hello Michel Maureen Smith near Alice I’m Joseph and military with Martine as you can see and Rach was ready here Christmas tracker holding the age of civilization box is not that huge and we are going to play you to play again me and Martin here we are going to go out and build our civilizations get some technologies get some military strength and so on and yeah I think basically I’m just gonna check so that the stream is up and running if there’s any issues at all with the sound or with the picture quality or anything just let me know in the live chat so that I can try to fix it and it looks like this a few people watching so that’s good if you’re watching this afterwards you can you know sit for a few minutes so we get started you don’t have to listen to all this intro stuff here well okay so each of civilization is a small sized card game that came from Kickstarter more compacted yep and you backed some extra stuff as well because you got this play mat as well this is not in the retail edition from what I understand that was something you paid extra for right yeah I did okay so well besides that I think the game is the same sort of everything is the same except for this I think you’ve still got the Army Post and all that you know everything is the same size deployment okay so let’s get started playing and first thing we are going to do is determine start player marking is the one that owns the most books about history let’s see that’s the thing for who gets to be the star player so Morton you’re going to do your turn and in the first round here well wait in the old around so we’re gonna play six rounds and every round you won’t play it that’s all the all the things all the three steps in the game so first you’re going to pick a civilization basically yeah and I’m going to select Mongolia okay so let’s just show that to yours so Mongolia has three military strengths down here it comes with three workers and when Martin does the conquest action are we other place which is me have to sacrifice someone their worker that’s kind of ask me yeah yeah we’re just gonna slimy sore put some money on here and we’re gonna get a new card as well so the walls that were not picked gets a coin on them and my accounts up here okay and since we chose that one you’re gonna get some workers right yep well I get three workers okay and next step market is going to place these workers out here on the available actions and right now the six actions available this these are random and randomized here and this is going to move so that the actions available are going to change if the game goes right so I’m going to go down here and hunt and that means I gain one coin and coin and since I haven’t researched in the technologies again also one point oh yeah so you get one pointer and then I will also I will do that again and I’ll gain another coin another in another point yeah and and then I will go straight up to here to research a tech and that costs four points or four dollars yeah four dollars and I also gets me another point oh yeah it’s kind of interesting that the they call these coins but they have polar symbols on here yeah weird to have dollar symbols you know as soon as Asian game but okay and I’m going for sailing which gives me one military strength and when I do fish or trade it gives me another coin yeah okay so now you resolve it was as they call it quits all your workers so yeah I clean up here and since marking went to the white spaces they all come back if you go to one of these red spaces the were curious or killed at the end of the turn here so it’s my turn now I can pick any of these civilizations and I get since I’m second player I thought if I I get to pick second but I also get a coin whatever I pick honest I pick them Maya okay hmm so research is free that’s kind of crazy for writing and saving okay like the basic ones and forming wears forming I was all the way here yeah that only requires one worker that’s pretty good actually I think I’ll take this so mayor’s when I read school English Sumer somewhere so I get two workers and I get when I do research it’s gonna be free if I do writing and sailing okay so that’s my sort of and this is my main civilization right now this is the one that’s on top over the course of the game we’re gonna get a total of three it’s not a new one yeah that’s the new cuz this without anything yeah okay the bottom part here though it’s going to stay because even if I get another civilization put on top here so develop my civilization I will still have this on the legacy of reality as if cool so now I get to do my worker thingies here with my workers I think obviously I will do some research then because it’s free if I do it for writing I’ll do that which means culture gets better and culture comes all the way over here but and then I’ll just do the other one as well and that’s free for sailing so I got one miniature straight from that and then my work has come home this is not looking good because Martin will beat me here basically and so now the I’m going to be the first player yep and now this is going to move forward and since we got into a new action here which is called trade I have the little sword symbol on it it’s gonna be a war and whoever has the least military strength in a war will use the workers I will do so worker yeah and yeah that’s about it that’s what happens and now it’s my turn and I always do now I don’t have one worker but if I pick a new civilization I’m gonna get new workers so let’s see what’s out here this is taking you may take future actions that’s pretty cool though yeah well Mayans so then I can do farming you know fooling with only one worker without actually because NCM actually came out what does that one do farm plus one gold so and the bottom one it’s diamond plus one victory point for true workers okay yeah I guess I’ll take it this is fine I’ll take the Mayas and what I’ll do is I’ll put this on top here so now I don’t have this ability but that doesn’t matter because I already did the research for that so now I can take future actions and wonders will cost me $1 less as well wow that’s a good one and I get three workers Tinto I lose my worker and then I get whatever number there’s on there I have three workers and now I’m going to put some coins on these and we’re gonna get the new civilization as well so if you want to put that maybe yeah of course and that’s that’s from France yeah yeah okay so that has like an own conquest basically okay so let’s see what I do with my workers now I can do any HealthEast except for the hunt so let’s do one guy over here because I only need one for farming and I get three coins well normally you can’t do this because but I have the Mayas I can do future actions that’s pretty cool and then I think I will let see if I do culture I get an extra point that’s pretty good I could also instead I could go for a building a wonder that would cost me six that’s not too bad I don’t know should I resource something quite a few options there yeah there’s a lot of obvious now now only I’m only gonna get one more civilization by going so I need to consider that in terms of workers as well because there’s gonna be another war and Mort is gonna win that as well how many armor strength you have I have 4 strength 4 intelligence I could research twice and get up to ironworking which means I would have six straight yeah but then you could get more strength as well of course mm-hmm if you don’t have any money you only have one only have one yet so that’s actually kind of good I think I’ll go for it I don’t want to be loosing workers yet so I’m going to do to research action that gets me two points yep so I’m on the board and I’m going to pee for four one and four for the other so that’s the total of eight coins which means I can do to research and I am going to get this military strength going hear them so night mining and I will working I have to do mining first in order to do I are working it’s the second one there that’s pretty good I’m happy with that so I’ll take back my workers and now let’s see it’s your turn that’s my time so first you do this of course um what is yeah this one gives me farm plus one right yeah well I think actually I’m gonna go for income yeah so when I’ll show it to the oh yeah of course yeah so this gives you three workers and when you’re Isis which is when you get it yeah you get to wander for free so I’m actually gonna rice it so you never done your ability for no I didn’t know because I realized conquest if I do conquer us other player sacrificed one but yeah I decided not to go down that path I said I want the latest you know time before yeah so I gained three three money and when I do this I gain I think you’re right if you lose all your workers yeah Elizabeth and yet the number of workers eyes on the core free back yeah so when Inc arises gain and wonderful free yeah so that’s actually quite nice so I’m actually gonna go for the great wall and you want to show us to the worker to the work sources are gonna their workers yeah okay yeah okay so this gives more than one point four three strengths that I have at the other the game yep so I’m gonna place that on top of here and you know we don’t feel the one nurse it’s a set of five it’s almost it’s actually three plus the number of players yeah so that’s why there’s more space up here and you only play with those waters during that game however we do actually refill the civilizations half and I can load a team work so one here one point coming here one here and another one here and the new sieve comes out and it’s Slavs Slavs okay I returned and this weird English every turn end yeah at the end of every turn it’s obviously not English I think you need this no no I don’t think so if you have the most military sprint you get a go oh yeah that’s pretty good I could be something not bad okay so now you do your workers worker placement yeah let’s not work at Facebook but you don’t want me I’m gonna go down here to trade and I gives me two money and you actually get one for that now all the other players and then I will actually go to yeah I would actually get a good idea to build how we actually cost me to to go to go to build yeah so actually I won’t do that and so I will actually go for another research it cost me four and then I will actually a research mathematics and mathematics actually gives me a discount on future research by one and then I will actually go down here too yeah let’s get out to fish and then we’ll give me another coin so that’s the end of my turn pretty much and I will risk to take back my workers yep then you become the first player yep this moves which means we go into another war and this time I will have the most military spring so one of your workers will die yep and then we are set fooling you around so you get to Morton can either take one of these to rice which is put on top like we’ve been doing or you can put it on the bottom which just gets in the legacy ability or he can skip if you wants to save and do it later on right so I’m actually going to skip yep and then I will go go and take my actions and I will go down here to trade and we’ll gain two money and you will gain one and then I’ll go up here to research and they’ll cost me three because of my mathematics and I will actually go in to do research engineering and it gives me at the end of the game it gives me one point per Rwanda and if i do a build action it also Nets me another point no so I take back my workers and it’s over to you okay so the question is should I go for any of these but right like right now Maya’s really good because I get the future actions mm-hmm but once we get over here then it’s not that exciting and then I might want to take it another one here hmm I think though I will skip this because I do have three workers and that’s pretty good I will send one of them to the future I only need to send one here which is really good that’s a good combo there if I get three coins a question is now I’m not really sure that I want more military strength because market will get one point for each every three I have so I can’t make sense to not do that I could go for the culture thing I mean I can just you know basically buy points in this game I could do a conquest and then I get two points but that guy that goes there will die so that that’s a problem that it’s a problem okay you know maybe I want to wander off my own I’m not really sure though you have the discount for it yeah but it’s not that great like this one says whenever it’s a war I get a point but there’s not gonna be any more Wars so that one you have to get early if you really want to ask me yeah but I don’t know what the setup here we’re gonna talk later on about this I don’t thinking but anyway I will go I went there I will go to I think research it makes sense right I think research makes sense so let’s do let’s do a research before you get to technology and I’m thinking that now I think I will do this culture let’s see culture costs for though like if they get education I can do a culture action at the end of every turn every round and I don’t have to put a worker up so that sounds pretty good but but this is giving you one point on the other yeah let’s do this I’m gonna do gunpowder anyway yeah because then I can send my guy to conquest and if I have the most strength which I do have I get two points well I get an extra one from gunpowder it’s like a three point from that would can do that several times but right now he’s dead and the other must come home I will get new workers later on anyway so yeah so I think that makes sense right and that was my actions you’re the first place now I’ll become the first player this moves on right here and I get to choose do I want the new civilization or do I want to skip I have two workers I could get four with this for example yeah now four is the maximum by the way yeah no this is pretty good though for me this is for workers and air return which is one two three times I will get a gold because I have the most military sprint I don’t know if I need that gold though oh I don’t know decisions decisions will get me this one will get me another point when I do conquest but conquest will kill off my workforce that’s the thing so that is an issue so I think yeah I think I’m gonna skip again it makes sense and that actually no that actually gets me to goal when I do conquest you know in the legacy party yeah well I’m thinking I’ll put it in me the thing here is not good at all protocol is it do its when a war occurs ha okay there’s no more Wars I’m gonna go to the future I’m gonna go there get three coins then I’m gonna go use this guy to conquest I’m gonna get three points from that because I have a most military strength he will die and this guy comes home and it’s your turn okay so I only have two guys but I still have decided one of these let me just read what slums to every turn and every turn and if you have the most No yeah I don’t have the most military anyways and this one sorry farmer yeah actually I’m gonna I’m actually going to do this one I’m gonna take see em I’m gonna get the two money returned the two workers again four workers back because at the end of the game I gained one point for every two workers yeah I thought about that but it’s got to be a plea yeah so more money comes out on each one yeah because it actually does actually influence yours a little bit because you can still choose another one and you get out Phoenicia phoenicians okay and Phoenicians have three workers and something else some every turn end you may pay two gold on accord in a civilization market as bonus money if you do so you get two points miss you can you can add a bonus money here oh okay don’t feel sure we want to do that but okay yeah I understand so the first action I’m going to take is actually down to research and I’m paying three money and I’m gonna research science and when you gain this you gain one point per future round so that’s actually two more rounds right yeah that’s two more points removing me up to five then I’m going to go to go down here to trade and it gives me two money and you get one then I’ll do another research action for three because of mathematics and then I will take let’s see what I will take now [Music] yeah I’ll actually do mining here and then I’m actually going to do the also what exploit my getting to money for that one exactly but he’s gonna die yeah so it’s gonna die so one is gonna die and I gained three workers back yeah that’s the end of my turn okay so you’re the first player again we’re gonna move this and you’re up again and I’m up again right so I’m go to skip and can’t take anything else now because you already have three civilizations yeah we haven’t said that but you can only have three civilization living it that’s correct so I’m gonna go down here to farm gives me three plus one so it gives me four you know you have to spend to work I had to spend two workers yeah and why did you get the next report form because I have plus one farm here ours iam my ongoing civilization with honest and then I will actually go to I’m actually going to do another research action or will I do that you don’t have actually no actually I will go for yeah I’ll do another I’ll do research for three when I do that I actually move up to do culture have okay well take back my workers okay so my turn now I don’t have one work it’s not make sense to take in your civilization and yeah I think I’ll take this Assyria then and I will get all this money here now the thing is there’s no this is weird because this special ability doesn’t do anything for me I’m getting three workers I am putting it on top anyway because this doesn’t do anything for me because there’s no future actions so yeah that’s what it goes but now I get two coins if I do conquest I don’t even know if I need that wow I have so much money yeah yeah that doesn’t matter now I’m just gonna refill for the viewers to see it so I have a lot of money I think what could do me block cultures given that cost before that gets me two plus one from writing saves me three points then I guess a wonder wouldn’t be bad but one guy’s got to die in the play here for the last run so I kind of consider that I could do conquest which makes sense but then that guy dies Congress gives me three points so I guess I’ll do that anyway and and two gold actually as well so so it’s a fourteen which you can’t see with us or the stack so I only have basically gotta save this guy I think I’m thinking about doing a wonder that’s a three point right yeah but then I don’t have any workers for the law I have to have a worker for the lost they’re teeny as well cuz one is gonna die no matter what in the place yeah sure so what can I do that gives well research gives me a point at least yeah I’ll pee my for for that and can I reach uh something that gives me well yeah I can do education because now with the turn a aunts and then I can do culture again well I think the guys back yeah a nice so now I can do culturing else I can pay for to get three more points yeah you should have gotten that Oh actually I forgot to actually give me research points when I did research because I’m all the way lost every every time I did a research I forgot actually to give me a point oh okay so that’s actually three points for me that I’m okay yeah yeah because it says there yeah I only read the bottom part like I can see the loop okay so I’ll be the first player for the last round yep and now we just gotta skip this because we already have three civilizations yeah so now we’re both on elusive worker because of the plague so I have one guy which it’s not that great and what can I do that makes any sense I don’t I don’t know well I can do the farm because nothing only takes one guy but it doesn’t do anything for me and the culture costs money so I got that for free basically earlier on so I can’t do anything that gives me points pretty much it’s so weird I’ll just do the farm gets me three coins and that’s my action so it’s your turn alright I have two two workers but I have two little cash to do anything actually but I might yeah because you can’t do form because now what I can do I can do it exploit I lose a worker and it gets me to money and there’s actually enough to do something but it still it’s not enough for me to nest me a wonder because it’s cost seven and something is quite expensive yeah even if I could do farm it will still give me another another coin but it wouldn’t do give me any points yeah so what I will actually do is I will give that one here to give me two money yeah and then either I will do one cult one culture for for with just two points to make sounds that’s more point so I will actually do that I will did go down yes yeah so three points because of culture here and that’s the end of my round yeah so that’s the back and one of them dice house that is a tiebreaker yeah I don’t think we’re gonna need that though but okay so you get one point at the other game for every three of your and I have nine to get three points so three points puts me up to full 14 yeah so I win by 18 to 14 yeah it’s pretty much the same way that the last game went yeah but we did some different things so yeah this is age of civilization really quick play Terraria 25 minutes yeah s s 30 minutes on the box so it makes sense when your two players and we’re playing pretty fast as well and you know basically what are your thoughts about the game or two well I like to play Matt I like the different kinds of civilization there are lots of different options of these civilizations but the mechanic on two players I don’t really like it it’s so many back and forth and I when I’m first player I take literally it gets to take two turns and I don’t like that I think the whole game is pointless I think this is the worst game I played this year to be honest because this is like no point to the game the game is broken in some sense because like why would I go and do a face section to get one coin maybe most of the time I can do something else to get two coins and the way these come up randomly as well why would I go for something that gives for a war when there’s nothing for coming hey Benny I mean by the way well obviously you realize they asked my family they realized that I couldn’t answer the film because we’re live-streaming well I’ll call you in a little while we’re gonna end this soon but yeah so I mean this game is I don’t understand I don’t understand a game at all maybe maybe or four players it could work better but you still have the same thing going I mean they’d ID here mechanically of this moving it’s quite kind of cool yeah I like that but there is an issue I mean this is an issue is filling up way too much money at least in a two-player game there should be some something in the rules about the cable you know if it gets to a certain amount to remove it or something yeah we had a big issue with the rule book as well the rule book was really terrible there was a lot of issues which like it says basically that you do actions you place your workers yeah and then in the next phase you resolve the workers and to me at least we’re solving means did you do whatever is all you place the worker on but that’s not what they mean they mean that you take them back or you kill them depending on where you went yeah so I I don’t like the word we’re soul there yeah they really make sense if um I suppose we also have to mention that there is a solo play mode for this one and there is a variant as well that we haven’t played with yeah well you have these like event tiles coming out yeah but to be honest I have no interest in playing the solo no no all right for players or anything a bit sad because I was kind of excited for this game both you and I actually like civilization games and civilization games and that’s also a thing I mean a form give me three coins wide yeah there’s no connection to the theme here why are the a sticks well they made me good at building wonders I don’t know yeah it just it’s just pasted on this could have been anything but I mean the same the mechanism is kind of cool here but this could be to anything yeah it doesn’t have to be a civilization game and the connection between the mechanist and the what you do or like with a theme in the game it doesn’t make sense I don’t feel like I’m rising a civilization from like ashes to a greatness I don’t I don’t get that feeling no in other civilization games I get that I get like oh yes I took my civilization from the Stone Age till the modern age I reached us this and this and that great I don’t get that feeling here yeah yeah well like like Vader is saying it looks terrible as well and I I think I mean the Matthews a nice but this is not this is multi paid extra for this yeah so I mean the DS coach I don’t know I don’t know well I think we’re gonna end it there we don’t you don’t need to go into details but okay so thank you so much for watching this kind of quick play tree here Christmas Dracula seems happy at least and we did have somewhat of a good time playing at least the first time I’m not really sure about the second time we figured out all the issues with the game but thank you so much for watching with like more live streams coming up here during the end of the week here and thank you the marking for showing up as well thank you have a great evening morning whatever you’re watching take care bye bye

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