Africa Never Needed Capitalism or Socialism but Pan-Africanism Speech by Tom Mboya

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  2. The title of this video should be our mantra for the next decade. 👊🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿2Nacheki

  3. Exactly Africa does not need Western or Eastern paternalism. Africa needs vision, leadership and each other.

  4. Pan-Africanism , is certainly not what Africa needs..its no better than Pan-Europeanism, Pan-Asianism, Pan-Martianism..PA never existed in Africa and is a reaction to European dominance over Black African people,or white supremacy..if white supremacy never existed why would there be a need fro PA?..which leads me to believe its more orientated/created from a european paradigm rather than African centered..its more of a fantastical cultural ideology that has failed miserably!

    "When a culture no longer meets the needs of a people, or solves the problems confronting a people, that culture must be transformed. There is nothing sacred about holding on to a culture in the face of new events and new changes…unless you are willing to accept suicide and death."

    -Dr. Amos Wilson

  5. Traditional communal values that are at the root of tribal concepts. Which has sustained peoples and the land they've inhabit for millennia.

  6. Great talk but most African leaders don’t practice it, This man is the member of CIA and he involved in Kwameh kruma’s Death 💀.

  7. Unfortunately black people in power and not in power overvalue relationships with other races and it has been our shame and detriment.

  8. And this is why the CIA assassinated him, he was too smart, he would have made Kenya what it is today 60 year ago.

  9. Imagine us, the harbingers of civilisation, following in the socio-political and economic footsteps of our enemies and colonizers.
    Until we retrace our steps back to the basis, we will remain in the shadows of the white peoples.

  10. These African Customs/principles the elder broke down is what all Africans should aim for!

    We should uproot current economic systems and began to plant seeds that will produce what the elder is suggesting, and it should cross-tribal. In other words, eventually, Africa as a whole should be looked at as a tribe or clan.

  11. The white race immaterialistic lifestyle, has been brainwashed by majority African youths back home, even, if you tells them the simple truth ,none of them will believe. Conclusion, before we can come together, let us join hands together to bring insecurity under control. there should be a strict law ,against law offenders in the continent .I am a Nigerian in diaspora,I want my country, Africa to move forward

  12. The problem is that Pan Africans are commies. We need Black Nationalism not some communist that will bring us to stone henge.

  13. These are the portions practised in Asia, confucianism, Hinduism, Islam and christianity etc. True talk. Marcus GARVEY said Africa for the Africans home and abroad. I Garvian!

  14. He should of also mentioned our long-standing from creation culture & tradition of man & woman companionship throughout our cultures which symbolizes our highest ideal for self preservation and continuity. Nation race & continent minded over tribal and clan minded, something’s need too and must change.

  15. The continent should follow the same philosophy as the ancestors in ancient Kemet. They noticed collaboration was a symbol of progress, that's why there was a lot of greatness being made.

  16. Africa need the teachings of RASTAFARI and Marcus Garvey. Then all other things will come.

  17. Awesome speech! That's how a mutual benifical community should function, leaving no one behind to falter.

  18. While I love his speech and agree with most of it, I think the tribal mindset is more limiting than it is progressive. I don't see anything wrong with the idea of a tribe but if it becomes too prominent than it can cause internal problems which can get in the way of Africa uniting due to tribal disputes. Please, tone down the tribalism. It was used by europeans to divide and conquer Africa, it's more of a liability in my opinion.

  19. i hope this is true because vladimir putin is danger to africa he shakes hand with anybody fir his greedy cause partner with donald trump messed with usa votes now it dt for 4 more years possibly i want to relocate

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