Ana Drops The Mic with Powerful Line at Politicon Debate with Tomi Lahren

>>Over the weekend, I was at Politicon, and
I engaged in a debate with Tomi Lahren. So look, I will highly recommend everyone
watch the full debate. It’s really difficult to do highlights. It’s not really gonna give you the full taste
of how it all went down. But nonetheless, there were some favorite
moments of mine that I wanted to share with you, including this.>>They are friends backstage. And that we all should be as well. So, if you wanna speak to that both of you,
we’re out of time now. But I’ll let you both have the last word.>>Just one line, and it’s a line from Bernie
Sanders’ campaign. I’m willing to fight for someone I don’t know.>>Yeah, no, I think.>>Yeah, I don’t know why it ended there. But nonetheless, I mentioned that line, because
the whole point was kind of to end on a more conciliatory note. And I think that Bernie Sanders does do a
really good job in saying, look, this is not left versus right. The policies that I’m fighting for are policies
that I want to benefit all Americans, regardless of political ideology. I didn’t expect the type of reaction from
the audience that I got. But there were people there who, I mean it
was a pretty even split from my read. There were a lot of Tomi Lahren supporters
there, a lot of people who are supporters of mine. But I felt like the majority of people in
the room really cheered for that message.>>Yeah, well, it makes sense. It’s a message of empathy, and looking out
for one another. Now, a lot of conservatives, think that they
believe in that. But when they say it they mean, people of
my family, my friends, my community, my church. And if you’re a conservative watching, a lot
of you might be like, yeah, yeah, what do you mean? Well, progressives mean it in a broader circle. We mean, yes, all those things plus maybe
people who are outside of your community. Maybe even people outside of your country,
because they’re still human. See, that’s where we get the difference between
conservatives and progressives. But as a message when you say it at first,
people love it, of course they love it.>>Yeah.>>And that’s why Bernie Sanders is popular
overall, despite the fact that he gets non stop horrible press coverage. Because the people in power don’t like that
message. They’re like, look out for yourself. Don’t look out for anybody else. And so, I wanna say if you wanna watch the
whole debate, it’s on Almost all the videos we do, well all the
videos we do are on, including the membership videos. But all of our individual videos from our
show every day, our live stream, and then when we do special events like the Politicon
debate, are on It’s on many other platforms as well, but
that’s a convenient place to get it.>>All right, so now let’s get to some of
the arguments. And I’m not going in any type of chronological
order here, I’m jumping around. But this was an exchange that I thought was
fascinating. Take a look.>>What do you think the biggest threat for
young people in this country is, right now?>>Socialism, yeah, I do.>>Do you feel like socialism, define that
for me, though.>>That socialism is taking hold, yes, I absolutely-
>>No, no, define what you mean by socialism taking, I mean, define socialism. Because I think we hear it thrown around a
lot. But I think, maybe I’m wrong, but I think
there are differing opinions on exactly what people are talking about. Socialism in Venezuela, is different than
socialism in Bolivia, is different than what some people might call socialism in Norway
and Sweden. They all have aspects of it. Canada even does too, but what is the socialism
that you’re most afraid of?>>So, when you hear Bernie Sanders, which
I know many of you are a fan of. But when you hear him on stage saying, the
government’s gonna give you a job, the government’s gonna give you free health care, the government’s
gonna give you free college. You work for the government, you live by the
government. You are-
>>Do you not think that’s a little hyperbole, though? I mean.>>No, no-
>>Has he said, the government’s gonna give you a job?>>No, several job programs, he absolutely
did.>>Yeah.>>But.>>I’m gonna give you a job.>>Absolutely.>>Kinda like the new deal, you know?>>Why am I not entitled to a college education
for free? What makes that socialism, but free high school
education is not socialism?>>Who made that decision in this country
that, that was we were going up until high school. And if you wanna talk about college-
>>But could we not make the decision that we’re going through college?>>Who’s going to pay for it?>>College used to be free in America.>>The people who pay for high school.>>Public colleges used to be free in America. They were. They were properly funded and they were free. I’m talking about public colleges. They used to be free in America. All the things that Bernie Sanders is campaigning
on, are things that Americans used to have. But they were taken away from us just to give
the top 1%, the giant tax cuts that they’re enjoying today. So.>>Yeah, well.>>This is now your opportunity to jump in
and share your thoughts.>>So finally, yes, okay.>>You may speak.>>Okay, thank you, I appreciate it. First of all, I want to give a shout out to
Clay Aiken who did a good job of moderating there. Those are really good follow up questions
that you don’t often get from a moderator. And then when you jumped in, you give historical
facts that are well undeniable. And so, they always make it seem like Venezuela,
and so Clay Aiken saying, well, maybe Venezuela maybe Norway is a good point. And then you saying, maybe America, that’s
what America used to be. And that’s when America had the highest economic
growth, that any country has ever seen on the planet. Is when we had free public colleges, when
we took care of our own, when we looked out for someone who wasn’t us. And that’s when, of course, the highest marginal
tax rate was 91%.>>Yeah, so I mentioned that at some point
in the debate as well. Again, it’s really hard to show highlights,
because a lot of the exchanges were lengthy.>>Yeah, of course.>>Depending on what the question was, which
is why I really do want you guys to check out the full video. But one thing I will say is, people ask me
immediately afterwards, did you crush it? How did it go? And I felt like there were so many moments
where I wanted to say things. And I realized something about right wing
people like Ben Shapiro and Tomi Lahren, you know how they speak very quickly. And I always thought, it’s a trick, right? It’s a trick to sound smart. You speak quickly, and confidently, and you
trick people into thinking you know what you’re saying, and there’s some facts behind it. But I realized in re-watching my debate with
her to pick these clips, and then watching Carl Kalinsky’s debate with Charlie Kirk,
they all had the same talking points.>>100%, that’s exactly what I was gonna say.>>And they’re rehearsed. And so when they’re rehearsed, you can speak
very quickly. Look, I spoke slowly, because I wanted the
audience to really grasp what I was saying. I wanted them to absorb the statistics I was
sharing, the research. And then when I was waiting for rebuttals,
it’s just a talking point. It’s the same talking point over and over
again. In fact, I wanna move on to the immigration
portion of the debate. Go ahead.>>Hold on, before you do that. I just wanted to say, the talking points I
heard from Tomi, were the same talking points I heard from Charlie Kirk last year. And so, that’s why they just study those. And they then train their audience to say
afterwards or their supporters, real or otherwise, to do their own talking points, eviscerated,
destroyed, blah, blah, blah. It’s always the same, there’s never any nuance,
there’s never any discussion of facts. So for example, here’s another fact. Did you know that millennials, 70% of them
say that they are either somewhat or extremely likely to vote for a socialist candidate. 70% of millennials. So when she’s like, everybody wants socialism
in this country, obviously like Venezuela. I’ve heard that talking point for three straight
years. When, well number one, socialism isn’t just
Venezuela. And number two, it’s not true that no one
wants it, not remotely true. Now on the other hand, when you talk to boomers,
they are in a completely different world. So let me be accurate here. How about voting for a socialist candidate? For the older generations like baby boomers
and the silent generation, that’s only a 33%. So think about the different worlds we live
in. So, for the older generation, a third of them
go, okay, I could vote for a socialist candidate. Two thirds are like, no, socialism, boo, Stalin,
Castro, Venezuela. And that’s why, by the way, not just where
Republican politicians live, but it’s also where the media lives. A lot of the producers and management are
very old at these companies. And it’s also where Democratic leadership
lives. They live in that world. They’re all incredibly old. And so they think, well, nobody wants socialism,
because they’re in that older generation. In our generations, well, I should say yours.>>Yes, you should.>>I’m Generation X, I’m somewhere in the
middle. Socialism is not just viewed as acceptable
or tolerable, but it’s actually a really great thing, democratic socialism.>>Yeah, yeah, because look, we understand. I mean look, like in response to the Venezuela
fear mongering, I mean people on the left can do the exact same thing. What about Chile, what about Chile, what about
Chile?>>Yeah.>>Right, I could do the same thing.>>Yeah.>>With the wealth and income inequality that’s
happening in Chile right now. Which is why you have mass protests, right? But we don’t play that game. There’s nuance, and there’s research, and
there’s statistics in our arguments. And that was the thing that was frustrating
because, I was waiting for rebuttals based on the substance of what I had to say. And I felt like over and over again, if I
made a really good point and it was irrefutable, she would say, I agree with you on that, but
what about, and then proceed to the next talking point.>>Cue the next talking point. In fact, you’re forcing to say one last thing,
then we’ll go to immigration. That’s why Jesse Lee Peterson, now he’s an
extreme example, but when you make a good point on his show, he’ll just go, amazing,
and move on.>>Totally.>>Because they don’t have an answer. And that’s why Sarah Palin in getting ready
for her VP debate against Joe Biden, all the way back in the day, she was so nervous. And then realized, my god, I don’t actually
have to answer the questions, nor do I have to debate him. So she memorized talking points, based on
topics. And all she did, cuz she used to be a television
anchor, She just read her talking points. And the entire Republican Party has become
Sarah Palin.>>So let’s go to this next clip, and this
is about immigration. We’re finally move on to the immigration portion
of the debate. Which actually took up a lengthy portion of
the debate overall, but just pay close attention to the word anecdotal.>>When you say that our president is closing
port of entry, I went to San Diego into that San Isidro port->>I know, but your anecdotal evidence means
nothing.>>I wanna talk about San Isidro, cuz what
I’m saying is not anecdotal evidence. That port was closed for five hours, because
migrants during the invasion rushed it, and they had to close it, because it was a national
security risk.>>That was the reaction after it was closed. Trump closed it and that’s how they reacted.>>Five hours, border patrol had to close
it. I’ve been there, I stood there where these
wonderful people were throwing rocks at our border patrol agents, and then they were all
physically ramming the fence to knock it down.>>So is it possible that your experience
in San Isidro at that one port of entry on that one day-
>>The biggest one on Earth!>>Might not be an example of how all ports
of entry are, on all days.>>I’m talking about when it had to be closed,
because she was referencing a specific time.>>I understand what you’re talking about,
I did. What you’re saying is not inaccurate. It’s true, it did. But is it fair to say that, that is an example
of what is happening at all ports of entry all of the time? Or did it happen on the day that you were
there?>>It happened during the caravan.>>The day that you were there.>>It happen during-
>>It happen when you were there.>>But she was referring to that incident.>>So that would be anecdotal, because that’s
an example of exactly something that happened while you were there, right?>>So look, I’m sure she’ll complain that
the moderator also has facts. That’s true. So on this show, we often, I’ll tell you these
anecdotes that I have, when I run into Trump voters. I do it a lot in the post game for our members. to become a member, and you’ll
get all those anecdotes. But I clearly lay out, those are anecdotes. That guy doesn’t represent every Trump voter. And then I’ll go to polling. And I’ll say so, here’s a general trend, here’s
where it’s heading. And then here’s an anecdote to back that up,
as opposed to, I saw something once, so it must be true.>>Yeah, exactly. And look, I think it takes courage to agree
to do these types of events, where you’re obviously dealing with someone you disagree
with. Obviously, she and I do not agree on politics
almost at all. And so, on one hand, you have cold feet Crowder
who refuses to debates, and needs his daddy to step in and protect him. On the other hand, you have Tomi Lahren, who
agreed to do this, so I give her a lot of credit for doing that. And look, people have blind spots, people
might have maybe a little ignorance when it comes to what counts is evidence and what
doesn’t. But nonetheless, I do appreciate that she
was willing to have this conversation. And with that said, just one final video that
I want to show you, and it has to do with my family values.>>I think the wall is a solution. Don’t think that’s the only solution. We need to change our asylum laws. So that people that are actually seeking asylum
are able to see those judges in a timely manner. And they’re not right now, because anybody’s
coming across the border. Which by the way, you’re not claiming asylum
if you come into this country illegally, and then raise your hands, and say I’m claiming
asylum. You claim asylum at a port of entry. That is not the case with a lot of->>So what do we do when border patrol agents
are literally blocking ports of entry, to prevent them from coming in legally.>>Because they’re-
>>What do we do?>>Let me-
>>Because that’s the thing.>>Do I get to talk.>>Trump has gone out of his way to do away
with legal means to claim asylum.>>Can I-
>>And so, look I don’t know what your family values are, but my family values are if my
family’s in jeopardy, if their lives are at risk, I will do anything and everything to
get them to safety. I love using their language against them.>>Yeah, now that was wonderfully done. But guys, these are cheap talking points as
well. When you have immigration or migration because
of emergencies, whether they are emergencies in terms of violence that’s happening in Central
America, or whether civil wars, or climate change that’s happening in the Middle East
that’s driving huge migration patterns. And people’s’ families are in danger. A lot of them shockingly are amazing, that
they do find ports of entry, and enter in the quote unquote legal way. Others just crossed the border because they’re
running. They’re running for their lives or for their
kid’s lives. So for example, when the ship pulled in during
World War II into Florida, filled with Jews who had escaped Nazi Germany, I don’t know
if they docked in a port of entry or not. I think I’m okay with them docking anywhere
they like, and we should have given them asylum, and we should have protected them. Instead, we sent them back. So that is not family values either. Not every case is not the Jewish ship coming
in during World War II, but some are. And so if you use a technical reason to say,
well technically, now the Jews came into the wrong place. So we should have set to back the Germans
in during Nazi era. Okay, congratulations on your technicality,
but that’s not how values work.

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    Universal healthcare and universal basic income will help everyone without prerequisites.

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    The oath that anyone who becomes a severe of this country is the most American an American that was in school education of the USA in any state and born here take this oath of country, not of my pocket so be it over everyone who came here 100 years ago or even the Congress and governor of each state and every man woman stepping into this country’s arm services.
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    Speaking quickly can imply a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It's used in sales and retail when speaking to a customer to give them less time to generate a considered response. If you aren't able to think quickly enough against this you can come across as lacking in understanding. You internalise a response. This results in feeling awkward and points not being challenged properly. It's a bit like forcing a Dunning-Kruger on someone. Ana's delivery on the debate showed she was considering that her responses were not just for Tori to hear, but for the audience to hear and make assessment on. Being able to balance a debate whilst being aware you are presenting to an audience is challenging at best.

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