Airplane Food In Economy Vs. First Class On 20 Airlines

  1. It's not as you have shown in video Emirates has policy that you can eat how much ever you want in first class

  2. Very poorly made video. Instead of making silly remarks, I would have liked to know what the actual main courses were!

  3. it seems that economy class had more food to offer than the first class,go first class wnen your diet

  4. This video is very misleading as in first class or business class you can "book the cook" online. What I mean about book the cook is the airline company gives you a huge selection of food you can Pre order your meal online. The selection of meals you can choose is pages long. If you dont book the cook you will be offered a wide selection of different meals whereas in economy you will have a selection of 2 different meals

  5. Good thing I DONT pay $$$$ for first class…only upgrades or mileage paid…the coach food looks better to me

  6. If we are vegeterian and if they are serving us non veg, that time can we ask for veg food instead of nonveg in economy class??

  7. did you guys know about the tokyo capsule hotel its great unleas you have claustrafobia i have it but i love the hotel

  8. I like the meals in economy than in buiness. In economy, you have a better proportion of food and surely you will get full. Whereas in economy,only food presentation 👎

  9. I wouldn’t say no to any of these meals 😋 on second thoughts 💭 there’s a few I could leave like the duck and fruit salad 🤢

  10. Hahaha…too much food for economy while first class is less. You know why? They say people in Japan lives longer coz they eat less not really full. People on economy are poor vulnerable to early death coz of much food intake. While on the first class are the rich who eat less that prolong their life to enjoy their wealth. I am so funny of me of thinking this! Lol!

  11. The difference between First business & economy class is not only just about food. Its a combination between luxury, experience, comfort ect ect.

    On the “food” segment, the food in first class will always better than business and business will always better than economy. Economic rule of tumb higher price = higher value.

    You cant compare something that was originally are on different leagues. Image if the 1st class food is worst than economy? Remember, ppl with sort of money to pay for 1st class is not stupid and they usually very picky individual.

  12. I'm surprised Delta and Kenya served about the same food to both economy and first class. The best would have to be British and Thai Airways. But that Japan Airlines though.. you save the best for last, literally

  13. I'm flying Aegean in two weeks and bringing a screenshot of the business class dinner. If I don't get exactly that, I'll go on a hunger strike.

  14. British airways "first class" one is actually club world ie business class not first class. Notice that from the seat the picture was taken

  15. From the comments here it is hilarious to note that some people actually believe that you get better and more food in the economy class and that they starve you in the First class.
    The misunderstanding comes from the picture shown at the top of the video where you see array full of food in the economy class and a small portion of food placed on beautiful crockery in the First class.
    This is because on an economy tray you get the salad, bread butter/cheese, entre' or the main course, dessert and a tea cup, all together.
    In the First class you get all these plus soup and fresh fruits and a choice of entre' and dessert. The only difference being that you get all these course by course like you would in a fancy restaurant.
    So folks don't cancel your First Class tickets. I promise you will be well fed.

  16. First class u can order whatever u want as many Time u can eat Economy class u can eat only that plate

  17. So now i know why they made a place call first class lounge where those first class passenger having their stomach full all the time before boarding the plane

  18. Airlines serve food as per the desire of the guests…there are different varieties served as per the meal request in Economy and business and first…it is plain simple that meals served all over the world have different tastes and decors….

  19. Nice pics but the editing ruins the video. The whole thing should have been less than 1/2 the time.

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