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Hello everyone, and welcome to the next episode of ‘Ask Evan’, the only ask series on YouTube where you ask legitimate questions and I answer with illegitimate puns if you haven’t noticed yet, my voice is a bit shot also I’m looking very different ’cause I’m a bit tan and I haven’t slept in two days because I just got off my flight this morning but got to keep to that schedule man consistency, got a YouTube video coming out today You guys asked me questions on Twitter so I decided to answer them let’s go ‘Do you have any recommendations on small YouTubers to watch?’ Yeah, Emma Blackery is like probably around 5’2 she’s probably the smallest YouTuber I know ‘Any embarrassing stories from VidCon 2016?’ Yes, so when I was at this party, I’d had quite a nice amount of wine, I was enjoying myself and I ran into someone that I obviously recognised, uh, his name is iDubbbz on the internet except, he’s closely associated with this other YouTuber who’s name is Filthy Frank and so for some reason, everytime I ran into iDubbbz, I kept referring to him as Filthy Frank and I was like ‘I love your vids, Filthy Frank.’ ‘Filthy Frank, Filthy Frank.’ and then eventually he was like ‘GOD DANG, YOU KNOW I’M NOT FILTHY FRANK. I’M IDUBBBZ’ and I was like ‘Aw man, I knew that. I’m just messing with you man, just a prank bro. j-just a- just like your, yeah, vids. um, I’m pretty sure that he didn’t buy that so that- that was great good at ma- good at making impressions! Evan Edinger, good job! I bet he dubz me a great, funny guy! ‘What’s the longest time you’ve ever been single?’ Like right now basically It’s been eight years since I’ve had an actual girlfriend and not just someone that I’ve just been dating, so I mean, I’m living it. I’m living the dream as you could say. I’m in a relationship with YouTube so it takes up all my time ‘Thoughts on Scotland leaving the UK to stay in the EU?’ Honestly, it makes sense. Their entire country voted to stay so it would be undemocratic for them to be forced out of something that they don’t want to do If Scotland leaves the UK to stay in the EU, I wouldn’t blame them. What would EU do? ‘Have you caught someone stealing your content before?’ I mean, it’s YouTube. Whenever anyone tries to “steal” content, I always try and think about it in the way of it is just a website where people are uploading videos of whatever they want to do on the internet so if someone has a similar idea, that’s okay. Sometimes people have an incredibly similar idea to a tee and that’s okay, as long as they have their own spin on it, I mean, that’s what tags are for that’s what loads of different types of videos are for it’s just, one time I did notice that some YouTubers literally like ripped the tags off of my video to try and get their own like more views and it was just a bit shameful and embarrassing and I was like ‘why? I thought we- w-w-why would you do that? That’s like very, you know, 2010 eh, and that’s when it like I feel like YouTube becomes more of a “competition” and less of a friendly just having fun on the internet thing. I don’t like that. I’m, now my reaction was I, you know, I did a shady indirect that’s about it I mean I’m not gonna get involved in that, people can do what they want but at that point when I was that happening, I was like I-I mean I lost respect for those people because of that thing but otherwise I mean, like I said, I’m enjoying what I’m doing, if someone wants to copy me, that means that something that I’m doing is right! so, hooray! ‘What is your favourite body part and why?’ I love the organ in my mouth, the tongue you know, I didn’t ever think I’d say the sentence ‘I love the organ in my mouth.’ the- *laughs* sounds gross! I’m now also now imagining like a piano organ just ug-ug-ug-ah don’t gif that ‘What starter did you choose in Pokémon Go?’ I went with Charmander, what can I say, he’s a- he’s a charmer that was really bad, I’m not on fire okay, let’s stop. ‘Do you have a go-to pun?’ no, but I’ve got a go-t one pun I-I kid? oh man, we’re just, we’re going downhill here, I mean I should just stop, what am I- ah! In seriousness, no I don’t really like having a pun prepared ’cause I don’t think that makes you funny, that’s just someone that knows how to memorise jokes that’s not actually funny, I like making up new ones on the fly But if people are like demanding, ‘oh come on! You’re clownfish *claps* -to tell a funny joke, you’re funny!’ then I just pull one from my pun poster. ‘Any travels planned?’ I just got back this morning, I’m not thinking about travelling at all, I know I have some stuff on my calendar for the next two, three months but I don’t want to think about it, I’m just trying to think of staying in the same place despite the fact that I have to move out of this flat by the end of the month and that is my main stresser, I have to design a lot of merch and I have to move out of my flat, all in this month and have a sick birthday party! ’cause that’s also the end of the month Hopefully everything’s done by then ‘How much do you think about the girl with the eyeliner though?’ If you don’t know this because you don’t follow me on Twitter, about two weeks ago I tweeted this story about how when I was on my flight to California, there was this girl in front of me that had the best eyeliner I’ve ever seen like I was in awe, I don’t know how she did it especially on a plane but when she got off, I was just like oh my god! I felt like it changed my world view! Just seeing her face and being like- I wanna know how- you know- how to get those skills, I- when I’m doing, you know, beauty videos, as I do all the time but either way, as soon as she left, it left me with a huge hole in my chest because I’ll never see that face again, those eyes and the eyeliner- ah! I was heartbroken ‘How many Pokémon have you caught?’ I mean I’ve caught like, over two hundred but if you’re talking about like, different Pokémon, probably around sixty. ‘What’s your favourite fast food place?’ I mean, I don’t really like eating fast food and the funny thing is, since I was in America for the last two weeks, I had to eat fast food a lot, and I say “had to”, I didn’t really have to but that’s always a place that’s open when it’s late and you’re hungry and I definitely went to Jack-in-the-box one too many times which was one time I for six dollars, got a grilled cheese cheese burger which is a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger and like the salad on top like that, just oozing thing with two tacos, french fries, curly fries and a soda six dollars- how?! I don’t- I had to eat it in one sitting and I just- oh, I felt so bad-I- Why? Why is that a thing? Why is it so cheap? That’s why America is so fat. but I think I like Five Guys occasionally uh, if I had to have fast food, I love Panera Bread, Panera Bread is my jam but they don’t have that in the UK. In the UK, I don’t really have a favourite fast food place ’cause there’s not many to choose from and I don’t really like any of them. which is probably good for my health to be honest ‘Tips for beginner travellers?’ Don’t fall into a cactus, I mean, I think that’s pretty simple ‘When are we having our next vigil?’ So, I just had a meet up yesterday in Philadelphia and it’s a nice group of people, we’re sitting in the park next to a statue of George Washington, you know, super American and this woman starts walking towards us with like a clipboard and everyone knows what that means, she’s gonna ask us all to do some survey and it’s gonna take minutes and- we don’t really want to deal with that and so she comes towards us and she’s like, ‘Hey, hey- oh, are you guys- are you guys busy? Are you doing something?’ and I went ‘It’s a vigil’ and she was like- ‘Oh!’ and she just walked away and everyone just started laughing and I stood there and I was like ‘Oh, I mean we were dressed way to casual for a vigil’ and I was like ‘we’re a vi-chill’ You know what, it worked at getting this survey person away okay, so don’t judge me we, we had a moment of silence as well for my absolutely terrible pun ‘How do you like your eggs?’ Well I usually like them scrambled ’cause I hate the yolk a lot but in a recent travel video I did with my friend Morgan was eating over-easy eggs by dipping like, her toast into the yolk and kind of soaking up that way and when I made fun of her for that, turns out a lot of you guys also do it that way maybe I’m crazy, I’ve never seen that happen before but maybe I should try that ’cause that way, the yolk is kind of being eaten but also not just drinking it- ugh, that’s gross. ‘and that’s no yolk!’ did you want an egg pun? there it is, okay? ‘How do you like your tea?’ I usually like my tea pretty strong like I leave the teabag in and then like after three minutes of steeping, I put the milk in I like it to be like, just that perfect colour of brown, like not too milky and not- not enough milk, just- you know, the perfect English breakfast or Earl Grey ‘What is your religion? Do you have one at all?’ I mean, if you’ve been watching my videos for way too long of a time, you’ll know that, for the most part, I am Christian. I don’t really like talking about it that much. mostly because it’s like of like- uh- a lot of stuff revolving around politics I don’t like talking about something that I don’t have a lot of knowledge in because at this point I’ll be saying things and people will be asking me as if i’m an expert on the topic like it you’re like ‘Oh, well, what about if this person dies and why do you think this and- I don’t have all the answers at all. I have barely any of the answers and therefore I’m not the person to ask questions to and I’m not some expert in the field and so, when it comes to religion and stuff like that, I personally believe what I believe. I don’t push my beliefs on anyone else and I think that’s the way it should be that’s the way I like it uh- I’m also not as good at practising it ’cause you know, it’s like a game, you’ve got to practise a lot to get better I guess at being Christian or any other religion um- I used to pray pretty regularly I haven’t in a while. I’ve been to church once since coming to England it’s definitely England’s fault um- the church was, you know, a bit weird but, I don’t know, I just a- I think it’s because I’m so busy that I haven’t had a lot of time so, that’s it, I know that a lot of Christians are gonna be upset, a lot of other people are going to be confused, but, like I said, I think religion is definitely important to each person in their own lives and if it’s important to you, good! If it’s not then that’s okay. As long as you’re not judging anyone else for what they believe in or what they don’t believe in and you’re not pushing your beliefs, I think that’s totally good. Religion’s good for every person or not, it’s really up to you and if you’ve managed to make it this far into the video then, thank you very much for watching, I really appreciate it. I hope you’ve liked the video uh- because I haven’t really slept in thirty six hours, as soon as I’m done filming, filming this and editing it and uploading it and giving it to you, I’m going to try and stay off the jet lag, stay awake a bit more catch more Pokémon on Pokémon Go, which is convenient because I live right next to a river and therefore trying to get that Zucchini, try to get all those Magikarp uh- and then I’m gonna finally go to sleep, I’m so excited, I’m gonna sleep for like twelve hours, anyway, thanks for watching again, I hope to see you guys next week for a bit of a personal video if you haven’t yet, you can subscribe, you can do that, it’s fun. Videos every Sunday, yada-yada but anyway, uh, yeah, thanks! see you guys then, goodbye! what if I just fall asleep right now? just gonna stay here like i’m not gonna get up i’m not gonna edit, just gonna- no, I’ve gotta play Pokémon Go Hello! what is this? is this like a half dab? I’m just dabbling in this and I’m just not doing well *laughs*

  1. and btw evan, dont worry about not going to church. God made the earth not churches, therefore simply experiencing the world is like going to church but either way, god doesnt take attendance

  2. As an atheist living in America, it's like a breath of fresh air to know there are religious people like you.

  3. You should go to Hope City Church! I live in Australia and we've just had Dave Gilpin (the pastor) speak at a conference. You will not regret it!!!!!

  4. This is just a word of advise not anything aggressive or me having a go at you in any way, Evan living your life with God is so much easier if you find yourself a church that you are comfortable in and find other Christians to talk to you and encourage you to keep walking with the Lord. This has been my own experience but I have been very fortunate to have found a Church where I am comfortable in and have a great Christian community around me. But all in all God bless and I am very glad that you are a Christian and that you do still want to continue in your walk with God.

  5. I'm from St. Louis and we call it St. Louis Brea company or Just the bread company
    So when you said Panera
    I was like no it's the bread company get it right
    The headquarters is in Missouri so they are everywhere

  6. Wait, you're a Christian!!!!!!!! Heck yeah!!!! I always love finding out that random YouTubers that I've watched for a while are Christian.

  7. When I saw the title I was sure this would be another YouTuber I look up to talking about how much they hate religion and religious people. I'm so glad that's not the case 😊 I feel all fuzzy

  8. I was sure he was religious, cus at sitc 2015 I brought in headbands to wear and Dodie wore a deer one and Evan had a devil one and he didn't wear it! When I watched the video back I thought he must be religious, cus he didn't put the devil horns on for the pic he just pretended to.

  9. I know you probably won't see this, but if you do, this is the church whose sermons I listen to when I can't attend my own. I really like the speakers, and their philosophy.

  10. "Its definitely englands fault" you haven't gone to church, I used to think like that but really the only thing in the way to jesus is yourself

  11. Tfw when the majority of the comments are Christians acting like their persecuted and have it so hard even though their the biggest religion on the planet.

  12. Also, you look great for not having slept for 36 hours. Like, I get past 16 and I look like… you can just tell that I need sleep and soon XD

  13. It's not about what you do (church and prayer) it's about what He's already done for you (lovingly died to protect you from eternal damnation).

  14. I personally am not religious because I want to feel like I am inchrge of my life and what I do instead of someone who may or may not exist if that makes sense. (I'm not trying to offend anyone this is just me)

  15. I'm kind of late but, I'm christian and I kinda understand what you mean. Like, I am christian but that doesn't mean I know all of the answers & since I'm away at college, practicing christianity is difficult. I pray pretty regularly but I don't go to church (I go to school in LA & come from a small town so idek where to go). Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm happy there's someone that's kinda the same as me.

  16. the whole point of being a christian is to be a deciple of Jesus and convert as many people as you can so if you are christian you should try to "push your beliefs" on people but not in an off-putting manner

  17. That might sound good, but, saying its ok is also in the same sense as condemning people. We aren't serving the same God as the main-stream media and hollywood portrays.

  18. Fake Christians give real Christians a bad name. Real Christians just want to see as many people saved as possible.

  19. no such thing as a bad or good Christian, if you believe Jesus died for your sins and accept Him as your savior, you're saved. every Christian sins, besides jesus, of course. we are all equals, no christian is above another

  20. evan, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is that no one is supposed to know all the answers,… if we did, we'd be God! ignorance is bliss On some things

  21. Wait you have never dipped your toast in yolk with the white part (my mind is blanking I forgot what it's called xD) DO YOU EVEN LIVE BRO? That's like my favourite breakfast with some rich tea and tea finger biscuits (finger biscuits sound strange but there just a very vertical biscuit, you mainly get in tesco…..Every little helps..)

  22. I'm a Christian!! I also have a girlfriend. I'm also transgender! Cuz God made me like this, and he didn't make a mistake!

  23. I hate religion but I don't hate religious people, bc well it's over generalizing to just hate a whole group of people based on their beliefs. I'm an athiest and I would hate if Christians did that to me (well I mean, they do actually but not all)

  24. Evan repent. From what you said your not really a Christian. Your luke warm. Jesus died for a reason and when He was on the cross He didn't say it was good for those also who didn't believe. You claim to believe in Him yet your words testify that you don't really even know Him.
    Your reading this I know because The Lord has sent you to. The One in whom you claim to believe.

  25. My friend came to school today with cactus 🌡 socks and making egg puns so I called him Evan and introduced him as Mr Edinger

  26. 3:09 "I'm not on fire."
    when he says that there's some text in the bottom right corner saying, "don't you dare"


    Take Dan's branding since he is now Daniel Howell

  27. I've heard churches in Europe can be kinda terrible and impersonal or really great when you find the right one! But I know it can be so helpful to find a church you like in your area. I would encourage getting plugged in with a church community even in London just to have other Christians around to support you and help you grow your relationship with God πŸ™‚ Try not to focus so much on being a good Christian cause it's mostly an empty pursuit, but more on that personal relationship with Jesus. I know for me it helps me have joy and a better perspective when I focus on being close to God and acknowledging his love for us in order to better extend it to others πŸ™‚ Hope all is well ❀

  28. I am literally sosososo happy for Evan.

    I just started following him so learning that we share the same beliefs and that he is a roLE MODEL and good example for tolerant Christians out there. As one myself, you know I usually get those comments like "Well if you're Christian….." but I'm so glad that he said what he said πŸ™‚

  29. God always has time for you! He made you, so he knows how busy you are, what goes on in your life, and how hard it is to juggle everything. It just takes planning, I guess. Like planning time for YouTube! It's not a job, it's a relationship! God wants a relationship with you πŸ’•

    (Literally preachin' to the choir rt now lol thanks)

  30. I hate it when people say β€œI’m Christian” like that can literally mean so many things. Catholic? Christian. Baptist? Christian. Church of Christ? Christian. You get what I’m saying?

  31. Same. I don't pray that much, haven't gone to church since like… I dunno, 2014? I support stuff that are, I guess, "sins" and I remember reading the bible… but I don't remember anything from it. So yeah, I'm a good Christian πŸ˜€

  32. I love your videos. They are so well done! If you do want to ask questions more about Christianity, I'm all ears. I hope you continue uploading videos because they are awesome. And I'll be praying for the job situation.

  33. Hey Evan, I've been really enjoying marathoning some of your videos πŸ™‚ you have a great attitude I feel, very chill where you need to be, very serious where you need to be. Thanks for making videos for us πŸ™‚

  34. The UK is a pretty secular country, so it’s not suprising. Even most religious people are not early as serious, a lot of Christians will only attend church at Christmas, Easter and the New Year.

  35. I also hate the yoke of the egg so I just separate the yolk from the egg whites throw the yoke out and fry the egg whites 🍳

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