Al Gore: The Survival of Civilization is at Risk

  1. Hate him all you want. He makes very important points. At least take that away after you're done ranting, it's in your interest.

  2. Just like inventing the internet he is just making shit up. He knows as much about environmental science as a 5th grader.  

  3. someone at the very least should be throwing pies in the face of al fucking gore every single minute of his pathetic life. 

    humanity is literally MORE STUPID because al gore walked the earth and his fly trap spoke words. 

    thank you.

  4. What a nincompoop. 
    To Al, only his special interest is of interest to him.  He is a global catastrophe rent seeker that has gotten rich by peddling his fake science.  He said recently that storm damage is 100 times worse due to global warming (it is actually down after adjusting for population, the relative value of structures, and value of the dollar). 
    All weather, cold, hot, dry, or wet is due to global warming.  Without global warming it would always be 72 deg. F and sunny, the way it was before 1940.  Everybody knows that.
    Why does anyone listen to this idiot?  Comic relief?  He is so stupid it makes be cringe.

  5. This guy has lost all legitimacy… Talks all this shit, and he's flying all over the world, drives these giant SUVs, and lives in a mansion with it's own zip code.. This dudes carbon footprint is the size of China.. Now this dick head is going to get even richer by investing in Carbon Credit swaps.. Fucking hack

  6. Yeah look at all these global warming disasters.. Then goes on to list a slew of localized natural disasters. The Tsunami in JAPAN! I mean really, like Japan has never had a tsunami before… Not to mention the fact that the tsunamis was from an earthquake off shore.. SO, he's basically saying global warming causes earthquakes now.. Fucking doofus…

  7. Yeah wind and solar are great. I use them on my house and garage. But they don't generate the enormous amounts of power needed to run high skyscrapers and industry. Why didn't he even talk about LFTR technology when he was vice president. It was a safe alternative to old style nuclear that got boxed by Nixon because it can't be weaponized.

  8. Oil/coal/natural gas interests love this sort of nonsense and they probably even fund these guys! Wind and solar are never going to be the magic bullet for solving energy. Wind does not blow all the time and the sun does not shine all the time with its maximum efficiency. Which leaves the grid to be made up of more fossil fuels, wind and solar are adjuncts and complimentary power sources. 

    The real future lies in 4th Generation fission and fusion power, otherwise the human race is only fooling itself.

  9. How many JTRIG agents in the comments below?

    Denying climate change XD A hundred years from now people will look at the comments on these historical documents and are gonna be horrified. I'm sorry guys. We just had too many morons.

  10. WTF.  Thought this might be a cool channel until I seen this vid – AL GORE IS NOT HUMANITY'S FRIEND PEOPLE.  HE WANTS TO TAX BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM FORIGN AND DOMESTIC BUSINESSES TO HELP HIS PERSONAL INCIDIOUS AGENDAS.  Al Gore is an Elitists who in the end, abids by NWO principles.  The laughing stock about Al Gore is he;s been fairly successful in deceiving the world by creating a false idea of global warming – IT'S A LIE.  WAKE UP!

  11. We can talk abt the problem till were blue in the face I mean they said that climate change would in 1998 and what changes have we made none there are plenty of things we could do differently but the truth of the matter is as long as the ppl who run the world and the government r driven by there own agenda and greed and not wats good the ppl

  12. I agree with GORE that the costs of doing nothing far OUTWEIGHS THE COSTS OF INVESTMENT RIGHT NOW 2 DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  13. Al Gore's greatest crime, in the eyes of Republicans, is that he MADE MONEY! This is extremely offensive to a Republican. There's only so much money in the world, and they want all of it. 

  14. The facts defy the hyperbole. There may well be a component of climate change that is due to human behavior, but there is no evidence that we've surpassed or are approaching some threshold where global warming will become self-sustaining.
    But that is not my biggest concern with Mr Gore. 
    My biggest concern is that his "solution" won't effect the climate, but it will collect power unto himself and all those invested in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), like Obama, among other notables.
    I'm all for finding cleaner energy sources. I am adamantly against imaginary shortages created by bureaucracy and enforced by government. That screams "corruption" at its worst.

  15. Al Gore is a smart man with the right idea, but using the internet to shame individuals who pose a risk to our survival is a useless tactic. It is simply impossible to shame those whom are shameless. You are wasting valuable time exposing the over exposed. It is obvious that these in power have no desire what so ever to change their greedy ways, no matter how much we expose them. The ONLY way to change how we operate as a people is to eliminate those whom now operate our lives. Fight for freedom or forever be trapped in the web of capitalist slavery. Sadly there is no other way.

  16. Liar!
    Global Warming is a myth. I've never seen a hurricane or a tsunami.

    A small group of rich people control the oil energy industry so other people who weren't allowed into that small group are jealous and want to get all that energy money for themselves.

    One special interest group says support the fossil fuel industry, the other says support this alternate energy and funnel the money that way.

    If it really is so bad then publish a list of names of the people at the top who are refusing to swtich to cleaner forms of energy and insist on destroying the planet.
    A list that says "these are the rich people who want to destroy the planet for their own gain and here is where they live and spend their vacations".
    Refuse these people service whereever they go. Money is pretty useless when you can't hire anyone to do anything for you. 

  17. Al Gore is too optimistic. The window of opportunity for arresting the approaching catastrophe has now closed…forever. Too late. We've gone over the tipping point and numerous reinforcing feedback loops have been activated so earth is headed for runaway temperature rise for centuries. The high CO2 already in the atmosphere will be there for at least a thousand years and humans are adding additional huge amounts everyday. Humans will burn fossil fuels rapaciously until the end. There is really nothing that can be done now except wait as civilization begins to unravel in the 2040's. There will be famine and wars for water and resources. There will be hundreds of millions of environmental refugees striving for entry into habitable lands. As the crisis deepens supply chains will be disrupted ,workers will fail to report to work and disorder will ensue. No, you can't just walk away and switch off a Nuclear plant, decommissioning takes on the order of 50 years.There will be worldwide reactor meltdowns and vast areas will be contaminated and uninhabitable for thousands of years.Radiation contaminated water will get into water aquifers, rivers,  lakes and oceans. It will evaporate and rain down on the land. Humans will drink and bathe in cancer and birth defect inducing water. There will be mass extinction of animals. Billions of humans are going to die. It's going to be a Mad Max world. Surviving humans will live in primitive conditions scavenging materials from the ruins of the crumbling old world left behind. Eventually all will die. Thus will unfold earth's 6th great extinction. It's going to be ugly.     

  18. the top and bottom of all the problems we have are due to corruption and the people who are the main problem are governments and corporations that is fact no matter if you like it or not. that is where the changes need to be addressed. 

  19. Carbon AKA co2 is a trace element. Democracy? Don't you mean mob rule, Al? We are a Constitutional Limited Republic. Man, is this guy a joke. Nothing more that a snake oil salesman.

  20. If it wasn't for Al Gore's ignorance about the subject then more people would believe that anthropogenic global warming is real.

  21. They should be answering to the people, but they are doing what Governors have instructed them to do. Check your leadership Bio's and who gave them campaign money and you will see a bigger picture on environmental warfare. We needed jobs but  got Unmanaged Water contamination, but don't forget poor management is also allowing old companies to dump PCB's in our rivers because DEP/EPA are to short handed with fracking so old companies are reaping the benefits by dumping in the rivers/creeks and blaming the oil companies. It goes unregulated..We all loose, just drive down main st  and you can see how sick the people have become. Unexplained rashes, Limps, nerve damage, Stroke like symptoms, cancers, early dementia ,deafness, Your body is in such pain from the toxins that most become drug addicts or just look like one.  The jail is over ran triple capacity because of mental illness from polluted water.  No Agency to report health concern too and doctors that wont get involved. Filter your own water and don't rely on water company as they are only responsible for what they put in the water not what was already in the water. All these venues are all under the regime of the Governor .

  22. Excelsior!

    Shut the hell up Al Gore. You just want attention so republicans don't get elected. You Probably don't believe the shit you spew half of the time.

  23. Unbelievable. He has the gaul to talk about big business controlling demoncracy with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation backdrop. B&MG has infiluenced Common Core to the tune of $1 billion over the years! Gore is a fake, bigoted, self-serving moron. Oh, and there's the fact that climate change, global warming – whatever – is a complete myth. Notice how terminology is changing over the years? Incredible. I could only take 5 mins of this utter drivel…

  24. I have no doubt he's talking nonsense BUT isn't the future in better hands with a civilisation that prioritises the health of the planet!

  25. I'm no historical or scientific expert, but geological evidence as I understand it illustrates the atmosphere has been violated many, many times throughout history on FAR worse scales than is currently being endured – uncountable volcanic eruptions plunging the atmosphere into darkness for eons, meteorite impacts so catastrophic they led to instantaneous mass extinctions on global scales – this is known to have happened multiple times.  

    And while 20K years ago New York is estimated to have been under a mile of ice, other evidence demonstrates ice caps at the poles is historically abnormal.  We’re concerned of CO2 levels of 300 PPM, yet when cold-blooded dinosaurs walked the earth 500M years ago the CO2 levels were 20x higher.  Regardless, life has persisted, and florished.   How do we compute these non-linearities into out state of facts?

    Whilst I do think we're polluting the earth with reckless abandon, I think we understand climate and atmosphere FAR less than we're prepared to admit.  Let's be honest – without Google to bolster your argument, how much do you actually know about meteorology and climate beyond here-say?  What weather patterns and contingent relationships can you confirm beyond that which even the most studied climatologists can only theorise about?  Can you even name a single scientist who is a leading thinker in this field?  Rather than a wide net of informational objectivity, we seem to base our opinions around the most accessible, trendy, stylish and altruistically esteem-able viewpoints.  Enter Al Gore.

    IMO the biggest influence over our weather is the largely unstudied ball of irregular analog pulsing nuclear energy in the sky around which we orbit, that is the size of 1,300,000 earths… I can't see how that is not immediately apparent to everyone.  But nevermind that –  our collective ego is so great we need to gift our futile existence executive leverage over the outcome of this planet.  Really?  Please.  

    Rather than focussing on atmospheric doom and gloom, i'd suggest it's be more constructive to focus on how much of our limited resources we're prepared to blunder in a lifetime, and how much man-made toxicity and filth-of-convenience we're prepared to gift to coming generations in pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

  26. It's funny to see a man criticize lobbyists as I am sure he must be good friends with a lot of them. Just look at his net worth, the guy is smart, he made money on a documentary for kids about something that hasn't been proven scientifically, probably one of the most fantasy based documentary ever. I can't believe my teachers brought my class to see his idiotic movie, it should have been illegal to do just like in GB.

    Lets say man made global warming was real (because there is a chance it is), if you wanted to do something about it, you would be screwed before you even started. Now if you prepare yourself for it and stop building on the coasts, your problem is solved.
    (water has been known to man way higher than it is now and won't wipe out every coastal countries as some would say).

  27. He gets money from Qatar through Al Jazeera for direct tv. He gets money from a slave state, which is funded by oil production. Surely a slave state risks democracy. And he is one of those 'gatekeepers' who control what is on television.

  28. Al Gore haiku. 
                    I took the initiative
             In creating the internet
            No you didn't
             That's what I said.

  29. We've been at the point of no return for ten years now. There all starting up this crap again now the hacked email incident is forgotton about.. Gore is becoming bit of a bore ¬¬

  30. Yeah people keep telling yourselves that global warming is a myth. Keep feeding the pig until there is nothing left to our future generations.

  31. Lmfao. 18 years no warming. Even the UNIPCC cant explain it. Sea rise 7 inches in 100 years. This death cult is radicalizing your youth and convincing you to allow non democratic countries to punish you and your freedoms. Fight pollution not co2. Communist China is laughing at you. They wont stop polluting. They want your land and resources. Step Back.

  32. We should let innovation pull us through the FUTURE!
    We shouldn't stunt or stop the growth by passing all these regulations on something that could be a 2% cloud increase.

  33. Al Gore for president! He'll sort out the core issues at the heart of America's problems, which is a sick democracy.

  34. This guy is soo funny to listen to when he is confronted about his bad science in front of congress and others.  It's quite amusing how he dances around direct questions.  He's actually being sued by over 30,000 scientists for the Global Warming fraud.  Kinda scary about what the agenda really is.  To basically be able to tax the American people for breathing air.  This is all based on bad science and is just another way to take away our liberties for the agenda of the NWO.

  35. Al Gore who made a D in the only science class he ever took in college has made a billion dollars as he rode the climate change alarm express for four decades.  Yet none of the dire climate events he has told us threaten our society has occurred.  The polar ice is not melting, the oceans are not flooding, heat waves are average, hurricanes are below average, etc.  He is nothing more than a shameful scare merchant.  Please wake up everyone and relax.  There is no significant man-made climate change now, has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future.

  36. This is guy was a looser in US presidential election. Why are we still listening to this looser, he is not even climate scientist.  What is his real agenda?

  37. Maybe all the heat is coming from Al Gore secret back room massages.  That being said, Al Gore looks good here, looks like he is in better shape.

  38. There are a lot of haters on this page, and don't talk shit and say global warming is a myth! Go get some real education and then you can rant all you want.

  39. Dear Al Gore I just watched Debate of you and Ross Perot in 1993
    and how Ross Perot was right on target 30 years later.
    You Mr. Gore made a lot of mistakes, so if your listening now, you better know
    how important our water system is, and you should have made Mexico clean up
    the contamination in the 1990's when you could have put your foot down.
    I only wished Ross Perot was our President, he was a business man that told
    it like it was.

  40. wow all you people thinking climate change isn't real? you need a better eduction and do some research, its people like you that will fuck this world over through ignorance and negligence

  41. Al Gore is so worried about sea levels rising he bought a 9,000 square foot home near the Pacific Ocean. He's so worried about carbon emissions he flies a private jet to speak at climate change events. But, please, keep giving him attention while ignoring his glaring hypocrisy.

  42. Doesn't take a genius to figure out through common observation that Nature is sick!!! They /we/whoever was Not smart enough to prevent it from happening nor is anyone smart enough to fix it. Money and Nature in the same sentence is why is will not be fixed. Human is on a power, control, competition trip living in its unnatural greedy world.

  43. wtf is this guy talking about, the worst case secnario is shit gets warmer and weather gets worse and the oceans rise. OH DEAR ERMAGERD WE BETTER OPEN UP OUR WALLOTS

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