ALL KINDS OF CHILDREN 🌎 DIVERSE CULTURE story book for kids MULTICULTURAL follow along reading book

Hi friends! It’s Sasha and today we’ll be
reading All Kinds of Children by Norma Simon. Let’s begin! Do you know that every
child in the whole world has a bellybutton? Just like YOU! All over the
world, children are the same. All children need food–
milk, cereal, meat, vegetables, and juicy fruit, rice, and pasta and bread– food to
help them grow big and strong and smart, just like you. All children need clothes– diapers and
shirts, pants and dresses, hats and coats, all kinds of shoes! All over the world
children live in houses. Some houses are big some are small. Some are way up high.
Some are on the water. Some children stay in the same house for
a long time. Some children move from place to place. All children need people
to love them– mommies and daddies, sisters and brothers, grandmas and grandpas, aunts
and uncles, stepparents and foster parents, caregivers and teachers,
neighbors and friends. Aall children like to hold something special– blankets or
pacifiers, teddy bears or dolls. They like to hold them close, especially when they
feel tired or sad. All children like to play– They dig in the dirt, they splash in
water. They build roads and bridges for their
cars and trucks. They play games like hide and go seek. Children love to just
run. What do you like to play? Children do work too. They clean the
house. They help with cooking. They help with babies. They help their families.
What work do you do? Children all over the world love to go for rides– on a bus
in a wagon, on a boat, train, or plane, on a donkey or pony, or snuggled in a pack! All
children love stories. They like to sit on soft laps and listen– to old stories,
new stories, long stories, short stories, real stories, and pretend stories. What is
your favorite story! All children go to sleep at night. They climb into all kinds
of beds they dream different dreams. Do you know that every grown-up in the
whole world used to be a baby? Mommies, daddies, grandmas, grandpas, firefighters,
truck drivers, teachers, too– they all were babies once, just like you used to be. All
over the world children are growing. Little by little,
year by year, children grow and grow. And one day, someday soon, they will be all
grown up. And so will YOU! And that was All Kinds of Children by
Norma Simon. Now it’s Sticker Time and today’s sticker is Happiness. Thanks for
joining me today! I had so much fun. If you liked this story give it a thumbs up
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