Alternate History: What if Russia Became Anarchist?

hello audience mr. Z here today I have very unique Ultron History scenario for you what if the anarchic hummus party what are the blackguards took over Russia instead of the Bolshevik Reds now some of you might have this notion of anarchists as violent post-apocalyptic Raiders who only seek to cause chaos but the anarchic Communist Party was little more complex than that it was a far left ideology that advocated the dissolving of the state and the power of the individual essentially from each according to his ability and to each according to his need you're obligated to do as much work as you possibly can and you will receive as much as you need just like everyone else concepts like private property are abolished but personal property still exists for instance your watch belongs to you but the watch factory belongs to the people there are no bosses those who work governing themselves and so on so the question arises how do the black guards come to power well there are a few possible solutions to this the two most notable scenarios would be if the anarchists inside of Lenin's Bolsheviks during the October Revolution or if they managed to gather enough troops to both force the white army out of Ukraine and mount an offensive against the Bolsheviks who sought to eliminate any left-wing competition after defeating the white army either way the outcomes are quite identical and by 1922 give or take a year the Russian state is dissolved creating a loose coalition of territories in which the citizens control the means of production now it might be easy to suggest that to tell terian leader would rise to power and ruin it for everyone else but this actually wasn't all too likely for the black guards had they had a firm belief in their cause and actually feared authoritarian leadership from the Bolsheviks which is actually what happened now of course I'm not saying that this scenario would have played out flawlessly but that is how I'm presenting the scenario because it's quite difficult to say if a totalitarian leader would have roses it to power and what their policies would have been like for instance Stalin led communist Russia but Stalin's policies weren't purely communist so it really would be difficult to say what it would look like other than the purest form of a narco communist state anarcho-communism one function as a large-scale direct democracy with everybody having a say as to the direction to take restaurant Factory and service workers would have councils to basically make decisions on what would the big process be basically to have multiple people making the decision that a boss with humanity the people would decide upon the use and distribution of land on their own and the defensive military would have an elected leader but only for the purpose of organization much like a militia leader there would no doubt be a transition period but with the Black Guard loyals setting an example for the rest of the citizens a normality would eventually be reached Russian citizens will gradually become accustomed to this modern equivalent of a hunter-gatherer society put in what you can receive what you need for a time things seem prosperous until Hitler's invasion of Poland this would be a major dilemma as the new Russia would be sternly anti-war as that was one of the driving forces behind the left-wing movement in Russia withdrawal from World War one however this Russia would be highly anti-fascist as well so how do you react to Germany's invasion of Poland well in this timeline the molotov-ribbentrop pact would never be signed and diplomatic relations between Germany and Russia would be far tenser potentially warning Germany not to expand further face immediate retaliation this would not be a difficult position for Russian citizens to get behind as as fascism was perceived as a threat to anarchic communist society not yet tempting war with Russia Germany will turn its attention westward and expand into France independent anarchist factions would mobilize and launch liberation movements within Poland and France and even Italy Russian policy would technically not make these acts of war however Germany would likely perceive it as such and be forced to retaliate leading to an early invasion of Russia by an unprepared Germany the end of World War two would see a much different world than ours the war ends early and while Germany is divided amongst the Allies it is nowhere near as severe as it is in our timeline the Berlin Wall has never built China maintains a nationalist policy as communism never spreads as fiercely as it did in our timeline however anarcho-communism sees a rise in popularity notably in France and Italy who have their fair share of an arc his supporters in our timeline the ideology was heavily suppressed by the Bolsheviks and gradually fell to obscurity but by replacing Bolshevism anarcho-communism ian's reaching nation's Bolshevism never could perhaps most notably the Cold War would never occur at least not between the US and Russia though it is possible China or Britain may make a grab for nuclear weaponry this doesn fortunately mean that face race would see a significant delay as the US has less motivation to reach space of course that is considering the Cold War never happens it could still occur between China and Britain but this is a highly high this is highly uncertain however industry would see a significant boom as Russia is capable of producing a mass quantity of product and while it's hard to say exactly what international trade would look like for a purely a narco communist nation we could assume Russia would be at the forefront of production in the world this scenario is highly intriguing but unfortunately a lot of leaps had to be made because we have to assume that the society would maintain in a narco communist policy and never like stray away from that never adopting a totalitarian or authoritarian leader because realistically that seems like something that would happen however it's uncertain what what that would look like we don't know what the leader would behave like we don't know how that would shape the nation we don't know what their policies would be so this scenario is purely what if Russia wasn't a narco communist state so if you have another idea of how this could have panned out I'd very much like to hear it this scenario could have taken many turns and I'm I have no doubt there's other ideas of how this could have panned out so let me hear them in the comment section below thank you all for watching you sure liked the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more mister Z out

  1. To be an Anarchist, you must first become a Communist. There is no "instead of Communism" the USSR was not even Socialist.

  2. Seems to me like it would be ripe for a takeover by the leader of the military. Feigning something like a roman-style dictatorship, they'd claim to be acting in the best interest of the people, but eventually take a permanent seat as the military leader of an anarcho-communist police state.

  3. The problem with anarchism is that, eventually, communities will start poping up, some of these communities would have rules, guards, etc. Eventually these communities would stretch throughout Russia (or wherever was anarchist)

  4. YAY Kropotkin and Bakunin!!!!! Bakunin did call out Marx for being a lame hypocrite. Stalin wasn't a Communist he was a Hypocrite. Lenin and Trotsky were hypocrites as well, they proved that after Kronstadt Incident. Hey thank you for attempting to do this. I appreciate you for doing a possible scenario on my personal belief. The thing is as much as I love the concept of Anarcho/Communism it is a concept that is for a civilization that is Highly intelligent, matured, and peaceful, today it could only work in small CommUnities like in Spain from 1936-1940 or with The Sandinista's during the middle/late 70's to early 80's before Ortega was bought out.

  5. "from each according to their ability" doesn't remotely mean "you need to work as much as you can" and really one of the central points of the ideology is that industrialization has made it so that less labor can support more people easily.

    It's more about the structural relationship between the worker and their work than a directive applied to the individual workers, though lord knows even leftists get that wrong.

  6. Soviet union was something like Autoritarian socialism with planned economy not communism. Communism is utopia. Yugoslavia was autoritarian socialism with market economy. And they both were not autoritarian because of there leaders but by autority of the people.

  7. Anarcho-Communism was described by Peter Kropotkin in "Conquest of Bread" and "Mutual Aid."

    Grossly over simplifying here, but the AnComs wanted to seize the means through insurrectionary unions without the step of a "revolutionary State" because they (correctly) predicted that such a state could be easily hijacked by reactionaries, perverted by Capital, and turned into a power bloc that would defeat the revolution.

  8. If Russia became Anarchist, It would immediately then become USA and China, with a line down the middle of Moscow.

  9. The problem with Russia was that they didn't have a strong communist population so it never became communist, or what people nowadays call "anarcho communism" (which is a dumb word). Communism is the ideology of the people and with out a communist people it won't work. Lenin knew this and it is also why he said that communism wasn't possible with extremely low industrialization that Russia hade experienced at the end of the revolution.

  10. Theeeeeeeen technically there would be no Russia. Just a large mass of nameless land with a Mad Maxian society.

  11. The inherent nature of egoism would prevent anarchists from creating a communist system without the state to enforce it. Anarcho Communism doesn't exist.

  12. Wouldn't the spanish republic also have won with the CNT-FAI and the POUM not being attacked by stalin it's and more international volunteers from Russia

  13. You ended up using the phrase "anarcho-communist state". Ouch! I suppose you meant something like federated society or polity, and most definitely not state. Anarcho-communism is something so different and better than the world we live in, I guess it's easy to slip back into the usual categories such as state that anarcho-communism would abolish.

  14. Regarding a descent to authoritarianism withing anarchist (or in this case semi-anarchist) movements:
    The Anarchists are quite more militant about safeguarding individual rights and decentralization, this is what started the split in the first place, that led to the separation of anarchism and communism. The black guards were largely anarchists but of many denominations and also included many more liberal communists.
    Interestingly, despite being often presented as radically far left or even more "left" than communism, anarchism is much closer to traditional democracies in it's aims, it is important to keep in mind that anarchists are, at heart, hardcore libertarians.
    With that said, corruption and power accretion exists and there are no guarantees, but I would think that it would be much easier for even a county like Britain or the US to fall to such a regime, than any anarchist system. Anarchism is almost characterized with it's concern for the danger posed by authoritarian incentives.
    In any case, I believe it is reasonable to assume, with some study, that the social landscape that emerged would likely be a semi-direct democracy similar to that of Switzerland, left-leaning, favoring socialist policy and very liberal, but not that different from most democracies.

  15. Technocratic System is the only saviour of mankind. Because technocracy strives harder to ease Man from his horrendous toil in inventing and understanding Human/Nature/Environmental friendly technologies in all spheres of Human life thereby creating a Scientific Society catering to the basic and ethical needs of Man.

  16. When the nazi's would invade the anarchist space, i think a big guerilla would have taken place. Also, factions would also just flee, deeper into Russia, and started a guerilla from there

    i mean, in Spain the anarchists where able to fight against the fascists, it was not impossible. Also because there where so much of them. Millions of peasants with guns. A very chaotic force, but also dangerous, i gues

    on the other hand, Stalin had the Katyusha, to drive back Hitler. But anarchists also had field cannons etc.

  17. Esentialy a bunch of unorganized, ill-equipped (due to the anarchic "government") and badly trained militia took down the Germans…very hard to believe.

    Pls do a remake of this and actually think about it next time

  18. you contradict yourself without realizing – no in anarchism you are not obligated to work and get what in exchange… thats very narrow and capitalist narrative. the work is done freely, the work associations were free organized without any owners/rulers. thus the use, consumption, occupation of goods and services were free accessable based on needs.

  19. Stalin was very Isolationist. So anarcho-communist russia could have sparked a world revolution. Also they would have defended the spanish revolution by any means necessary. Nazi germany would have been surrounded by anarchists, if the nazis would have come to power at all. Maybe there would have been a civil war in germany similar to the spanish civil war in our Timeline, were the NSDAP fights against the FAUD having all of bavaria with the Münchner Räterepublik as the ideological center

  20. Eveything would have been better, much much better. But you shouldn't say Anarcho.- Communism. More then once, the Nestor Ivanovic Mahkno fighters were called just "libertarian". I know that for you in the USA sounds weird, but in Europe, " libertarian" is connected with social – anarchist .

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