All Nations Communist [2017] | Hearts of Iron 4: Modern Day Mod in HOI4

as well as he's also helping Kim jong-un that's what I'm talking about it's definitely one of the top ten times animes made me cry it's just so beautiful so we have already seen a world like this in 1936 but never in 2017 Kim jong-un is probably the most popular political figure returning for this video and oh yeah Papa's empires back also real quick this will be the last time I ever have to say it milf Day is tomorrow it's gonna be among one of the strangest high4 videos you've probably ever seen now as I said the Soviet Union is technically back on this map but something feels a little bit off I mean I don't know about you guys but this does look like a weak-ass Empire compared to what they used to have it's gonna be up to this dude to restore the USSR because right now it looks terrible this is also probably pretty confusing for Kim jong-un I mean besides the fact that the whole world's communist South Korea is also communists and they have a leader that isn't so chunky Kim you better do something about that if you want to remain the sexiest communist Asian man I've ever seen cuz damn what that mount do though also this guy right here is still leading China and he's a pretty popular man and finally we still have Raul Castro leading Cuba you know I feel Isis could have had a better flag I liked it the goats back but why isn't he holding both the hammer and sickle that would make a little bit more sense to me well well well you know what I don't even think I need to post this milf list tomorrow I'm positive we found our winner yeah so I'm disappointed a little bit to see this random dude leading in communist America I mean you would think this model would have included the most famous communist leader in our nation that's right please starve I get so annoyed looking around this map and seeing all these long communist names Australia clearly has the right idea though this is really all you got to put of course as always Belgium is on everyone's shit lists a French commune is getting ready to go after them as well as they're getting ready to go after Marxist Luxembourg and all man this guy better get ready he needs to stop with those diabetes commercials and just lead his country to victory oh wow what a name Tito is Kosovo has declared war on Montenegro alright well that did not take long we already have the European on tante of the pro' let tit I don't know what that is I'm not I'm not gonna lie I really don't know what that is don't destroy me in the comment section all right quickly let me just show off the German Dutch and British leaders because I know how much you guys love seeing these people this Danish man might be my favorite though man such a nice thing to do electing this autistic leader oh there we go getting this conflict started early I like this one the British Union versus Republican Spain and it seems like the Brits have already made two landings how did that happen it's barely been a week man what are you doing Israel Revolutionary Union is going after revolutionary Jordan I don't know who this guy is but he's starting that war with Middle East nice and early oh yeah and there goes Belgium Wow right in front of our eyes we can already see the peace deal as we all know playing Hawaii for it's usually Germany that goes after Benny lux this is kind of a first though 800 Dutch people okay you guys got explain this one to me why is your leader named alejandro mina mina porque estas aqui this is the Netherlands Senora and now we have the Romanian Union versus Bulgaria which I think will bring a nice little bit of extra power here for this nation come on out gee Rhea really this is really all you got you should know you got to put your best mil forward what is this oh man and there we go Kim jong-un you better make us proud this is your time to shine oh I guess Japan also used to read Japan good good yeah I like it as well as he's also helping Kim jong-un that's what I'm talking about it's definitely one of the top ten times animes made me cry it's just so beautiful and they're actually the only nation helping them nobody else is here okay we've seen this before the French went after somebody in Latin America and the u.s. decided to defend them a little interesting though that no other faction is formed it was like immediately China and Russia got a little team going and that's it oh boy and this is gonna get messy because India now is gonna find a solo war against China that was really stupid move dude but at least your flag was cool while you were alive oh yeah and real quick here's the Canadian leader who's uh wait a second who's actually named Miguel Figueroa what's up with all these Spanish communist guys and look they're even all over South America as well oh my god who thought they'd be here no I'm just kidding but I am kind of curious to find out what's going on or is it just a coincidence all right well world tensions at a hundred percent and still not many factions for me maybe all these nations are just too busy starving okay so Ukraine versus Belarus and is the Soviet Union gonna get involved doesn't seem like they're very happy about this I do need to stop predicting Wars before the end Romania still hasn't taken out Bulgaria oh man okay we know what that means it's about to go down world war three here we come let's just see exactly who's on India's team let's see no no one here oh wow you think China and the USSR can handle this if clearly never faced something this powerful before and yeah I have to do this in every single video just to show you all the conflicts and all the cool flags oh yeah like this just look at how different these two are alright India I know you took a pretty big loss when Moldavia fell but uh good news you got Bulgaria now on your team that should make up for it also I'm loving these Ukrainian borders man that is beautiful although what are you doing man whose name I'll probably never pronounce I told you the very beginning of this video you need to do something you need to rebuild these borders still look pathetic I'm sure papa from this grave is getting ready to call the KGB on you who there we go Vietnam vers Cambodia and I'm sure obviously Thailand is watching this very closely while Burma here even though they're at war with India seems to be doing just fine they might have a pretty good game on their hands oh okay the strongest Israel we've probably ever seen in one of these videos is now getting gangbanged this is definitely not gonna be pretty it's 2019 and this Chinese Soviet faction only continues to get more powerful and on the other hand nobody's helping India hey but look at this we've got two big game changers right here South Sudan and Tanzania are gonna take over this world oh wait that's actually Rwanda fuck damn Kenya are you doing steroids I like these borders you looking swole well I guess so as nigeria and zimbabwe they're doing pretty well for themselves and of course it's that time again for Germany to actually do something in 2017 they're fighting the workers republic of austria doesn't that go against like Germany though and their values I feel like other Europeans always just make fun of them for working all the time if that's the case this doesn't make any sense oh my goodness look at India they're about the star of multiple Russian divisions holy shit that is incredible they're still holding strong to even pushing into Chinese lands this Battle of sexy Korean communist men is still raging on oh my god who's gonna come out on top or should I say on bottom well I totally didn't realize Poland took out let the Wayne yeah good job guys that's that's something we don't normally see oh look at Oman Wow they might be getting ready to go after Arabia well actually no yeah no that would be a very stupid thing to do oh no well there goes Switzerland they're gonna get put into an Italian gulag oh my god I can't think of anything worse okay Iran did you guys go the way of the Dutch just by looking at your leader it seems like you might have legalized some narcotics red Japan still has volunteers keeping Kim alive and I think it's actually starting to work they grabbed Seoul you're almost there okay British Union you guys really dropped the ball it's been several years you still haven't taken out Spain I mean I probably shouldn't be too hard on him he seems to have the same problem as the Danish leader Ukraine's just right here fighting Romania Serbia Hungary and a plethora of other countries they're even here trying to stop some naval invasions through the Black Sea and once again we're seeing that people's Mexican Republic fight Honduras this is playing out weirdly similar to other videos all right well I think it's about time we call this one it's January 2020 and well I don't think anyone's gonna stop the Chinese and the Soviets India's about to capitulate at any second and when that happens the game crashes China though sacrificed a ton of men to win that conflict Wow half a million India's here about to lose and they didn't even do close to that much and then of course the Soviet Union and the millennium dawn mod just doesn't even need to try but hey look at that finally at the end of the video the Soviet Union is trying to regain some of its old borders taking out Ukraine would definitely bring it back quite a bit you know if I did the 2000 start date they could have utilized their focus tree – maybe just automatically annex all those nations I'm sure there's got to be a mod out there that clears these focus trees even if it's later in the timeline and unfortunately I don't think we'll ever find out who was the greater Communist Korean man South Korea does get a pretty big unfair advantage since they have busan down here although Kim had read Japan's help this entire time and he still didn't win well regardless it was a beautiful thing you did sir I will always remember this all right finally there's the peace deal India actually still exists just stuff just barely and with that I think China has become the most powerful country by far in this world the Soviet Union also pieced out with Ukraine and they only took one state from it what the hell's wrong with you although I will give them credit for getting a few more puppets just for fun I did want to look up exactly which nations have red in their name and I realize just the greatest name ever Red Eagle Ecuador that doesn't really make much sense to me but I think it's a pretty cool name I think this was also one of the best games Bolivia has ever had you know they're getting a little bit out shined by Brazil but Brazil kind of has to do good in every game they start off with so much territory yeah and obviously like we thought this faction has just become out of control and the u.s. joined the Belizean Union which that they're basically the only ones left and there we go for the first time ever I think in one of these videos Kim jong-un has won the Korean War I mean not officially just yet but yeah we'll give him the victory and it is 2021 so this John guy ended up getting reelected surprisingly it seems like that usually happens but definitely not all the time Castro unfortunately didn't do anything in Cuba I wish that was the only thing that was different about this mod millennium chaos is great but it doesn't really allow for any of the island nations to do anything like I also want to see Madagascar just dominate the world and is wait is that Croatian Socialist Republic why are you in Africa you know what it's just way too late into this video to try to figure this out I'm just gonna assume that they were given territory from somebody else I don't know I'm just not smart enough to figure this out I need to watch more Rick and Morty anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this communist 2017 worlds it was definitely pretty interesting also I'm noticing how ugly these borders are I'll be back tomorrow for a very special video thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time and of course big thanks to Johan Elfi destiny fucker 9000 Stefan M the chunky Arab humor demon storm blade Michael Ghazi franca Black Star 185 Y own Kirby and free cruise for being my crack daddies if you want to support me you can find a link to my patreon in the description down below thank you so much for helping crack boy

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  2. That Dutch guy, Alejandro, probably got his name, because his parents were smoking weed and thought they were Spanish

  3. Wait, I saw on Wikipedia that Tawfik Toubi died on 2011! But I still love Israel:)

  4. if the game still existed during the cold war
    Stalin:hmm what could i do in this map OH I KNOW
    makes everyone communist
    Stalin:My vision has come true!
    USA:Come At Me Stalin

  5. No jokes on how the South Korean leader looks like Jackie Chan… β€œMaster Kenobi you disappoint me β€œ

  6. Proletarians r the working class. My teacher has drilled this. Only reason Ik. I feel like someone already commented this tho

  7. A proletariat is the working class as the bourgeoise is the middle class/the oppressors, thanks History class for the useless knowledge

  8. All i'm going to say is that you triggered me multiple times in this game by saying that a leader had a problem what affected there leading skills

  9. I don't want to destroy you drew, but how did you reach adulthood and play endless hours of these games without learning what the "proletariat" are? Lol

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