Am I a Media Puppet for the Communists?

well good evening everybody and welcome to a very special live stream which is actually just a very special video and it's all about the question am i a puppet a media puppet for the communist government in China I hope to answer this question and many more during this live stream and of course at the end there will be a Q&A but until then we're just going to get started so for some of you you may know that I was on TV a short while ago and what happened was one second what happened was I basically as you can see over here was part of a big promotion piece for Schengen which is the city that I of course have been living in for the last 13 and 1/2 years of my life and this the gist of this show was they were showing how Schengen is a special kind of a city and it's the kind of city that it doesn't matter what your background is it doesn't matter where you're from if you come to shinjin you basically welcome and you are part of the city and so they have a saying in Chinese the Schengen government made it up it says Lila Shenzhen Joseph Shung Gendron which means very directly translated if you come to Schengen you are a Schengen person or shinden resident and I mean it's very obvious if you go to change and the demographics there are so widely you know spread out I know for most foreigners going to China you come to Shinji and you're like oh look look at all the Chinese people over here but at the end of the day what you're seeing is you're seeing a huge mix of people from all over China the local population in changing the actual natives are so small they're insignificant they're sort of around ten thirteen percent of the population and it is a massive massive population so that's the whole point of the show that I was on this this thing is playing over here is they kind of wanted to show that even foreigners can come to Schengen and make it their home and of course they used me as an example and I've been used as an example for Schengen for many many years not just you know this time around I've been on TV in Schengen for years I mean probably about four or five times over the years I do have the footage I could dig it up but I'm not going to do that for the purpose of this evening however I have also appeared a lot in the local in the local newspapers both the English newspaper in fact I've appeared so often in the local English newspaper in Shenzhen that the editor when I was invited to one of their events called me aside and said listen I don't know what we can do because you're you're like you've been in our newspaper more than any other foreigner ever and it seems like every time we get a new reporter they start looking around for foreigners that they can interview in Shenzhen and they always find you and the editor go was actually saying you know I'm really getting tired of seeing your face and I don't blame him because I've been in that local English newspaper probably around 16 or 17 times over the years which is ridiculous but it's not only the english-language newspaper I have also been in the Chinese language newspapers as well so it's just one of those things people are saying the the video is choppy that sucks at shouldn't be choppy it looks fine on my end you can never figure out these things I'm testing out a new live stream system as I'm sure you notice let me try to switch over to a different camera and then we'll see okay see if it focuses is that better I hope so anyway let's just continue the fact I have been in the local press so often in Shenzhen and not only Shenzhen in other publications around the country as well and I'm very often used as an example of how easy it is for foreigners to come and integrate and to make a life in China or in Shenzhen but it's actually a lie it's a lie because it's not easy especially it's never been easy for me in fact because of my nationality South African it's been incredibly difficult I have had to fight tooth and nail to stay in China and in fact most people in my position would have given up a very very long time ago so it's one of those weird kind of situations where they use me as an example for something that I'm not anyway the whole purpose behind this video is back in the day when I first started making my videos on YouTube about China I would very often be accused of being a spy a Chinese spy okay it's kind of weird it goes both ways and I'd have a lot of people accusing me of being overly positive about China and telling me what are you doing living in that shithole it's a terrible place with all these terrible human rights violations and it's you know use you're saying everything's fine there but it's not you're obviously paid by the communist government and you know this is the kind of narrative that would go on in my in in the comment sections of my videos and it still does today if somebody comes across one of my videos and they think it's a bit too positive about China I will get that kind of nonsense in the comment section but you see I have come from a country where you can do absolutely nothing about the politics a country that is quite literally falling down around my ears and it's the kind of place where if you try to do anything about the politics all you end up doing is putting your life in ruin and misery and so I took that same attitude with me to China of course in China there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about the politics other than to discuss it if they want to and only if you're Chinese if you're a foreigner and you tried to start discussing politics it's it's a fast track out of the country basically so especially if you have an internet presence like mine talking about politics is probably the stupidest thing you can do it's about the same as sticking your hand in a blender while it's running and then injecting the wound with cyanide it's really just a bad idea so that's why especially earlier on in my videos because I was working so hard to stay in China and it's such a difficult task to do long term especially with my nationality I've stayed completely away from anything political and I focused on my daily life which is something I still do focused on the positives of living in China which there are many although I'm going to be frank and honest these days a lot of those positives have gone away due to the change in the regime and just the change in the attitude towards foreigners and so on and so forth now let's see if we can get back to this camera and see if it's actually going to be okay so like I said I was accused very often of being sort of a shill for the communist government or a shill for China and I really do have to just point out that that has never really been the case and this is so frustrating I prepared this thing with all the articles looks like it's going to remain choppy let's just try sorry this see if it's better so anyway hmm the answer to the question of this video am i a puppet a media puppet for the Chinese communist government the answer to that is absolutely not no no never have been in fact my interaction with the government in China has been very minimal the few times that I have interacted with the government it's usually because I'm doing a job for them and another thing you have to understand about China is it's not like the government government every city in every provincial level has its own sort of government and its own bosses and its own guanxi or connections as they call it so what happens is for instance Schengen the Schengen government likes me very much I know this for a fact because they keep getting me on TV they keep asking me to be a part of you know all these different events and things like that I get a lot of invitations which I've turned down and a lot of things that I have done and they like me because I've always shown the rest of the world what Schengen is really like and I honestly do believe personally no bullshit that Schengen is the best city in China and from from many many many different aspects not just the fact that it's been my home for the last 13 and a half years I've traveled extensively through China and although there are definitely parts of China that are more beautiful as far as landscape is concerned Schengen has always been the best city to live in simply because of its young population all the technology stuff that I enjoy the proximity to Hong Kong etc etc you've all heard me talk about this before I'm not going to rehash it but so they do like me and so I honestly do believe that they always are the ones that step in and stop me from being kicked out because there have been quite a few campaigns especially of late there is a massive campaign of these ultra-nationalists trying to get me deported out of China there are forums and there are videos online of people teaching you know basically you get these um head nationalists okay please warm our we call them wool mal dung which means the 50-cent army and they go and they make a forum post and they'll say this white pig is making China look bad let's get him out of here and everyone will be like yeah what can we do and then the head guy will take screenshots and explain to them oh go here on YouTube click here click report click this put in this information do this do that in the next here's a VP and use the VPN so you can do it and then they say go to this government website where you can report spies so go to the the spy reporting website and go there and click here at this type this etc etc so they have these sort of Brigade in campaigns against me and the most that's ever resulted in is the police kind of contacting me and saying hey you know we've got all these people complaining about you what is it that you're doing and I explained to them what I'm doing and then they're like okay well you're not a spy so then they've let it go it's still not nice to have the police coming knocking on your door talking about this mind you but at the end of the day they're not stupid and they're not at least well hmm they may be stupid sometimes but they don't normally jump without a huge reason the problem is the shift at the moment is making it worse because China is now closing up and when I say closing up I mean closing up as in they are looking inward they are strengthening strengthening themselves within their borders by saying things like that foreigners really are trying to take advantage of us Chinese you know and the trade war thing with America is not helping the arrest of the Huawei CFO chronal woman doesn't help because they arrest her and all of a sudden you've hurt the feelings of the Chinese people we're going to go and arrest every single Canadian that we think will be important and you know that the arbitrary arrests of these Canadians is a worry and you can see China very often has a knee-jerk reaction which results in foreigners being used as retaliatory tools and so at the moment when the 50 cent armies are getting together and trying to Brigade against people like myself it can have real-world repercussions at the moment and it's simply because of the the environment that's going on at the moment and see milk and I are going to talk about this probably next week we're going to have a special livestream dedicated to what's going on in Canada because one of the two high-profile people that were detained and disappeared is somebody that we know personally somebody that we've dealt with and who we've you know we know quite well and so it's very worrying what's going on with the whole Canada thing but we'll discuss that in detail probably next week sometime so keep an eye on our our channels to find out when that's going to happen anyway the reason I bring that up is we have a very strange situation we have the Nationalists which are being egged on by the government by the way and by society that's basically they feel like they're doing the right thing they're being told they're doing the right thing by being nationalist and loving China and looking out for China's interests and so they feel very emboldened to continue to attack people like myself online and offline they try their best to disrupt my life and destruct to stir up my family's life etc but then at the same time last week I'm on the national TV as part of a big fluff piece for you know CCTV 2 which is national by the way so everybody in the country sees it must have driven the wool mouse crazy when they saw me on TV because you know they hate me so much so to see me on TV and their grandmothers watching me and stuff must have really you know rub them in the wrong way and they're probably going to double down on their efforts now I can tell you that much anyway so the reality of the situation here is that you've got as two sides both accusing me of being a puppet for the other you've got all the Nationalists from overseas the foreigners saying that I'm trying to make China look good and I'm excusing all the human rights violations etc which by the way I don't I I find them appalling I find it absolutely appalling what's going on in China especially of late they've been a lot of things that have been happening which are terrible but once again I come from a background where when you try to do something about these specific instances remember I'm not an American citizen I don't have a government who would be willing to pull my ass out of the fire if I was put in a blackhole Detention Center somewhere and I don't have a consulate that would even visit me because the South African consulate is quite frankly the most useless out of any nation in the world I'm guessing you know honestly so if I get involved in these things it's a one-way ticket to hell you know that's why I don't get involved in the human rights type stuff in China never have and probably never will and that's it probably you know and on the other side I get called by the Chinese nationalists somebody who hey more John Guare which means to ink black China that's my job is I ink black China and I make money out of making China look bad that's their their funny little thing that they're going on about all the time which isn't true I talk about my life and this is why you can trust what I say in my videos because I talk about what affects my life that's how I do things I don't talk about the politics that I can't change but I will bitch and moan when something starts to affect my life in a very negative way so for instance if I am going to bars and the bars are being raided by the police to try and catch foreigners on drugs I'm gonna moan about it it's not me trying to make China look bad it's just what's going on you know that sort of thing if the pollution is particularly bad I will moan about it you know however if something is good I will say it's good and I will talk about the good stuff so you see I pretty much have well I'm between a rock and a hard place here I've got two sides accusing me of being something that I'm not but I can guarantee you and I know that most of my viewers know that I am not loyal to either side I am definitely a westerner I'm married to a Chinese and I've been living in China for longer than longer than anyone who's 13 years old has been alive and that's a long time I really wanted to show you all the articles I don't know why this isn't processing it properly but I lined up a whole bunch of article I will try and show them to you in the future but I did line up a massive amount of articles of all like ranging back all the way from 2006 is the first one all the way up until now so you can see that I've been actively part of the media and parts of things like that in Schengen for pretty much the entire time I've been there so anyway that is really it that is the be-all and the end-all I don't to keep repeating myself so what we're going to do guys is we're going to have a short one or two minute intermission and as soon as I'm back I'm going to answer some super chat questions so please get them ready and I'll be back shortly look at that view I can and I will for a long time even though I'm very hot and I'm dying this is a pretty spectacular it's fantastic down there and we are look at this guy props to him must be very hard good job awesome collect man Sierra that's crazy welcome back everybody so it's going to be time to answer some questions so please if you have a question I'll be answering super chat questions first but I will also answer some normal questions too because I don't like to be exclusionary give me a second here to switch over okay so hmm Daniela asks can you make discord server please Daniela I actually do have a discord server but because I'm not familiar with how it works I have not actually you know figured things out yet it's quite simple all right Justin said Justin Humphries did you hear what happened to Chyna non-stop yes I did hear what happened to him and I've warned him for years I do know him I've never met him personally but you know from the very beginning of my channel Chyna non-stop for those of you who don't know is a French guy he lives in Changsha and he makes sort of very poor quality videos where he just whips out a phone and films himself randomly talking about it a subject and then turns it off he's been doing this for years he's got a huge amount of videos and I tried to involve him in some collaborations years ago but he refused to edit his videos and he refused to put any effort into what he did so he never really made the cut and he act hated my guts and so he's made a bunch of videos ranting about me and he also did some you know silly things back in the day by leaving comments in my videos you know saying like don't check out my channel I make better videos about China you know that kind of nonsense so we've never really seen eye-to-eye anyway he started to make some very critical videos about China I warned him to chill out and the worst thing is is that he in his video showed where he works and where he lives you know he would film inside his apartment he'd film outside so people could read the signs he would film in and around his his school the university that he taught now that's the biggest mistake because something you should know about the Chinese 50-cent army is that they love the Internet and they can do nothing to you in real life because they're cowards but if they find out where you work oh that's the end of you I'm afraid so a guy did find out by watching his videos and spread the information online to his other 50 cent army and what happened was the university got phone calls from these internet trolls saying that he makes these critical videos about China and he lost his job in fact he didn't only just lose his job he got called in to the Public Security Bureau because what happens is like I said each city has their own sort of provincial level government etc and city level government so he got called in and they were obviously concerned and you have to also bear in mind that it depends on the city that you live in and where you live in how things are going to go down but basically what happened is they took his passport away and told him he has to make positive videos about China if he wants his passport back so he made a bunch of fake positive videos about China and then they told him he has to stop making videos about China and they didn't renew his visa and so he had to leave China so he lost his job he lost his life he's married and has a kid etc in China but he lost everything and had to go back to France that's what happened to him and it's tragic and it's a very good fall warning to anyone like myself in my position to never reveal where you work or where you live in your videos because China is kind of one of those places that you can have real-world repercussions if you're not careful all right let's see what the next question is quite a few here give me a second people keep asking me about Chongqing and if I've made videos I haven't made videos and I've only briefly been through Chongqing on one of my motorcycle trips a years and years and years ago my impression was at that time that it was incredibly polluted but bear in mind that this has changed it's now one of the top rising cities in China and I do believe that you will have a lot of opportunity there and there's a lot of good things about Chongqing that I've heard about so I think it's a good choice I still think Shenzhen is better okay let's see slow Fox asks is my wife a doctor yes she is she's a GP I don't know if I've told you this before but she works in the medical profession as a doctor hmm Jamie D any plans for future documentaries absolutely I am planning on doing another documentary just like stales in China except in the third tier cities and you know so stay awesome China was in the first tier city so you got to see the best of China the best of the best we want to go to the more smaller towns smaller cities and take it from there but I am going to wait for this whole Huawei bullshit situation to run its course because right now if I were to be filming a documentary in a town somewhere with the current sort of attitude towards foreigners I think it would land me in a lot of trouble and probably just not be worth it so I'm gonna wait for that all to finish we're gonna see what happens I'm keeping a very close eye on the situation because this is what's ruining it for foreigners right now and I'm not blaming Canada by the way I'm blaming blaming the way the Chinese government is responding to this situation they're taking the arrest of this you know company person as if it's a slight on the whole of China and Canada has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people I'm so sick and tired of this it seems so easy to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people these days anyway all right like I said see milk and I gonna do a special video all about this so I'm not going to get into that anymore but that's when I'll do another documentaries when that whole thing's blown over someone says well you and Sasha be coming to the USA to stay that is the plan of course it's not possible to do it full-time long term because of my nationality but I am doing this thing with sea milk we're setting up a company as a lot of you know already and we'll be basing ourselves out of San Diego and Seche is going to come and live with me here at least for two or three years of course flying back and forth out of China all the time in various different places too okay hmm will I be in Shenzhen in January 2020 yeah I mean that's the plan like I said I will be going back and forth but it all depends on what's going to happen with this huawei case okay George says he complains about the sideburns yeah well I did get rid of them in my last video but look they grew back already see doesn't take long that took like three days so they're kind of a part of me and have been I probably got the longest running sideburns in history because if I go back and look at my pictures from when I was like 19 I've got the same sideburns so they've been they've been permanently attached okay what's next are they going to make everyone even you use a social credit system no foreigners won't be part of the social credit system because China refuses to allow foreigners to become part of the social system you cannot get a Chinese ID card so you know foreigners already at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the social system there anyway try buy a house see what happens try get a driver's license see what happens try to you know take a train see what happens you always have to jump through extra hoops as a foreigner and the whole point of this social credit system is to punish people so if they do bad things they get punished and how they get punished is they get restricted from using the high-speed rail or restricted from taking plane flights or restricted from buying a house of getting alone well we're already restricted as foreigners we can't get a loan for a house if that's an impossible task you try you try as a foreigner go get a loan from a bank in China not gonna happen okay so we're already at the bottom rung so I wouldn't worry about it what is your opinion of Angola Angola well I'm sure you know that during the the 80s there was a massive sort of border war with Angola and South Africa and I have family members that were fighting in Angola and who had been shot and all this kind of funny stuff so and goal has always kind of been this um this bad place that shoots my family so I don't really know what's going on with Angola these days although in the future we're planning to do an ATV trip through Africa and nowadays I'm pretty sure Angola will be fine probably just have to watch out for landmines in certain areas and stuff we'll see okay let's see how do Chinese people view Hispanics and Latinos you know what I'll be completely honest with you I don't think a lot of Chinese people know the difference between white people and Hispanics and Latinos especially if they've got lighter skin remember most Chinese people I'm talking about like your average everyday run-of-the-mill Chinese person who lives in a small city they don't get exposure to foreigners except for in the movies so when they see a foreigner in real life to them it's difficult to tell the difference and I challenge you if you're a foreigner to quickly see a Korean person a Japanese person in a Chinese person and a Vietnamese person next to each other and tell me the difference you know okay thank you honey Mindi thank you okay Winston you have shown Naomi a few times on your channel do you also like to make electronic gadgets yes actually I do I'm not good at it though you know I've always had a passion for electronics and gadgets and computers and stuff and so I I I've gotten all those like development kits and stuff when I can solder things together and I can make simple circuits and things you know and I've always enjoyed doing that but I always feel like a dumbass because I always run into a problem and I can't really figure it out and so I have to call my friend Pete who's an electronics engineer and ask him how to fix it or how to do it and then he explains it to me in the simplest form and it still makes no sense to me so I kind of you know you have to let that one slide I'll stick to just messing around with computers and stuff okay Dustin said he visited Yunnan Province ten years ago and he said that my videos helped put a lot of things into context do I have any plans to visit Thailand or you know again in the future Thailand for sure through a TV we're going to be doing an ATV Thailand series as well probably you know we're doing Vietnam then we're probably doing India after India we'll do maybe Japan or Thailand or South Korea or something we don't know it all depends on what you guys want at the end of the day as for you none sure definitely I really like you none I like some things about you none I really despise other things okay what is the general opinion of young people in China about Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism uh to be honest I don't think they know much about it depending down in the South people see these traditions and they just kind of take on the family traditions but they don't really understand it very well I know it sounds condescending and weird for me to say something like that but if you want to see Confucianism towers and Buddhism and stuff in practice properly go to Hong Kong or Taiwan because you'll see it correctly there because don't forget not that long ago all of that stuff was completely illegal in China everything was destroyed people were not allowed to practice it so you've got a gap you've got a like a generation gap where nobody knew anything about it and then maybe the old old people know what's going on and maybe some of the younger people are now picking up on it and finding out from the grandparents and stuff but there's that whole generation that just like blank like a blank slate okay what is the circumference circumference of the earth in miles I have no idea sorry look it up ask Siri okay what else is going on here um doing a day trip from Hong Kong to she's changing media what are some good places to visit I actually have a series called shinjang what to do and it kind of it's it's crappy I did it ages ago but if you look at it it will still give you some good spots definitely go to DOM then go to the Civic Center it's got that huge like incredible building in fact you know there's a place called Lotus Hill Park and if you climb to the top of it when I say climb it's not climb you walk up some steps it's not like a huge thing if you get to the top of that you get a beautiful view of the city and you can see all around it's it's fantastic I definitely we suggest that now and of course quad jump a fall the electronic stuff okay can you please say a big hello to Terry and Rodney yes big hello to Terry and Rodney and Heath asked when are you coming back to San Diego hmm let me see now because I'm in San Diego at the moment like I said I'm about to head off to Vietnam though with sea milk in a couple of days but we'll be back and we're planning on having another subscriber meet sometime in the future okay let's see thoughts on Macau any differences with Hong Kong yes yes absolutely Macau is a very different place to Hong Kong it's tiny it's less international and it's all about gambling so if you can think of Las Vegas it's basically the Las Vegas of China or Asia I should say not China of Asia it does belong to China but it's one of those special autonomous regions and you can spend Hong Kong dollars there because although rich Hong Kongers go there and of course because gambling is illegal in mainland China all the mainlanders come to Macau to gamble and also Hong Kong you're not allowed a gamble in Hong Kong except for horse races so they all go there and spend huge amounts of money it's it's crowded I've got a video about it go watch it it's I said it's called the Cal versus Vegas you'll get everything you need to know at that video what about the island disputes in the US Navy yeah you know like I said talking about these kind of political things is not the best idea well I've in my current position but I will say that it's it's just a big piss take really on all sides and I won't get into that at some point I'll get into that at some point okay okay will we be shipping our Churchill bikes to Vietnam see we have a problem the city where I built those bikes and where the bikes are registered has now banned motorcycles you're not allowed to ride them in that city anymore and in fact you're not allowed to re-register them anymore and China has some very draconian rules on vehicle registration right it's incredibly difficult to move the registration to another place and it in fact it's impossible unless you live in that other place and have a residency permit in that other place I guess I goes like for everyone in the world everywhere in the world you can't have to live in a place to register a vehicle but the problem is when they ban it outright and then it expires it's gone you can't just say oh I want to renew this and move it somewhere else they're like sorry that vehicle doesn't exist anymore cos you know the city where it came from you know Lada ride bikes and the same thing with driver's licenses it's weird you know if you want to apply for a motorcycle license you can't unless you live in a small city that still allows motorcycles and then if you're a foreigner you normally can't do it anyway so if you live in a place like jen-jen it's impossible to get a motorcycle license I had to do all sorts of funny under-the-table crap to get mine in China and it cost me a lot of time and a lot of money so we're going to be renting bikes there or buying bikes we haven't 100% decided but probably going to be renting something that's capable of getting us through the whole thing okay let's see what's next is your family considering leaving South Africa if they could they would and it's it's a terrible situation there's very little if nothing to be done about it because the longer you stay in South Africa the less your money is worth the less everything you own is worth the property is worth is worthless and will become worthless when the government comes to take it all away and when you're old like my parents are and they're not like super old but they're in their sixties to try and start a new life somewhere else especially if you don't have a pension because they've run their own business and they've always kind of made their own way it's it's an eye on impossible but I'm trying my best to find a way for them to get out of there you know but it's also a kind of a willing buyer willing seller a situation because you know my parents have built so much there it's hard for them to let it go what's next I made subtitles for your new documentary ah thank thank you very much I really appreciate that hmm okay can you make them make me mod please so I can remove the trolls can you make you well I mean I'm gonna streamline this you see this setup that I'm using here as you can see with these different camera angles and things like that this is a kind of a test this is the first time I'm testing it so I apologize for anything that's been a bit strange but this is going to be the new setup that see milk and I use for kind of a new podcast thing that we're going to be doing for ATV China which will be kind of weekly where we can get into some real tough discussions about some tough subjects etc and at that time we will need moderators so will will talk to you Francis says I'll move to South Korea as an English teacher soon you and Seema have inspired me and I want to make start making videos like you guys do you have any advice yes I do have advice it's gonna be fantastic you're going to love South Korea everybody I've spoken to who work there they love it they do find it a bit monocultural and it does get a bit boring for them from that point of view after a while but they still have a fantastic adventure now if you're going to be a vlogger the most important thing that I've learned over the years is consistency but not only that it's important for you to offer something of value to your viewers I try that all the time I don't always manage to pull that off but if I were to make a video and I start the video saying oh man I'm feeling you know kind of crappy today but you know I did this and I did that if you make it about yourself people don't care I'm not gonna watch it why would somebody watch you if they can watch something on TV you know you have to be offering them some kind of very valuable insight or some advice or something that they can use because that gives people something to watch so they might say oh it's that stupid guy in the suit again but at least you know when he talks about something I can learn a little something so I think that's honestly the best advice I can give you what do young Chinese people like your wife and younger think about the Cultural Revolution it's ignorance it's complete ignorance most of them don't know anything about it because remember bad news doesn't make it into the newspapers in the media in China everything's just kind of you know oh that never happened you know they don't care and rightly so my wife doesn't care I tried to talk to her once or twice before I don't like to discuss these kind of things with my wife but I did once or twice try to talk about it and ask her if she knows what communism is or not just showed her the hammer and sickle and she's like because I was complaining about it you know these hammer and sickle things going up and I'm like do you know with that what that represents she's like I don't know what that is you know we had to learn things about it in school but no one cares and it's it's probably a good attitude to be honest because you can't do anything about anything in China as a normal citizen and if you do try to butter up protests or do anything like that you're just gonna destroy your life and your family's life because they like to do that that whole thing with a they will punish someone's family to get to them so it's just something people don't care about the young people certainly don't care about it and they will only care about it when it's forced down their throat so much that they can't ignore it anymore hmm okay let's see I currently assigned five of your videos as required watching for my freshman engineering design class getting good feedback from the kids and hopefully some will begin following you oh thank you very much Grady that's fantastic I'm super happy to hear that and someone asked what made you choose San Diego's your future HQ that's a good question you know um there was a 2016 I did that whole trip across America in my Corvette from started in Arizona went to the west coast when all the way up the west coast went into Reno over Donna's pass in winter in a Corvette not the smartest thing in the world but I did it anyway and then I went all the way down to New York and I passed through so many different states and I met so many subscribers that's what this flag is all about these are the people that I met on my trip this flags a lot bigger than you can see in frame and signatures up there down there these are all the subscribers I met along the way and it was it was such an amazing trip and I absolutely loved every single place that I went to there's not a single part of America that I went to that I thought was crappy and I mean I even went through Alabama and and you know like down south and I went through Memphis and you know all these different places that I hear a lot of bad things about but I'll be honest with you I absolutely loved it the entire trip but what stood out to me was when I went to San Diego stayed with my friend Gary and he's been in a couple of my videos and it was just so relaxed and so chilled out and you have to understand it when you've been living in China as long as I have it's so hectic and so noisy and so busy and as a young man that's totally fine but as you get a little older that really starts to grate on your nerves and so you know he took me down to the beaches there and we chilled out we went for coffee in the morning on the beach and had a burrito and I was like you know palm trees you know people jogging and playing volleyball I was like you know what this this is this is where I need to be and so that kind of got that idea in my head and on top of that you've got access to Mexico because I plan to do a bunch of videos in Mexico and you've got access to LA where you know all the media stuff is and that's kind of what Cemal can I want to do is we want to keep making documentaries and hopefully expanding so that that's really where the choice came hmm okay mr. J Samuel Steele you have excellent taste in you provide a valuable cultural service for the posted geographical area thank you for your consistent quality content and remember you ain't shit until you have haters thank you I really appreciate that and although it gets me down a lot some somebody reminded me the other day and let's see I saved and I saved this screenshot actually someone reminded me the other day of a Winston Churchill quote which I I do appreciate it if you can see that see if it focuses or not here we go yeah you have enemies good that means you've stood up for something sometime in your life and that kind of keeps me going because I know a lot of people might think ah you know you you're thin-skinned if you keep talking about the haters you know but at the end of the day you have no idea how bad this is because it's real-world stuff the haters in China constantly trying to upset my life like I said they've tried to find my wife at her work before you know they've made these massive Brigade in campaigns to get me deported reporting me as a spy phoning up the police to say that I'm you know doing illegal things and have I'm having the police banging on my door and stuff it's not your average kind of hate where people just leave nasty comments this is like the real deal luckily I have a thick skin and as much as they've tried in fact the harder they try the more I'm apt to continue to do what I do because I will not be silenced by a bunch of you know cowards who rat on me like little like their uncles you know like they're evil uncles anyway would you ever visit North Korea this is a very interesting question and I'm going to answer that next week when I speak with Si milk about the whole Canada thing because it's actually related to that I got something very special to talk to you guys about no question just have a few beers on me mate I promise you that after this livestream I have no beers in the house I promise you I will go out and I will get some beers and I will have them because of you thank you hmm let's see bye see milk some our eyebrows please stay awesome also will you need any vaccinations for your future trips you know I I had a vaccination when I was a kid you know that that little booster shot they give you you know gives you like little dots around and I remember they're now saying to the girls oh it's a flower and saying to the boys that it's like a rocket booster you know like when a rocket takes off it leaves that I remember that very clearly I can't remember it must have been about six five or six or seven somewhere out there that's the only shot I've ever had in my life like vaccine wise I'm still okay I guess I grew up in Africa I was exposed to a lot of crap I used to walk through the bush and stuff you know as a youngster walking along the rivers and things like that exploring in there in the bush felt so I was exposed to a lot I did almost die once from some unknown diseases that I caught while walking around in the bush and they thought it was meningitis after the lumbar puncture and all you know they stick that big needle in your spine I was bloody awful and their guys I was probably about 13 14 at the time when this happened and nobody could figure out what it was so they just basically put me on antibiotics and kept me in the hospital for a couple weeks and I recovered and whatever it was it was nasty but I made it through and I just don't get like sick with these weird things I don't know what it is so I'm just lucky so vaccinations who needs them right especially if you're getting them in China because they'd probably fake anyway see huh 2019 otaku magazine come back oh I mean who knows who knows okay let's see or even see more gonna climb the wall when you go to Mexico you know I was very surprised because I I've been to Mexico now once my friend Dan Dan beard that lives in Arizona I was visiting him and he said let's go for lunch in Mexico and I was like come on man that sounds like such a pain in the ass because especially for someone like myself whenever I go into another country I need visas and stuff right cuz even if I want to go to Canada I need a visa if I want to go to Japan Taiwan all these places I need to go and apply for a visa it takes about a month every time I need to produce all these documents I need to have my plane tickets and my proof of residence and you know proof of bank bank accounts as so I'm like I don't want to even attempt it it's like no no if you've got a visa for the US it's fine and I didn't believe him but he was insistent so we went down and basically we went to Nogales I think it is is that it I don't know how to pronounce that if it's Nogales or something else but we went down there and basically just walked over the border there's like a bag scanner put you back through it you walk over and there's one dude standing there and he looks at you it's like you just walked past no stamps in my passport or anything I was like what the hell's going on here walked into Mexico had lunch in Mexico had a couple beers in Mexico those Tecate beers actually really nice I liked him and walking back you need to kind of scan your thumbprint and they look at your passport and let you back in and I was like this is way too easy because I'm so used to like in China with Hong Kong the Hong Kong border going in and out this massive ordeal which takes forever and is very daunting and very annoying so for me it was like what the hell it's that easy to go to Mexico so we don't need to plan the world we just walk through art of the real I'm on the banner somewhere fantastic me well you're probably off of the screen on that side then and you know it must I must say everybody that met everybody on this banner was freaking awesome it was one of the best experiences of my life doing that trip how are you on a dirt bike will we see them in Baja dude I started riding on a dirt bike dirt bikes on my thing I actually am way better on a dirt bike and I actually have a dirt bike now so hmm I haven't written it yet I've bought it like months ago and I haven't ridden it once but yeah dirt bikes coming up okay there are haters in China but they're all so friendly citizens like me yes you know I keep I have to say this honestly I talk a lot about the haters and these haters do have a lot of effect on my life because they're constantly attacking me but you also have to ask yourself why is it that someone like myself who's constantly under attack and who's constantly moaning about things why is it that I stay in China or stayed in China for thirteen and a half years because although I'll be going back to China a lot it all works out I'm not going to be living there anymore in the future I'll be doing this kind of all these jet-setting adventures with sea milk and doing more documentaries and things in the future but why is it that I stayed for so long and why is it that I still love China because I didn't turn around and just say I hate China why is it that I put up with this crap it's because of the people there you have to understand that although you can't count on them in an emergency pretty much everyone in China will just ignore you if you're being attacked which is a huge downside the family that you make there that's tight those people will help you if you're in part if you're part of a family that's a different story and in society in general it does quite often feel like you're part of a family because it is one big cohesive almost like a like a beehive everybody kind of works together individualism isn't a big thing there and when you're there you kind of feel like a part of that everything kind of works you know and you feel like you're you're part of the The Beehive you're one of the drones you know you're just kind of doing your thing and you're part of everything you're helping everyone else everyone's helping you and it is a nice feeling and the people there are friendly and they are hospitable and there are nice of course you get a lot of bad eggs but you get that everywhere so at the end of the day I can't stand the politics of China especially now I can't stand the haters and the Nationalists which are growing by the day and the stupid policies and things that come out all the time but the people in general are fantastic why do you think I'm married one of them it wasn't out of desperation you know I've married one of them because I fell in love with one of them and because I can appreciate at least her generation the culture and the sort of way things works for all the awesome Chinese people who do watch my stuff like diesel oh is that I say DD Zed L o DZ L oh okay I appreciate you for watching my videos thank you yay skyline skyline cat3 what's up shout out from Nippon alright hopefully see you there one of these days they damn nice to see you alright here's another question my wife and I are considering moving to China to teach English are we crazy to consider this we are Americans early 50s children have grown and I like the idea of adventures yeah you can do it you know don't forget China has a rule that if you're 60 years old you know how to get a work visa anymore so don't plan to long term they have this this rule they're very they don't like old people not just kidding but quite honestly there is a rule that you cannot work you cannot get a work visa if you're 60 I think it's 55 for women and 60 for men there so there is a discrepancy there I can't remember the exact thing but if you're in your 50s early 50s you got a couple of years you can really go and live it up and the cost of living is so low that if you have some money in the bank and if you rent your household or something if you have a house in the US and you rent it out and you get some US dollars in your bank every month you'll be able to support yourself whether you have a job or not of course the visas are the big issues and so you would want a job to get your visa my advice has always been at least these days my advice is if you want to go to China do it but do not plan on long term you will not be able to settle down there and it would be a mistake to invest in property like buying a house I would never suggest that to anyone if you're doing that you're you're a fool because it could get taken away like that because if you're a foreigner and you buy a piece of property or you buy a property there remember it's only a lease it doesn't actually belong to you and you as a foreigner first of all it's very difficult to get but if you did manage to get it it will be taken away from you either dishonest spouse or by the government or by a bad situation and if your visas cancelled or something you can't do anything because you can't go back to your property you cannot go visit your property it's just a concrete box in the sky in a foreign country that you have no power over and even if you do sell your property and here's the thing here's the kicker a lot of people say oh it's such a great investment opportunity you know you buy one and sell it next year or two years down the line you can make a lot of money yes good luck getting that money out of the country as a foreigner they really are trying to prevent money from leaving and it's super difficult so stay away from that sort of thing but if you want to go there live it up enjoy the culture for a couple of years do it you'll enjoy it it'll be fantastic okay right well you know guys it's almost time for me to finish this I told myself I'd make it about an hour and it's just about an hour so I'll take another two questions and then we're going to we're going to have to say good night so from New Zealand Mattie Miller enjoy watching your videos as well as see milk's and AD be China remember stay awesome thank you very much I very much appreciate it okay now to be fair I'm gonna go out of the super chats to the normal chat I'm going to answer some questions they're two questions so let's have them no seven okay hamed a says I'm a 27 year old in the same situation as you were in South Africa I have two paths higher education abroad or starting a small business in my shithole country which should I do I would say higher education abroad if your country if you like if you honestly believe that your country has no future don't stick around I know it's a tough thing to say because a lot of people do overstate how bad their country is and I see that a lot in America I see these people bitching and moaning about America how bad it is take a hike go live in South Africa go love anywhere else in the world I dare you go live there for five years go up there for two years no I'm not talking about like let's go to Bali for a holiday and jump around in a bikini no go and live somewhere like live live get a job rent a house have a local spouts anything like that but go live somewhere else other than America and you will see just how good America actually still is but now I'm getting off the point back to you if you think your country really doesn't have a future get out all right that's what I did and I've got friends who you know my peers that I grew up with who are in terrible situations because they haven't left even the even the people that were successful in other words they pursued their career they bought a house they did well in life you know had kids they're in a terrible situation now the crime is so bad the money is getting worthless by the day and all their business is drying up and there's all sorts of terrible things happening to them so even the most successful people have built a life built a house in the sand that's what I'm saying the foolish man builds his house upon the sand it's what we had to learn when I was young those silly songs that they'd sing in school so don't build your house upon the sand go and study overseas look for opportunities overseas and see if it's possible to build yourself a new life somewhere else that's my advice and now the last question let's see last last last question hmm what is your primary source of income and what would you recommend as far as as business in China for Westerner to be completely honest there are no business opportunities for foreigners in China unless you were to start something along the lines of sourcing and manufacturing something like that I wouldn't suggest it though the majority of people that I see who are successful in China have been sent over by their companies so they they're sent to Shanghai to the branch office or you know they work in Hong Kong or they work in one of the big cities and they've been sent there and they have an expert package and they kind of live in a nice apartment and everything's set up for them just an average schlub like you and me going over there you've got one choice and two choices one is English teaching the other one is white monkey jobs neither of them are very appealing to be honest a lot of people wish that they weren't doing those jobs and so they try to make up fancy things like oh I'm an investment manager or something but meanwhile they're just teaching at a kindergarten during the day and they have a fantasy of being something they're not at night I was lucky that after years of doing the grindy sort of training centre and kindergarten stuff I got a job with that medical training company so I could focus entirely on that and that was to me a big relief because I was dealing with adults I was dealing with doctors educated people and it wasn't English teaching although there was you know a big core part of that was English teaching of course because they had to go study overseas I was being a I was actually able to do a bunch of other stuff which is very cool so I managed to get out of it that way and eventually make my youtube channel you know good enough that I could start to live off of it and you know successful enough and my entire income comes from you guys no joke every single cent what pays for my rent you know and for me to support my wife and myself and all of these endeavors and everything that I own I have someone at the front door I wonder what that is it's because of you guys 100% because of you guys anyway that is it for tonight thank you so much for watching everyone it's been absolutely fantastic no joke I've really enjoyed some of the questions I hope you found this useful and I hope it answered some of your questions so until next time you know the drill as always

  1. Start b GoFundMe or kickstarter campaign to get your family out of SA and I will donate and promote it. You have the power thanks to your YT presence Winston.

  2. You tell the truth, that`s not aloud in China, there could be an uprising, wait and see what happens in Taiwan, then get the hell out of there.

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    2. 取消对于他所有频道的关注。
    3. 无视他的视频:因为每一次观看就等于都在为他赚钱。
    4. 无视他的话题:因为每一次讨论都等于在为他吸引流量。一个巴掌打不响,缺乏反方的辩论是不成立的。
    5. 向有关部门申请下架他在中国视频网站上的视频,以切断他在国内的所有收入。
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  5. For somebody who hates China, I just want to say:
    Don't go China. WHY?
    Spending thousand bucks just for complaining their system, buildings…. and get yourself unhappy.
    If you hates China a lot, why you still staying in China, because your job is to satisfy others by scolding China and you can get popular in Youtube?
    Don't be a fake gentleman bro… you are nothing as well.

  6. The People's Republic of China today (2019) is what the Republic of China used to be under Chiang-Kai-Shek between 1928-1975 (1949 on the mainland). Chiang was the right-wing nationalist dictator, who was regarded as representative of China until the USA choose to accept Mao Zedong in 1971. Nationalist China on Taiwan was abandoned by the western capitalist powers after the PRC embraced state-capitalism. The Chinese ''Communist'' Party today is what the nationalists used to be. Very little remains of Maoist China today except for the party in power, but they are only in name communist. Xi Jinping has more in common with Chiang-Kai-Shek then with Mao Zedong.

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    I am a university now studying in HK (I am a mainlander)
    those guys using vpn trying to get you banned is really disgusted
    Just hope you that there are Chinese people in support you!!!!
    I am afraid some uneducated people in my country is really making China have a bad image in westerners eyes…
    Though I don't agree with some of your opinions, but really I also disagree with my father so that's really natural right?

  10. Being watching your videos, I really appreciate your effort of being unbiased as possible. But the problem is you are seeing Chinese as subjects, judging them with no empathy at all. You are giving people the impression that they are doing those things because they are Chinese. Sure you didn't say this, but don't deny the obvious.

  11. You Chinese people in comments who blindly support you horrible government are pathetic. You should learn from United States who was born out of freedom and a fundamental
    Mistrust of government. Put your own individual rights over the collective. It’s how every great country has been built.

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  13. Being a Chinese myself, I like you being objective. China is not ready for foreigners to live in long terms yet, so yes maybe you did encounter unfair treatments. Some Chinese haters may not understand that cuz they are seeing it from a Chinese citizen's perspective, but a foreigner living in China is not a Chinese citizen. I like how you stayed objective rather than becoming yet another laowai blindly praising China to make money on platforms like bilibili and weibo.

    However, calling Beijing a Scam city is something I still can't get over with. The scams to the foreigners are real and you have to say it is indeed annoying and wrong. But imagine if you are an uneducated small merchant and you are trying to survive the insane cost of living selling those small crafts in big cities like beijing, you do have a tendency to see foreigners like dollar signs.

    As despicable as it sounds, it does make sense by human nature. And thats why these kind of scams happen all over the world in tourist areas especially in developing countries. Most of these small merchants come from a nameless small city or town in China never having any chance to go to school. We do have a huge uneducated rural population. Again I dont think they are justified at all, I am just saying it is not a part of the Chinese culture but rather a human behavioral science question when you really calm down and think about it.

    Beijing has more than enough amazing things to offer, many warmhearted citizens welcoming everyone from around the world. Calling it a "Scam city" by the title is just insanely rude and heartbreaking. Like man, during this period of the time, the western media is already doing a great job depicting Chinese as devils, and you have to put up a video with a title like that to shit the capital? Beijing is NOT a "scam city". It is yet another city on its way to become a better place. If you want to warn people about these go ahead and do the masses the favor, but stop using these unfairly exaggerated titles.

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