An Animated Introduction to Social Science

all right we're all settled yes well good welcome we are the social science department now I'll get right to it question on everyone's mind just what the heck is social science well let me try to explain social as in society as in human beings science as in the facts the systematic study of a thing the pursuit of its true nature we seek to understand the nature of people and society what does it mean to be human what defines a person is history is it ancestry how has he worked struggled thrive in his environment sorry in his environment did he live on a mountain or in the desert or near the sea in the Arctic ancestry is important but location is paramount mm-hmm that's all very fascinating but I have a question what is this person like is it a man or a woman what's her race what does he or she do well profession relies greatly on geography the natural resources that exist here proximity to natural resources is fine but what about proximity to other people the sociological element is undeniable what happens when he feels the influence of other human beings then how will he behave what will be expected of him will he fulfill these expectations now it's a collection of people it's a town or a city it's a community hmm community but who's in charge whoa whoa whoa whoa we need structure leaders way several leaders if we can oh that's better see when we organize we give our man a voice and identity within his society this is where his ancestry and his geography and his social interaction come together the political realm ah but it's the true nature of man witnessed only in his interaction with the world around him I ask you feared of his actions begin with a thought won't bear to his thoughts originate the brain madam brain Orton doc is it only his experience and society that informs him on shapes him or or is he born this way every cell when synapse forming just so making him the man he is he is interacting sure buzzing around a physically in the hive of society short walk but his enough year his motivations sports his feelings his urge is joy this will be largely unknown or less my daughter we study his psychology oh very intriguing doctor psych thank you so as you can see we social scientists cover a wide range of topics but we all agree on one thing people when the societies in which they live are a fascinating study

  1. social science or otherwise known as marxist brain washing
    or otherwise known as a complete waste of money, lol

    where exactly are the sjw etc going to get jobs if they have to have safe spaces and trigger warnings, lol.
    and cant handle any free speech.

  2. I know it was kind of covered on Political Science part, but International Relations play an important role as a field in social sciences.

  3. So if Anita Sarekeesian can write a shit paper with no credible sources and still pass does that mean that I can also do same thing and pass?

  4. Videos like these help me. I was talking to my professors on whether or not I should become a teacher. It's a tough route, debating on whether or not I should change.

  5. From SNHU. Actually better than a Boring PowerPoint!!! Kept my attention the 4 times I watched it 🙂

  6. ill tell you how to define a human.. you got a penis your a boy you got a hooha your a girl.. period no other answer

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