Alaska Reality Shows Get Sarah Palin Socialist Tax Credits

David: If you’re like me, Louis, you’re probably
into some of these different reality shows that are on TV, and the ones I’m specifically
talking about are ones like, for example, “Flying Wild Alaska”, and there’s “Ice Road
Truckers”, “Gold Rush Alaska”, so on and so forth. And… you’ve heard of these? Louis: I’ve heard of all of them. David: I started watching some of these, and
I started to ask myself well, number one, why might there be so many Alaska-centered
reality shows right now? Well, does it have to do with “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” in some
way, maybe that Sarah Palin’s reality show inspired the idea of creating programming
in Alaska? Is this something that is related to the Alaska Travel Bureau trying to get
people to go to Alaska, because every single one of these shows seems to be talking about
the Iditarod, regardless, you know, “Flying Wild Alaska” is about an airline, they had
a half a show about the Iditarod, “Alaska State Troopers” is like “Cops”, they had half
a show about the Iditarod, so maybe there’s something going on here where it is actually
a specific plan to get people to travel to Alaska. Louis: Makes sense. David: I started looking into this, and there’s
two things going on. Number one, and this is going to be shocking to some, is that there’s
something called Alaska’s Film Production Incentive Program, OK? And what this is is
it’s an initiative created to encourage film industry growth in Alaska. So applicants can
qualify for up to 44% in a transferable tax credit on qualified film production expenses
in Alaska. So I said well… Louis: Right, and that was put in place by
Palin, wasn’t it? David: I believe it was. You know, I actually
was not able to find that. We were just rushing to get some of the facts on this, so I don’t
want to be misquoted on that. Louis: But it might be. David: It might’ve been. And well, what shows
are benefiting from this? Well, Jean Worldwide, which is the company that produced “Sarah
Palin’s Alaska”, received just under $1.2 million in these tax rebates for– tax credit
for producing “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” in Alaska. “Ice Road Truckers”, $900,000 in tax credits.
“Alaska State Troopers”, PSG Motion Pictures, which produces it, $31,000, OK? So I have a couple of questions here. Number
one, how important is it to spend state money on subsidizing the film industry when Alaskans
can’t even get affordable energy to their communities all across Alaska, and remember,
drill baby drill, there’s drilling happening there, and really, we should be subsidizing
the film industry? Villages in Alaska, some of these very remote villages, pay the highest
costs for their energy, food, transportation, and it’s all driven by the high cost of fuel,
OK? And I really can’t help but feel like the
shows are this carefully crafted advertisement for Alaska. And I’m curious to know what goes
on in these negotiations, are there kind of quid pro quos, wink-wink type of discussions,
because really, multiple shows, one about flying and one about police, are spending
so much time on the Iditarod and how wonderful the scenery of Alaska is, it almost seems
to me like it is state-funded propaganda in the sense that the shows are put up there
to promote Alaska and funded in up to 44% via tax credits from the state. Louis: Right. Well, I mean, it makes sense
that when there are talks about shows, people in Alaska are saying look, we’re offering
you this great tax credit, we just want you to make Alaska a little more appealing, you
know? Draw people in. David: And it’s pure speculation. I… what
you’re saying makes perfect sense to me. Louis: And not that that’s necessarily a bad
thing. David: And by the way, I thought Sarah Palin
was against socialism. Remember her talking about Barack Obama being a socialist anarchist
Communist palling around with terrorists and Alaska isn’t inolved in that? Isn’t this a
form of that, Louis? I mean, really, isn’t that a form, we are taking a tax credit and
giving it to private industries who are going in… I know it’s done in all sorts of industries,
I know it happens all over, but come on, Sarah Palin! Louis: I’m not going to stoop and use the
word socialist. David: No, obviously I’m using it tongue-in-cheek… Louis: Right. David: Because Sarah Palin is the one who
is so desperately against it. Something to think about. I think there’s no question that
the propaganda level on some of these shows, as interesting as they are, needs to be thought
about by people. And remember, they’re getting paid tax credits to these film production
companies, and tax credits for the richest 2%. We’ve got to think about what’s going
on here, ladies and gentlemen. Make sure to like us on Facebook,
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  1. and another video! awesome. I am commenting first to prevent 'first' trolls. nice video keep up the great work.

  2. I thought Louis was a fellow film enthusiast, and yet he sits back relatively mum while David makes relatively no distinction between the arts, the importance of cinema, and the benefits those tax credit have to attract big name producers to the state to make films…not just bogus Sarah Palin related fluff. I couldn't disagree with him more.

  3. I thought America doesn't have villages. Only towns.

    Europe definitely has villages, but whenever I hear of small clusters of human habitation in America, they're always towns.

  4. Solution: Get rid of complicated progressive income tax. Glad NY state, Mich, CA, HA, none of the other commie states advertise for tourists.

  5. @MrHelldogger One may excused for being suspect of your advice, seeing that you count among your subscriptions the homophobic, Islamophobic bigot Peter King.
    What your comment fails to recignize is that gay men (and incresingly, lesbians) have a good deal of disposible income that we are only too happy to use for vacations, but, not in places that teem with bigotry. Your loss.

  6. @polemius01 Not at all. You see, no matter how much disposable income you have it doesn't equal all the diposable income of all the normal people. And normal people won't bring their children around a bunch of fuckin perverts.
    There is no bigotry like the bigotry of the left.
    As far as phobias, Yes I definately am scared of a religion that vows to kill anyone that disagrees with it or a sex cult that spreads the most deadly social deseases known to man.
    Keep your disposable shit.

  7. @MrHelldogger Part 1: Well, you certainly have identified yourself as part of the problem. You ape your right-wing, hate-mongering Masters by claiming that the Left's campaign for equality is "bigotry."
    Your use of the term "normal" and your equation of homosexuality with pederasty further identifies you as being fairly stupid.
    Part 2 contins a parsing of your stupidity.

  8. @MrHelldogger Part 2: Stupid comment 1: "a religion that vows to kill anyone who disagrees with it, has never existed. Your need to hate someone and your ignorance of religion has caused this.Stupid comment 2: "sex cult that spreads the most deadly social diseases known to man." Where to begin? While "sex cult" might describe Mike Huckabee's marriage, it doesn't apply to the orientation of homosexuality. "Social disease" dates you; "known to man" id's you as sexist.
    Crawl back under your rock.

  9. David, Are you some kind of idiot? Just about every state gives tax incentives. It brings in jobs to each state, Production companies spend lots of money there. It's called compitition. Take a good look at the film industry in New Mexico it growing fast. California is chasing the industry away with it's high taxes. Michigan is pulling the film industry in with tax incentives and teaching unemployed auto workers "set lighting" and "set building". David Packman your still to wet behind the ears.

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