1. Mind you that by entitlements he's not specifically referring to welfare in the normal sense. In economics "entitlements" has a wider meaning so Google it if you want to get offended by that. either way the math here doesn't look good and we need to increase productivity. I worked for 10 hours today and I'm about to work another two. give me a break if I want to smoke weed in my car and watch Alan Greenspan before doing another session. I'm doing my part

  2. "Gross domestic savings is the key funding for capital investment in the United States" oh no we are doomed

  3. Se pensaban que este tipo era listo??? Cuidar que va a venir una crisis…!!! Quizá ya se haya muerto… viejestorio de mierda.

  4. Who needs to care what an idiot like that guy thinks. He's responsible for causing the financial shitstorm from 2008. What kind of dipshit is it that doesn't believe in regulation and then takes the job as the nation's chief regulatory officer?

  5. Perhaps he is losing a sense of reality. The modern day market is too volitile to be observed from a published book that takes months from start to print.

  6. Oh the "entitlements" which the American people paid into need to be "corrected" but the trillions of dollars of tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-rich that drive up the debt are just fine. Fuck off.

  7. This snake oil salesman took pride at giving fed statements that are meaningless. He actually said that and laughed about it. Where was he in early 2008?

  8. Alan Greenspan destroying the American economy since the 80's.
    Before the last crash 'everything was fine' until it crashed through the floor.
    These guys will say ANYTHING to maintain the system.

  9. "Run away spending and entitlement programs" Sure, lets get rid of these programs (which would help Americans through a recession) and bail out the big banks, more military spending, more foreign aid to Israel, more tax breaks to the wealthy etc. Yeah, lets blame social programs for the mess capitalism created.

  10. Is this old fossil still breathing?? Damn this criminal!! Greenspan created the massive bubbles which will destroy the financial World!!

  11. 4:04 Sounds like Greenspan is saying the next market crash will start in EU dictatorship and spread over to North America. That could be true because the Italian/German banks are in trouble and No one is talking about it on the main stream media.

  12. Mr. Greenspan has for years promoted our national debt encouraging its growth. It would be nice to send him and the fed the bill for bad advice.

  13. we the people won't let u take our social security or Medicare. corporate fiscal responsibility is what has to happen. Amazon. Boeing. large companies need to pay back the US people or leave the country.

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