American Lung Association – Sarcoidosis PSA

Sarcoidosis is exhausting. Painful Scary Sarcoidosis is lifechanging. But sarcoidosis doesn’t have to be life defining. Sarcoidosis is a unpredictable rare disease that can affect any organ of the body. But I control sarcoidosis Not the other way around Learn about sarcoidois at Lung dot org slash sarcoidosis

  1. I actually learned about this disease many years ago, when one of my friends were diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. She got treatment early, and is living a healthy life. But looking at the systems now, I will be scheduling an appointment today. Thanks for the information that could lead to saving my life.

  2. YES, this disease is very scary and what makes it so scary is because no one knows much about it. It so silence,

  3. I am so very glad that there is more talk about Sarcoidosis now. I have this rare lung disease, there is not much talk about sarcoidosis like other pulmonary diseases. Thanks so much for sharing this very important information.

  4. Yeah my sarcoidosis has been cured after 4 years and I have a lot of pain when it's so much pain. I can't bear it and it's a cold pulmonologist and it's going to take me 2 months to get in to see him in the pain is getting worse so I don't know what to do my lymph nodes are swollen underneath my arm and my neck I'm in misery what is a person supposed to do when it's going to take two months to get in to see a doctor? this was why i was convinced about Dr zakamalal remedies i took for 4 months and i got cured of Sarcoidosis and i took it upon myself to tell people about his cures to different types of diseases you can write me for direction on Email : [email protected]

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