An Honest Conversation About Female Responsibility

hi everybody stefan molyneux from freedomain radio here with Mike and stoian and new information has just like a estrogen tidal wave of red tsunami Ness has come to lights from let's see oh it's a New York it's actually an American magazine that's come across this mother of on-air murderer Vester Flanigan had violent outbursts and threatened to kill husband and kids documents reveal so we're gonna have a little look at this because as you know we're always interested not just at trimming the leaves of the tree of evil but hacking at the roots so of course as you know this is the mother of the gunman who murdered two journalists on live TV on Wednesday and the article goes we'll put the link to this Velux from the New York Daily News the mother of the gunman had violent outbursts when he was a child and had threatened to kill her husband and her kids according to court papers the documents unearthed by the Daily News Thursday detail Vester Lee Flanagan parents bitter breakup when he was 8 years old and his dad's disturbing allegations of Flanagan and his two older sisters weren't safe around their mom Betty Vester Lee Flanagan senior now 76 filed for divorce and an emergency restraining order in the early 1980s claiming Betty's behavior towards him and the kids had been quote extremely menacing and threatening for months quote she has also repeatedly threatened my life at least on one occasion threatened to shoot me in my sleep and the children have heard these threats and are understandably upset the paperwork obtained by The News said the worried father also claimed Betty quote threatened to children with a brush and a belt and had I not removed these weapons from her hands I'm certain she would have used them on the children in his sworn statement Wester senior requested physical custody of the couple's three kids who were ages 10 9 and 8 at the time quote she has for example threatened the lives and safety of her children as a method of attempted to keep me from leaving the house to go to work he said so yeah at least she had a good reason quotes at other times the respondent Betty is calm rational and charming but the children and I are unable to anticipate or control these outbursts or threats of violence Betty who died in 2008 apparently did not respond to the claims with a sworn statement in her defense a judge granted the dad's request and awarded him physical custody of the kids with visitation granted to Betty the court also ordered Betty to move out of the family home stay 50 yards away from vestra senior's workplace and not quote attack strike threaten or otherwise disturb the Peace of the three minor children the couple's final divorce judgment was granted in August 1982 the records obtained by the news chef it's not clear if Betty ever moved out of the family's house at Oakland California but she was living there for decades before her death vestra senior moved to Vallejo and purchased multiple houses on the same street for himself and his kids so there's more we will put the link below but what do you guys think well there's a little more – I'll just mention I was able to dig up the mom's obituary because she died in 2008 so just read that real quick retired Oakland Unified School District teacher Betty Dee Flanagan beloved mother grandmother sister and cousin neighbor and friend departed her earthly life on October 10th 2008 in Oakland California she served as a dedicated teacher with the Oakland Unified School District for over 37 years she influenced the lives of countless students who attended and then it goes through a list of her schools and everything like that and it says she survived by Vester Flanigan senior who is uh Vester Flanigan 'he's father stepmother Ella something or other which so it says she came from a broken home as well because she had a stepmother so that's not good so she was a schoolteacher for 37 years and there's this is online and there's a guestbook where after her death some of her former students came and relived their experiences and memories and of course there's a lot of things people saying nice stuff folks don't like to speak ill of the dead of course but there's a few things that were in there that I thought were interesting that I wanted to read off so these are from the obituary guestbook I remember a boy pushed a girl in the home a and miss Flanagan went out there and gave him the business she told him you're not a man you're a mouse squeak-squeak-squeak she said I am Betty Jean Dolson Flanagan the boss in the barnyard and I will not tolerate you disrespecting the young ladies now apologize another one is I can easily remember her coming into the classroom with deodorant a clean wet towel and soap and telling the boys betty Flanagan's room will not stink so take this and get on to the bathroom she didn't play another one written all caps Wow miss Flanagan you were an awesome teacher I was one of your students at blah blah middle school you were very bold and outspoken I'll never forget you saying I'm the captain of the ship I'm the boss dog in the barnyard I'm a Leo I don't play wow those were the days you will be greatly missed may you rest in peace so this uh I'm the boss of the barnyard verbal prowess audacious those were the days you know when you'd be verbally accosted by teachers proclaiming that they're the boss of the barnyard so for 37 years you know she not only raised someone who wound up being a murderer but she also was in a school teacher for 37 years influencing the lives of countless students according to her obituary so if I understand this correctly the court said about this Betty woman Betty Flanagan that she was not allowed to see her own children or at least she was not allowed to parent her own children because of the allegations which she did not respond to of threatening to kill them or kill their father or kill everyone if he goes to work so the court said you basically are not allowed to be a mother to your own children and this had zero effect on her value as a school teacher your children you're threatening to kill and we've got to keep you away from your children the children of strangers though yeah here's 37 years worth of paid leave with with summers off and benefits and all that because I'm sure you're just wonderful to other people's children even though you threatened to murder your own uh and she was she was granted visitation despite all these allegations it's like okay I mean in the court system the husband or father getting custody of the children is a rare occurrence in and of itself that's a pretty extraordinary circumstance so all these allegations all this stuff there's obviously some issues there but even that being the case the judge is still like visitation you know you threaten to shoot your husband while he was sleeping the children heard all this you were gonna beat them with objects and you know all these fights in front of the kids kids are terrified but you know you cannot make it a visitation they can come see you you know they can have a vacation of crazytown that's okay well we don't know don't know if they were supervised visits or not they may have been supervised visits it doesn't say in particular but it is quite astounding that this level of violence is it could be this poor children are exposed to this level of homicidal female rage and what I find absolutely astounding and to me this is in some murky way and tell me if I'm way off base here this is the key to the whole thing is that when he was suing this company there's this media outlet the one who's a reporter's he shot when he was suing them he demanded an all african-american female jury now his mother had been a homicidal maniac threatening to shoot the father in the sleep and kill the children and beat them with brushes and belts and all that kind of stuff but he wishes to be judged and and values the justice capacity of African American females that's why they're just that's really I want to be judged by someone just like my mom I want to be validated I told them right yeah by the people that were just like my mom I mean if someone said to me I don't know let's have elderly traumatized German women judge you I'd be like can we not do that please would be excellent that would be really great because so to me he did not process the evil that was done to him and he still remained it bonded with it in that he wanted to be his entire case to be judged by people like his mother and that to me means that you Stockholm Syndrome dwith I mean gosh I don't he this is outright criminal behavior I mean this is the other thing too why the frak is this woman not in jail why are death threats are illegal try sending one to a congressman death threats are illegal how is is she not in jail she was doing the best she could with the knowledge that she had stuff well I'm glad she didn't have the knowledge of how to actually shoot him in his sleep in front of the children death threats death threats to the father in front of the children and what does it show to the children that she's not in jail and she's still allowed to work with children she has threatened the lives of children threatened the lives of her husband now we're just going to assume this is true because she didn't respond to it and it stood in the document as far as I understood understand unchallenged we just we obviously can't verify 150 percent but your scenario but it's true at the moment but the kids look at this and they see a justice system that never punishes the perceived victim that never holds the perceived victim accountable and in these situations of course the female is almost always the perceived victim is especially in American and I wonder what effect that had on him when he got older realizing that the courts will never pursue justice against the perceived victim it's like the women who accused men of rape and it turns out to be false they're almost never pursued for making false statements to the police and so on and so when you see a justice system always parts around like magic parts around the victim it seems to me that then when he tried to use the legal system from a victim standpoint where did he learn that from that's a great point there's something else to which I was thinking about boys generally do emulate the father but as a gay man I would assume that he was looking after his mom a lot more which may explain why he hadn't processed it to this degree and why why he took his mother's approach to anxiety and stress right his mother threatened people with death yeah and you know who threatened the father in the children with death when she was stressed and anxious and upset and angry and if if he bonded with her then this would be his go-to position particularly later in life another layer of this too is he was a Jehovah's Witness and grew up in that environment and you know given that he grew up in that type of moral infrastructure where there's rules and a code and all that seeing this happened by proponents of this faith which I don't think it says in the faith at any point you know shoot your husband while he's sleeping at the same time that people continue to profess being believers of this faith not only was his faith in the Justice them eroded at an early age the court system but also the principles of morality which he was taught as a child in Mike and I were talking talking before we recorded we put together the first show and we were discussing the fact that there was not much information available in his childhood and we were speculating about what it was and Mike you said I wonder if he was raised by a single mom and I back then I said I doubt it because Jehovah's Witnesses are very committed in general yeah I don't know the rate of divorce in the Jehovah's Witness community at all but yeah it is strict about it yeah he does come from a divorced family which oddly enough and maybe not oddly enough when you looked at the data Dylan roof and elliot rodger same situation coming from a divorced household lots of family conflict lots of problems this is not a coincidence vote um can i and i just if you guys are in the middle of something I just had another no go for it sir goose-bumpy thing that that I sort of worked out can you just guy just look at how old was Vester Flanigan junior 41 41 okay so Vester Lee Flanagan senior is now 76 and he got a restraining order and filed for divorce in the early 1980s which was 30 it was 282 right so 33 years ago right yep Vester Lee Flanagan is now 76 and so 33 years ago he would have been 43 in his early 40s right huh so this guy went homicidal at about the same age as his father was when he divorced his mother mm-hmm another interesting caveat well these these patterns I've noticed them in my own life like I was in a relationship that was not great and I ended up getting out of it just one day I'm like I'm done and afterwards I realized that I was exactly the same age as my father was when he left my mother these I think they go deep deep in the brain and the fact that this guy when I mean how angry was his mother when his father left it I mean this is a woman who was so terrified of any kind of abandonment that she threatened to kill him for going to work so when she left him there would have been a near bottomless amount of narcissistic psychopathic and homicidal rage in the woman's heart and I just wondered the degree to which he may have been acting out his mother's anger against his father because he hit the same age when his father left his mother and that's when he snapped again we'll never know it's just a I find these patterns show up quite repeatedly by Newton's not to look at the the ages and the times of these incidents well and you know with with him there was many warning signs you know there's the typical after the not only the lawsuits there's reports of him like throwing cow excuse me throwing cat poo at neighbors from balconies and just conflicts across the board with people so there's road rage incident as well prior to the shooting he was recorded oh gosh did you watch that no I didn't even know about this before the call yeah so did you did you see it I only saw parts of it where he was yelling yeah so some guy he was a Vester Flanigan jr. that the shooter was driving like a maniac and some guy told him to smarten up or slow down or be a better driver or whatever as and then then at a stoplight and then or traffic lights and then Vester Flanigan followed this guy and then was you know basically screaming at him and all that while the guy was trying to get to his place of business or something like that so yeah there were a few sites and that's perfectly normal behavior shit I guess that guy's looking back saying well that could have got a whole lot worse oh yeah – comment – on the highway you picked the wrong one but it worked out for you thankfully but again with with all of these situations you know the elliot rodger situation the Dylan roof situation in the Vester Flanigan situation there's all these warning signs long ahead of time you know elliot rodger I mean was diagnosed by psychiatrists they gave him anti-psychotic medication to treat schizophrenia bipolar disorder and you know no type of relationships outside of home very isolated he got beat up at a party for threatening people there and was horribly injured there's like all these warning signs of stuff is going off the rails and no one says anything Dylan roof you know got picked up a couple times by the cops for going to this mall and harassing acting very strangely in this mall and harassing some of the mall employees and having drugs oh yeah they found suboxone which is a narcotic used for treating opiate addictions but it's also used recreationally and there's been some finds that it's also linked to violent outbursts they also found cocaine in methamphetamine and LSD on him that's just what they found on him God knows what he was using otherwise just so he said to his friends I'm going to go and shoot up a whole bunch of people yeah you know and I think he gave dates at various times he said like six months from now I'm gonna go do this and then he's like next week I'm gonna go to the college it wound up being a church but you know it's like all these warning signs that are emanating throughout Society in history and people seeing them and just look the other way nothing's gonna happen I actually read an article someone was saying yeah you know there's there's kind of the things you see and nine times out of ten it's nothing so you don't really worry about it's like nine times out of ten it's nothing that means one time out of ten it's something it's never nothing it's just that the something isn't always shooting up a church or shooting up reporters it's always something it's just not necessarily that murderous does it hit the news nine times out of ten oh and there is of course this this culture of mental illness which is to say that you know what what pulled the trigger it's the guns fault it's white people's fault it's something it's mental illness it's no there's a human agent in there right there's a human agency in there who's making a series of decisions that make them crazier and crazier like when you when you have a particular passion it can be great you know passion can be wonderful but it can also pull you down to a very dark place and when you have a particular passion you need to expose yourself to counter information just to make it you know the shop and the sword on the West stone right muscles grow through resistance so if he had this perspective that everybody was a white racist and that's why he couldn't get ahead then I'm guessing I don't know if they'll ever release his browser history or anything but I'm guessing that he would go to some very anti white websites and and he would start to feed you know feed that obsession feed that feeling of grievance but one and that's really really dangerous and then people say well it just happened no he made particular choices everybody knows that if you have a perspective that's usually opposing information out there that if you're intellectually responsible and a decent human being you expose yourself to it but if you don't then just feed this beast and feed this beast you're gonna get yourself more and more wound up and and upset and then oh I couldn't see it coming it's like both it came from a long time and it is fundamentally his choice and his responsibility in the end and but this is culture sorry its culture mental illness where people say well he was just mentally ill like what does that explain mental illness is like the new demonic possession well he just guessed Beelzebub won in his heart and therefore a human crazy and sure like it doesn't mean anything mental illness explains nothing it's just this tagline that says well clearly he had disordered thinking it acted on it so we're just gonna label that an illness as if that adds anything to the equation whatsoever it's like saying well he was irrational it's like okay but why was he irrational why wasn't anyone around him correcting him how many people are responsible for feeding the irrationality that he had how many people in the media how many people online how many people in his you know did he get together whether a kill why he study group I don't know but it the same mental illness explains absolutely nothing and what bothers me is that if there was a culture where everyone said my god you have this kind of childhood you have got to get to a therapist not to some pill pusher not to somebody who's going to load you up as if you've got some biochemical deficiency no you had a rather excessive abuse in your childhood which is created disordered thinking go and get yourself straightened out go to a talk therapist go to a CBT therapist go to someone who knows what they're doing in terms of unravelling and dealing with this trauma there's an old saying in psychology that says that all mental dysfunction is the result of the avoidance of legitimate suffering right this good this this guy suffered staggeringly and unbelievably and awfully as a child and I don't know in the community in general and I certainly don't know but I'd suspect not in the black community is there this oh man you got to get to a therapist like stop thinking it's white people's fault because my question to this guy if I met in Vester Lee Flanagan junior whose raging about white people and so on I would simply ask tell me the race of who did you the most harm in this life mm-hmm tell me the race of the person who gave who gave you the most trauma who inflicted the most suffering on you in this life and he would have to say it was black and I'd say okay give me the gender of the person who inflicted the most suffering on you in this life and he would have to say a woman and so if you say it's a white male culture that's causing all this suffering but the reality is the most suffering you have by far had inflicted upon you was a black female then aren't you kind of running away from your problems and isn't it just gonna escalate because they just chase you and get bigger when you run there's actually interesting dimension to this and it ties into something you said earlier because death threats are illegal and if this was a man who made those threats he would be in jail now the fact that a black woman was not put in jail by the mostly white justice system in the United States would that not provoke some resentment well we do know there are great disparities between male and female sentencing like and we talked about this and the truth about male privilege the degree to which for the same exact thing same criminal history I mean men are getting years where women are getting months it's it's completely absurd and this was also around the time of the feminist revolution 1982 ighting was when they got divorced yeah at that second I think second wave feminism was starting up there yeah yeah it certainly was it was the the Super Mom and they the power suits and the wide lapels and all that stuff so there was definitely a lot of female power floating around yeah and that's why this woman was not put in jail she was not put in jail for what she did and she yeah and she got to teach for 37 years other children yay-hey 30 in a class I'm sure how delightful you know the this guy I mean from a background standpoint he had a lot going against him you know he he was gay and he was a Jehovah's Witness and we brought up these stats in the last video but they're worth repeating here according to the Pew Research think-tank Jehovah's Witnesses are the least tolerant of homosexuality amongst religious groups surpassing both Muslims and Mormons overall 76% of jehovah's witnesses agreed with the statement that homosexuality is a way of life that should be discouraged by society for comparison only 68 percent of Mormons and 61 percent of Muslims agreed with this statement III had no idea about that with the Jehovah's Witness community so there is friction there her another issue has to do with physical violence in the black community towards children one study that examined 20,000 kindergartners and their parents researchers at University of Texas at Austin found that eighty-nine percent of black parents had spank their children compared to 79 percent of white parents 80 percent of Hispanic parents and 73 percent of Asian parents and spanking is we've gone over in many presentations it's shown to lower intelligence increase aggression violent behavior lowered language capabilities increased antisocial behavior increased likelihood of engaging in risky unprotected sex considering he acted as an escort later in his life increased likelihood of being sexually assaulted and a whole bunch of other horrendous horrendous things that if you want the full details of the problem with spanking I recommend the primordial violence spanking children psychological development violence in crime by Murray a Strauss it is a collection of so many studies on the effects the horrendously negative effects of spanking which he unquestionably I think we'd safely say experienced given the prevalence in the black community and what was said in the divorce papers regarding belts and spoons or other things that were being used and threats that were being made it's uh so he had a lot going against him early on and was there any type of intervention from society did anyone say this is not okay there's no indication that anyone did and there's all these warning signs I mean oh my god you're you are a gay black jehovah's witness victim of horrendous child abuse coming from a divorced family background like there are so many red flags and warning signs here and what happened to this guy he was in his apartment and see him lived alone minimalist apartment not a lot of stuff around doesn't seem like he had a lot of friends where was his family where were these people his mother died in 2008 but actually something was just published in an article that I read right before we did this about his father and how the father is being treated right now I'll just read that real quick um they're swarming the dad's house essentially the older Flanagan who 76 now was described by a neighbor as a perfect gentleman and an upstanding citizen others said he's known for organizing neighborhood safety meetings and tending to his vegetable garden you know maybe instead of organizing neighborhood safety meetings you should organize safety meetings with your son who's spiraling into just madness I mean and this is over a course of many years and you know I I hope you grew some nice tomato sir I really do but your yourse unfortunately yeah yeah yes rather read or flute called blood on the sidewalk no kidding but I wonder I wonder if the father's just real quick I'm sorry go ahead this is from some of the neighbors which again puts it in perspective as to nobody doing anything neighbor said it's such a shame that something like this would fall down upon him referring to his father said a neighbor it's inconceivable to me and I'm sure he's distraught whatever happened is not a reflection on him Oh everyone immediately when this type of thing happens we must immediately excuse anyone in the vicinity of someone that does something horrendous it's not their fault no no can't hold them accountable there's no responsibility for parents no no not at all it's like you raised someone that wound up murdering people on live television no it's not your fault you know I knew this guy I saw his vegetable garden maybe I went to one of his neighborhood safety meetings but you know he's not that responsible I know you know cuz I was there the whole time saw everything that happened know all the details he's not responsible at all good god people people just don't flip like a switch and change this you know mental illnesses uses us get an excuse like he was mentally ill it happened you know mental illness doesn't just pop into existence either people that are mentally ill more often than not there's fundamental reasons why they're having these dysfunctional problems rooted in their history and the scientific literature shows that many times over you can look at our AC e sorry the adverse childhood experience survey which we talk about a lot in the show it details it very very very well and oftentimes it's also dose dependent regarding trauma in childhood to violence and dysfunction and a whole litany of other social issues down the road so this he just changed no reflection on the parents it's all bullshit it's all bullshit and another neighbor another it's it's very sad for him he's one the nicest men I know and this quote which completely blew my mind which – let me just grab the someone actually referred in the ultimate denial of all responsibility referred to the shooter as a gentle giant he was a gentle giant he was very nice to me and my family I was shocked gentle giant where have we heard that before at this point gentle giant when it's referred to in the media and portrayed I just assume it's a violent black guy who's a joke right this it's gotta be a joke and no no another navel said he was a gentle giant Michael Michael Brown portrayed as a gentle giant by the liberal media right out of the gate you know every strong-armed robbed a convenience store and then punched a police officer in the face tried to steal his gun and shoot him you know gentle giants this guy who murders people on national television or local television he's a gentle giant he's very nice I'm shocked he was very nice to me I how could this happen he was very nice to me oh my god I just wanted to mention that I don't know if any nice men who give their children to homicidal women I don't know if any any nice men like that to the shooter the gentle giant aspect this was referring to the shooter I was talking about a previous coming that he was a nice guy the father yeah we talked a lot about female responsibility in the show because it's not talked about a whole hell of a lot but way to go dad here hold on well he did you know I mean obviously it was a horrible mess to get involved with this woman and they had children like a year apart that is a mess and a stress and you know to his credit he did manage to get them away from this homicidal mom this murder mom Incorporated but that's making very much the best of a very bad situation because he waited until they were eight nine and ten years old when they had gone through years and years and years of chaos and terror and violence and screaming and death threats and I mean they had before he filed the papers that's pretty no no I mean so so he had to have his own the father had to have his own significant dysfunction and and it's not you know within the black community as it is within a lot of communities it happens in the white community as well there is this this massive dysfunction within the family and the they don't have the general tradition which some cultures have of okay I'm going to go and get help I'm gonna go talk to someone I'm gonna go deal with this this is very unhealthy and the degree to which he saw his nose that the shooter saw his mother repeatedly getting away with all of this stuff she was probably still accepted within her Jehovah's Witness community and he was one of the school superintendents or whatnot is a very nice lady career yeah her in like the society said this woman is great to work with children this this woman who flies death threats at around children is a great person to work with children that there was no sanctions against her from the court and so that is a very you know when you refuse to deal with evildoers you simply train other people to have courage as evildoers right it's like if there's a store two stores one prosecute shoplifters the other one never prosecute shoplifters where the hell are the shoplifter is going to go I mean this isn't even brain surgery so if you don't deal with the evildoers in your midst then that doesn't always mean jail or anything like that but at least stop saying how wonderful they are if you don't deal with evildoers what you do is train the next generation of people to choose evil as a way of life because they know that no one's going to do anything about it and this is the price that is paid for this kind of avoidance and this kind of self falsification of reality and when something like this happens the solution is gun control that's that's what's discussed and that's what's teach you is she present to shoot him so there's there's gun control right there Mike yeah you don't see it I mean the goal of kyouda man not the woman and I wanted to I don't know if this is gonna make a beat be helpful but if if this young man had been adopted as a child by a white family and the white father had threatened to kill him and beaten him black and blue and so on right I think people would say that the white father had something to do with it and I'm not trying to put a racist lens on everything but I'm sort of trying to point out is that this is the blank spaces where we can't really very easily as a culture yeah because because white males get the blessing and the curse of a hundred percent volition you know no excuses it's all your responsibility is all your fault if you're a racist well I'd say you were raised by a white racist white male doesn't matter you're still a hundred percent one hundred percent responsibility a cruise of the shoulders of white men and so if a white man had beaten up this guy's mom and and had threatened to shoot this guy's mom in her sleep and and had threatened to kill him he whatever right then we would look at that and say well of course this has a huge impact on this young man's development but because it's a black woman just like they've get teleported out of the narrative and suddenly it becomes about this weird vague systemic white racism or something or patriarchy or something like that but no it was the acid womb of his mother that was threatening his life as far as we know I don't know if the dad threatened his life we don't we haven't really heard anything about that and of course court documents tend to obviously be kind of one-sided but no she was a horrible human being by all accounts and this had a massive impact on his development and to ignore that is simply to sow the seeds of future abuse because I'm telling you this last little rant here oh my god it's so important this article that came in about the mom I'm telling you there are millions of evil and abusive moms throughout the world who are reading these articles and they are they're sniffing the wind they're reading these articles and they're saying ooh so what society gonna say about this his society gonna connect the dots is society gonna say this mom was a massive causal agent in the homicidal psychotic rages and general asshole array of her son or our people just gonna cover this up as usual are they gonna just say well you know she had probably experienced abuse herself and she she was a victim of course an underprivileged black woman and are they gonna start covering up this crime and we all have this impulse to do it because you know they're moms and of course you know blacks and so on so but there's lots and lots of this is why how we respond to this is so important so many millions of horrible and abusive moms and dads I guess but in this case it's moms around the world and in America looking at this article and here is a clear crime a clear series of crimes a clear series of homicidal revolting disgusting evil abuses perpetrated by a mother upon her helpless children and all the moms out there who were abusers themselves are saying who what society gonna say oh it's okay everyone's ignoring it it's all being covered up she was a wonderful woman she was stressed it was difficult raising kids is hard she was black she was underprivileged oh good lots of excuses and you know what that means I can expect my excuses in the future too so I don't have to change goddamn thing about what I'm doing to my kids and that's not independent to this situation at all it's a something that once you see it in the media you kind of can't unsee it when they describe a female crime more often than not there is an excuse attached to it whether it's mental illness or bipolar or postpartum depression or you know that one provoked it yeah there's you know you see a woman who drowns her children in the bathtub and then there's always there's a caveat attached to it more often than there's not and you never see that when it's men being described the men are just over this is an evil man that's okay we can accept that no white men well that's the other caveat is when talking about criminal activity if you if a race isn't mentioned you know it's not a white guy you know it's it's someone that's black or someone that suspect enik that's C and the only way you can figure it out is if you you know maybe do a google search for the mug shot or something but the degree to which the media kind of covers the tracks of these types of crimes and not holding individuals and groups responsible it it has huge impacts on the society in which we live and it allows events like this to continue to propagate because people are constantly scanning the landscape to see what they can get away with in society isn't holding people accountable people whether it's consciously or unconsciously they know that oh man yeah you play the curse we you know we follow crime let me do some brace stuff on the show and so naturally when a crime occurs if if it's relevant right like if a bunch of whites get shot yeah it could be another white person could be an Asian guy could be anything right but you only know it's a white guy if it's in the headline yeah and you know how long did it take to find out the race of say officer Michael Slager or george zimmerman described as a white Hispanic or Darren Wilson yet how long did it take to figure out their rinse white cop shoots unarmed black teen bomb right there in the head and immediately the reason is racism – immediately of course implicit right yeah yeah yeah and this you know this this is it like the latest in a series of right that's always the phrase it's the latest in a series of a historically troubled relationship between a criminal community and the cops I'm not calling all blacks criminal community but it tends to be the criminal community in any group that has the most problem with the cops and so you and you have to play this game and and this one was completely mad because I first saw it showing up and I was like oh gosh you know I wonder what's going on and I looked at it and I think like a lot of people because of the exposure and so on I said oh gosh this is a white guy how terrible right I mean how how awful and then I saw it so another picture you looked a little dark I thought yeah and I see Muslim already a middle-eastern I don't know right and then it turns out that he's black but this is how insane it is this guy's on the run this guy is on the run and the cops are saying please help us find him you know what would be pretty helpful in helping you find someone knowing their skin color is kind of a big clue you know he has a tiny mole over his left eye and he has some partially healed earring holes in one year he walks with a slight limp if he's wearing a particular set of kicks I mean it's just like maybe just tell us the race can we stop with that because I can see that for the most part across a parking lot that tiny mall I can't and so be on the lookout for X be on the lookout for a biped like what Kim Kenna can we get a color here would that be helpful we can we can we do any of that no because what you have to do is copy the guys name paste it into Google click on images and try and find out what race he is we're not gonna tell you be on the lookout it's like I've lost something what is it I can't tell you find it what can you get it's circular does it first does it beep does it have wheels I'm not telling you that but there's a huge reward for finding the X that I'll and it's like oh my god can we just tell the race especially if especially that they're putting people's lives in danger because this guy's out there he's got a gun he's got nothing to lose tell people what race he is so people can avoid him or call the cops and he won't kill someone else they literally would rather people die then say what race this man is Oh even after the fact when it had come out that he had been involved in these racial discrimination lawsuits and right around the time where some quotes from his manifesto came out where he said that the Dylan roof situation inspired this and he bought his gun you know days after the Dylan roof situation and his bullets had the victims names marked on them kind of thing even while this was kind of floating around there was still plenty of news outlets that didn't mention his race they would have one picture of him that would be very low they they'd lead with the you know the pretty blonde lady see some reason yeah something something stuck in my throat it ain't white dude and they would they would phrase the the racial discrimination lawsuits aspect in a way where it sounded like he was involved in a discrimination case sent making it sound like he was discriminated against not that these were dismissed or anything like that but it was phrased in a way like he's the victim you know this guy just shot two people while three people won thankfully lived on local television and they're still kind of covering up his racial discrimination case history and portraying him in the positive light not saying his race and maybe there's a photo low on the screen which it's overexposed to some degree it's like oh my god oh my god and look for this people seriously don't just take our word for this stuff we link to a couple articles in the previous video but when you read the news look for this stuff what you don't see is just this telling is what you see both when it comes to gender stuff and racial stuff and it really helps illuminate the media and the game that they're playing when you finally see this because it is everywhere yeah so let's let's compare so Dylan roof which pictures were shown in the media with regards to Dylan roof to Charleston shooter he's standing in front of a confederate flag he's posing with a gun you know he's got his shirt off he's looking creepy he's got this Rhodesian jacket on and all that right creepy guy in the woods with a thousand-yard stare same thing with Jerrod Lona same thing with Adam Lanza I mean just creepy evil looking guys right now the picture that you see most often of this guy this this this black shooter is his promo shot it's lots of Sherman around well yeah but I mean that's not what you're seeing in the mainstream media but you're not seeing those those pictures and this is another thing too the same thing with Trayvon Martin they show him as a fresh-faced 14 year old boy or whatever it was rather than him breathing at marijuana smoke and given the finger to the camera and so on same thing with Michael Brown you know he has a picture of Michael Brown at his graduation ceremony because he had big dreams and he was off to college and he has he's turned his life around and it's just like oh my god can we stop treating blacks like ornamental objects like children bathe their kids capable of evil as anybody else and they have as much responsibility as everyone else that's the reality of what happens when everybody wants equality it's the same thing with women is all we want to be equal to men Oh fantastic then you all need a bit of an education on what it's like to be a white male which is to have zero excuses for anything and nobody covers up everything that you do and everyone paints you in the worst possible light and your impugned with racism even if you're not racist if you ask for equality between the races you're a racist and so like if you say oh we let's get rid of preferential hiring policies for all races oh my god that's racist you want equality of opportunity between the races that's racist this is insane Alice in Wonderland world that you live in but that's the reality that that people need to just accept that they're responsible for their own behaviors and the degree to which all communities refuse to to recognize and deal with the connection between child abuse and adult violence is the degree to which we are complicit and we are enabling this cycle of violence when we recognize that the abuses that this young man particularly is a child suffered were horrendous and had significant necessary but not sufficient cause right I mean it is inconceivable that he would have murdered people without being Cyril eeab used as a child but not everyone who's serious serious seriously abused as a child ends up murdering people so it's necessary but not sufficient to MOOCs we have lung cancer is that yeah and and the degree to which people excuse these crimes and the degree to which there's this sickening splendor syrupy kind of sentimentality about things is is just horrendous that is the kind of stuff that has to stop and I don't know we're doing everything we can in this conversation to remind people of this cycle of violence but the cycle of violence is almost always and forever ascribed to men but of course women are the ones who choose their mates and you know men propose women dispose men ask women out and women say yes or no I think women use own and go through this point by point too because this is something that we've mentioned on the show quite a bit it's sheet seems to really short-circuit people for reasons that make complete sense to me you know if you start talking about female responsibility and that's something that you've dismissed for your entire life all of a sudden you being expose to this argument you have to reorient yourself not only to the world but the people in your life all throughout your life you know if you're 30 years old 40 years old and you hear this for the first time for 30 40 years you've gone on where this has been obscured from you both in the media and with the people around you and then you kind of have to morally calibrate to where people fall along those lines once you introduce responsibilities as sad as it is yes yes people are responsible for their actions folks this and this includes women I'm sorry I'm sorry that it does so what's let's do the female responsibility argument from like step one okay so step one is that women usually have a lot of guys who ask them out on dates this is not just true among human beings it's true throughout the animal kingdom that men put on a mating display and this is true from frogs to birds like men put on a mating display and men build elaborate nests and men put on their bed they put their best foot forward and then the women choose who they're going to to mate with women fundamentally drive the choice of mating in human romance now just even romance all romance with in the animal kingdom for the most part as well so people that have an issue with that statements you have an issue with biology by the sounds of it and the studies that I've seen 90 to 95 percent of the time the man is asking a woman out on the date for the first time so yes there are examples of the man saying yes or no and he's saying no to first dates and women asking out but it is overwhelmingly prevalent that the women are the ones in the position of saying yes or no to the male suitor this is just observable fact in biology and all the surveys reflect this and I'm sure this reflects most people's personal experience unless you're a pickup artist right in which case you're dating a book but anyway so so women are the ones who choose from a variety of men who ask them out in general and men throughout the animal kingdom almost never say no to sex and they've done these studies where attract like they've done this with single people not to mess up relationships but an attractive woman goes up to guys in a bar and say let like in a hotel bar and say let's go upstairs and have sex and the vast majority of men are like sure yeah what eggs I'm in and so men are just with programmed to want to have sex with very little discrimination and you know we're basically like frogs with a pond you know spray-and-pray hey maybe some woman will walk over this and they'll jump up her leg and right so that's and this is throughout the animal kingdom it doesn't mean that men are not responsible for making good sexual choices or anything like that we're just talking the general trends these same studies when attractive men go up to women and say let's go upstairs and have sex the women quite wisely and rightly say you pepper-spray security not necessarily in that order so very few women will go up and have sex with a random strange man who's attractive but the majority of men will do that it's a significant majority I can't remember the exact numbers 70 80 or 90% of whatever because you know I guess best Burt flanagan might have been in one of those studies and so men propose and women dispose so women choose who they're going to have children with and they're in the privileged position of being pursued most of the first dates being paid for by the man of the man taking the initiative of the man moving things along and so when a woman ends up married like dating getting engaged to marrying having sex with and having babies with a man who's violent a man who's abusive a man who leaves her that's more her responsibility than his responsibilities because you know it takes two to tango is what people always say you know both people are involved and responsible it's like no 90 to 95 percent of the first dates are initiated by men the majority of expenses are paid for by men in the early dating and yes you probably know cinema sections but so what there's a Chinese guy in the NBA that doesn't mean that they go to China for the majority of their recruitment and so women are responsible for who they choose and women have the chance to choose from more than one man in in most situations particularly if she's reasonably attractive and so on the women have the capacity to choose from more than one suitor and they have the chance to evaluate the man's personality and character usually four years before they decide to have children that's really really important women have the capacity to evaluate a man's character for years usually before she decides to have children with him and it is the woman's responsibility to determine the character of the man she's having children with now again we're just talking about it from the female's perspective of course this this flanagan scener senior was a terrible guy for choosing to have kids with this homicidal woman I can only assume that she was too hot to make his brain work or something like that but she was younger stirring after the board the divorce they bought multiple houses or he bought multiple houses for him and the kids I success occasion that he financially was doing pretty good and mom was probably very attractive as typically is the case is rich and your mama's good-looking yeah so so sorry Julian's a stray yeah mr. senior was uh according to this article you read a football star and last I checked they don't go after the ugly woman oh yeah the dad the investors dad was a football star right I don't know that star is act football but uh he it seemed like he had a more of a former college football star is what what they say I think he was drafted by the green now he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers although there's no evidence that he played so but high status yeah high status guy and if the dad looked anything like the shooter when the shooter was younger he was reportedly a male model and as he's pretty buff pictures of him you know good-looking a good-looking young man his video catwalk actually for a modeling oh yeah oh yeah yeah that was one of the videos that he had uploaded to his YouTube account I believe before this had occurred so right so you know so good-looking and all that so given that men will have sex more easily than women and all women know this right a whole women no this is not is not a mystery so given that men a much more eager to have sex than women are initially in a committed relationship it's fine but the women are responsible for making sure that they keep the legs crossed until the quality man comes along that's the deal and that's the way it works throughout the animal kingdom its frog male priviledge or what if you want to call it right but a plumage privileged 101 and so women are responsible and so women say when women say the father of my children left me yes the man was wrong absolutely and and we've had about five thousand years of being upset with men about that and that's yeah you should not leave for sure but we don't ever say to the woman why did you have children with a guy who was gonna leave you either you chose a guy who was a bad guy when you had months to evaluate or years to evaluate his personality you still decided to go at having that kids with him you idiot or he was a good guy and you was such a shrill and horrible human being that you drove him away at the expense of your children so the idea that we place female responsibility at the center of reproduction is very very alien because men don't like to criticize women because then they'll withhold their eggs and we suffer gene death right so the genes for criticizing women and holding them responsible I think we have the last set of three in the hood like we have the three musketeers of Final Four know this because lots of other people out there as well but I think that is something that people have a tough time understanding and that this is why we talk about women's role in the cycle of violence stop having sex and having children with violence and aggressive and unstable and abandoning men stop stop banging him bows and the world would become a much better place but this is something that's very hard for people to process and I want to say too for anyone that's hearing this argument for the first time or even if it's not the first time and you're having a strong negative reaction to it take a deep breath calm down and go through the points that we just mentioned point by point and feel free to try and refute it it seems pretty ex ematic for me based on the evidence so just take a deep breath I know this is something that if you're hearing it for the first time it's hitting you like a tidal wave I am sure because this is something society tends to obscure and you know it's a big thing to take in all at once so just take a deep breath keep in the back your mind don't don't immediately reject it but just give it some thought give it some thought before you post that negative comment down below and it's look at those news articles too it sees it and this used to be known yep this used to be very well liked I you know I have some big influencers in my life and some of them of course are 18th and 19th century novels no I'm not quite that old I know I looked that way to some of the younger youtubers but and in the 18th 19th century novels women were constantly cautioned you know don't go for the rake don't go for the pretty boy don't go for the guy who's flashy but no substance go for the you know the solid hard-working responsible decent you know don't be disabused by looks and men were of course warned about the same thing and women who broke that confident women who had children outside a marriage women whose husbands left them were viewed as idiots who squandered their potential in the pursuit of petty lusts and perhaps status if they wanted a 10 piece of man candy on their arm or something like that so I was raised very much and read a lot of those novels when I was younger and that used to be you know just look at Downton Abbey that used to be the way things worked that you didn't have sex until you were in a committed relationship with a quality man and you certainly didn't have sex that could lead to children who didn't have unprotected sex and so on and so this is how society worked for approximately forever until the welfare state came along and when the welfare state came along the government could replace the man and therefore the woman's standards of quality for the men that they wanted to have sex with collapsed and they went for now it's all about six-packs not virtue now it's all about you know the guy over there with the hella good hair or whatever it is right not the guy over there who looks really stable and responsible and gets up early and that's what's needed to supply goods and and cheese to his family now the welfare state removed the negative consequences of making a poor decision when it comes to who you had children left and then the women said that then women were able to say I'm now evicted because if in in the welfare state if you can achieve victimhood class status if you apply if you can get yourself inserted into the victim class then you get this endless conveyor belt of taxpayer-subsidized unborn subsidized debt subsidized counterfeit currency subsidized goodies if you can convince people that what happened to you wasn't your fault that it was an accident that there was no way to predict it and this is why you have all of these stories of the women who were like what he seems like a really great guy and out of nowhere next thing I knew I couldn't believe it but right so then they get to portray themselves as victims which never would work in a free society but works very well in politicians buying votes with other people's money Society and something I want to point out too this is from our truth about single moms presentation which I encourage everyone to check out child abuse by parent both parents 21 percent of all child abuse mother 49 percent of all child abuse father 22 percent of all child abuse and if you go to mother and other which is normally you know it's that parent or boyfriend that kind of thing 7 percent and father and other is only 1 percent so when it comes to the violence that's committed against children it is the mom committing it more often than not and and there's also statistics on child abuse by family structure and without question single-parent with partner is the worst for children when it comes to child abuse and then it's single parent alone and then unmarried parents and then all the way at the bottom as far as rates of child abuse is married biological parents so single parent with partner and considering there's a whole lot more single moms with partner versus single dads with partner out there because dads don't end up getting custody more often than not it is the moms being involved with the majority of violence being committed against children and another thing worth mentioning is when it comes to spanking which we talked briefly about some of the incredibly negative effects there is ana self-reported survey 64 percent of mothers admitted to spanking their child in the previous 12 months compared to only 58 percent of father so when it comes to self mitad spanking mothers are more likely to spank than our fathers and the sample also found that 65% of boys were spanked compared to 58% of girls so there is a gender gap when it comes to spanking the boys are hit more they're more likely to be hit and they're also hit far more often than the girls unfortunately and if I remember rightly the prevalence of child abuse in a single mother with non biological father around is over 30 times the rates of child abuse in a two-parent committed family and the safest place for children and for women is in a pair bond committed usually married relationship everything else the further you get away from that Center the the worse outcomes there are for everyone in the family which is one of these things that is just again kept from the media sorry so here we're gonna say oh we're just going to agree with you and we already have so much information and you can look up some of these statistics on our channel as well that female abuse against children is one of those it is one of the most prevalent forms of violence in our societies what Vester Flanigan did is by far the exception when it comes to violent actions and ignoring those ignoring the hidden abuse is going to just ensure more acts like days like these are going to be perpetrated in the future which is sad but it is the reality versus societies that we live in especially in the West and this is how crazy this is right and and once you have this we've also got the truth about violence which again you really really emphasize we load you down with too much research you really need to watch this stuff because once you get it you get how we can solve the problem of violence in society and everything is sourced you know everything's broken down there's a lot it's all these are all information based presentations where we make this case incredibly thoroughly with data because please be skeptical don't just take our word for it because we're saying this look at the information it's it's incontrovertible looking at it well you can take story ins word for stuff we've always found my fetish it's going story in this our barrier to enthusiasm the wet blanket on our fire that consumes our common sense found this very interesting piece of data oh the source doesn't check out thanks joy yeah taking it out back and put it out of his misery but the once you once you get what the source of violence is which is violence against children we've got of course the origins of war and child abuse a book I've read by Lloyd demas which you get a slash free but once you really understand this then when you see this mainstream media narrative which is that somehow there's this abstract institutionalized white racism that pushes people to the boiling point and then it spills over in senseless and tragic cause use the word tragic senseless and tragic acts of violence and so on and once you recognize that the cause the necessary but not sufficient cause to vesper o'flanagan's murderous rampage was not Mike it was not Stein it was not myself it was not some abstract white identity that's out there creating monstrosity in the black family the course necessary but not sufficient cause of Vesper Flanagan's murderous rages and outrages and and outbursts and rampages was the violence he suffered as a child at the hands of his black parents and his black community and that is what needs to be driven home the idea that you can somehow blame the death threats he heard and received at the hands of his mother on some vague institutionalized white racism is so far off the mark it's so far off the mark when you really understand the cause of it that it is not even you know it's a great statement by Richard Dawkins where he says this theory is so bad it's not even wrong like it's not even wrong it's just a massive distraction it's like two plus two equals unicorn it's not even wrong as I can't even know what it is and and this thesis is so destructive and when we avoid the suffering of children and the avoid pinning the moral responsibility on the chests of abused parents we simply set the stage for this kind of recurrence yeah all the other excuses are smoke screens for the root cause of the problem and you can keep hacking at branches if you want or you can go straight to the root which is where you're gonna get the preventive effects you know you don't want to manage these symptoms you know like oh there's violent people we need to restrict guns well all the evidence shows that doesn't work first off well it's even if it did work it's not getting to the root cause of where this violence is originating from and that has to do with violence against children and all the science proves that pretty conclusively so yeah it's like it's like trying to get to strike trying to cure a lung cancer by getting people to throw out ashtrays you're dealing but they're facts not a course so is there anything else we wanted to add I think we've given people a mind-bending tour through new information I think that's it you know it's ever since the Trayvon Martin situation and followed up with the Michael Brown situation Eric garner there was a vulture Scott situation and we had Dylan roof and now we have this shooter I mean this stuff doesn't seem to be slowing down in the racial polarization and the gender polarization in the media as well is not slowing down and I really just strongly encourage people to be skeptical when you read this stuff look for that what we mentioned in the articles what's not said oftentimes it's just as important as what is said and you know don't don't rush to judgment often as well in some of these situations you know let look at the facts look at the evidence don't immediately jump on the pillar of racism or something like that or you know male hatred or misogyny something along those lines just look at the facts take some time and we're unfortunately probably gonna be seeing a lot more of this which is depressing in of itself but hopefully we can get some of the facts out there as to the real cause and prevent some of this stuff in the future so thanks everybody unless thing I wanted to mention was when you are tempted to make excuses for people that is a sign of bottomless disrespect for them you know we make excuses for children we make excuses for people who have significant cognitive dysfunctions we don't make excuses for adults and when you feel the urge to make excuses for women or for blacks or for Hispanics or for you know I guess it really happens with whites but when you have this urge to make excuses for people you have to understand that you are expressing a form of superiority over them like oh you poor little dears you've had it so hard you you're not responsible for what you do it's everyone else who's making you do stuff and and this is this is so fundamentally disrespectful I have great respect for the black community I have great respect for the further community of women for women as a whole and that is why I will not make excuses for their behavior that would be such a fundamental sign of a disrespect I have a daughter growing up in this world I don't want her to grow up in a world that makes excuses for every mistake or every bad thing that she may do I want people to hold her accountable I want people to hold me accountable and I will hold other people accountable because there are very few people on this earth that I will give such a level of disrespect and contempt for that I will remove from them the responsibility of free will we all have it and to strip it from others is not an act of kindness but an act of disrespect and dehumanization which we must resist at all costs beautifully put in and when you put up smoke screens to cover up a do demand dysfunction you're just ensuring that in the future more smoke will be coming out of guns and we saw that all right so please like subscribe smooth at the pad please like and share and subscribe and of course we take donations at slash tonight if you'd like to help us continue to do the work that we're doing with your help and your participation we look forward to your comments below thanks Mike installing of course always a pleasure to chat and take care world we'll talk to you soon

  1. It somehow resonates with me. I have had the similar family situation to this. May be even worse

  2. This is the norm taken to the extreme for the typical Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. I've met all sorts of crazies until I left. This church tore my family to shreds from the time I was 3 up until I turned 21. I used to dread Sundays because I knew I was going to be forced to sit for 4 hours straight, which is an absolute nightmare to a young boy. Fuck these people.

  3. I'm a woman, whose been in total love, whose been mistreated, disrespected and cheated on! I had one child for that POS, yet I found my way out of a bad relationship! How other women lay up and have more babies for these CHEATING PIGS, I just don't get it, especially when he doesn't have TIME for your or children! When dumb, stupid azz women lay up and get PREGNANT AGAIN, I have NO EMPATHY for them! LEAVE that POS, don't dare have more children, when he is NOT taking care of his children, let alone YOUR DUMB AZZ!

    I've been in LOVE, but not so much that I would be that STUPID to have MORE CHILDREN for that WORTHLESS POS, let alone that POS bringing home Venereal Diseases from his CHEATING!



  4. Stefan I've been recently watching your videos and agree with some views and disagree with some. In this case with blaming the father I respectfully disagree. In many places its viable to do so but I don't think so here. I do not have a degree in sociology yet I study the correlation of responsibility between parent and child a lot in real world conversation. I will cut this short by simply saying that its dishonest to prescribe any blame to the father without a deep look and discourse of the details in the way his father raised him separate of the mother. I'm halfway through the video so you may correct my concern in further explanation. But I none the less I had to bring this forward.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see some supposedly "No Gods No Masters" people here in the comments telling females they have the responsibility to ensure the success of the (white) race. I'm glad I decided to not have children and I thank whatever twist in my genetics that makes me prefer the company of my own sex.

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  13. I know in the white community there are a whole lot of straight people who should not get together and breed.Here in Ohio the cops won't even go in the house when called by the neighbors after the mother just completely destroyed everything in it to check on the babies inside (no charges for the mother, nothing!), children service are useless as babies are being abused and neglected and even killed time after time,after time and they knowingly allow it to happen! To all parents who can't or won't take care of their babies , they should give them to someone who can and will but this rarely happens because there is a certain benefit to these people who gain from abusing their kids with the consent and praise and monetary reward from the human welfare system.. Mother's are bad but fathers are just as sorry for their part!

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  16. It's rather unfair to generally blame the father for the whole situation for marrying an abusive woman. Mother was on her best behaviour when my many replacement dads were around until they were comfortable and settled. Which of course meant that whenever they weren't around she made up for lost time. Which made it so much worse for them when the inevitable first refusal of sex led to her waiting until he was asleep and taking what she wanted, clawing down his arms if they struggled when they awoke, giving her evidence if they decided to report it, so she could turn the accusation around onto him, she did the same to many of her own friends and acquaintances as well as random people she took a fancy to. I remember seeing the aftermath of one such encounter, he was just utterly broken.
    They were always uneasy and quickly grew suspicious of how quickly we grew attached to them and wanted to be around them, making them very protective of us after mother revealed herself. This led to some of them staying in touch long after they split up with her despite suffering horrendous psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. They never visited mother alone and would take us out to the park or even on holiday, the happiest times of my childhood. They understood our need for some normality and safety.
    Given that mother preferred highly intelligent men, they left pretty much as soon as she was done raping them, bit of a dealbreaker is that. Except my dad who unfortunately was forced into a shotgun wedding after they went drinking, as they often did, and she decided to destroy years of friendship with a courtship right out of Gone Girl. Basically wait until he's passed out, have her way, scratch, bite and bruise him to make him look like he's the one who's held someone down and blackmail him into marrying her for the child she'd just conceived. She is a world class cunt and the most manipulative bitch you'll ever hope not to meet and among her victims were scientists and engineers with more letters after their names than in them, MENSA members, men in high positions of very lucrative businesses, they were not stupid, they also share a great many of our views and were as far from manginas as you could get.

    Sometimes the abusive twats are very good at hiding it right up until they show themselves for what they really are.

  17. Diverse rates tend to be lower for Atheists apparently with JW's a bit higher than the national average.

  18. some women in USA are deliberately creating genetically inferior underclass, i saw a lot in many big US cities.

  19. Hey Stefan and viewers. I think we need to start separating color and race. They are two completely separate things (though often related). It would have been helpful to say "black man" as it is descriptive of the color of his skin. And then of course you could describe the shade of color. Where as simply identifying an African American man, he could be any range of colors… what if he was a white man from South Africa. Still African American. I think we need to distinguish color and race. Calling someone black or white is not offensive if that is the color of their skin. I think you would be a pink man, varying between peach and pasty white depending on how worked up you are. Food for thought.

    Thank you for all of your videos. It would be awesome if you could offer attainable solutions to start fixing the world. How can we start taking steps in the right direction to correct the problems you address?

  20. The whole business is so unfortunate. I would say the mother was a bad mother, but I think it's wrong to hold her accountable for her son's actions. Why does our society always want to line up all the people in a criminal's life and figure out how we can blame them for the criminal's actions.However, if you must do thst, why not go back to the next generation, you might find that there's some male responsibility.

  21. I really appreciate attention on violence from women on children. As a mother, I see how my children see me and depend on me and I can't imagine how badly it would hurt them if I hit them. I'm a peaceful parent horrified on a daily basis by other mothers around me who feel it is their duty and right to use "corporal punishment" on their children. They worry about me and my kids because surely my children must be "wild" and "dangerous". My children act peacefully because my husband and I model peaceful behavior towards them and in front of them. Stefan your last words about people making excuses for others showing superiority are spot on, thank you,

  22. I'm interested in Michael's comments about what the dad should have done to help his son later on. When a child grows up and moves away, what is a parent to do? I have trouble figuring out what is right in a situation like that, from a parent perspective you know?

  23. Great discussion. I think, however, Mike was out of line for his ridicule of the father. There just isn't enough information. We don't know how often he called his son, if the son ignored his calls. We don't know if the father spent $80,000 of his own money to get his son help. Perhaps the son cut his father off. To say he should've been helping his son instead of growing vegetables and being active in his community is just wrong. In fact it's fallacious. As humans we can handle multiple responsibilities. Stef is a perfect example. He's raising a daughter while hosting a popular online philosophy show. I don't seek to remove responsibility from the father, I'm simply saying that Mike's rant was out of place considering we don't know the whole score. Based on the facts presented you could say that the dad saved his son's life. Stef often talks about social ostracism as a means of dealing with malcontents. I agree with this. Does this apply with parents and children as well? Are parents expected to suffer with sociopathic children until the parents die? Stef cut off his Ma, perhaps the father in this case cut off his son. Or vice versa. I believe cases like this are too psychologically complex to blurt out rants as Mike did, especially without knowing the intimate details of the situation and all those involved.

  24. they are done trying to get guns its time to round up the nut jobs , listen to the didn't think they wanted to give poor people free healthcare did you? gun control through obamacare that's what it was always about , they will be going through all health records looking for anything that can be labeled mental health ie ,any meds ,counseling,comments from you or your doctor. soon as they tell most of the people in your community you are nuts no one will think twice that your guns were taken away. hooray the gov saved us from the nut job how clever THINK ABOUT IT

  25. Dear Stephan, Richard Dawkins may have spoken those words but they are not his words. The phrase "Not even wrong" was coined by Wolfgang Pauli. In regard to mental illness I think we need to distinguish between emotional distress caused by trauma and events and mental illness in the classical sense of the word such as Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, and major depressive disorder as contributed to by genetics.

  26. An idea struck me the other day, no worries, didnt strike me hard, I'm good, no blood or anything. With alot of the political correctness and SJW's – possibly all of them, I have this hunch the main problem holding discourse back is a form of collective fear of confrontation. Say we have a group of individuals raised with high expectations, harsh consequences when defying their helicopter parents, only rarely exposed to the real world etc. and they end up finding each other around in their chosen professions, to then validate each other. Giving legitimacy to their opinions. And from home they know from their parents, dictating your point across is how you do it, leaving alot of others baffled and without rebuttle as we expect a nuanced view which is open to discussion.

  27. The United States doesn't have a "gun problem" it has a MALE SUICIDE problem. 20k of the 30k violent firearm deaths in the U.S., annually, are a result of Suicide. Approx. 90 percent of those suicides are men. Compared to women, men who completed suicide with firearms were more likely to be married and committed the act at home ( This should tell you something about the state of "state sanctioned marriage" in the United States.

    GUNS don't kill people, men kill themselves with GUNS and no one cares enough to even wonder why.

  28. Stefan you need to run for president my man. I will try and drop a donation once I'm out of a tight spot.

  29. these people are goofy, there is nothing wrong with spanking your child, and everyone should agree that gay lifestyle should be discouraged

  30. Sorry have no time to watch through all of your video, but I can tell, anyway, that: THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MASS SHOOTINGS LIES ON THE SHOULDER OF THE WHOLE HUMANITY AND OUR SOCIETY, NOT ON MOTHERS. As species, we are FAR TOO keen to ostracize those who are different, or weaker than the others, for example, choosing our fiends on the basis of their position in the social PECKING ORDER, not according to mutual interests or life values only. That is bad enough in itself, but, in the present system its effect is multiplied, as young people who are socially ostracized, won't have any future. If you have no friends, you won't develop any social networks through which you could employ yourself, AND, you won't have any friends in your Facebook account which your employer will check, after the interview, and won't hire you as an outcast. It's all part of the decay of western civilization of course, no one's really needing anyone's talent, as all the production has been moved somewhere else, so people are dependent on social networks in employing themselves. To put it simple: decay of western civilization –> compulsion to employ yourself through connections –> outsiders not having any chances > outsiders shooting around as a form of enhanced suicide.

    Is this video all about to ban single mothering so that humanity could go back to the system in which women are tied to one man so that all men can have pussy? 🙂

  31. What probably not in the report is the amount of spanking, demanded by mother to be imposed on the child by the father. Most fathers carry out her wishes so they will not be nagged and shout at by their wifes.

  32. Hey Stefan I'm new here and I like a lot of the ideas you set forth. I haven't quite jumped on the "no-spanking" bandwagon yet though. I've just started to delve into these studies that you have sourced and I've also looked into the counter evidence that may conclude that spanking does have it's benefits. Just wanted to ask If you guys at Free Domain Radio have addressed the counter studies done on spanking by Marjorie Gunnoe? Also there's another study done by Jason M. Fuller of the University of Akron Law School. I haven't read the details on what they found just yet but I was curious if you've already been acclimated to their findings. If so, what are you thoughts?

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