Alberto Del Rio on Getting Fired from WWE for Slapping the Social Media Guy & Happy to Leave

from hey-zeus water Iggy how'd I do with the lizard the last name how do I do it that howdy how are you Argentinian perhaps problem Alberto Del Rio thank you so much for all your hard working double w e my father has not have fan of wrestling but he became a fan after seeing you alive in San Jose in a Smackdown taping he enjoyed seeing you wrestle he felt a sense of pride seeing a Mexican on a big stage here's my question what was the hardest thing about working double w E and knowing what happened would you like to do it all over again also can you give a shout-out to one Veda thank you in advance when I start ad a key in a delay it's your list well it was the schedule you know the schedule we do we do it was brutal we were we were on the road for 315 320 days like in my case I I was going home every week just for 35 36 hours and and I have a family so that's that's really difficult to do when you have kids and they're waiting for you so I will say that the hardest part was the schedule very good John from Massachusetts has sent us this oh he's having fun okay well everybody knows what happened that incident with that social media worker it's all over the net yeah WWE and I have come to an agreement and we fix everything out of court and now we're good I mean I made a mistake they made a mistake and actually they're gonna they're gonna post something in the following days on the widow Viacom spout about the incident and you know wishing me luck in all my future endeavors and and you know I don't work for them anymore I don't I'm not interested in no were they too quick to do it instead of getting your side of the story uh no it just it took a lot of time because I didn't want to talk about it incident it was he was all over the map because there was a lot of people that day there was some of my friends were there writers producers a lot of people was there that day and caring and they saw what happened those they they were the ones you know posting everything or filtering everything on on the internet and and I didn't say anything because I don't know anything about law especially here in this country because I mean I don't even know the lawsuit the law in Mexico just to me was really difficult to to talk about the incident because I didn't know if they were going to come after me and and then of course I found the right person the right lawyer who was advising me Ramsey from Montreal Canada in Matt Sidell you shoot which was filmed the day you were released from w/e he spoke about you being released and what kind of personality you have it's wrong I don't I don't know what happened at all but it's a shame that the guy got fired yeah I don't know the situation at all but it's just I'm merely guy I don't know what it's it's sucks for the fans I imagine and it'll suck for him I you know maybe I have no idea what happened so I'd love to know like a little more information I don't think he would push somebody up against a wall but I think he's vocal I think he stands up for himself I don't think he's like I don't think he's necessarily a guy that's gonna jump to an aggressive status but he will stand up for himself if some if he feels he's being wronged you know he's not a guy who's just gonna lay down and take it like he's gonna stand up for himself so you know I guess time will tell but it's you know we'll just get him on here next and I'm and I'll take your job and he's a great guy he was one of the first superstars the first wrestler who ever spoke to me and over Joey and like he said you know I'm not I'm not an aggressive person but I mean if you try to humiliate – to make fun of me of course I'm gonna fight back I mean I come from Mexico we were we had a hot blood you know we don't we don't take crap for nobody and I can that incident I didn't slap that guy right away I mean he said it I got open I I demanded an apology from that guy and instead of giving an apology he smiled at me that's the reason I smacked him I mean he was never liked like they said I never got off from my table and punch him or slapping me was I said what did you say MF and then the guy didn't say anything then then I said okay apologize repeat that to me and then he did this then that's when I lost it you know but I'm not an aggressive person but I mean I'm I'm not gonna I'm gonna get I'm not gonna let anyone bully me around especially about that this is a problem that we're living right now in the world that we live right now is the athletes the big guys being bullied but these guys because they get so much attention from the media that now is the little guys or the guys in the office making fun of us I mean it's just ridiculous it's because we always want to be the bad guys because we're supposed to be big and tough in the world we are we're always gonna be the bad guys but that's not the case with me I'm Marissa I'm a really nice person in real life did this guy think that he was not going to get slapped when you asked for an apology and he laughed I have no clue I didn't want it I don't know what to be honest I don't know what he was thinking I even said I have never given you a reason to think that we're friends and a lot of people was there so I don't know what the guy was thinking but again it's in the past I don't know what that guy is doing I don't even know what the company is doing with their talent and I'm doing better bird thinks Dylan Thomas of Greensboro North Carolina did any of the boys try to defend you when he came to the incident and did anyone tell you that they wish they were in your shoes when it happened oh yeah they I mean most of the the main guys in the company called me some of them were saying things like are we gonna get your job back and I was like well you know it is what it is he the incident happened and if if they want to go that way fine I mean I was just I wish everybody knows that I was not happy in the company anymore and that I was not going to resign my contract with them because you know I mean it was not worth it we used to make a lot of money and how the money it's just okay I'm not gonna say it's bad because he's never bad when you work for that company but he it was not what it was okay like like well now like when I started or like when John Laurinaitis was in charge so even in your run you saw a drop oh yeah everything was fantastic I'm story wise money-wise for like four years but the last two years he was just not good and not only for me for pretty much everybody the money was just not the same and I was the reason I was considering not to resign with them and moving moving to Mexico we're just going to Mexico for work and go everywhere else you don't Japan because I had conversations with some of my friends and Mexico guys like it Santo Blue Demon the first in car and they were like a man you know we're doing five grand per show and and the business is fantastic here and if we're doing five amperes show just imagine this in wrestling words in Mexico for Mexicans Rey Mysterio's God and you are the devil there's nobody with more power than you guys so if you guys come down here and work you're gonna and I was like I should be there now and and have fun again and make money share his money good money and that's the reason I was not going to resign but you know it turned out to be a good it turned out to be a good thing then in that case manohar d hyah Berto I respect and understand your choice but I wondered have you thought about your fans who support you since the first day and uh be W II it was a shock for them it was like you let them down after these four years in your side well I mean I just want to say thanks to all those fans supporting me before they incident and after the incident I mean it is what it is some people was going to be on my side they never heard my side of the story they just heard what they said oh hey doll burrito is not our fault and they say that never happened but it happened and and that's the reason we are in this position I'm totally free to do whatever I want nobody gets that I got it because I got the right the right person the right lawyer behind right you got the right now poor Jimmy would this Mike from Minneapolis Alberta what did you let Kony and convince you to come to Tripoli instead of going to CML the money everybody knows it nobody loves a business more than I do I was born in this business I was rice in the locker my family and then nobody loves this business more than I do but but at the end of the day this is this is a business you need to make money and even though I have a lot of friends in CMLL Conan and Dorian the the people from Tripoli gave me an amazing offer they have an amazing project down there they there they have important people backing up their project the right sponsors and that's how they gain in big names to join their corporation sanusha Henry I'm so much as a fan of viewers Alberto and I am so very honored to watch your wonderful matches I have a question watch your matches for a long time and now I still do do you feel stronger now as Alberto patron in Triple A or as Alberto Del Rio when you were in WV four years well you know III I had a really good run with WWE I enjoyed the first four years when when John Laurinaitis was in charge all of us were making money and having fun we knew where we going but but I mean everybody knows that the last two years I wish you sir well I was contributed to that what was the reason for the decline I don't know I mean they they they they they're they had a lot of changes in the company in the corporate side with producers wit riders and I don't think the change held most of us or at least he didn't help me are they too big what do you mean too big the size of that go to that company decides no I mean it's just I don't know I mean everything was working well in wood when when they brought new people to work for the office for for the writing team for the producers team everything changed and and I don't think he changed it changed for for girls right gotcha

  1. I'm not saying that the guy was anyway in the right for making fun of him or making any ethnic-based joke at a company function but has Alberto Del Rio ever heard of sticks and stones?

  2. I would have to completely agree with del Rio on this one. it's always people who think they're safe and can run behind something that talks the most shit and don't expect anyone to do anything about it.

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