African-Americans Are A Big Threat To American Society - And Here's Why [Part One]

log onto for its last name Callaway or PayPal Donny for its last encounter way to support me my channel and my content merchandise is now available that I'm just here to make you think calm black America is potentially the most dangerous group of humans alive today dangerous to who dangerous to the corporate Empire Illuminati Imperial scum whatever you want to call them whites previous white supremacy is the problem Jews just happened to be white how much of the problem in the black community are the blacks own fault well white supremacy is the main problem in our community if we have much you like problems or your own if we know who's mean if we resolve white supremacy we will in solve the problems of unemployment we will resolve the problems of bad housing the waywe administration probably represented the epitome of white supremacy by cutting into every domestic livable program that rights and blacks had specially for people and they showed their relationship with these people by proving their sensitivity I'm a comic and the reason they're dangerous is because they're quite easily United it might seem not true because there's so much division within black people in America but the only reason they're divided is because the corporate Empire spends billions of dollars keeping them divided because they are potentially dangerous mr. Cokely you've attacked Jersey guy can you attack the late mayor Harold Washington you called them colorless what black leaders political leaders in this country do you respect well I think politics has a way of accommodation I don't think we have any political leaders in a sense of their – gonna find purity in politics politics is about accommodation and compromise when are black leaders born through politics as was discussed recently in Harper's Magazine blacks have to prove the rights that they will protect their interests first that's why politics is not the type of game that we're going to continue to invest a lot of time in because it's proven that it doesn't work politics will not with white supremacy but clear accurate documented challenges the white supremacy as well as action grassroots action taking against the forces of white supremacy what makes them dangerous well 45 million people United in the US would be very dangerous what kind of things is dangerous well you might think I'm talking about protesting or getting together and rallying and that kind of stuff well now that's not the kind of danger I'm talking about 45 million people United could do some serious damage to the financial market serious damage serious damage so I'm dark skinned with an accent and when you had an accent back there Africans but it wasn't a million Africans in America it was mostly Jamaicans so you had an accent you're part of magnesia making it rain Africans but it wasn't a million Africans in the merger the time was mostly Jamaican see that's be logical if I know in this hotel room they have food every day and I'm not going to do it every day to eat and they tell her they open the door let me see flowing food rap what you're telling me there's no food every day I'm standing outside trying to sing my way in we argue please let us in we said after about a week that song is gonna change that we hungry we need some food like we was asking with the Panthers we was passing exam you know civil rights movement who's asking you know now that those people that were asking they're all dead and in jail so now what do you think we're gonna do that was all about revolution will not be told us that was about the fact that the first change that takes place is in your mind you have to change your mind before you change the way you live in it in the way you move so when we said that the revolution will not be televised we were saying it like the thing that's going to change people there's something that no one will ever be able to capture on film it'll just be something that you see and all you think you realized I'm on the wrong page oh I'm on the right page but I'm on the wrong note and I've got to get in sync with everyone else to understand what's happening in this country in today's society of America millions of people of all complexions are still undergoing the effects of a variety of dominant social engineering experiments which just so happens to play a prominent role among their everyday lives unknowingly not only that there are in fact particular prominent groups of people that has set the mandatory rules and regulations that all American citizens must abide by still to this very day and when it specifically comes to the so called African Americans or rather the descendants of the copper-colored indigenous people who occupied all of the now American lands pre-colonial times the experimental methodologies are deeply rooted especially physically and mentally by way of things such as industrialism environmental racism composer e-education manipulative indoctrination paper genocide and eugenics however I would like for you to note that the freedom of having life is like a seed it cannot grow in its own and become a plant unless the climate changes environmentally now many of you can recall hearing the phrase if it ain't broke don't fix it and I agree with it to a certain extent because even though you may be doing great right now you should always make room for improvements or rather changes because it's better to be prepared than repaired after the damage is already done which brings me to my very first point of the segment and that is why are people of color in America consider to be the biggest threat throughout American society now this question alone would be continuously answered throughout this video and my other correlating documentaries because of how much detailed information is critically important to note when answering this question this threat can be traced all the way back to the late 1700s in very early 1800s at a time when white African in European colonization Alice or rather kidnappers were afraid of the threat of being murdered by the so-called coloreds or rather the indigenous people of North America due to the multiple Indian reads rebellions documented and undocumented Wars rapidly occurring during this time period this is also the very same time period where these kidnappers demanded that the Negroes be removed from the lands of America and shipped away to newly established American colonized lands in Africa along the coast multiple religious societies campaigned for this idea to become a reality especially the Catholics and the Quakers just to name a few but the ball began to roll once John Lynch wrote a letter to the president according to records held by the National Archives in a letter sent in former president Thomas Jefferson dated December 25th 1810 John Lynch who colonized lands he named after himself called Lynchburg Virginia made a descriptive proposition to Thomas Jefferson that called for the quote colonization of the nigger people on the coast of Africa so that a settlement can be established for immigrating the freed people of color out of North America and into Africa somewhere along the coast in my documentary called African American slaves in West Africa history books are lying part two are shared much detailed informative information in relation to what really happened in American history I exposed that we were all led to believe that our ancestors were stolen from parts of West Africa and then shipped to the Americas when in reality that information was told to us all in Reverse some of our ancestors were forcefully relocated from southern East lands of North America to lands west of the Mississippi River and also along the coast of Africa and especially South in West Africa I highly recommend that you watch that video for it is critically important for the sake of our rail documented history now another side of this threat would be allowing the people of color to think freely being as though English was not our ancestors original language to begin with the early European and African colonization Alice implemented manipulative methods to force their own traditions language and cultures just to name a few upon our ancestors mentally which in turn rapidly obstructed our ancestors well-being physically systematically this method was also purposely designed to decimate their literacy in critical thinking capabilities along with quelling the thoughts of retaliation by fear-mongering allowing for the social engineering format of eugenics to prevail from generation to generation affecting only those who are forcefully under the spell of its digested forms of slavery or rather oppression under the mysterious provisions and racist ideologies of white supremacy at first day so I asked my students okay what what happened during Reconstruction right absolutely what went on there and my what happened to me was in a holly action or I might better call it a no no reaction because sixteen out of my seventeen students said to me that's the time when right after the Civil War and the Reconstruction blacks took over the government of the southern states but they were too soon out of slavery and so they screwed up and white folks had to take his soul again birth Birth of a Nation 8 1903 movie is Gone with the Wind all rolled into one the routine mission gone with the wind are all rolled into one and of course these are all african-american students I thought my gosh what must they do to you to believe that the one time your group were center stage in American history they screwed up no it'd be a different matter if this happened but it didn't happen this is in fact what we in sociology called vs history that is bad sociology vs history that is bad sociology they started the public school systems for both races there were scattered schools for white folks but no system that included the whole state and of course there were no schools at all for black folks it was illegal a felony to teach even free blacks doing right so they didn't screw up so anyway I went to nearby schools I watched this was just before masters school segregation so I watched black teachers teaching all black classes this white supremacists history that was completely us because they were just teaching what was in the book and my documentary called the duplicity of the public school system I shared much detailed informative information about the pseudo-scientific methods utilized by way of college professors anthropologists sociologists in many other co-relating co-conspirators in order to teach all people of color along with non elite white people about white supremacy filled us history world history and so-called african-american studies in history even though there were in fact very few of these scholars that were adamantly opposed to such teachings and I don't know myself but let us see present so-called authorities have to say about it they say he is tall slender boom wine and blonde there is no Aryan race and more important there is no master race there are people who may find these ideas convenient but science cannot support them there is no scientific proof that there's any correlation between a man's racial characteristics and his native ability or character in all racial groups he finds the same range of potentialities we find idiots and geniuses we find criminals and philanthropists we must judge each man as an individual and not by the color of his skin or his eyes or by the length of his nose come in gentlemen it's comfortable and to remember that there is no master race that is a scientific truth anyone who tells you otherwise is lying even during the times when the existence of federal laws prevented people of color to learn anything dealing with these foreigners ambitions agendas and even their own propaganda one must not forget about the years 1776 when a new sheriff pinned his shiny badge to his chest in a code of conduct was created and implemented into the so called laws of the lands I'll be sharing more details about that in a later planned documentary now the next part of this threat is also very noteworthy and critically important to the descendants of the indigenous Aboriginal migi of this land Turtle Island now known as the Americas many of you can recall the American Holocaust of 1921 when the US and federal government ordered the bombing of so-called Negro residents and businesses in the Greenwood district of Tulsa Oklahoma murdering thousands of people of color and destroying hundreds of their own very prosperous businesses by way of US Army planes literally dropping bomb after bomb throughout the Greenwood district by way of an executive order called martial law in which this specific order was created by Congress and President Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic Party before leaving office in March of 1921 and then immediately approved and implemented into law by then President Warren Harding of the Republican Party in May of 1921 just a few days prior to inflicting a deadly holocaust upon its own American citizens now I originally made my documentary about this the American Holocaust of 1921 and after the documentary accumulated 60,000 views in four hours YouTube removed a video however after nearly a month of back-and-forth it was placed back on my channel and it is now called the history of the Negro wall street the unforgettable horrific event of 1921 that is a documentary that I highly recommend for all people to watch now I said all of that to say this there is a reason why the famous influential activist named Frederick Douglass was able to contribute quote tens of thousands of dollars of his own money in order to save the abolishment of all 37 branches of the freedmen savings and trust banks that were created by law through then President Abraham Lincoln on March 3rd 1865 and before I state that reason I want you to note the timeline here the Civil War began on April 12 1861 in which history states that the war occurred allegedly due to disagreements between politicians of the north or rather the Union and the politicians of the south or rather the Confederate States over the abolishment of slavery however the truth is that the Civil War was actually about integrating the free enterprise system with more of the indigenous aboriginals of the American lands being as though many of our ancestors during this time period were not slaves but rather indigent servants who were literally sharecroppers that owned farms banks and other institutions of business which in turn allow both heads of the same snake to acknowledge the fact that our ancestors were rising up as capitalists within this industrialized society in other words the Union recognized that the so-called Negroes in the north and the south will rapidly prospering tremendously economically and they wanted to go into business with them to further their expertise in the free enterprise system but most politicians of the south disagreed with this notion being as though it's single-handedly threatened the longevity of their not so prosperous small to medium-size businesses so the civil war began in April 1861 and completed in May of 1865 before the civil war ended some very important key factors occurred within this time line for example see that manipulative lie was told to you as a fear mongering tactic in order to depict that one race of people are somehow superior to others when King stated that through an act of Congress the government was giving away millions of acres of land he was referring to the Homestead Act of 1862 and which just a little over 30 years prior to this law our ancestors cultures heritage history identities resources and lands were stripped away and became possessions of the federal government in order to be distributed to the quote free White's there immigrated to America from Africa and Europe during the early eighteen hundreds the Homestead Act of 1862 granted these white peasants as King describes our lands that were stripped from our indigenous ancestors and all of the specialized benefits the federal government promised our ancestors by peace treaties that they will receive for being 90 percent of the help they needed in order for the United States to win all 61 documented Wars that occurred during the 1800s alone side note the Emancipation Proclamation abolished all forms of slavery the very next year in 1863 the so-called free Negroes and the so-called free Negroes along with the so called freedmen were royally upset and disgusted with the federal government so they continued the multiple rebellions until they saw a change the Homestead Act of 1866 was established by the government that allowed the Negro forty acres and a mule but the catch was that the Negro had to buy the land and the price of the lands were lower just enough so that the Negro cannot afford it steel this is what King meant by America refused to give the Negro any land these homestead acts gave these foreigners government-funded assistance where the government hired our ancestors to teach these foreigners house of farm because keep in mind a true corner or immigrant wouldn't know how to grow anything in a mass area of land that they are not accustomed with or never inhabited before in their life this is why King stated our farms okay so now this timeline that I'm referring to begins with the civil war in April 1861 then the first official Homestead Act of 1862 then the very next year the Emancipation Proclamation bill was implemented into law in 1863 in which that bill alone had absolutely nothing to do with freeing slaves from chains and shackles like how history so loves to claim no in fact the word emancipate derives from the Latin word emancipate as' which is the process of being set free from legal social or political restrictions which has nothing to do with enslavement in fact the Latin word for silver is silver 'less which means to affect fellow citizens and a legal or political sense in other words the stories of slavery in the Americas did not happen the way we were originally taught by authors of American history and world history because once an individual literally researches their families genealogical background by records instead of taking the word from some self-proclaimed scholars within their own communities with absolutely no publicly verifiable evidence to manifest they will be met with the truth that these so-called slaves in America were actually prisoners of war who were contracted as indigenous my way of industrialism which also means that your ancestors were sharecroppers being as though they were the original land owners who were contracted by the tenants or rather the white colonization Ollis who immigrated to North America from Africa in Europe in which these tenants were allowed to use the sharecroppers land by contract or treaty in return for a share of the crops produced on the sharecroppers very own land but this deal went bad obviously due to a particular group of people that had a totally different hidden agenda in mind the next part of this timeline would be President Abraham Lincoln crafting the 40 acres in a mule field action 15 in Savannah Georgia for the so called Negro sharecroppers during the month of January in February in the year of 1865 which should immediately indicate to you that the Lincoln administration was willing to work out multiple other economic deals with the complaining indigenous people of North America who were rebelling and waiting multiple territories at this time due to being betrayed and undervalued by both the local and federal governments so the very next month in March of 1865 Lincoln was sure to create federal banks for the so called freedmen that fought on both sides of the American Civil War along with their descendants these banks are known as the freedmen savings and trust banks or the Freedmen's banks for short in which over 72,000 accounts were opened which led these banks to raise a staggering 52 million dollars at that time which is equivalent to over 100 billion dollars right now making it the largest grossing bank in American history at that time then the gray next month came and President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15th 1865 which forced Frederick Douglass to take over the Friedman's banks using tens of thousands of his own sharecropping money which was a lot of money at that time due to him being a businessman of color just like millions of our ancestors were then in the year of 1875 after much demand economically along with well respected hard work continued to manifest by way of the indigenous aboriginals of this land Congress passed the first ever civil rights bill in American history allowing for the white immigrants to go into business with the indigenous business men and women of America our ancestors were prospering so well that a surge of newly established businesses and banks were rapidly changing the economy on a daily basis and it also outnumbered the amount of banks owned and operated by whites this time was uncommon Lee known as the beginning stages of the silver rights movement to a point where businesses owned by people of color went from about 3,000 to nearly 60,000 businesses and the people of color that owned banks went from about 35 banks to nearly 150 banks nationwide from the years of 1875 all the way until the year of 1934 according to the FDIC and the Federal Reserve now so many important events occurred in the year of 1934 alone that I will have to save it for part 2 of this segment however I would like for you to know that people would love to claim that the place called Africa has the most resources ever in history but if that is the actual truth then why do you consistently see real Africans immigrating to North America work at a job or to open up their own business and collect resources from here in America then publicly inform their friends colleagues and co-workers that they are doing this all in order to send it all back to their families who are residing in Africa literally see the answer to that question is very simple because in today's society the one set group of people who unknowingly accumulates all of the wealth upon destination there keeps this country running in the first place but would immediately spread its wealth to everyone under the Sun other than themselves which in turn attracts national and international businesses to their pockets alone are in fact the so-called African Americans of this country today which in turn leads you to now know the truth about why multiple economic records would state every single year that so-called African Americans would make up around one percent of America's wealth overall purposely telling you the story in Reverse in order to hide the truth making that the real reason why African Americans or rather the indigenous aboriginals of Turtle Island are the biggest threat to America's society but they just don't know it yet I'm just here to make you think

  1. I tried my hardest to pack it all into one video, but it became too long, so yes there will be a part two. This timeline is critically important to our history for obvious reasons. Thank you all for your much appreciated support. I humbly thank each and every one of you for watching. #IJHTMYT

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  2. Young man, you just filled so many wholes in the game and it's like, you know you are wealthy, but you haven't manifested it yet. Continue to teach "real" history. I am so intrigued by your videos and I am 51 years old. Keep teaching me. I come from South Caroline and my great-grandmother passed at 108 years of age. She had so many stories but I was not mature enough to ask the right questions. Keep teaching, please!

  3. Black history is equal to homeless history. Who gives a damn about it except that they have an ally with them called liberals who want the downfall of this country. Most of so-called black history is a lie to make them look somewhat human. We whites know it is propaganda written for them by socialists. Black history is a lie that brings with it a slight hint of a threat. Hey….lets have the "dreaded" race war and get this crap over with.

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    Every name we've been called we adopted because they said so!
    We embraced because they said so!
    Adapted to because they said so!
    What is the true name of the Melanated ppl that are first on this earth plus natives of America, and the African Continent?

    Everywhere we go we migrate, multiply, dominate, and our numbers are as many as the sand! History continues to show the greatness of Melanated people. We continue to grow.
    South Africa
    Sierra Leone
    and all other African Countries are filled with resources, and the only reason some Africans are fleeing to the US is because they believe as Mexicans do "The American Dream," but that does not negate the fact that the AC is not resourceful. People from Europe, Asian, Japan, China, Libya, India all come to the US but that does not mean there are no resources in their countries. 🙄😒

  11. Truth in Love Journalism…Lovin It….Thank U Dane…Since historical history has been erased.or tampered with…You're doing a GREAT JOB!…I pray your continuous safety in you and your circles of influence. I say THANK YOU YAHAMASHEAH !***That is God in Jesus Name.😀✌👍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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