Anarchism vs.  Centrism

in this video I'll be talking about centrism both as a political position and as the underlying idea that there's some sort of center to the political spectrum which can be seen as representative of neutrality moderation or pragmatism and I'll also talk about how anarchism relates to those ideas so how would centrism be associated with neutrality an example of this would be news networks in the media presenting some conception of the left and right view on some topic without themselves taking a position as an attempt to be balanced how would centrism be associated with pragmatism this could be basically summed up in the idea that pragmatic compromise and working within the current system is the best way to get things done this could be seen in someone saying let's have a market-based solutions combined with common-sense government and how would centrism be associated with moderation this is basically horseshoe theory the idea that positions in the center of the mainstream political discussion are moderate or reasonable by default and the farther away from this center you get the more unreasonable or extreme the ideas are to respond to these associations its first good to point out that this entire concept of the center is entirely based around the mainstream political spectrum which basically amounts to left as capitalism but slightly less bad and right as capitalism but worse this is a range of ideas which does not include any room for critique of systemic problems that are built into the structure of capitalism thus centrism is not neutral its right-wing just like the entire mainstream political spectrum it's defined by going back to the media example the networks that might frame themselves is neutrally inhabiting the center of the political discussion are in fact owned by massive corporations which themselves benefit from the unequal hierarchical structures in society which are unquestionable from the perspective of the mainstream political spectrum the idea that this Center can be identified assumed to have some degree of neutrality is simply a way to assert a right-wing view of politics while pretending to not take a position but every position is a position and no position should be implicitly assumed to be right simply because of how it relates to other positions on some chart that you've made this is also why horseshoe theory is bad and wrong so what about pragmatism our centrist political positions really more pragmatic there is I think a little bit more of an argument here because you could say let's figure out some sort of solutions to problems that the most people think are workable and good and thus there's the most people supporting them and they're more likely to get done right well that would actually depend on what you're trying to accomplish if you think the current system is good and you're trying to maintain it then this could be seen as a reasonable approach but working within the system is not a very strategic way to try to solve systemic problems the inequalities and hierarchies of capitalism are fundamental to the system and thus centrism is definitely not a pragmatic path forward towards resolving these problems and trying to get to a more egalitarian society so how does anarchism relate to these ideas well I wouldn't say that anarchism is an automatic default position which doesn't need any sort of reasons to support it because no position is that but I think those reasons definitely exist and I think one of them is pragmatism its pragmatic to break free of political ideas that beneath the surface are really built to protect hierarchical power structures in society from a centrist perspective it might make sense to see pragmatism as finding market-based solutions for problems in society but really the much more pragmatic thing is realizing that the very assumption of production for the purpose of profit for a few at the expense of everyone else is not conducive to solving any limit has its roots in these economic relations there are much better ways to organize society and it's pragmatic to realize this rather than just taking the status quo as good or at least as good as you're ever gonna get if your goal is a freer and more egalitarian society then it's pragmatic to have a political framework such as anarchism that uncompromising lis calls for that

  1. Im not neutral tho… i pick sides or compromise. Also horse shoe theory is stupid

    Also we arent for the status quo. We're for change in our own ways. If anyone's for the status quo its for those who fall victim group think like democrats and republicans.

  2. I just call myself a centrist because I take ideas I like from the far left the same as I do from the far right and everything in between to try to build a system in my mind that works the best for everyone. I typically take an equal amount from both sides and sometimes come up with stuff that doesn't really fit in the spectrum.

  3. How can centrism be right wing within the media just becouse the media controlled companies are primarily right wing when the content and vast majority of media related influance and potrayd imagery is left?

  4. Bruh
    I've been watching a lot of your videos and i've got you down

    Whenever you talk about eliminating hierarchical social relationships you're talking about something that impossible.
    I think you're socially awkward and girls don't like you or your family doesn't like or you have no friends and something pathological is going on there.

    "Stop it, get some help"
    -Michael Jordan

  5. lie, after lie, after lie, centrism isn't right wing you retarded "with us or against us" dick wod, and how the fuck is left wing capitalism "but slightly better" capitalism is not left wing, and the right wing is capitalism "but worse" for you maybe, but left wing includes communism and socialism, not capitalism, all capitalism is right wing, but centrists being capitalist (FYI not all are) doesn't make them right wing you lying fuckwod, centrism does allow for critique of capitalism just as much as everything else and many centrists are not even the "slightly better" capitalism, where the fuck did you get this information from, please don't just cite one Wikipedia article…

  6. good video! However, I would go even further and say that there is no neutrality (with the exception of very abstract things like math) in this world. First of all, almost every topic is political, even science (not only nowadays with the debate about climate change, but also back in the days of feudalism where people were burned for questioning whether the earth is in the centre of the universe or not). And once you see every topic as a political one, it is clear that there can't be any kind of neutrality. Objectivity, maybe, yes. But neutrality would mean that you don't have a position (since every position comes with an ideology to support it).
    To put it in one simple sentence:
    Those who claim to be neutral, just don't see the strings of the ideology which are attached on them.

  7. Dude but the Center Left and the Center Right Are actually reasonable, look at them and how they shaped Scandinavian countries lol

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