An Open Letter to 5+1: Coalition of Committed for a Secular Democratic Iran

Let’s go back to the letter 5+1 Let’s go back to the letter 5+1 Let’s go back to the letter 5+1 I personally have a question and talked about it before the program right now a movement has been formed that has never been so extensive and also there is a wave of support inside as well as abroad, how much do you really think that it’s important to get in touch with the international community and ask them to support this movement or do something? Undoubtedly it’s essential It’s clear from its name United Nations and not United governments Theses brave activists today, who once is a veteran and has lost his life for his country 70% of his body and the 30% of the rest is going to lose in prison Dr.Yazdi, who suffered a brain injury because of the huge regime’s pressure on him And what was the message of martyr’s wife to the free world? She tells the free world to recognize us Theses men are not our representatives, when Javad Zarif uses the free media and lie, they are trying to explain that he is not our country representative we are looking to introduce our true representatives to the free world Meanwhile, as long as the United Nations and the UN Security Council members do not recognize this Democratic Movement, we have a duty to keep this campaign and sending consequently these messages. Even, Iranian citizens living in different countries from Scandinavian countries, UK France to the United States we have to communicate theses news in the language of their country of residence. Just search Google now … Today, I was talking to one of the most famous American journalists who is very sensitive about Iran Can you imagine that he didn’t know what happened to the signatories of 14th declaration statement? It’s our fault We need to send this news as much as possible in our local language To see the news come out when we google it in different languages. As a result, until this happens, it is imperative that we carry on this correspondence as long as this dialogue and as far as these considerations are concerned with negotiating and changing the behavior of the Islamic Republic they also consider Iranian people and activists and their freedom. Do You think this might happen? These negotiations have been going on for forty years now with foreign countries and this has never happened as you said Do you think this time is different? It was Mr. Rouhani’s election a few years ago Could you imagine we will talk about the campaign of I am the #Bayanieh14, I am #15th person? I am talking about the foreign governments. Do you think, As you have been in contact with various International institutions through the Iran National Council for free elections and as you know all of them consider their national interests why do you think they should come and support an opposition while the government is in the power officially? Justly, To give them the same message that your common interests are tied to the interests of the Iranian nation If we are looking for Universal values and you are striving for a sustainable democracy in your country It will be never achieved in the interests of this totalitarian which calls for forty years of death in America their slogan is that Israel should be removed from the world map a government that imprisoned some women for 55 years just for wanting to live freely and to be free, how can this government have common interests with States that They call themselves human rights defenders? The US government, especially now in Mr. Trump’s administration says we are putting maximum pressure what else should we do more? The US government is at the forefront of these issues what should the US government do to make the Democratic Opposition feel that it is putting pressure on the Islamic Republic? At the negotiating table, they shouldn’t only consider their conditions with IRI the human rights issues should be on the table as well Start dialogue with liberal and opposition groups formally, Officially not behind closed doors South Africa was once their opposition to overthrow Apartheid when Desmond Tutu called upon to put human rights on the table and Europe and the United States joined this campaign the apartheid regime was abolished We, Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul. so the US and Europe cannot separate themselves from the Iranian people and just want to negotiate with the government of the Islamic Republic It is important that the human rights issues and interests of the Iranian people are also seen, and they recognize not just an opposition group that they recognize these liberal and secular democratic movements that are launched today in Iran

  1. Ironically the same countries that such open letter has been written to are supporting and backing countries like Saudi Arabia. The west doesn't care about democracy

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