1. I'm all about freedom of choice as a liberal the ability to live your own life as long as you are not hurting any innocent person with what you are doing. But I stop short of anarchism so there is that authority that protects the innocent from predators not try to direct their lives for them. 

  2. Bookchin (featured in this film) later abandoned Anarchism in the 1990s – and Anarchism (or at least, prominent Anarchist writers) abandoned him (see 'Beyond Bookchin' and 'Anarchy After Leftism').

  3. @AtheistAnarchoRudi I found the movies to be informative too. And the ideas expressed definitely appeal to me and many people I collaborate with. If you are interested, I will dig up some links about the UN connections. Fresco attended several UN functions and was a guest speaker at the events. They deny all of it but we saw the photos. He and the woman were there, no doubt. For the idealist, their brand of robo-communism is very romantic. Controlled Opposition is very real. Be careful. Peace.

  4. @Leftovervictim1991 TVP and TZM are controlled opposition. Many ties to the UN suggest elitist manipulation. Do your homework. Avoid the cult of personality. Anarchism starts at home. Usually with a long, hard look in the mirror.

  5. I find it funny that the further through the parts you go the lower the No. of views gets.

    Heres to all the folk that stuck through to the end of this documentary.

    Anarchy and Freedom!!

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