1. This video is utterly ridiculous. Before talking about anarchy you should read some books and study a bit of history. People who do not investigate ,the truth about things and speak blah blah like you are the best tool in the hands of capitalism.

  2. You conflate Egoism, Mutualism, and Anarcho-Communism and then complain about anarchism being contradictory? Yeah, okay, then communism is contradictory because Trotsky disagreed with Stalin, and because Luxemburg disagreed with Lenin.

    Anarchists aren't against organization, but against hierarchy. If you can't justify why you should be in charge to the masses, then your position should be abolished.

    You don't actually want to create a cohesive criticism of anarchy, you just want to tell other MLs why they should feel superior to anarchists.

  3. is that toddler in the back there for the whole lecture? i mean…maybe you don't bring children that young to this type of event…

  4. I could only listen to ten minutes of this but that's quite enough. This is so biased, sectarian, patronizing, condescending, and completely lacking in intellectual seriousness or fair-mindedness that one wonders who the speaker is trying to convince. He seems to think all he needs to win the argument is throw off a series of put-downs in a tone of smug self-congratulation. The irony of his quoting Marx's daughter about the high-sounding words and rhetoric is quite lost on him.

  5. Anarchism = Go from capitalism to communism.(Literally impossible)

    Marxism = Go from capitalism to socialism, and then build towards communism.(Pragmatic)

  6. Anarchists refused Comrade Stalin's support during the Spanish Civil War, because they didn't like the Socialist hierarchy that was present in the Soviet Union at the time.

  7. This is just from a logical point of view, but if you completely dismantle the state overnight, it will simply make it easier for the Bourgeoisie to come back and raid your little Anarchist communities, possibly slaughter or imprison the entire populations of those communities, and then go on a man hunt for the Anarchist revolutionary. Therefore, everything that the Anarchists have worked so hard to achieve will be lost, and that is why a workers' state MUST replace the Bourgeois state.

  8. Anarchism IS a form of Socialism. Except for Anarcho-capitalism, which is not at all in keeping with Anarchist history.

  9. You claim Anarchists will never maintain power because they will always concede to the bourgeoisie having failed to create a worker's state. Ironic considering the Soviet Union betrayed the workers during the Spanish Revolution by reinstating the bourgeois police force, and then destroying the dictatorship of the proletariate as established by the militias and the trade unions. It was not the bourgeoisie who defeated the workers in Spain and lost the war to Franco, it was Soviet treachery.

  10. Comrades, there were external threats which led to capitalist restoration in the former Soviet republics, but there were also internal problems for which opportunists presented capitalist restoration as a false solution. What would you say to the idea that a greater degree of direct democracy at the local level would have helped keep an otherwise disconnected central bureaucracy in check?

  11. Anarchism and Socialism aren't different things. Neither are anarchism and communism. Anarchism is driven by socialist philosophy (read Oscar Wilde's essay, or Bertrand Russell's or Peter Kropotkin, or Rudolf Rocker for anarcho- syndicalism). You can be anarchist and socialist, in fact the two terms used to be inextricably connected.

  12. as an equalist I understand that the true goals of socialism, communism and free-marketism are anarchistic… and anarchism is equalism's goal… but after 5000 years of elitist corruption and lies humanity isn't quite ready for true anarchism. equalism is the first step towards re-establishing humanities natural state of individual freedom WITH communal (species) responsibility. check out my equalism channel to learn how to unite the left and the right through the mutual protection of everyone's individual rights. thanks for the video my friends.

  13. Anarchism has achieved nothing and will never achieve anything. The only flag that will ever fly after the revolution will be red. You cannot defeat capitalists without a dictatorship of the proletariat. The state is transitional, and temporary. When you make arguments like "Authoritarian Socialism doesn't work, look at what happened in the 20th century." Do I really need to point out how liberal and absurd that argument is? You may hate Lenin, Stalin, Che, Fidel, and Hugo, but they're the ones who were successful. They all made mistakes we can learn from, but they're the ones who have made real strides against the capitalists. Anarchism cannot work. It's completely nonsensical. We cannot get rid of oppression with the state in place, but we can't be irrational about how we do it. An Anarchist society is a sitting duck. Anarchism is impossible. I'm actually being pretty generous with these statements, a lot of anarchists want to implement a state without calling it a state. Which is even more absurd than it seems.

  14. It's funny to see anarchists think they know what they're talking about. Keep up the good work comrades.

  15. who told you anarchism is no organizing? you are smart people so i can only assume you are wilfully spreading a lie. this is why noone likes you

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