Anarchism (Not Conservatism) is The New Counter Culture

this is so be dinner yet and in this video it's called a freedom it's a new counter culture Wow his response to this contrary and hopeful yes Bulger's Watson who say things like Oh consider a little as a new home law or heat or organ services as a new caracal Kathy's death was arrogant be that voice we're phasing tool punch like which is specified the anyway following is read my energies not conservative the true counterculture no chemical we're at all Rihanna no knew what we are and that we have energies on that's not a rhetorical trick with culture we this is student it you know horizontal often it's funny partridges so here are a few flaws because conservatives make makeup Moses of these branches of the cabinet government they nearly choppers requirement to the other to arafat Domini they dying to Tennessee legislature negara sure those are in charge American support conservative ideas like don't was about to do in fact there is much careful slowly because like a few musical conservatism would bed pro monarchy so I can imagine oh I'm dynamite are you like sugar tea honey everything thoroughly just stepped on Republicans because at the time that we follow your ideas my life because because because you'll be like will be like a bunch of heels of hulking King apologist right the French Revolution take oh no ruin you counterculture know your these old cultures that need to be destroyed resent a new culture your favorite as new countercultural a concern authorities of monarchies pocket yeah love it I mean love is control academia media homewood well actinic don't molon epidemic our little session in like sociology and you will feel except like economics against the Koch brothers and the budget billing your face with me some is doing but just chilled like capitalism certain there but you know no other life I'm serious amused academic or a little the reforms no actual lesson Jimmy hold you in a whopping costly and for other answers complete liver losing with conservatism will live a little infant ok good one with nothing very good liberalism with leftism when dirty back the same thing love is the left of liberalism they freaking soldiers democracy to arm as a station in court too far left gzip on TB epidemic and realized I social skills yeah liberals and even had like Social Democrats alike that conservatives of the left Google Thomas allowed these pulses rhetoric but then a posting a new liberalism and the funny thing is me a little over half in control in this country and linds more possible for the past 30 years but is ironic because you almost a document music art started cheering which is the things are neoliberal guy oh my god what he thought about that but anyway you liberalism control with private hiding it still my symbol uttermost habitation is all I need is love no cross the home where the end of history Soviet class was done no effective culture what Poulter the watson residence is the more reactionary for that culture but he is part of nostalgic experience during that even our children Lockington what he sucked a cock of people love dick oh brother they coming the Gophers monkey being didn't have enough work with the way not here to be promoted I mean as mothers it is very popular exhibit you a circle Denali much any moves academically so does garrett guy from bell look over and there's a few right wing whack job in the suicides of our their economic but and I wasn't cold left in the media war internationally so badly agree it was an international scale America is arriving nation we have been put the over 30 years and usually so he's not I mean don't believe me well emergent liberals come up I mean they're really not out leftist international speed eater so networks in action oh this bridge yeah yeah and accounting for poachers watch this owl you saw his off another police I'll pray to police the police are awesome because that's totally countercultural with it how much you love the cop no no no we don't have anybody in the government oh there is making water he may not need here when I was going where the one who's idea is cowardly example the status full of conservatism because low taxes low Regulation D poppy or distinct oh I wonder why you like it just make a lot of things they can melt apiece employing more dog and they believe it's only arising is ridiculous just beautiful cultural marxism hilarious lalo because while action favorite food kind of stays away culture not destroy anything and there are 0 parking with the Owls no in school to meet you macadamia the longest consoles yeah you're a quarterlife know what I'm talking anarchism we happen by these broad 50 1800 our roots and goes back probably to begin as humanity but we barely where we going anarchism is so quite in tune establishment and literally they have to twist a meanie of the word anarchy doing chaos because they have to straw man and for a long time advocates of in screwing against words and who polishes their loss only the production ceased mm-hmm oh but it was still a bunch of federal puzzles and spit LOL leaf memorable home but they charging the desert is only money as you actively myself do is do whatever I taste of possession doubt you will be there screaming right with like conservative tablet establishment and your guys you gotta love in just hilarious yeah let's relook our host walk of values in this society or you better do it just told me and much money you've been eating everything into dollars and send everything to commodity and then an environment everything a month or time raise money the treat our culture will be timely ism whatever it is not a commodity but instead good big man distributable profits major and distribute decide by peoples mean in reality racism never went away they in fact a lot of liberals use political corrected to master racism which is Harley wannabe gun and well accident own political corrected when accurate fuck is not returned I'm interested by a rubber muffler over my old life that in the mouth of the time hilarious we gotta mean like oh my god dammit yeah like rich is visiting punching a phase master ur means we don't wanna ask you are rejecting the action resisting the status quo and a half inches on entire existence I've been hate it for that I mean your bossman would like won't survive multi-service because the boot licker are just naturally because he probably wanted in rhythm when he saw organizing this day oh yeah by the way we have so good beans and one day or the he didn't hear me cuz i got there i want before meeting the zombie to pick it up people make memes about me because I were you mean by Max Turner this seriously don't the total area that is the ideology represent a part of a morning class is tarah cultural opposes want to speak I mean yeah never consume that article post as well not quite almost you'll be getting a pre-close were like class the death penalty's oh my god dickinson factor although i mean seriously we got mutiny up punk rock metal and hip-hop we don't push it joy in the african movement is worthless new counter folks really distant our zone pretend to be religious but he act like he could be cool until pro he has my giant pool gracious billionaire he is a shit and yet she ain't tough dog I wouldn't need to survive but he Flyers stuff can be traced back to billionaires and corporations to attend not about what my first object dude don't screw with my check and I wasn't your door Cyril where's the goddamn toaster check where so yeah this is a vegan anarchist no big no no no factors in deciding where you boys to get bored to vertically said where you for their job the other tool the moon's little region is to be fought against it and that's what eric is in there remember we're the carrot culture knocking farias room the palms we're not arresting you we are park but true and remember evil of revolution join us because loss now well because will the counterculture see it

  1. counter culture is not about being new but being against the social pressure.
    just because your movment is shit and nobody joins you doesnt make you cc. cc is big movment of people are fed up with the courent culture.
    anarchism isnt anti establishment its anti everything.
    at least communsim has some goverment agency, although its shit. at least it can work in a bad way.

  2. "Having lost the political argument, leftists are desperately clinging to this idea that they have the monopoly on cool"

    -Paul Joseph Watson

  3. Paul Joseph Watson wants to roll back to the status quo of the 1950s or earlier. That isn't even conservative, but regressive, and sure as fuck not counter-culture.

  4. Conservatism is soooo far from counter culture lol.. bleh. Yes to anarchism! 😀
    Academics aren't mainly liberals though… or at least not in my field. Everyone is wildly critical of neoliberalism.

  5. "Contrarian" is the perfect word to describe PJW. One might even say that anarchists were counterculture before it was cool. 😉

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