American Indians Are Still Getting a Raw Deal

We’ve all heard about how many bad things
the U.S. government did to American Indians in the past. But what about today? Like most people, the only time I hear about
today’s American Indians is when people are outraged about sports mascots or team names,
like the Washington Redskins. But sports teams’ names are the least of Indians’
problems. Did you know that Indians have the highest
rate of poverty of any racial group in America? Did you know that alcoholism is more common
among Indian youths than among youths in any other ethnic group? Did you know that the rate of child abuse
among Indians is twice as high as the national average? Until I visited Indian reservations for my
book, The New Trail of Tears, I didn’t know any of this. What was at the root of these terrible problems? I wondered. And the deeper I dug, the more I realized
that, between the 19th century and today, nothing has changed: it’s still the government. The two main agencies that oversee the activities
of Indians who live on reservations are the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or BIA, and the
Bureau of Indian Education, or BIE. Education, economic development, tribal courts,
road maintenance, agriculture and social services – the federal government basically funds
and controls all of it. It’s no wonder Indians say BIA stands for
“Bossing Indians Around.” Together, these two agencies have combined
budgets of $3 billion per year, and have 9,000 employees. That’s one employee for every 111 Indians
on a reservation. Of that $3 billion per year, the BIE uses
$850 million of it to educate 42,000 students. That’s more than $20,000 per student, compared
to a national average of $12,400 per student. Plenty of other federal agencies also have
programs for Indians. For instance, the Indian Health Service had
a 2015 budget of over $4.6 billion. And yet, there are widespread and documented
reports of nurses being unable to administer basic drugs, of broken resuscitation equipment,
and of unsanitary medical facilities. Obviously, inadequate funding isn’t the problem. The billions of dollars that the federal government
spends on Indians every year hasn’t made their lives better. In fact, by most measures of economic and
social health, the lives of American Indians are only getting worse. Aside from issues of culture, the only way
out of this morass is economic growth, but the reservation system makes this almost impossible. Following a series of treaties and laws over
many decades – some well intentioned, some not – the federal government decided to hold
Indian land “in trust” in order to prevent non-Indians from ever buying that land. But other than Indians, the only people who
have things held in trust for them are children and the mentally incompetent. Can anything better illustrate the low regard
the government has for American Indians? The awful consequence of this land trust is
that Indians can’t sell their land, which means they can’t use it the same way other
Americans do – for example, as collateral to get a loan to start a business. What bank would lend to landowners who don’t
own their land? The other effect of this absurdity is that
Indians can’t develop this land that they don’t own. Indian reservations contain almost 30 percent
of the nation’s coal reserves west of the Mississippi, 50 percent of potential uranium
reserves, and 20 percent of known oil and gas reserves. Those resources are estimated to be worth
nearly $1.5 trillion. But the vast majority of Indian lands with
natural resources remain undeveloped because of federal regulations. For instance, for Indians to get permission
to mine for coal on Indian land requires 49 steps spanning four federal agencies. Each of these 49 steps can take months or
years to be approved. There are so many government regulations that
just to apply for a permit to dig a hole costs $6,500. Is it really any wonder that this community
is mired in poverty? So, what can be done? For starters, end the trust system. Let Indians do what they want with the land
they own. Get the massive federal bureaucracy out of
the way. Give American Indians the opportunity to embrace
the same thing that has lifted millions of other people out of poverty and into the middle
class: free enterprise. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be
easy, but it will do a lot more for American Indians than changing the name of the Washington
Redskins. I’m Naomi Schaefer Riley for Prager University.

  1. I was hoping for a secret army of Indians emerging from the reservations to take revenge on the government…..But nope….Casinos….cry me a river

  2. I don't mean to be offensive but if the average Indian were to sell his land and move somewhere else he would still be an alcoholic that's the truth and furthermore Alexis de tocqueville explained already that precisely what the Indians did in American history was sell their land and move that has been going on for a long time enough Indian land has been sold madame

  3. Indian who are getting confused this video is on Native American not on Indian from India /American Indian.
    It's like clickbait.. lol

  4. What a laughable way of representing facts and carefully selecting two key lines to insert your lies in between 😂😂

  5. Why do you call them "Indians" when they have nothing to do with India? Call them "native Americans". But you won't, because it would mean that white people are occupiers.

  6. Nearly ALL native american tribes got reparations for the atteocities our government committed. The only successful tribe that didn't is still thriving above the others to this day. I was taught this by a very member of said tribe many years ago (sadly, can't remember the tribes name) but i do remember i was in my early 20s. Reparations work out ok, but not having the spirit to start up and make something from nothing hurts the people, as he said.

  7. When it comes to native americans, certainly the government needs to reduce the excessive regulations so that the native americans can get out of poverty. They of course can go off their reservations, but they need to be able to improve their lives inside their reservations.

  8. The government needs to regulate
    The greed in all lmdian affairs, let the original americans live in fear of the God that Created all things, even, all peoples of the earth, let them live as free as we all do, the Lord Jesus the Christ, rose for all to see the grace of a freewill too live and worship him, maybe given the freedom to think without other problems they(lndians) would have more concern for the lives of each other, $$$$is ruining the lives of a real good Nation of peoples!!!Abuse starts with Greed!!! Do something about the situation of a race
    Blessed by God!!!

  9. The same sort of situation exists in many areas of Australia. I lived in a certain outback town where a builder that another Indigenous brother and I managed to pick up drywall Plastering work with, was called to a meeting out of town, by a group of more than ten major local builders, who told him that unless he sacked us both, all of the local Builders would boycott his business, and his company would be done for.
    This is just one example of something that is so very apparent in so many towns and cities in Australia; an undercurrent of extreme racism towards Indigenous Australian people.
    (To their credit, there are also many Australians who are not racist towards Indigenous people, though many outback towns and cities are predominantly so, but there is generally a significant number of people in any given town or city still who very strongly are so, also.)
    Employment and opportunity can be all but impossible for Indigenous people to attain in some of those places, without question.The land here that the tribes were moved to are called: "Missions", and are usually moved far from anywhere, and not much in the way of a foothold can be found in the way of opportunity, in most of the areas surrounding them.
    The same applies regarding the land itself, also; though our cultural way would not lead to any mining occurring anyhow, as the earth is too sacred for us to pursue that path. I have found opportunity in the I towns and cities, and am, luckily, from a coastal tribal people in my own lineage, but many of the people are too tied to their country, family, people and culture in those inland places, which are all tied together with a sacred relevance and obligation to them, culturally. It is these people who face the most difficult circumstances.

  10. BIA? BIE? Bee ay bay, bee ee bee, Bee eye bicky bye, bee oh boe bicky bye boe bee you boo, bicky bye boe boo. See ay say, see ee see, see eye sicky sigh see oh so sicky sigh so see you soo, sicky sye so soo…

  11. 🦊’s our tribal councils who get the governments monies ,we are forced the pay into outsiders values ,…there are more non-Indians living on the Flathead thriving off us with their drugs ,…the feds have a gridlock on this Reservation and let the nonmembers sell drugs to our kids ,….their worthless,…. they act like black folks and white folks ,..have’em ,…..

  12. Non-native English speaker here. Now that the term "native Americans" has seemingly fallen out of fashion (what's up with that? How was it offensive whatsoever? If anything, I'd say it was the opposite, but I'm not American, so maybe it's a cultural thing I just don't get), how do you differentiate talking about those formerly referred to as NAs from talking about Indians from India, as in, the country near Nepal?

  13. How aren't leftists raging over this unequal treatment, Literally they don't have freedom to use their land like every other American.

  14. well that's just terrible, but the fact is after well over 100 years they stay on the Res by choice and virtually everyone in rural America ( unless they are born with money) is faced with a choice of relocating or living with extremely limited financial opportunity, combine that with the wholesale exportation of work in favor of cheap labor combined with an open boarder plan to flood America with cheap third world workers to grab the scraps that are left, the future is not looking good for anyone but the Oligarchs that are planning to fly off to New Zealand.

  15. You pale face's migrated you aint indians indigo dark hue you ice dwellers go back to siberia your home pale face😡😡

  16. I love how PragerU suggests that the best way to basically make life better for Native Americans is to well…take land from them.

    The white man speaks as if he shouts. You fuckheads are going to get killed by Islamic terrorism and you deserve every bit of it.

  17. Negros be ABOriginal CopperColoRED AmaRican INDYHn and we be surrounded by aLIEn Invading Beasts forEvil on our Land!!!

  18. THe proper term is "Native American" because they are not from india. But the same point still stands. Allow Natives to develop their own land.

  19. Once my middle school social studies teacher tried showing us modern day reservations, and he clicked on the wrong video. What I saw was truly horrific. These people need their independent freedoms back! American companies their land is off limits! US Govt you better not touch them! But to the N.A living in these reservations it’s your land! We need to make sure everyone know that!

  20. Indians have the protected choice to live as the rest of Americans: Move, get THEMSELVES educated, build their own personal worth and wealth, buy and sell homes and business. OR live on the land that has been RESERVED for all generations of Indians that follow. Don’t fool yourself for one second when elitist Indians sell this crap to you. They only want to get themselves wealthy by exploiting the land today and selling it off to leave NOTHING to future generations of Indian descendants. The same mentality that triggered the casinos to be built, wants to ravage the rest of their land. Why haven’t they built a new Indian nation with the casino money? Because the elitist are mopping up the cash for them selves. It won’t stop, the Government IS doing a poor job for the American Indian. They’re telling them they are victims, treating them as victims, and throwing money at them like victims. Reserve the land for the future peoples. And stop giving them money when they choose to stay on the reservations. Let them learn like everyone else to be productive citizens the hard way and they can build their retirement into whatever they want. They can invest in healing their reserved lands, they can build a utopia there to retire on and leave a beautiful place for their great great grandchildren. I am an Indian descendant. I am blocked by the laws of the tribe from registering as one. Why? Because they have to divide the casino money with me and any other Indian descendent. So consequently, you have to “live on the reservation to be an ‘authentic Indian’ and only authentic Indians are allowed to move there.” I couldn’t care less about their stupid casino or it’s revenue. I just wanted to know that part of my Ancestery. Now I’m not interested. It isn’t the feds that keep me from it. It’s the money grubbing elite of the tribe. Wake up.

  21. The same goes for Africans in Afrika. Fucken Colonialists telling them to move on and that they can vote now. Hahahaha hilarious

  22. Indians are just as capable of taking care of themselves as any other people. Government keeps them enslaved.

  23. Who would thumbs down that video??? Give them the land and start taxing their houses so they can pay for their own schooling. Why are we paying so much?

  24. Yes, we are getting a #Raw deal and the cultural appropriation of #nativeamerican people adds insult to injury. On top of that, add to the #facts that Black #Indians like myself are rejected by #inbreds and White 'Indians' that look more like #ElizabethWarren than actual original Native Americans and there you have #theperfectstorm ⛈️⚡️🌀🌪️ for a life of #oppression and disadvantage.

  25. And yet our government is more interested in helping and funding illegals here while the natives are screwed out of their land, health and dignity. Way to go America.

  26. Here, here!

    First, to all those condescending White liberals who think that bullying us into using a preferred term for the collective Indigenous Peoples, you should really hear how that particular debate goes down in actual tribal communities. But none of those condescending people are going to read this comment or listen to Naomi's video in its entirety. So, moving on…

    I used to be very active in California American Indian communities in the mid-90s. In fact, I was a dark-haired Golden Boy in the State for a little while. But that all ended when I dared to suggest at a huge gathering of tribal members and BIA reps in San Diego, that the Red Man should stop waiting for a broken promise made centuries ago in extremely bad faith to be honored in any way, shape or form. That the various Indian nations, tribes and bands had to throw off the yoke of its paternalistic oppressors and start doing for themselves.

    I was laughed down.

    Naomi, the White Man has taught American Indians how to hate themselves. How to distrust themselves. How to be dependent on the scraps of a "morally inferior yet somehow logistically superior" group of patronizing, overworked and overwhelmed bureaucrats. This is how drugs and gangs and alcohol abuse flourish on Indian lands; tribal peoples declare these tribal problems, then do nothing about them. And the U.S bureaucrats won't touch the issue for fear of being tagged a bigot when they actually would be heroes, while the ones who do nothing because they think its the right thing to do ARE the actual bigots. It's all very confounding.

    American Indians need to break away from the Reservation system. From the BIA. From IHS. From this patronizing, demoralizing, destructive system aimed at keeping them down, and grow to claim and accept full status as American citizens. Americans don't run from a fight and they sure don't manufacture a losing war against themselves. American Indians need the leadership that will lift them from this morass, and perhaps the first thing they need do is accept help and advice from those they could label as non-Indians but also fellow Americans.

  27. 중국이 티벳이랑 위구르를 어떻게 대하는지 보고 뭐가 기만인지 짓걸였으면 좋겠다.

  28. This is interesting as we have the same problems with our indigenous people in Australia. Child abuse, alcoholism, in and out of prisons, sitting on welfare.

    It’s terrible. But I wouldn’t put sole blame on the government in our case at least.

  29. I never hear this about Native Americans. All I hear about Native Americans is politicians complaining about mascots and trying to sell themselves as 0.5% Native American (Elizabeth Warren). But I agree that this is a problem that needs to be fixed and Dinesh D’Souza was right about how the Leftists and Democrats really treat the Native Americans.

  30. India is in Asia. Indian americans are asian. Native Americans are indegenious to America. Stop robbing Indian Americans and Native Americans of identity by not using correct terms.

  31. Okay. Let us examine this. Why do indians still have reservations? They were supposed to be integrated into the population. Why is it Americas fault they are too irresponsible to take charge of their own lives? Is it my fault they are too lazy to take advantage of all the opportunities this country offers? Why should tax money fund people who are so irresponsible, they cannot control themselves? It is time for the American Indians to stop feeling sorry for themselves and go to work and struggle like everyone else.

  32. Hmm, I wonder why PragerU could want to use genuine arguments for greater autonomy for aboriginal peoples to make the case that they should just sell all their land to rich White capitalists? Could it be that the oil barons who fund this show would like to get their hands on those untapped oil reserves?

  33. Not for the Seminole tribe of Florida. They are thriving. They own all of the hard rock cafes in the world. They have the 12th biggest beef company in the country. The biggest tiki hut builder in the united states. They never sign a treaty with the U.S.. They fought the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marines 3 times to a standstill.

  34. I've had business experience with a few different Indian tribes. The ones who leave the reservation are always more prosperous and happier. The ones living on the reservations are normally drunk, rowdy, angry, and abusive. I always felt really bad for the children and tried to say nice things to them or joke around with them.
    The ones who worked the casinos and had their own businesses were just like anybody else in business.

  35. American Indians are just as American as anyone else, so why do we need reservations? If they got the money, let them live where they want.

  36. The Indian reservations are becoming smaller and smaller because the government is slowly trying to push them out. Look back then when the Indians were FORCED out of there homes and put in reservations of swampland without many food sources in Louisiana( I'm talking about the 1800's) the people who are saying the Indians have it fine and nothing is wrong now aren't sane.

  37. I guess it's a big ask …they are at the end of the day a large number of individuals, I mean they cant all succeed at once, like anyone you measure your individual success not the success of your race, and every individual is responsible for themselves

  38. There should be no more Native Reservations. We are one nation, united. Not separate but equal. I'm tired of hearing about the woes of natives. If it wasn't for the United States, they would still be living in tee-pees and slaughtering each others tribes like savages. They had more wars and committed genocide against each other for centuries. That's the way they really were, and no one seems to want to talk about that fact anymore. To truly fix the problem, all reservations should be null and void. All land should be given to individual native Americans appropriately, and beholden to the laws of each state. PERIOD.

  39. My wife worked for BIA for many years. At first I thought it was a pretty cool job. Then i saw the ridiculous regulations, and heard the constant complaints of her indian coworkers. I ended up hating BIA and finally fully supported her quitting that agency. BIA does nothing for Indians even the ones who work there.

  40. Look, the funding is already there. Remove the red tapes and let them develop their land themselves with proper guidance and education before hand. Baby steps, then walk, then let them run on their own. There will be those that fall behind but that's what happens irl.

  41. america Indians are pretty much integrated into society. they all don’t live in a reservation. I see many indians in northern California every day. shopping, working. why do they live on a reservations? now i know the answrs. the us government basically stole their land and they have no resources they can use to start business and rise out of poverty. the land needs to be distributed to every Indian.

  42. Indians had the posesión of their lands during the administration of spanish goverment during 3oo years in the past..but when usa took over that lands in 19 century indians were told by anglo americans to go out and live in reservations ……that was the beginning of the indian wars when they lost all their rights and were haunted like animals by people like colonel Fremont, Custer, etc.
    During the 19 century even advertisements in the newspapers were published offering rewards for the "haunting" of indians(men,female and children ) with different prices ….the american way of killing….

  43. First of all its native indians not no danm american indian get it right fool blackfoot and cherokee mixx

  44. While part of this is true, it's not the whole story. While I have some Indian blood , I, unlike Senator Warren, don't claim an Indian heritage, but i did work for the American Indian College Fund. I saw the waste and the unwillingness for change among the tribes that were a part of the fund. There have been tribes that have made a successful change through, as this video says, Entrepreneurship and capitalism. And NOT the casino tribes either. But like many minority groups, they don't want to take a good hard look at themselves. They are the ones who have, in many cases, decided to hold themselves apart and not be a part of this country. Yes, the government fought a war with the natives here. One side won, one side lost. Name one place in this entire planet, that is the same as it was over 500 years ago. You can't even China was separate kingdoms that had to be conquered. Nobody is saying those people who lost their wars are somehow special cases. They was absorbed and assimilated into the general population. Yes, that hated word assimilate. Refuse to do that and your fate is worse than if you do. Never fails. If none of this had happened we wouldn't have any USA. I know to some that would be a good thing. But then we wouldn't have the kind of government that has spread around the world. Nobody had this representational system. Imperfect yes, nothing made by man will be, but its workable. Many tribes have been offered billions of dollars to be out of the reservation systems and just be citizens and make a go of it on their own. They have turned it down. As far as the team names are concerned. Let's see. You name your team to had a detrimental, negative, non-inspirational thoughts right? Or rather do you pick a name that lends inself to toughness, highest achievement, strength, fortitude, high aspirational thoughts. You won't hear the Cleveland Wimps, or the Dallas Do-nothings. Even using animals they try for the most parts to use ones that have some positivity. Not the Boston Slugs, The Seattle Worms, Or the Kansas City Pigs. Although all of the animals reside in those locations. So drop the false insult. The teams were named to give positive inspiration for performance and strength. Unless you want to say that the Indian tradition isn't such and it the opposite.

  45. I have a relative who works in banking. Indian reservations are outrageously wealthy. They just don't spend it. Their balances are astronomically huge. They don't pay taxes, they own casinos, gas stations on the highway, golf courses, hotels, retail centers, etc. Indian reservations are not poor. They just don't use their resources to help their people. This is the first Prager video I do not agree with. I live in the southwest. I see the problems first hand.

  46. I have some Apache ancestry, and while a lot of this is true, some of what the federal government does regarding holding the land in trust is a good thing. I know for certain that if we were allowed to sell our land near Pinetop, Arizona (our town is called McNary, Arizona), we would and then we would blow the money and be left homeless. I just know it would happen. However, if the federal government could get rid of most of the other red tape and restrictions, it would help us a lot. If they would do some forensic accounting to see where the money for our healthcare is actually going and arrest the people who are stealing it, that would be very helpful for us. So there are things they could do other than letting us sell off all our land that would actually help us, but we all know, they never will, because no one cares.

  47. Part Cherokee, been learning about the Cherokee tribe and other tribes. What the government has done just sickens me, this makes me want to regurgitate.

  48. Interesting. I road though a reservation in our state and it is absolutely beautiful. I wished I could live in such a beautiful and pristine place. So, I find this interesting. Perhaps it's the state which the reservation is in.? In which case glad this is being brought to light.

  49. People do not realize how important the ownership of property is to human flourishing. Unfortunately cultural ideas about ownership of land has held back the First Nations people, even where I live in Canada. If they begin to believe that ownership is only stewardship they would be much better off.

  50. Is anyone interested in the fact that white Americans are getting a raw deal…? Or under direct attack…?
    No. Of course not. Because we don't have an "intersectional" spokeswoman to go to bat for us!

  51. A great video, well researched and with great presentation.
    It is my theory that the government is scared to allow the Indians to manage themselves for fear that in the future they could become a major financial and or a strong political force.

  52. It’s the American Indian that needs reparations. I’m all for this. This is what Trump and congress needs to figure out. My heart bleeds for the American Indian.

  53. Take away that federal money thousands will die. Fact. If we want to be fair and honest we should give them 10000 times more, seems how everything you see around you is theirs. The right wants problems to go away without having to a knowledge who is responsible in the first place.

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