AMERICA! (Communist Food Reviews: Mini Episode 3)

hello everyone welcome back to another episode of communists food reviews as you can tell it's the fourth of July for this Independence Day I've decided to get some American themed foods and try them out so I have to cuz I couldn't find anything else I tried to get the red white and blue pancakes from Denny's but unfortunately they don't have them anymore so it's just these two items Captain Crunch and Mountain Dew let's try them out strange stuff like everything we reviewed so far has been a cereal or a soda is it just a common occurrence yeah like America alright that should be enough pour in our bleach delicious you know I'll just drink the rest now let's try the actual cereal there's nothing special about it at all this tastes like normal Captain Crunch not even the fruity stuff it's just Captain Crunch with a different color nice job you scammed me Captain Crunch first lucky now you what's next the Trix rabbit whatever good taste I'd give it definite Putin but because it's a scam I'm just gonna say to Donald Trump let's try the Mountain Dew now so that actually brought something new to the table Liberty brew Mountain Dew it's delicious you know they could have just called it red white and do or do si they honestly actually never mind just scratch the last one that was retarded anyway said that is pretty good I give that Putin pretty good I hope you all enjoyed this video remember to spread communism my comrades if you're a capitalist kill yourself


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