i like technology i like it a lot i'm using technology to make this video but I'd rather have the production of technology handled democratically rather than hierarchically you probably use many it's not all of these things and if you're like me you love them in today's world they're practically necessities where do you think they came from from entrepreneurs with great ideas and the freedom to test them in the marketplace that is what is known as capitalism capitalism is an economic system where the means of production basically everything needed to produce goods and services is owned by private owners for the sake of making profit this freedom to have a say in economic production which affects everyone is not a freedom for everyone it's a freedom only for those who own private property now consider some other things you probably use have you been to the DMV gone through airport security mail the package at the post office called the IRS customer service line or called any government office for that matter that is so true dealing with government offices is such a pain it's so nice that private corporations don't have these problems ok we actually we are doing it we'd like to the snow please ok so why is it you don't want the faster speed help me understand why you don't want after internet I hope we understand what you can't just disconnect us because my job is to have is to have a conversation with you about having about this your service funny why it is if you look at a Chancellor service other and there is 8 minutes of that if you want to watch the whole thing what's different why is going to the Apple store so fun but going to the DMV so painful because one has nothing to do with government and one is the government one needs to satisfy its customers to survive and grow one doesn't or you can be like the cable industry and do quite well with your lobbyists monopolies and of course wonderful customer service what is it that makes me watching because that's what we want to do why is that what you want to this entire argument is based around a false dichotomy that you'll find throughout American politics that there are only two ways of getting anything done big corporations and big governments so what socialism means is the government does some things in the private industry does some things I personally would advocate a third option workers Democratic control of the means of production government's knee-jerk reaction is to regulate and control everything it can regulate and control otherwise what would be the purpose of many government agencies and all those bureaucrats this video is representing capitalism and government as two opposing forces and think we need less of this government and more of this capitalism it is worth pointing out here that capitalism and the state are not opposing forces they are both together maintaining this hierarchical Society that the world sees today this more capitalism less government argument seems to be advocating for deregulation and privatization the regulations that right-wingers want to get rid of are likely there to live in some negative aspects of capitalism and getting rid of them will only make things worse the real way to make things better is by actually addressing the problems built into the system itself does anybody seriously think that turning the TSA into a privately owned business is going to make society better almost everything you enjoy using is a product of capitalism almost everything you can't stand is a product of big government so do you love capitalism of course you do you practice it every day it's time to preach it well I do like phones and computers guess that means they got to support hierarchies now but seriously there is another option decentralized working class direct democracy instead of saying hey let's have less of one hierarchy more of another let's get rid of the unjustified hierarchies in the first place and that is what anarchism coasts you

  1. Prager U: You love Capitalism
    Me: No I don't
    Prager U: But you OwN tHiNgS
    Ben Shapiro: Dabs in only two genders

  2. Renting has made this poor little guy all angry.
    When you grow up and buy a house, you'll change your mind about many things, you phony anarchist.
    Anarchy sounds fun until you wind up acting up around people who call BS on your stupid fuck anarchy child's play.

  3. So wrong! As stated in a Prager U video (capitalism vs socialism) – capitalism is based on human need and socialism is based on human greed; the left wants people to think that capitalism sucks so that they can be reelected

  4. I love electronics. Therefore, I love enslaving children in third-world countries who can assemble them for me. On a side note, I love meat, so I must love torturing animals and forcing them to breed like rabbits.

  5. Who will force people to work in these worker run businesses if there is no strong central authority? I don't see how any version of wide spread communism can work without a totalitarian state.

  6. Since his argument assumes we're all Apple fanboys or Microsux Windows users, let's just send him a pic of our GNU/Linux or FreeBSD desktops which are products of Anarchism & not Capitalism. Oh I forgot this is the surface web — made of servers running Linux with Apache, nginx, etc. all of which is "Free Software" and a product of Anarchism, not capitalism. Finally, an error in his argument — Android is Open Source, Linux based & collaboratively developed in Anarchist ways. It's all Anarchism, not capitalism.
    So to end, no, I do not love capitalism, in any of its forms. What I love is Anarchism, as I type this from my laptop that runs Manjaro Linux.

  7. oh my god. an economic hierarchy is not oppressing the masses. Listen most of you have a job because of some rich guy. he taking money out of own pocket to pay you. you work harder he pays you more to make you want to work even harder for money. it a win-win. he doesn't pay more even when you work harder then you can leave in most situations. the only role the government should play in business is making sure that the employees and consumer are safe, and to prevent monopolies. not forcing wealthy people at gunpoint to give you free stuff. that exactly what would happen if the masses could vote on anything they wanted. that why America is a republic. which sounds better. a system where you have competition breed high quality, and low prices that even a poor person can afford, but you have some corporate entries acting irresponsible, or system where the majority is discriminating against the minority. forcing them to give you free stuff at gunpoint? I even though I don't like corporate entities would choose the former.

  8. To all my "socialist/give my free stuff" brothers please don't use an oppressive system as an excuse for your lack of success.

    A legal immigrant.

  9. A lot if not most of our technology we buy on the private market wouldn't exist without scientific breakthroughs done by tax-payer funded institutions.

  10. Why is anyone sitting around listening to this little kid talk about economy when he hasn't even made it to high school, let alone actually ever worked in the economy to know shit about it.

  11. Its also worth pointing out not one of the products he mentioned was created by "the market place", they were created through military R n' D, government grants and NASA. All capitalists did was patent them and make them 10 times shitter through planned obsolescence.

  12. How about leveling Out YouTube views with socialism? It's unfair that 1% of the content providers on YouTube that 90% of the views. That's obviously a rigged system. I would be curious your idea of how to level the view results without forcing people to watch videos they don't want to watch. After all free markets are evil right?

  13. It's a freedom for those who own private property??? Well… Yeah!! Don't like that arrangement? Look at North Korea! Look at Cuba! Look at Russia without Capitalism. Look…. Even the Chinese have given up on the fallacy of Communist, top down production. Everything state owned is bankrupt. Everything private owned flourishes, or fails while other superior producers replace them. This video is a joke. It appeals only to the weak minded. Proof is in the putting. Just show us where the anti Capitalist system has worked. Democratic capitalism is a sad joke. Democratic voting doesn't even work, since it relies on a well educated and informed electorate. Something we just don't have. So, anarchists want to destroy production with the same solution our government provides. Waste, fraud, abuse, and in competency.

  14. And how socialism is doing in venezuela , how about the ussr , how about north korea ? The ideas is wrong from the start but people still try it then fail so hard

  15. If conservatives and libertarians hate big government, then why do they support a government monopoly by the Department of Treasury on the ability to print currency and outlawing of forfeiting? The US department of treasury and the outlawing of forfeiting is big government right there!

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