ANA Economy Flight Review - IS IT WORTH IT?

do not explain the safety features of the you're speaking Chinese so cool the other day my bazooka home would be this car go put my dimension today professor into a money anomaly budget but they're asleep okay thank you Wow was a bit scary gonna find my boarding pass for a second but we found it now we're on our way cool they're giving our pillows I got a pillow look so nice she's giving Coldman until passengers so nice so the plane is actually pretty good I'm breasts weren't able to hit the bag in we're baggage department and a lady to get to the bag for us that we ever needed you can I go again for the night super friendly overall so I have to give it a pot and farm energies you get a blanket pillow and earphones just basic economy so I give it three so when we first walked in they had a business class and have a proper state that have a screen they're charging for your AC outlet but then we went to the economy part and we have dream they had a USB charger the headphone jack so much to in London where you have user special ability guys use your hyper and hypo pretty nice for economy seeds is quite spacious and comfortable so I give it a five and I if Alvin Jersey what kind of what is the parole race gear options actually tasty food nothing to really complain about but I'm just going to give it a four I'm hoping there's a five out there someone touchscreen newest movies also they have multiplayer games Michael and I enjoyed playing pictures together on this flight mobile phones are okay to use as well it's got everything and I have nothing else to ask for so I'm going to give it a five economy doesn't off the lounge after so I've skipped it for this review now overall looks like a pretty good experience the bathrooms are pretty friendly no complaints even in economy mode Anna in a while but I think even for these short flights like three hours and 50 minutes economy's pretty good so I'm definitely recommending I think we're like the last people off of this life our stuff got stuck at behind to go anyways no worries they're made in the Philippines now we got a catch nuber and get to the hotel

  1. ANA was great! Just flew from LAX to Narita economy plenty of leg room, great food, wine and old school hospitality from our sweet flight attendants

    LOVED Japan!!!! Can’t wait to go back

    Tokyo, Nara, Magome, Osaka, Hiroshima back to Tokyo..3 weeks of Heaven

  2. Short and sweet! creative sand bottles representing the star grading…lol…fun fun! I actually want to give ANA a try since its reputation has always been gooood! Again thx a lot for the flight review.

  3. The lady wating for your boarding pass at the gate, sounded like she had a bit of an Australian accent

  4. For best in-flight services and world class experience choose ANA airlines. For ticket booking dial ANA airlines reservation 1-877-294-2845

  5. Last year at this time I flew ANA for first time, and I have to say it is the best air service that I have flown with.
    When I was late getting through immigration in Jakarta the flight attendants picked me out of a crowd of people and personally handing me my bag, they even greeted me by name. I was so happy I almost cried. So kind.

  6. Since they added the premium economy seats in their planes, their normal economy seats turned stiff. I mean you can't recline it anymore. You can only move the bottom part of your seat forward. Worst flight ever! After flying ANA for 12 years, we changed to Asiana whenever we fly to Japan from Europe. Too bad ANA…

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