American's Want Socialism. Trump Says No

but I think the important thing that I wanted to talk about this morning is socialism Steve minutia yesterday tweeted we're not going back to socialism we all believe in a centralized planned economy where the government puts restraints on billionaire behavior the billionaire behavior I've inserted but you know the reality is that Americans want more socialism they want America to be more like those countries that have democratic socialism like the countries of Europe in the Central America now if they you know Costa Rica free college free health care Costa Rica why can't we do that oh we're not smart enough we're not rich enough we've got to give tax cuts to the billionaires we can't have this the billionaires have to have more tax cuts don't you know Reagan's Saint Reagan told us this now Americans want more socialism they want Social Security expanded and strengthened and they want the cap lifted so it's not just people make it under a hundred and twenty thousand bucks a year who are paying for Social Security they would like the billionaires to pay for Social Security to Americans would like a national health care system it has overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans and certainly among independents that heals people instead of just making people like Steven J Hemsley a billionaire over at United Healthcare they want banks that support local communities rather than ripping people off did you notice one of the things that the consumer finance Protection Bureau here under Mick Mulvaney wants to do they announced this yesterday is they're going to do away with a rule that was put into place during the Obama administration that says that if you're a payday lender if you're gonna charge somebody 400% interest in these these guys these people prey on soldiers and low-income people soldiers are low income people in many cases and that's who they prey on and the law says that if you're gonna write a loan one of these high interest payday loans before you write that loan you have to know that this person can pay you back because if it can't pay you back the interest is gonna start piling up and they're gonna end up you know on a $200 loan they're gonna end up $10,000 in debt because of the interest payments and and Mick Mulvaney and the consumer finance Protection Bureau say yeah we don't need that rule we're gonna deregulate the the payday lenders right now Americans are like a little more socialism they'd like the banks to be regulated they'd like to know that they're not gonna get ripped off when they walk into a lending institution Americans would like their food and water to be safe I mean how many of us have had food poisoning in the last couple of months it's it's become so common in American restaurants people don't even comment on it anymore those bacteria literally did not exist in the 1950s and 60s I don't remember throughout my childhood you know up until I was well into my teenage years I literally did not remember one instance of getting food poisoning that the e.coli H 157 the one that takes down people's kidneys that kills people or leaves people with dialysis for the rest of their lives we just had an outbreak of it a while ago with the romaine lettuce that that bacteria literally did not exist before 1980 these bacteria are the result of factory farming of these insane pack of practices and policies that that were pursuing to produce enough you know meat to to give everybody all they want and which is killing our population it's increasing obesity and high blood pressure and all kinds of things anyhow Americans would like their food and their water to be safe Flint Michigan we would like some socialism please we would like a mass transportation system that actually works we'd like to be able to get around our cities at a low cost without having to drive cars nobody wants to sit in in traffic for hours we'd like a little socialism we'd like college education to be free a little socialism there please you know when my dad went to college of my and Louise's dad went to college on the GI Bill back in the 1940s and early 1950s the cost that that their generation of taxpayers paid to send them to college was returned Sevenfold by the additional taxes that they paid as a consequence of the increased income they had as a result of a college education we know that this is an enormous investment we'd like a little more socialism please invest in our young people and let's wipe out the debt it's only a trillion dollars it would cost a trillion dollars or maybe it's a trillion and a half now trillion and a half dollars to wipe out all the college debt in America Donald Trump gave billionaires a trillion and a half dollars last year he on the State of the Union he said we spent six trillion dollars fighting stupid wars in Iraq that the George W Bush lied us into we can't take a trillion and a half dollars and wipe out student debt so that young people can buy a house they can get married they can start families they can start a business they don't have to be a slave to a to a dead-end job they don't have to you know desperately you know fear the the economic future if they're gonna be stuck as a barista Starbucks of $10.50 an hour for the rest of their lives or whatever their pain and we'd like to know that our air transportation system is is safe and we would like our airlines to once again actually compete with each other on price which means breaking up these giant airline oligopolies these are these giant semi monopolies but Trump and minutia you know the billionaire and is multi-millionaire toady they want none of that they want what David Koch ran for president on in 1980 which is I mean you know just consider this these this is from the 1980 libertarian platform the party platform the libertarian party that David Koch ran for Vice President on in 1980 this guy is the guy was brother in large part but these two brothers are the guys who have funded the Republican Party for the last thirty years in a really big way and the entire conservative movement from the Heritage Foundation of the Cato Institute – Alec – Republicans at the state level at the county level at the federal level most of the Republican Party in some way knows that if they cross the Koch brothers they're screwed that's why they're all denying climate change because the Koch brothers inherited you know a fossil fuel fortune so here's what you know when David Koch ran for president the repeal of a federal campaign finance laws abolition of Medicare and Medicaid repeal of Social Security yes in fact they called it the bankrupt Social Security system when they called for the repeal of it I mean it's just it is really truly pretty breathtaking what these guys were calling for repeal of all taxation repeal of minimum wage laws end of government ownership operation regulation and subsidy of schools and colleges abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency abolition of the Food and Drug Administration and of all tax supported services for children we oppose all government welfare relief projects and aid to the poor programs repeal the Occupational Health and Safety Act repeal the Consumer Product Safety Commission repeal all state usury laws that protect you from banks ripping you off that's what Trump and manoosh in want what do you want you

  1. So, people would prefer to have more government intervention in their lives? Well, it looks like they are getting what they asked for. First the government, dems, will take your guns, but thats ok because its for our protection right? Now that your guns are gone, how are you going to protect yourself and your family when someone breaks into your home to rob you, rape your daughter or wife. and then kill you all before leaving so there wont be any witnesses after all, the only ones with guns will be the police and the criminals. And these days its hard to tell them apart. Next they will take away your freedom of speech because words hurt and people are just sooooo overly sensitive these days. Also, free speech causes chaos, fights, wars, and so on so that will have to be taken away. Along with free speech is free thought. What do I mean by that? Book burning. No more books about science fiction, fantasy, adventure, etc. If it doesn't promote Socialism, then it can't exist. Books that don't promote Socialism causes thoughts and ideas that turns into speech which turns into chaos, fights, wars, etc. Lets see, what's next? Oh, how about free will? The ability to go where you want, wear what you want, see who you want, eat what you want. There will be check points on every road leading to and from town/city so they can keep track of who is coming and going. This is of course for your safety. Dont want any riff raff coming into town that might want to harm the citizens and you wont be able to leave town or enter a town without proper papers. Clothing is next. So as to not cause jealousy or offend anyone, all clothes will be exactly alike for male and female. and of neutral color, grey. As for food, well the government will decide what you can eat, when you can eat, and how much you can eat because they are smarter than you. So to sum it up. you have lost your ability to defend yourself, speak for yourself, express yourself, travel, and overall enjoy yourself. And don't worry, I'm sure the government will eventually capture the criminal who murdered you and your family. He will either be sentenced to prison, which I doubt because Socialism is a prison, or executed, or he will b come one of the prison guards watching over you. I'm sure I left a whole lot out but I'll leave that to someone else. This is the world you want, Socialism. Enjoy.

  2. The clown is the commander in chief… of our public servants
    He's not your boss. No one owes the clown anything. If he doesn't step down when his time comes…

  3. Criminals love the capitalist economic system – without a desperately poor class, who would they steal from… the rich?

  4. I wonder did David Koch also got about 4% approval when he ran for VP just as Howard Schultz has right now while running on the same things he did?

  5. Tyrant doesn't just say no, he yells Hell NO and would rather crawl back there instead.

  6. Truth (love) and society wants socialism. Ignorance (absence of love) and greed does not. Also, by the lifeless corporations for the lifeless corporations is a corporate democracy. By the people for the people is a socialist democracy. A true democracy.

  7. How much more socialist can you be having a economy based of a globally socialized fiat currency… it don't get more socialist that that!

  8. My apologies but Socialism will not work, because we humans are bombarded by influences 24/7. Those influences being multiple different points of views, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, values, ideas, morals and etc.
    Do you have any idea what that does to a person’s mind. 24/7 influences causes a person‘s emotions to stir. When a person comes across an influence that they feel strongly about that is when they’re emotions erupt. When that happens that persons intellectual state of mind becomes clouded. Then that person finds themselves doing and saying things that they normally would not do or say; becoming someone that can be easily manipulated, turning into a tool or puppet.
    Social media is socialism. It has, in a way, done good; but mostly social media “socialism” has caused nothing but chaos. Social justice warriors may have had a purpose at one point, but with all those influences 24/7 SJW‘s movement Has become contradictions and now is labeled as hypocrisy. Antifa at one point had purpose, but now, it is the movement of contradictions turned hypocrisy. Social media, again that being socialism, has caused the increase in suicides. Social media, again socialism, has created certain individuals responsible for causing those mass shootings to occur. Social media “socialism”, has caused an increase in the amount of people who become convinced and believe fake news or rumors. Yet both are lies.
    The one thing that is disappointing is that social media “ socialism”, has created an unprecedented level of Idiocracy that is sweeping the United States of America including across the globe. My apologies if any of you may take offense to this but I hope you understand that I am just expressing my concern on the path humanity is taking.
    I have begun to wonder why the hell was I even born human; when I am witnessing such a level of chaos and idiocy that is making me disappointed and ashamed.

    For those of you who are for communism. I can assure you that communism will never work, because there are three requirements in order for communism to work.
    1) Adequate or abundance of resources.
    2) population control.
    3) Everyone within a country needs to be on board with the idea.

    If these 3 requirements are not met then communism cannot work. However, even if these three requirements are met; communism will only last for so many years perhaps so many decades. Because communism relies on resources to function. Earth does not have an abundance of resources. Never has had an abundance of resources never will have an abundance of resources. Even having the knowledge to reproduce resources still would not be enough for communism to last. Therefore, communism doesn’t work, period.

  9. We should have postal banking,public banking for the poor people that can't afford private banks with all there outrages charges.

  10. The COCAINE brothers know they will be DEAD 💀 by the time climate change takes on it coming deadly flavor. Many Republicans that have taken there money will still be around to have there heads taken off.

  11. Billionaires have been using the Government to steal from workers I do not want socialism I want the Government to Punish the Slave Makers and the Politician bribers of America. If we can’t get a fair chance then put both politicians and billionaires in jail and make them SLAVES and see how they like it.

  12. Americans can have more socialism if they want.
    When Trump said “… we will never be a socialist country…”, he was talking to his generation in power sitting in the House of Representatives. 
    The next generation has a different view and will take over the House.
    The details of a comprehensive Green New Deal will eventually take shape in a socialist form. 
    Votes are not there now but it won’t be long all Americans will get on the same page with a Green industrial and agricultural revolution. 
    I’d caution people that if the Green Revolution does not unite everyone to the necessaries of life, socialized work as the ultimate owner of the necessaries of life, then you need to modify the Green New Deal till you get it right.

  13. America has a fine anarchist tradition. Anarchism is closer to the american psyche than communism and certainly closer to the spirit of individual freedom than the hackneyed corporate kleptocracy they must sweat under. Choice now is binary = Anarchism or Annihilation? Choose wisely.

  14. We do have socialism in America because it pays for our our public services and protection and infrastructure but the rich don't wanna help bout with an ace will be the leeches of our society what it and all struggles . And this free tuition for college and candy is free is that cost Loma more than an but grant you is wait too expensive right now but the administration and college professors wanna be millionaires and besides that some these colleges are given rebuilt or the new buildings and that costs money . But now we have our technology and the Internet that people don't even have to leave their house to get an education . But making people pay around $50,000 or more for college education just proves a damn stupid our society has become .

  15. "The necessities of life should not be subject to predation."

    "The chiefest wealth of a country is its people, and investment in people is invariably wise."

  16. Trump says no…so does Pelosi, Schumer, and most establishment Democrats. They will keep saying no as long as their big money overlords tell them to.

  17. November 1910 there was a meeting on Jekyll Island. That was the day that changed everything in America. That was the day that the bankers and rich took over.

  18. No Thom, most Americans choose Freedom over government control over every aspect of their lives. You have become a useful idiot of those who seek otherwise. Start by dangling the carrot of "globull warming" to get the camel's nose under the tent. From there it is easy to control the mode of transportation and freedom to work and create new ventures. Yes, there are aspects of every society that require Federal, State, and City control. These should be very basic and held to a minimum which allows free people to achieve greatness without the mothership dictating what is allowable every inch of the way.

  19. People are going to have to fight the corporations and oligarchs to get the government they want with the policies they want. We will win, we have the numbers.

  20. Billionaires prefer an oligarchic crony capitalist heaven for them, hell for everyone else !

  21. Most people don't know what socialism is. I'm a capitalist pig and a socialist slut. That means areas exist where socialist programs are beneficial. Capitalism pays bills. Why cling to old economic models.Successful modern economies combine and utilize element of both.

  22. I'm beginning to think tRump will absolutely create a backlash setting a new president in the future of US politics .
    This will happen!!

  23. Hartmann, I liked your narrative and justification for a “little” socialism; it certainly appeared to come from the heart. But if you persist in selling people like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to your audience and promoting fake progressive institutions like the Congressional Progressive Caucus and its members, the only socialism you will see is socialism for the oligarchs. Maybe you could recommend that the Neoliberal policies Bill Clinton pushed through as a “New Democrat” and being funded by the Kochs is repealed for a start. By reversing Bill’s NAFTA, the destruction of social security, and the deregulation of Wall Street, you are not even close to socialism but it’s a start. Even with these simple steps, all you are doing is reversing the betrayal of the People by Democratic Party and the Corporate Democrats.

    If you have time, maybe you should read a little about the Gore and Clinton “Democratic Leadership Council”.
    This institution funded by the Kochs and other oligarchs and corporations is still used to push Corporate Democrat policy today. This “Third Way” Democratic institution filled with “New Democrats” was designed to deliver the progressive remnants of the Democratic Party to Wall Street. Thanks to the efforts of Clinton, Gore and Lieberman and a little funding from the oligarchs (e.g. Kochs), the Democratic Leadership Council has been one of the more effective oligarch controlled institutions that have screwed the American people.

    To understand this in more detail, maybe you should read Ralph Nader’s article describing the DLC as the “The Corporatist Democratic Leadership Council”:

  24. Lay out what you want an economic system to do. Once you've done that, I don't care if you call it Socialism, Capitalism, or Fred. Tell us what you want it to do and we'll judge from there.

  25. I´m from a socialist country, SOCIALISM IS A CANCER! everybody in the World is leaving socialism, even the Scandinavian countries have right leaning governments, look at Brasil corruption with the previous PT leftist government, people are starving in the streets of Venezuela! China left socialism a long time ago and since then has become a prosperous nation.

  26. E. coli O157:H7 did exist before 1980. I was one of the first people who got hemolytic uremic syndrome in 1975. I was lucky- it almost killed me, but my kidneys are okay.

  27. Yes please put my future and health in the hands of elected officials. they know my situation better than I do.

  28. I am an American, and I do not want the government to overtax me to pay for socialism for the rich or the poor.

  29. Here in Kentucky there has been an outbreak of hepatitis A in food service establishments. I live in a very small town and three of our restaurants had to close down for over two weeks each. We definitely need more regulation not less.

  30. And we want to stop giving money to Saudi Arabia so they can behead people mistreat women and invade other people's lands.

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