Allen West not backing down from calling Dems "communists"

about a week ago what Kyra spend you said that the Congressional Progressive Caucus and it's 70 or so about communists do you have any regrets about those cooperated whatsoever and I think that if you would take the time to study the political spectrum of ideologies and understand that at the turn of the century American communists renamed themselves as progressives if you studied in Woodrow Wilson administration people refer to their Wilson administration as a progressive administration now what I would hope that people would do in the media is maybe you should do a little research and start looking at what political ideology and what they stand for there's a very thin line between communism progressivism Marxism socialism or even as Mark Levin has said status it's about nationalized production it's about creating expanding of welfare state it's about this idea of social and economic justice and you hear that being played out you know now with fairness fair share economic equality shared sacrifice and nauseam ad infinitum that is also about creation of a secular state and this whole argument that the liberal left is trying to take you down talking about women's contraception is really about a federal government that is reclassifying religious organizations for them to be able to manipulate them however they wish so that's what I wish people would focus on now let me also bring something up since I've been appeared first time member and you know in politics past 15 months you know we've had members of the Democrat Party stand up and talk about how Republicans want to kill women we've been called racist we can call sexist when we call homophobes Islamophobes we hear people constantly talking about the tea party right-wing extremist of the republican party but I'm gonna say anyone you know getting upset and challenging the other side about this and I welcome anyone to have a discussion and a debate about political ideology because when you look at what has happened in this country right now you tell me that this government is not nationalized production automobile industry financial sector healthcare cap and trade did not go through the legislative process look what they're doing through the EP as far as the energy sector look at what's happening with the National Labor Relations Board who would have ever thought that we live in the United States of America where the federal government will be telling it private sector organization where they could relocate and you look at some of the bills that have come out of the Congressional Progressive Caucus these are individuals devoted voted against having a balanced budget amendment but yet they wanted to have a constitutional amendment so they could redistribute wealth I don't know if that's in keeping in your version of a constitutional republic but you know when I went through my studies it surely was not so I stand by what I'm saying and it's very interesting that people on the Left are not debating the point that I made they just don't like the fact that it was made can I just went down the line and gave you examples of legislation I just went down the line and talk to you about that it is but look okay you want to talk about create and expand in the welfare state look at the inauguration day when how many people were on food stamps look at inauguration day how many people are in poverty look at where we are today you want me to tell you exactly where we are okay as of 27 March we have 46 million people on food stamps on the inauguration day we have 32 million that's a 45 percent increase Americans in poverty on Inauguration Day 39.8 today as of 27 March 46.2 that's a 6.4 million increase that's what I'm talking about creating expanding a welfare state so folks do your research understand these ideologies and this is a choice between two very clear futures for the United States of America and and I'm not gonna back down I'm not going to be afraid about the fact that I call a spade a spade that's my responsibility to the American people a question from a Twitter user why doesn't the house attach amendments to repeal Obama

  1. He’s correct! We must defeat communism in our own government. How sad that it’s gotten this poisoned .

  2. It's just hard to believe how some people are so effing stupid about everything, just cause you get elected to office does NOT make you a genius, period…..Allan West is smart, too bad the demfucks can't add two and two, period…..

  3. Mr. Allen West is one of the smartest people in America. He is sharp, accurate and spot on! This great man needs to run for President! Dear Lord, please help America 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  4. Allen West should be the President not Obama. Mr West is more on American first and Obama is more on the other side of America very soft.

  5. Wished I was more aware of the left and right back then .. It took trump for me to understand what's happening . I would have seen this and it would have gone right over my head . Now I understand every thing the left is up too including who they are and what the stand for .
    They are the KKK they are segregationist they are the lynch mob and today in 2019 everything West said then is coming true .
    LA is has been highjacked by the Dems and look at it now it's a well fare state and other democratic states all welfare states but abject poverty follows also .
    West did his home work and speaks truth on all matters .
    Wow!! Like I said it took Donald a Trump to win the 2016 election for me to wake up .

  6. Allen West was RIGHT and he is very knowledgeable…of US history and history of the world…but US educational system is destroying young Americans with their neo-Marxist anti-American US academia.

  7. Woodrow Wilson was a socialist whio believed in Utopian promises of Communism. Such ideologies as Communism, Fascism, Nazism nd Isal are all promissing utopiaa always delivered oppression and misery…

  8. I just heard of Mister West not too long ago and more I hear of him the more I like him level-headed and very smart he he doesn't back down it looks like

  9. Allen West should be the next President after Trump. I'd love to see him round up the commies and illegals. He'd actually fucking do it too.

  10. Communist party usa has infiltrated the democract party way back even as far back as the great depression

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  12. 100% TRUTH ! Thank you Alan West! Exposing the socialist communist demonRATS and RINOs for the big government loving progressives that they are! Courage and Truth from a politician! How refreshing!!
    That is THE definition of an American PATRIOT!

  13. He would be a great PRESIDENT!!!Amazing how the great conservative black men get kicked to the curb for running for the highest office in the country!!  Johnson was correct when he said he’d “have them ’N’ voting democrat for the next 50 yrs or more!!  Democratic party has made all who buy into and living off of their policies, slaves of the state. They are so dependent upon it govt teet, that the mere mention of cutting these programs, has them out in the street throwing tantrums, destroying other peoples property, like the toddlers they are!  this is what happens when you condition people to believe the govt it mommy n daddy, and they are OWED all of these freebees!!  SOMEBODY needs to come along and tell them NOTHING IS FREE!!, you’re NOT OWED ANTYHING!!, you get OUT of life what you put IN IT!!, AAAANNNNND!! GET OFF YOUR LAZY ARSE AND WORK!!!!! 

    I fault no one who is truly disabled!! i see no problem helping those who truly cannot help themselves!! But what we have now is DESIGNED as the communist program!!  Look up the plan to convert the USA into a communist nation. Its in the congressional history, it was read in!!! I believe it was a list of 50 goals!!  Read it and you will see just how close they are!!!!!!!…….guns are a holdout, but look at how many laws and ‘incidents’ occur, trying to pry them from our hands!! 

    RESEARCH PPL!!  WE’RE ON THE BRINK OF NO RETURN!!!  I’m afraid that even w Trump in office, its too late!!  They infiltrated every fabric of our society, they’ve followed the communist manifesto!!  They are succeeding!!!

  14. I so agree with Mr. West. Hilary calls herself a progressive, progressives are eyeglasses not politicians. Democrat politicians are communists. Democratic Neo McCarthyism there is a racist under every rock, and right next to him is a Russian. When your against our President your against WE THE PEOPLE. Resist the resistance. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you

  15. Five years later and it has only gotten worse. Dems are even more open about being communists than ever before. They show pride in their ability to slowly/steadily dismantle the American Constitution.

  16. Thank you Allen for the truth and  for fighting against communism. I'm with you. Obama made me a republican and I already feel cleaner.

  17. He is right. Democrats should be called what they are,,social democrats. Or you could use liar, marxists, POS's. Evil scum…etc etc

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