American Heart Association: Martin Story, Hope is Why PSA

Do you know what they told Mommy and Daddy when we decided to adopt you? Mm-mmm. They said that your heart couldn’t be fixed; that there was no hope. That they tried really hard in China to fix your heart and to see if they could do anything, but they said that there was nothing they could do. And do you know what I thought about that? Hmm? I thought; it doesn’t matter. That boy deserves a life. And if we only had you for a few months, we were going to make it a really good few months for you. And if we only had you for a few weeks, we were going to make it an amazing few weeks, but you were not going to die in that orphanage, alone. Cause it didn’t matter to me if you lived for only a short amount of time, that their life was special and your life was precious. What do you think about that? Awesome! Yeah. When you first got here couldn’t run you couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps before you’d have to stop and try to take a few deep breathes and then when you were in the hospital for a month, when we were leaving the hospital you almost ran out of there! I didn’t realize how important those kinds of surgeries were and what a difference they can make to children. Watching you going from that very sick, blue little boy, to watch you be able to run and jump and play with the other kids, that’s amazing to me. And nobody would even know your story and nobody would even believe what you had been through if they didn’t know what had happened. And nobody even realizes how much you have overcome to get to that point, I think that’s incredible. I love that he can just be Joshua and he can be a normal kid and you know he’s not defined by his heart defect. It’s a part of him forever but it no longer defines him, his life defines him. Hope. Hope is why.

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