American Caregiver Association Reviews

As the National accrediting body for caregivers the American caregiver Association takes great pride in the courses we offer to the public and When caregivers finish a course we want honest feedback from caregivers about what they think of our courses here is some of the feedback We’ve received It gives me the knowledge of how to care for the elderly It also taught me how to control stress and how to handle any resident Priska You know ken wah I learned a lot of things that I was unaware of taking this course has taught me new things that will be extremely helpful I’m very satisfied with your services o year can be bore it was very enjoyable I found the material thorough and complete. I learned a lot, and I found that I remembered a lot from the past It was great Rena Marie Sims this has been very helpful in covering a broad range of topics it also Helped me identify areas where I would like to gain a deeper understanding Marsha King this course helped me a lot. I fully understand my duties and responsibilities It gives me a deeper perspective of my job as a caregiver this course also provided me a better understanding Of the behavioral patterns of the aging person all of the information will help me do my job more effectively will not obey. Oh I Really liked it the NCCC course provided a lot of insight to some things that I didn’t know Valerie Roberts, it was informative and easy to understand Mary F Chiu it was great and very much needed Patrice Wilson I love the NCCC course very much. I learned lots of technical terms and skills from the manual Maria ACA certified since 2012 very informative and useful Dennis crane AC a certified July 2016 it was encouraging it renewed a lot of things that I forgot about and that people take for granted I need to know them Julie Harris ACA certified since 2013 I Really liked it because I learned how to treat the elderly with respect and value them not only based on their age But their personality, I learned how to listen and courage and improve the lives of residents each day joyce sarah ACA certified and joe by 2016 we appreciate all the wonderful feedback that ACA certified caregivers have provided over the years and look Forward to much more to come we truly value your input and will continue to be the leading caregiver certifying organization that you’ve all come to know if you have any questions about caregiver certification please visit our website at WWF Champion org or call us at Become a caregiver. Caregiver certification. How to become a caregiver. National caregiver certification only $79


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