Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the democratic socialist candidate for New York's 14th district has been making the rounds speaking about the economy keep in mind that she has a bachelor's degree in economics so she 100% totally knows exactly what she's talking about one of the big biggest problems that we have is 200 million Americans make less than $20,000 a year that's 40% of this country not even close maybe the estimated population of the United States is 325 point 7 million but somehow Ocasio Cortez a woman running for United States Congress thinks that there are 500 million people living in the United States maybe she's counting Mexico and Canada I don't know 200 million Americans make less than $20,000 a year so to reiterate she's wrong according to 2016 wage statistics nearly 59 million people in the United States make less than $20,000 a year that's 40 percent of this country no it's 36 percent of wage earners not the entirety of the country now 59 million people making less than $20,000 a year sounds like a lot but let's take a close look because that number is from 2016 and is likely much lower because a lot has happened since 2016 sorry to keep you waiting complicated business so why does it seem so high well there are at least three factors to consider twenty-seven point three million Americans in the workforce only work part-time part-time seasonal workers like people who only work during the Christmas holiday for extra money I doubt that any of them are making more than 20 grand during the entirety of November in December and there are more than 19 million workers between the age of 16 and 24 a large percentage of those workers are high school and college students who might work full-time during the summer months but work part-time or don't work at all when school is in session and if you factor in their age and work experience they're only qualified for jobs to pay minimum wage which puts them near the bottom of most wage-earners hey I'm not the expert here I don't have an economics degree like Alexandria the economy is going pretty strong right there's roughly 4% unemployment 3.9 percent unemployment well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs does she think that unemployment stats have to do with the percentage of unfilled jobs because that's what it sounds like well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs unemployment is low because people are working 60 70 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids her claim that everyone has two jobs is incorrect according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the percentage of the American workforce with two or more jobs is only four point nine percent and in the past 25 years hasn't been higher than 6.5 percent even PolitiFact called her out in these claims by giving her the infamous pants on fire rating but she's learning it she's meeting with the best people I sat down with a Nobel Prize economist last week I can't believe I can say that was really weird she is not good with words if people pay their fair share if corporations and the ultra wealthy for example as Warren Buffett likes to say if he paid as much as his secretary paid 15% if he paid a fifteen percent tax rate so her plan is to make multi-billionaire Warren Buffett pay a fifteen percent tax rate got it which is stupid because Warren Buffett pays a twenty percent capital gains tax I should also note that Warren Buffett's secretary he's a 35% income tax rate but do go on Alex this is fascinating if corporations paid we if we reverse the the tax bill but when raised our our corporate tax rate to 28% which is not even as high as it was before right the federal corporate tax rate in the US before Trump's tax cut was thirty five percent the highest in the entire world but thanks to the tax cuts it's now at 21% and since companies can afford to invest in new workers US unemployment is at the lowest in history why would you want to revert the tax cut and jeopardize thousands and thousands of job opportunities if we if we do those two things and also close some of those loopholes that's two trillion dollars right there that's two trillion dollars in ten years two trillion dollars what loopholes she's just saying a bunch of words and Trevor Noah isn't even questioning the validity of her claims oh wait he gave her a big hug when she came in so he's not questioning anything now if we implement a carbon tax on top of that so that we can transition and and financially incentivize people away from fossil fuels if we implement a carbon tax that's an additional amount of of a large amount of revenue that we can have so a barely coherent Ocasio cortes wants to charge consumers and additional tax for electricity natural gas oil heating and gasoline and carbon tax won't change consumer behavior in the slightest it's just a cash grab and then the last key which is extremely extremely important is reprioritization just last year we gave the military a seven hundred billion dollar tap a budget increase which they didn't even ask for the entire military budget for 2018 is seven hundred billion so saying that they got a seven hundred billion dollar increase is incorrect if not impossible Secretary of Defense James Madison as literally requested higher budgets to make the military more lethal in fact the military is always asking for more money so for Ocasio Cortes to say that they didn't ask for an increase is just bizarre they're like we don't want another fighter jet like don't give us another nuclear bomb they they didn't even ask for it in summary Ocasio Cortes seems incapable of math and basic research she just says a bunch of things and hopes that interviewers like Trevor Noah are not well versed on the subject and will take her words at face value I mean why ask the tough questions you can get hugs instead hey everybody thanks for watching be sure to hit that like button because every little bit counts and if you haven't subscribed do it why not doesn't cost 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  1. Holy shit nice job using a satirical “fake” interview. You are beyond stupid and something you might not consider is the people 95 million people who aren’t apart of the labor force I doubt they make 20k and unemployed being an additional 13 million it’s astounding how little effort you did that plus your stat is 168 million citizens make less than 20k as of now plus population of adults is 270 million

  2. Again, apparently paying an overwhelming majority of taxes isn’t paying your “fair share”.
    -Liberal Logic

  3. Hi , I'm 17 years old , and I need to be trained on how to "hold the cheese on a taco" , but I'm worth over 20K a year

  4. AOC – Everyone should be paid as much as a doctor , even the idiot teenager who cannot get your taco order right at Taco Bell

  5. how many of those people "making less than 20K a year" are goofball teenagers working at Jack in the Box ????

  6. I mean your statistical work isn't much better than hers considering your sample size. I agree though she's a dumbass, kind of like the lefts dumbass answer to dumbass trump.

  7. i have average intelligence, and i will joke and even suggest a below average at times. i want to go to boston university to become a doctor.

  8. It’s actually scary how you can smell her crazy through a YouTube video. Also American education is basically useless

  9. Or maybe she is counting undocumented immigrants or people that don't matter to America you dumbshitnuttsackforabrainhavingpieceofsmegma. Why do you think the next Census will have a question on it about being a Citizen?!!!!

  10. She doesn’t debate anyone who isn’t here own party that’s why when she running for president she’s gonna get called out by trump

  11. I have an idea to socialist maybe they all should come together and spread the money themselves let’s see how good it’ll work between them

  12. Here is a great example Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no experience or education,5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness. It has been more generally applied to people who are considered threateningly unstable or “crazy.”her voters should stop drinking voodoo water.

  13. Apparently our Nations Military is not important. As a part of the US Army she has no idea what she is talking about and it is entirely a disgrace

  14. I wouldn't mind alternative power but that stuff is out of financial reach so raising everything else will not get me any closer to alternative power…. Just closer to the poor house

  15. So college tought her nothing. I guess that money well used. Oh they didn't even teach her. That food can come from the ground. Or what a garage disposal was.

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