no disability you know you actually actually believe it I should well if you actually believe in in structured economy and yes for but we don't believe in a structured economy because no matter what ability is going to need to be built house is going to beginning to build and no matter what there's always going to be work and it and therefore work is always going to be needed so you just keep doing work you don't have to you don't have to actually have it but if economy if everybody is doing work then why do you need a car we've tried socialism this country was first founded pilgrims good they were starving and then they great a great idea when did socialists ever have a strong pool it did the pilgrims tried socialism when they first settled and what did we gain from the Socialists the dog especially just saying they tried it they start then they gave I think I gave her body an acre of land without acre land they become very productive they gave everybody a productive an acre of land you know that mean that is exactly what socialism is they control they had the means of production they had their own plan because because currently we don't have a system where everybody owns an acre of land there is people that own huge acres of land like the Queen Elizabeth she owns whole countries may have a quaint but but it creature in my opinion what son Liberty she is she supports our system she's one of the strongholds of the system well I mean I don't really know a whole lot about the Queen of England I live in America mm-my but it's nicer when you know there are rich landowners and just country homes lots of land but dance on your quotient about socialism in America there was song session there wasn't really much well we have FDR was a socialist no he was a Democratic Socialist I do know there is a key difference between socialism a democratic social democratic socialism is still capitalism it is it's still about state power having it blah blah blah doesn't actually having a wonderful woman like oh well well let's let's actually talk about it I don't support him but let's actually talk about that from FDR we actually gained a lot of labor rights and people gave labor freedom and even before that when you want to talk about socialist movement the women's rights was a socialist movement in America think about the women like Lucy Parsons was one of them you had Mother Jones she was a socialist you had another let me think of another good one Emma Goldman they're all socialist and they're feminist socialists and they gave women the right to work for the same amount of pay and it was very beneficial for women another thing that was a socialist movement in America is a safety in workplaces I will show in the old days you had coal mines so during the coal mines people were dying constantly they were dying from unsafe work because the capitalists didn't want to pay for their own safety because they had to be the production and they wanted it to be pure profit about Israel socialism Israel socialism reporters I have no speculation on Israel that is because I'm not educated enough I am very against religion so it's very hard for me to take a standpoint because there is a lot of Islam there's a stronghold of Islam and Palestine there's a stronghold of Judaism in in Israel and I'd have to actually physically be there to actually see it because you can read the media all day you want about Israel and Palestine and it goes back and forth there's no way of determining who is right and who is wrong from what I've read a lot of people I feel like I would support Israel more but I can't say that for sure in the travel I've been that two years ago so you gather experience keyboards as person that movements start keyboardist first time do you need to experience that yeah there are tours in there they started in 1903 didn't work so now they all private keyboards but that's what what you describe in everything is state power it wasn't built without state power so you proletariat movement and social is built right it was actually so you're talking about the fail so you're talking about either the failed attempt or the utopia which one were you talking about it was a failed attempt because they were murdered wanna try it again the failed attempt the actual success of the people was good they were just murdered off by the capitalists so you have something to add to change that the original program today well since then there's been many there's been many other movements and we we've used worker proof we've used you coming here with Swiss slogans you need to have a program a clear problem in your head what you're saying could just random rambling about you all over the place yes yeah no you can have a program and that's as labor creates all back it creates all wealth that is not broken you're not convincing you just can follow the conversation line of conversation you all over the place coal mines and women rights and told no no he was asking your program in the United States and I mentioned socialist movements that actually worked towards workers benefits cattle does building the building so workers build building with the state-owned tools I don't see anywhere state-owned calls state having to everybody comes with his own hammer and the pliers around psycho you come with your basic tool sets but who owns the crane who owns the bulldozers or somebody who organizes organized labor to build that they do the whole logistic pay their own money take the risk hire you with your hammer and pliers who doesn't take any risk in building that now I they hire you governor's they put a lot of risk online not really how's it not really well really they have and many of them file bankruptcy I mean what rain I mean think of Donald Trump he's filed a bankruptcy what three or four times you bear no responsibility over the results of your labor you just get your every day no absolutely not only somebody who organizes your building and if I fuck up that someone's are going to come over and kick me off the fucking job the owner doesn't get weekend job I did do my job my work if somebody dies because of something I did how am I not responsible for that how am I not responsible you're covered tell me uh yeah there's many people have been sued because they did something that wasn't right Kevin can I say no you covered by insurance that the owner of a project paid you'll notice the business is covered by an insurance me individually I'm not covered by insurance now always do not always disability insurance it's no personal none yes if you get a ribbon that's your heared on the job or on the job you're but I'm hey do I not know you yes I do no yes I do I play my benefit yes I didn't pay for my benefits are you telling me I don't pay for my own bed in it I pay what is paid by your employer okay I'm still doing the work how are they my paper if I'm doing the work is I know my labor how long I've been working on this country ever since ology maybe 14 so how many years 15 16 7 18 19 20 21 22 9 years great I'm working for 30 years I have a little bit more of experience let's not go to facts how long have you been working gnosis I was 13 so about 40 years 20 years but what does that matter what does that matter about intelligence about workers production Spears plus I gave you qualification I build stuff like that so I am I'm very qualified to talk about that I understand how its crowded into how they insurance in Spain I actually have stocks in the people the business that works for there so I I have direct information on how their painful listen listen what I'm saying there's a lot of people out here that don't want to page the boat for the work right and that's totally wrong a man it deserve a righteous play let's keep this going but because he just drank from Allen Hamilton place he does understand the basics of live labor and employer contract is that voluntary is that a voluntary exchange or is that for me trying to survive I don't see too many I'll die not me trying to survive in this great country around you don't see too many oh oh yeah I'm not seeing people I see people flying taxi and saying will work for home all the time mercy now first let's let him admit that he doesn't understand that labor employer country half of every child in this country is on food assistance half for every child I only know yelled of his argument apartment Charles on foodists what she was saying there's still not get the rip sticking out I haven't seen that maybe they're not getting steak every night I don't just take everything either it's almost impossible around this country yeah yeah you know before you can get something it might not be let's grab this guy and continue here coming is when you to take it yeah interview from you okay we're just escape what happened

  1. Communists can't think for themselves, they need to be told what to do by the government. Not Capitalists think and do as they please.

  2. The liberal dress code:
    (feel free to add) ⬇️
    Green,blue,pink hair
    Thick glasses
    Women having butch haircuts
    Men wearing communist T-shirts
    Fanny pack/satchel
    Bandana around their face

  3. Why do these people really want a failed system the Soviet Union collapsed that was pure socialism like what happened we outlasted them

  4. These socialists/communist can very well buy a couple acres of land, build a commune and see how they like it. America gives people the freedom to do that if they want.

  5. Capitalism killed over 112 million people during the same period of communist ascension, and it stills killing more.
    Not only people, but culture and nature itself.

  6. I’d still rather have Stalin himself in office rather than the fascist Oompa Loompa that resides there now

  7. In exposing the Holy Bible as a book of Jewish witchcraft, always remember…the Jews are extremely clever and they take control of both sides; both opposing sides, which they pretend to be fighting each other, but underneath it all, they are working for their agenda of world enslavement. Just as many xian churches, particularly the Vatican, pretend to be against and fighting communism, unbeknownst to the populace, they are working FOR communism, the nazarene taught nothing but communism, his sermons, and even his life- quite like Karl Marx himself- lazy, and lived off of the charity of others like a parasite. The USSR made a show of persecuting a number of Jews [they scream the loudest], when millions of innocent Gentiles were tortured to death, but this Jewish persecution is only for show, and they do not care if they have to sacrifice some of their own to reach their goal of world enslavement and domination. For example, Josef Stalin [real name Josef Dugasvilli, the meaning of the Georgian surname Dugasvilli is "Son of a Jew"], claimed to be anti-Semitic, but given his second wife was also Jewish [as were his children], and his communist heroes such as Vladimir Lenin and the other scum he was directly involved with, any idiot can see through these lies, which again, are there only to fool the masses. Nearly all of the entire communist leadership and KGB were Jews and/or married to Jews and lived extremely well while the working classes were brutalized beyond the imagination. This did not just include the USSR, but all other communist countries as well. Prior to the fall of the “Iron Curtain” the USSR would also publicly support any country that was against Israel; pretending to be enemies with Israel, which beneath it all, is not the case, as both work together for the same agenda. KNOW THIS AND BE ONTO THEIR TACTICS- NEVER LET THEM FOOL YOU!

    As I have state before and will again… just how can Christianity really be at odds with the Jews, when every single page of that stinking bible has the word "Jew" "Jews" Israel" and other kosher crap on it and above all, the nazarene is Jewish from birth to death. Given the spiritual energies put into Christianity by the ignorant followers, for centuries, the Jews have an endless supply to do as they please with. This is their bulwark and their root. This is why the bible is so full of numbers, specific verses [which vibrated in Hebrew are their mantras] and given the bible is planted in nearly every home in the world, Christianity is relentlessly pushed and coerced onto people [love jewsus or burn for eternity], the bible acts as a subliminal medium; a receiver for their workings. Bible verses are memorized by many Christians. What this does further, is it creates a very powerful link in the minds of many for which the Jews work their curses and their spells for attracting copious amounts of wealth. Even their bible states regarding the Jews “Thou shalt prosper.” YOU PAY AND SACRIFICE FOR THIS!

    The "Holy Bible" serves as a link, as I mentioned in the above for their subliminal workings. This is no different from having a bible in your home. This creates a subliminal tie in. I do know since my last article “the Holy Bible, a Book of Jewish Witchcraft”; I was very aware of the magnitude of this article and given it hits at their most sensitive secrets, root, and their total bulwark, through Satan, we have exposed them.

  8. It's funny because unlike American wannabe commies, I can actually imagine myself taking the communists in 1917 rather seriously. Especially because American wannabe communists are soft ridiculous soyboys who actually put the Soviet Union to shame and make Stalin and other Soviet leaders turn in their graves

  9. Wait, he owns stocks, but is against capitalism? I don't care if you're communist, but holy shit that's probably the biggest contradiction ever.

  10. "Make out, not war."

    That is not how the saying goes and not how it should ever go. I'm for world peace too, but that sticker makes me laugh.

  11. 5:55 Why are those people not being arrested?
    18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any political subdivision therein. We can't possibly survive if laws are not enforced!!

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