Albert Einstein the Commie? Communist Q&A Episode 4

hello there everyone and welcome back to communist Q&A there's Episode four I do apologize I start it's been a while since I last made a Q&A video I've been away and I've been lazy there's more to excuses let's get started gay communists yes yes I am bad mass-production asks are you going to escalate a land now that you've passed your new milestone this is the ride yeah okay a more serious one who is your favorite socialist who you wouldn't know we're a socialist eg Oscar Wilde Albert Einstein Pablo Picasso etc and well I like the ones that you put up and I did read Oscar Wilde in school and Albert Einstein is really cool um I feel like describing Einstein as cool is kind of like you need the bathroom I need a better word to describe Einstein but got me a single one obviously Einstein one of the most intelligent people to ever walk the face of this earth and and it's cool that he was a communist I think but I also really like Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin was banned from re-entering the United States by the FBI because he was a suspected communist and he had donated money to communist organizations and in 1962 the CIA described Nelson Mandela as the most dangerous communist in the world and so I think those people are pretty cool if you ask me all right PAP asks any past video and you stated that you think China is still pushing toward communism could you do a video defending this I mean I find it really difficult to state post our China is still socialist well Pam and I know that this opinion mine is controversial obviously I like I like China a bit and I mean I recognize that China has a lot of problems at China has a lot of problems just in and of itself and China has little problems with its ideology its political system it's democratic system there are lots of things you know China has a lot of problems right and and I don't necessarily have solutions to all of those problems but I can tell you that I do believe that china is socialist for better or for worse whether China is a good country or a bad country a positive influence in the world or not I believe that china is still a socialist country following Marxist definition so China follows an ideology called socialism with Chinese characteristics which was developed by D'Oench helping and I haven't made it a secret I don't like tank jumping and I think that China kind of went in the wrong direction that they're still socialist and and the way China basically explained themselves is they view themselves as being in a period a long period of what is essentially the new economic policy developed by Lenin in the Soviet Union now the new economic policy in the Soviet Union only lasted for a couple of years and Jonah has had market reforms going for decades now but only in a select few regions so a five or six cities not including Hong Kong and Macau because Hong Kong and Macau kind of independent kind of no has to do with the United Kingdom owning Hong Kong and Portugal earning Macau and only recently them handing over sovereignty to to the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China kind of taking it slow not really integrating Hong Kong and Macau as quickly and but yeah about five cities in all of China all of the people's public attraction is fucking huge went five cities within China allow for private empty and capitalism and that includes the capital of Beijing and Shanghai and couple of others that I think of at the moment are not fantastic attorney geography but it like it is a small part of Chinese economy about 75% of China's GDP still comes from state-owned enterprises and so following Marx's definition seventy-five percent of the Chinese economy is plant its socialist right so China still has a centrally planned economy seventy-five percent of the GDP of China seven percent of everything that china produces comes from state-owned enterprise twenty five percent coming from various different things and some of it coming from state non state and that when it's a private enterprise and obviously China believes we're whether you agree with it or not China bleed that it is because it's led by the Communist Party it is a dictatorship of the proletariat so it is a proletarian democracy led by the workers and so the private enterprise of China's in in Beijing in Shanghai and the other economically autonomous regions of China they are still ruled or they're still subject to a proletarian dictatorship so a dictatorship of the working-class rule by the working-class if you don't know the dictator but the proletariat is it's not a dictatorship of one person it's a dictatorship of an entire class and I won't get into that now and I might make it you know a separate video talking entirely about that I might not we'll see but that's basically the gist of what what the ideology is somewhat China believes and what the Communist Party of China bleeds and but as I said China has problems China's problems with its democracy China's problems with lots of things so you know what in it whether or not you want two camps China a socialist like that's up to you I just have my personal opinion I'm not sure that you have yours so you know let's leave it about and voyage sorry Wojtek Malkin no sorry Wojtek Milan asks what do you thought about the Prague Spring and about the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies into Czechoslovakia in 1968 um I think that in general it was bad thing by 1968 the Soviet Union had been going down a a pretty dark path of revisionism they were led at the time by Leonid Brezhnev who was the general secretary of the communist party at the time obviously the office of general secretary had changed more power had been concentrated into that one role and it was like kind of not elected yeah it was it was weird and I think that what the invasion of Czechoslovakia did was essentially solidifying his revisionism and he'd like it it enforced his position as leader of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc but I don't think that's a good thing and so now I think it was it was handled very badly and I think the invasion was well it was really fucking stupid it was bad it was bad that happened and it shouldn't have happened and it probably wouldn't have happened if Nikita Khrushchev hadn't taken over and started the downward spiral into revisionism not happen in Soviet Union Michael Matheny asks hi I recently started delving into socialism and I must say it seems more feasible than I was led to believe I am from Nigeria a country whose interests primarily serve the rich look at Auto gambe crisis for example currently I do not live there I would like to ask what you think I can do to bring about socialism into Nigeria as well as ask whether socialism is feasible in the country with a primarily informal economy and a 30 percent poverty rate I think one of the first things that you should do first of all and socialism is definitely feasible in Nigeria socialism is feasible everywhere we socialism is adaptable you can adopt socialism you can change it that's what you had you had Merrill ISM in China and you've had Marxism Leninism in Soviet Union you had euro communism in Europe not that I like euro communism and you had you know the lien ISM in America and you had a little basically Orthodox Marxism in the Great Britain and you had Ho Chi Minh thought in Vietnam and African socialism in Africa and Arab socialism in the Middle East like socialism changes depending on where it is right so because different places have different material conditions and that calls for different solutions right different political solutions and so as you know socialism is definitely feasible in Nigeria but it may have to change like you may have to adapt you may have to prioritize certain things like you can't just copy-paste from you know the political system of the Soviet Union and try to apply to Nigeria because Nigeria it's not the Soviet Union right Nigeria is not China Nigeria is not South America an idea is not Cuba Nigeria is Nigeria and Nigeria is unique and so it needs a unique political system right that's pretty obvious so the like that doesn't mean they can take inspiration from other countries time like you can look up Thomas Sankara the leader of Burkina Faso he was like anti-colonialist anti imperialist Marxist revolutionary he was very popular leader in Burkina Faso for a long time until he was assassinated by but the person who came after him and but he he did lots of really great things and I think because Brooking a fossil is I think maybe bring Nigeria I'm pretty sure Nigeria but Nigeria border Burkina Faso if it doesn't I'm sorry okay and but like I definitely think you can look to break into France oh and how they did things back in the day for inspiration obviously that was a while ago and things have changed since then so possibly looking to Ethiopia may be a solution Ethiopia has a semi socialist economy at the moment and it's kind of but like they still you know you can still draw inspiration from how we do business things and maybe you can apply that to how Nigeria should do things I think that's I think that's it really EP three group asks are you pro-democracy yes yeah and I don't think you can find a communist today who will tell you that no I do not like democracy I don't think anyone would tell you that um yes I am pro-democracy and whereas Luxemburg once said that there can be no socialism without democracy and there can be no democracy without socialism because democracy kind of presumes that everyone is equal right because each person gets one vote so that kind of presumes that each person is equal but on capitalism that's not true right because we have what is it eight individuals eight people in today's world who own as much as 3.5 billion people so fifty percent of the world's population so that's yeah I'm going to be there a while so in kind of in order for there to be true democracy we would have to have socialism and in order for us to have socialism would need a democracy right in order for socialism to function there needs to be democracy now I personally prefer more direct and participatory forms of democracy like I'm uh I'm a sucker for democracy I love democracy and want as much democracies we can have right and I think we can draw inspiration from lots of places we can draw inspiration from Switzerland with they're kind of they're like federal system which also is like a half and a half sensitive and direct democracy we can draw inspiration from Germany with its unique federal system and we draw inspiration from Cuba which has a participatory system in which regular citizens are elected to the National Assembly rather than politicians right there essentially are no politicians you know full-time politicians from Cuba so yes to answer your question I am pro-democracy and very much I want more democracy than we currently have and power part-time lover 36 asks the socialism need to abolish money at the very beginning if so what should replace it with short our sense of this one know socialism does not abolish money at the very beginning money is abolished during communism communism being a stateless moneyless classless nation and borderless society it's a global society it's a was an end to nations and borders and a sure break in to lectric Boogaloo asks what would you say is a biological tick the Soviet Union and like I have a lot of critiques of the Soviet Union but most of them are applied to the Soviet Union after 1953 so after the interim government and Nikita Khrushchev and then Leonid Brezhnev and Mikhail Gorbachev and all the people in between who changed a lot of stuff new constitutions for the Soviet Union liberalized the economy you know made it a capitalist economy took away power from the the workers Council the Soviets took away power from the people in general took away democracy yeah I have a lot of criticisms of the Soviet Union the give wasn't it wasn't you know how on earth right buddy it definitely went downhill they went downhill pretty fast then they asked what is your opinion on defending prior socialist countries do so on a case-by-case basis I could not possibly say that I support also all former socialist countries because I can't name them all because there are so many I only recently learned that Madagascar was a socialist country and how to avoid becoming dogmatic but obviously the first step to avoid become a dogmatic is to follow the immortal science of Marxism Leninism assure ISM shall we still be slaves and work for wages next they asked what would be your strongest critique of Trotsky and/or Trotskyism are you the Judean people spent fuck off what Judean people's front the people's front of Judea do you give people's front cover why does the only people we ate more than the Romans fucking Judean people finally did you damn popular people from the people's front of Judea no the papal spoons of Judea splitters where are people's front of Judea oh I thought we were the Popular Front people's front wave them to the puppet front feet over there Leonard down some asks what kind of political and economic system do you support an advocate in detail socialism or communism or anarchism representative of direct democracy or anarchism or dictatorships edited um if I wanted to tell you what I see if I was to tell you what I think socialism should look like in detail I would be here for like 50 hours like socialism needs to look different in different countries in different regions right because socialism depends upon the material conditions of the country that it is applied to and so I'm not going to sit here and tell the people of the United States of America what I think socialism should look like in America because I'm not American I don't really know that much about the American political system right the main points that should apply everywhere is democracy democracy for the working class true democracy for the working class and a decrease well honestly preferably they complete abolishment of the class system and end to the bourgeois class an end to splits between rich and poor and end to the rich and the elites political power over their huge majority of people right that's what that need the core principle of socialism obviously alongside a socialist economic system based on collective ownership of the means of production so yeah I could probably tell you what I want socialism to look like in Gothenburg or in Sweden but I can tell you what I think searches and should look like anywhere else because I don't live anywhere else I live here this is where I live and if you live in Nigeria if you live in America if you live in Madagascar you know you should decide what you want your countries look like and you should decide what kind of political system that conditional because you know it best right Austrian Leninist asks what was the first time you've heard of socialism / communism not the first time you've researched really the first time you saw or heard about it probably in history class when we talked about the civil union or something like that salad asked do you want northern ireland join the rest of Ireland and Scotland to have its independence and well think that if Scotland votes to have independence that they should have the freedom to secede from the United Kingdom in regards to Northern Ireland I do think like I am in a way an Irish Republican in that I think that Northern Ireland kind of rightfully belongs to Ireland but I am fully aware that the majority of people in like Belfast and you know the cities near the coast do not want to be part of the Republic of Ireland and so I think that's important to consider as well but the people who live near the border near the border of the Republic of Ireland they want to be part of the Republic of Ireland right so I think that at the very least there should be a border adjustment ceding some territory to the Republic of Ireland and and let the letting the people who want to live in Northern Ireland stay knows Netherland for now and but the people who want to live in a republic violent the people who want to belong to Northern Ireland or the people who want to belong to the Republic of Ireland they should belong to the Republic of Ireland so I think the border adjustment is needed at very least Kevin Losada asks what books about communism should I read to get started and in what order now I am going to make a video about this where I talk about I recommend a couple of books that I think everyone should read and like in what order and like difficult they are to read in black and stuff but I think that if you're completely new to communism then there are cubic stages start with and it I don't think I have them here actually I think I've learned to mind someone but it's wages prize and profit and wage labour and capital both by Karl Marx both of those are really good like they're short they're thin and like they're pretty easy to understand like it all basically written for the regular the average Joe right via those two books wages present profit and wage labour and capital are easy to understand and they're short so I think those are a good start if you're completely new to do communism and socialism and also Albert Einstein's article why socialism is also very good it talks about capitalism and it talks about planned economies planned socialist economies and I think like now we'll know one swift and fairly recently recently he was written in 1949 I think and so you know the language is more modern than you know capital or the Communist Manifesto which were written like 150 years ago so it's a bit easier to understand and you know Einstein obviously a clever bloke he could you could write you could write well he was a good writer although Mao Zedong wrote on contradictions which is also a kind of like a beginner's guide to Marxism kind of thing which was written originally for soldiers soldiers in the People's Liberation Army it was also kind of written for beginners and with like simpler language and it was written a caramel with the year was written but it was written after 1949 so yeah those those ones weight is present prophets waited every capital why socialism contradictions I think those are four good books to start with so yeah I said I got a lot of comments on that video so they couldn't possibly answer all of them but I did my best I am sorry if I didn't get you a question maybe I will add some other point if you really want me to answer your question then you can join our discord server link in the description or you can send an e-mail or possibly tweet me like the first to join my descriptor and send me an e-mail those are like the two guaranteed ways to to get a reply from me like I'll guarantee I will reply to you if you do that one of those two things unless you're an asshole or whatever like if you did if you want to ask a question like a lot I will reply to you on those those platforms email is probably better if you much like a long reply this gorgeous mister where I fuck around and make me some kind stuff oh yeah but it thank your for watching and I'll see you in the next one shall we still be slaves and work for wages dude is outrageous has been for ages all this earth by right belongs to toilers and not to spoilers of Liberty the master class is small but they have lots of God when we unite to gain our right if they resist will use our might there is no middle ground this fight must be one realm to victory for liberty yeah classes marching on

  1. I think a vast majority of the people in the Chinese congress is capitalists, so it's arguably not ruled by the working class

  2. sorry to hear your a tankie m8. I can't even frame it in my mind how is it possible to think anything of china in terms of socialism while it is a fascist, YES, FASCIST country who is actively genociding people like the uyghurs. China IS the worst country in the world with a capitalist economy being engaged in COLONIALISM in Africa. HOW THE FUCK IS CHINA SOCIALIST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  3. The best way to avoid dogmatism is to follow the fundamental teachings of Marx and Lenin? I'm sorry but that's a contradiction, I contest this clear dislike of any revisionism – I suspect I fully agree with you on the majority of marxist theory however to completely deny revisionism is to completely deny NEW revolutionary thought

  4. A planned economy does not mean a country is socialist. Workers control through democracy will lead to a better planned economy, not from a top down aspect. China is nowhere near being really socialist. Their workers literally try to kill themselves by jumping out windows, capitalist corps. make them work insane hours, they're only allowed 10min to go to the bath, and they arn't even democratic which is core to Marxism.

  5. planned economy's not marxist.
    The abolition of private property IS marxist.
    State property's not marxism.
    State owned by people IS marxism.
    Catalonia was more marxist than the whole story of chinese communism.

  6. But in your most popular video you say that China is not a socialist country. Now I'm confused

  7. So a here a question: What do you think of George Orwell? (as he opposed a lot of things you seem to think are good)

  8. >state ownership is literally socialism by Marx' definition
    is this a fucking joke

    edit: woah hold up, at 14:50 you say revisionist USSR made the economy into a capitalist one. So 60's, 70's and 80's USSR was capitalist but present day China is not? You just broke my brain.

  9. I have a friend who believes in social democracy and when I asked him what he thought was better, worker ownership of the means of production (socialism) or private ownership of the means of production (capitalism), he said he was indifferent. When I mentioned that in capitalism there is wage slavery, he refused my claim. Ive tried and tried to convince him that wage slavery exists but he always says that since it is voluntary, it isnt slavery. What arguments can I use that will convince him that wage slavery exists in capitalism, even in a social democracy like Sweden or Norway?

  10. How typical for a KP member to defend capital and the nation state. Honestly you lack an economic understanding to such an extent that you have to have a serious discussion about the political status of China. I like that we can talk about geographical conditions and this is an urgent task for the global composition of the working class, but it seems your understanding of socialism just comes down to the public vs private, the planned vs the market. This is merely political without the slightest gist of economic understanding, perhaps you and your party should actually read Capital for once, you know, not for quote-mining but for an actual understanding of how capital functions and how the class carry out resistance. You don't even do anything with Lenin even though he's supposed to be the big leader. Mario Tronti actually read Lenin in a useful and creative manner, to show how the practice of communism is to be found in the autonomous and organized actions of the proletariat-for-itself, not any outside agent. His masterwork is Operai e Capitale, there is no good English (or Swedish) translation, but if you can manage in Italian, German, French or otherwise, try it.

  11. The thumbnail question if Albert Einstein was a Commie. What would be next? Jesus Christ a Commie?

  12. I don't know how, but as a person with a relatively right-wing ideology and a corresponding understanding of history, all of your historical points make sense to me. I think you're making an error in accepting an ideology similar to that of the PRC, USSR, Cuba, and other socialist states. But your outstanding honesty and your ability to claim the faults of the historical practice of socialism, I find your channel as attractive as any market libertarian's- and I share many ideological views with market libertarians.

  13. Azurescapegoat, I have to disagree with your contention that "following the Marxist definition, 75% of the Chinese economy is planned/socialist."

    Central planning does not necessarily equal socialism. Central planning is a possible method of achieving socialism, but not the only one and it doesn't always lead to socialism (true worker control, a dictatorship of the proletariat (or in the case of China perhaps the peasantry), etc).

    You probably know more about China's economy and government than me, so I am not going to outright state that China "isn't socialist," but I think it needs more defense than just "Most of their economy is planned." That doesn't matter if the planning is done by a bureaucracy unaccountable to the workers and ordinary people of China. Could you maybe expand on this more and try to demonstrate how the Chinese State is truly run by the people of China and not a minority with its own class interests?

  14. situation: the world has been devastated by war, population halved, people vulnerable and manipulatable.
    how wold you use this situation to erect a globally united communist system of your ideology?

  15. Well, I guess China isn't nearly capitalist enough to qualify for fascism proper then.

    That the government there still feels the need to clamp down on Winnie the Pooh memes poking fun at political photos involving their president, however, still has me lumping them in the same neighbourhood. Authoritarianism seems to far outshine economic policy for me, in these cases. That and the seemingly piss-poor culture regarding safety and quality regulations.

  16. You do realize the mic you're using, the chair you're sitting on, the machine you uploaded the video onto, the thing you used to film, and even your greasy haircut are all thanks to capitalism. Communism great in theory but not in practice, people won't work if they don't have to.

  17. Question 1: Who is your favorite communist/socialist?
    Question 2(not really lol): What would you do if Ayn Rand walked into your house?

  18. Q= in communist utopia, if 9 year old child A trades his chocolate bar for child B's lolly pop, do they get sent to the gulag?

  19. Have you heard about direct democracy?! In my mind it is a better form of democracy, and can be adjusted from social democracy to social conservatism.

  20. i live in the USA, What's your opinion on social democracy, Bernie sanders and things like free healthcare and free college. Also what's your opinion on the war against terror.

  21. China is not socialist ,counter revolutionaries has established capitalism .Not only China is capitalist but imperialist too .You must the know production relation .

  22. I love your answer for Irish Unification. So many people just give a straight answer that Northern Ireland should just be given to Ireland, but your solution also cares for the people in the far North.

  23. I've been trying to dig deeper into holodomor to try and understand it but I could not find a good video or documentary on it. Can you explain it or recommend a piece of media about it?

  24. What do you think of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the leader of communist Romania and him resisting the invasion of Romania in 1968? (The PRC and Yugoslavia threatened to declare war on the USSR if it attacked Romania)

  25. If China is still socialist, isn't it failling pretty much at that? It has a problem with growing inequality ( and is pretty undemocratic.
    Also, your critique of the USSR starts after Stalin? I mean the Gulags were really horrible and although he might not have been responsible for as many deaths as are usually attributed to him, it is still likely that millions of people died because of him. I don't really get how anyone can defend him.

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