America’s Choice: Socialism or Capitolism Election Day 2012

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  1. This has been the strategy of Socialist/Communist nations since the late 19th century. Like it or not…believe it or not..we are moving towards becoming a Socialist nation. Socialism is only the stepping stone towards Communism. If you disagree and would like to have an honest discussion please respond. If you agree but reject Socialism then fight back with everything you have because time is short. If you agree and embrace Socialism/Communism then you are an enemy of my liberty.

  2. hate to break it to you but Star Trek is libertarian socialism/communism and yes we are moving towards a market socialism so due to that rationale were moving towards a Star trek society.

  3. Yes, I guess I can sort of agree with you on the Star Trek thing. But, as a Libertarian, I will do everything in my power to oppose any type of Socialism in my country.

  4. What a load of utter crap.. if you told a British person they were living in a socialist country they'd laugh in your face. we have a western european "balance" between socialist & capitalist ideologies. some things are government run but most things are completely open to free enterprise including healthcare IF you want to pay for it over & above your NI contributions. it's just hat Americans are brainwashed to fear he word socialism because it conjours up images of the evil empire of Russia.

  5. and by he way you can also be whatever you want to be in Britain if you work hard enough that woman is clearly an idiot… & we also have a multitude of idiotic reality shows like jersey shore. but if that what's great about America you can fucking keep it

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