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  2. This Video never stated communism was bad or good.

    It listed some documented goals, make up your mind if they have come to pass or not.

    I say they HAVE.

  3. Everything here is trut but the fact is that, it is the masonic temple that is in control of the NWO. Not so much as communist as it is nazi masonic fascism.

  4. it is a in your face video, but she is right about a what she talks about… never the less Nazis (project paperclip) are communist, china bought our country and control the a lot of police force, the united nations set us up with MacArthur and the 38th parallel to justify it, our strategy must be a to unite the people… and fight under the name of freedom and justice

  5. "Have you seen an obscene amount of pornography on the internet?" LOL!! Isn't that the definition of the internet?

  6. Congratulations !
    People who think this is "only a conspiracy theory" or "paranoia from 1963 Cold War mentality"   know nothing about the issue. 

  7. Go ahead and google the Naked Communist Conspiracy.  The author includes in communist goal #40….promote masturbation…" among the way to topple the US.  This paranoia from 1963 Cold War mentality. 

  8. This is such a slanted piece of propaganda.  This woman who can barely read her lines, uses some of the most flawed logic to imply that the US is going communist.  The big fear is that too may viewers by into this crap……The American Communist party exists…..all 7 members.   I hope her parents ask her University for a refund.

  9. This is not bullshit, some of these goals have already happened.  Remove God and religion form school, already happened.  Discredit the Constitution claiming it is outdated, yep that happened too. Discredit the founding fathers, again, happened.  The name of the game is subversion.  It is a tactic that according to this list has been very successful in America.  We have become blind or have reached the point where we just don't care.  The problem is by the time people wake up to this situation it may be too late.  Subversion is a slow process taking several years to even gain a foothold.  They are not talking about government schooling but the curriculum they teach.  Students had to write a paper in support of gun control but were prohibited to write one against it.  Not all of these goals have happened or will happen, this WAS written in 1958.  Goals of organizations change according to new intelligence that has been gathered.  It is called adapting.  If something is not working or will not work then change your agenda and move forward with what is working.  Not all of these goals have to be reached, only a few key ones will have enough impact to get the ball rolling.

  10. # 4" free trade" has been on the agenda for large corporations for years debunked
    # 11 the united nations was started by the rockafellers carnegie etc debunked CFR
    #  12 freedom of political partys is protected by the constitution written before communism debunked
    # 14 the political partys are only the business partys.graduatied income tax was brought in to protect the elite corporations.socialiszed medicine is the cheapest way for healthcare for poor people debunked
    #16 this can easily be distputed.not all cases against things wmeans theres communism thats just stupid
    #17 forced government schooling has been around since the late 1700s and has been growing in centralization ever since,well before the communist party.
    #22 how the hell do you equate those two things.i mean artists are wierd.
    #23 same deal,doesnt correlate to anything
    #24 yeah thats why we have freedom of speech dymb bitch.pornography,hahah yeah all started by communss pshh

    im tired of chick but needs to read some actual books.

  11. the smartest women are the sexiest, i mean yeah great everything and elegant but what makes me really impressed and grateful is her intellectual awareness of the world. sure shes an actress but she does a great job revealing the truths of our society, me and others have watched pornography but still outside of it i see their have been over sexualization of things way past pornography , from media to society to everything.

  12. Seriously, this document, as well as the book in which it can be found, has been debunked over and over again. I'm terribly sorry, but I didn't find anything factual about this video. Having extensively studied the history of the Soviet Communism, as well as having studied in a former Soviet satellite state, I can authoritatively that this is pure bullshit.

  13. Yh gday im.corey from austraila gota say this chick is awsome interesting to see how this are delt with in usa hmm…. I wonder if all types of cause thair simular things happening here are the reason for a rise in subculture hmmm….

  14. Excellent information but…   it's a little conflicting to be dressed so provocatively and speak of over sexualization and promiscuity.

  15. My mother lost her parents, and other family members to Commie's . Not to mention th eloss of all property private and real. Get keep on dreaming it is going to happen here and soon

  16. i had difficulty following your references. do you think you can go into more detail about those commentaries you make in the future?

  17. Wow, communist can read like 50 pages of something and know who to kill better than the courts and jury. Communism is a GREAT license to KILL, if you can get others to go along with it. Even after robots become most of the workers, communist will still be trying to kill religious people because they don't want to hear angry people tell them "I hope you die and go to hell". What a bunch of cry-baby chickens communist are – I hope they all die and go to hell.

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