Anarchism in America Documentary Part (6 of 8)

anyone you know that's if you know first one to the bus gets on you know and it was a sort of this crazy American attitude that I had you know and I think it's very American that we are of people who who are very smart you know that we got a lot of street smarts I mean we know what the law is all about we know who made it and how it gets enforced I mean I think if you stop the average American thing what Sal all about did God make example shit goddamn having to do with it you know made it john d rockefeller made it how can you tell an American has he any distinguishing flavor loading on a wrap 50 miles at sea as you know singing from the sassafras tree by its characteristics same isn't that is short for tow it isn't that is wrong it isn't that II stabilized for Aboriginal size of his just that he hates and eternally despises the policeman on his feet his Assizes sheriff with his warrants sold in civil reason and they tell them what to do and he insists on eating is his son drinking it's the Sun reading on thinking rodeo you've been to know there's a second time we just need a trekkie last year it's a great event every year Brent to come back next to obviously yeah something oppositely about the rodeo that you think is uniquely American the skills of what you know it can help independence and individual ruggedness that's probably they're here the cowboy the idea of the cowboy and still yeah let me just get over on a boulevardier a little bit just kind of rest their little bit we haven't had any chargeable accidents in all my life and I don't want to run into a neighborhood kid here coming out of school right now or something they were riding in a 1976 kenworth is one of them bicentennial trust they came out with this bite-centennial truck for our 200th birthday ma 200 of nessa region for the red white and blue decoration on it basically the running gear the transmission the engine the rear ends are all all standard type the truck equipment there's nothing extra super special about it get the 350 if you're familiar with truck engine to 350 common yeah I guess you'd say I'm independent I don't owe no allegiance to anybody and what are the way I can regulate my operation is either make or lose money in the in the whole operation without sense or independent books well ways in which you're not independent well we're really not independent because he's talked about independent truck drivers and then you get into the into the political bureaucracy that we run out of United States government there in Washington DC and mainly in the rules and regulations I mean I don't think a man in Washington DC can dictate to me how to operate this truck with the truth financially right now that's what I'm saying that's why I say we've got educated smart in Washington DC telling us guys and it's hard for me to explain to somebody or make anybody understand that if you leave me alone I'll make a darn good living for myself and put a good piece of equipment on the road given the opportunity i'm not out here just using this as an excuse to get from point A to point B or from Party to party I'm out here to to make a good living raised in for children with it I got a wife at a decent house there in Colorado Springs and if the government would leave me alone and back off and some of the rules and regulations I could do even better that's that's why I'm saying there's a you know just because you get let it lected to an office or you become a political politician whichever way you want to coin that phrase don't necessarily make you the big brother that's got to oversee everything that's under your domain and that's what's happening in Washington DC the people out there feel that they got to be the big brother act that we're not smart enough down here to do our own thing one of the things that work that we're asking people and trying to explore on the film is not just the explicit anarchism the individuals of Warren and Tucker and spooner but but to find out whether there is some kind of an implicit anarchist anarchism in in American traditions in American political history what's your feeling about that well I there's an implicit anarchism in any of the American tendencies that have organized people in opposition to the state and I think coops a might have reflected this notion organizing people not only in opposition to the to the state in effect but in opposition of the major economic movement of the time I think as a matter of fact it just in the romantic view of the American character there's an anarchist tendency it is flawed by one thing the abstraction of patriotism people who will damn the government from morning till night and oppose the state in a million-in-one ways will at at times of national crisis become incredibly patriotic and begin to say they will do anything for the state and they begin to talk of duty service sacrifice all of the words that are they the worst words in the world it seems men in a human sense lest they begin talking about now I don't know why this is it unless it is that these are such good hearted people that they really believe that the American state is totally different from any other state and it's certainly somewhat different and that they feel that it is important to preserve they feel they're preserving the country but the only language that is available is to preserve the state I have an idea that one of these days there will be another language in which we can talk about preserving the country the landscape the neighborhoods the people in the communities without talking about preserving the state at which point there'll be a lot of radical farmers factory workers and small town residents in this country climbing mile stone mountain August 22nd 1937 for a month now wandering over the Sierras appointment been gathering in my mind details of significance and rhythm the way poems do but still lacking a focus last night I remembered the date and it all began to grow together and take on purpose we set up late well denim moved over the zenith and I told Marie all about Boston oh it looked at last terrible week how hundred stood weeping impotent in the streets at last midnight I told her how those hours changed the lives of thousands how America was forever a different place afterward for me for many in the morning we slam in the cold transparent Lake the blue damselflies and all the weeds like millions of narrow metallic flowers and I thought of you behind the grill in dedham Vanzetti saying who would ever have thought we would make this history someday mountains will be named after you and cycle they will be here in your name with them on these name when these days are but a dean remembering of the time and man was wolf man I think men will be remembering you along I'm sitting on mountains many men a long time comrade Oh both psycho psycho oh hell Nick Lowe psycho psycho psycho I just wanna sign your name psycho psycho psycho psycho oh-ho psycho nicola psycho psycho what is want to sign your name beginning with the First World War and Alliance at the Department of Justice labor and immigration initiated a campaign of repression agents broke into the homes of suspected radicals arrested them and seized their possessions many were deported most of the victims of foreigners usually Russians Italians and Jews two men stand out his targets of the anti radical campaign they were Italian born residents of Boston for many years respectable workers and dedicated and

  1. @rosawasright If you watched the documentary fully you'll see a part where Murray Bookchin was speaking at an anarcho-capitalist convention with Karl Hess sitting right next to him.  He states that his own friendly leftists (socialists, Marxists) would shoot him after the revolution for being an anarchist and that he feels safer with individualists.  Karl Hess and Bookchin were friends from their "New Left" days along with Murray Rothbard.  Stop trying to divide everyone along fake lines, we can work together with voluntarism.

  2. can we talk about CAPITALISM tho???  this anarchism feels way too white dude libertarian, and not enough libertarian SOCIALIST

  3. I'm going to assume that you're a vegetarian as you don't like people feasting on animals. For me, animals and eating meat is more about respect. If you respect the animal, thank it for allowing you and your family to feast upon it, then you are allowed to eat meat. But with capitalism the animal isn't respect but abused and exploited for the sake of profit. You may not agree with my views on eating meat but the under capitalism and state nothing is respected.

  4. I hated the rodeo scene. A cruel sport. Anarchism needs to join forces with environmentalism and animal rights. No one can be free until ALL are free. ALL include human animals and non human animals and the earth. I know a lot of anarchist communities raise animals for slaughter. This has divided me from them and I wish they would consider extending their belief in free will and dignity to all creatures. I am an anarchist but before that I am compassionate.

  5. I think some of you guys are mistaken. The main commonality of all anarchists is the abolition of the state. Individualist anarchists still want to abolish the state. Libertarians do not. That one principle puts a big gap between libertarians and any kind of anarchist. Libertarians just want very limted govt. under the same oppressive govt., so they can live doing what they please but anarchism of any kind wishes to end the state because they realize that the state is the root of man's problem.

  6. @4500jas I disagree. Individualist anarchist isn't crazy. Didn't you just see the old lady they interviewed? We are not against collectivism or anarcho syndicalist, we support them. Individualist anarchist are not capitalists. All anarchist must realize the dangers of capitalism. All despice authority as the key to anarchism, so it would never lead to that. Most anarchist are anarcho socialist or syndicalists, but individualist anarchism is simply an extension of it that focuses more on individu

  7. "All anarchists are socialists, but not all socialists are anarchists" -Bakunin,

    "We hold that freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice and that socialism without freedom is tyranny" -Bakunin. Libertarian/ anarcho-capitalists are not socialists, so therefore they are nothing more than bougeousie oppressors! There was a time when "libertarian" meant libertarian socialism (Anarchism). Now hopefully that cleared any confusion. This is a horrible, pro- anarchist- individualist propagan

  8. @rosawasright yes I agree. They need to distinguish the 2 types of anarchism, the mainstream anarcho-communists and the anarcho-Capitalists/crazy individualists. Anarchist-individualism will not work, it will only create more economic oppression. Screw that Libertarian conservative/ anarcho-capitalist BS. To learn what anarchism really is, read Kropotkin and Bakunin.

  9. the road is built and maintained by people with the truckers interests at heart I believe is the point the alternative to self centred greedy goverment is not self centred greedy private companies but worker owned road builders that consult with and include the truckers and users of the road

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