Adventure Communist Open Beta Gameplay 2

hello and welcome back guys you are gaming with me but Hrothgar and today I've got some more adventure communist-action for you now I've been away from this game just fell off my radar here for a little bit but we're gonna get back into it here see wherever my progress has been made it looks like I built up quite a bit of stuff here I did make one stop a week after so I've been an actor for about two weeks one week after I came in here and I bought some stuff just to give it a little bit more progress but so far it's pretty much right where we have let off so this is still in beta as far as I understand right here we have our wealth I have have over I have two billion dollars already that's pretty good right there unlock everything maybe I'll be able to unlock to that tonight that would actually be pretty good to have five of those science things in order to get those science things I got a cliff on enough stuff to make that happen so it's probably gonna be a pretty click happy evening as I try to click on everything here I'm also gonna be reading through comments here from the last video as well something I didn't do in the last episode more or less because we're just in between the two series some of the big things though that I could do that are really gonna help me out off the very beginning here is upgrade these weapons so that I get more of these so that'll be good but those upgrades multiply this it goes up from 25 I need a few more thousand in order to make this happen looks like I just dropped off of that just a little bit so my reasons starting to lag a little bit there which doesn't make sense you can see over there in the top left of the screen I guess it does drop every once a while it seems to be generating over a thousand frames per second but then has a strange hiccup after that so who knows what's going on there that's strange a little bit annoying oh let's go ahead and hit that upgrade they probably got to put a little frame limiter or something on this game just to see if it has a V sinkers nope no options what is up with this game if hey I'm just I'm clicking I'm clicking I'm clicking and then it just stutters constantly stuttering on me that is annoying I'm gonna try to relaunch it alright so there we go boot it up again see if we're still getting the strange stuttering going on saw one there – that's gonna be terrible there seems to be absolutely no reason for it unless it's just some sort of graphics thing because just everyone so ah drops down well the problems continue I tried to fire up my GeForce experience here and it gave me a non-optional update time to do is try to boot up some sort of maybe put it into vsync or something I feel like the graphics card is probably going between idle and like load and that's what's causing the stutter technology the other thing I'm gonna try to do is it got a lot of clicking tonight so I'm gonna try to rig up my macro on my keyboard here so that I can get some extra clicks run through it a little bit faster saved my mouse searches already having problems with double clicking just because of all these clicking games so far I don't I don't want to do this no why do you do this to me why do you software was fine I was good with the old version now I have to log in with an account through that kidding me hey I can't help it like man what the world that just the Nvidia just become like this communist state and now require me to now log into their software which is just this desktop app that they have you must input your personal information you cannot throw in the video potatoes without our permission what the heck man why does everything you have to have a login not that it's a big deal probably making a bigger deal out of it then it needs to be just really annoying the stuttering in this games always is more annoying than anything else alright so let me show you what I was gonna do here I might just have to deal with this stuttering just cuz i if I deal with it now then it's just gonna I'm gonna end up being so late that I won't be able to make a decent episode alright so what I was gonna do here is I'm gonna try to hotkey in left click to my macro keys over here so that then I can click faster with both hands right it's a pretty simple thing but breath gar that's cheating well ok fine so let's assign this I'm gonna add a mouse function and it would it be it double click right double click there we go so now g1 up here is going to be a double click so if I go on over here to the game I press g1 I see how well that worked no G one just opened up the Logitech help file come on how that was my problem default I was over here at battlefield 4 never go to play that game I'll just be double tapping all like crazy over here let's find it yeah we go apply this to everything now perfect all right so now let me go back into my game here if I press G one more like just a single click double click isn't registering but if I press all the keys at the same time yeah there we go it's working better it's still stuttering but it is working better it's going faster now you might consider that cheating but you know what I'm still quick and stuff I'm still just I'm using the technology to my advantage here that I have available to me so if I left click and click everything all the same time yeah look at that I don't even know how many clicks are going on there but that's a lot yeah good stuff alright so let's focus on the stuff that I can upgrade here obviously I want to get the land because that's gonna be useful you know clicking on this stuff is pointless you can't even get into like the next I guess the only good thing you could possibly get out of that science right let's see what we can buy here by 50% how many farmers could I get five hundred thousand and eighty to five hundred eighty mm all right boom there we go that would make a lot of potatoes what about land fifty eight thousand now I'll take that as well working nine 255 unlocked and then there was some extra information there too much for me to read in that short amount of time I'll fix that right there up to five thousand miners as well athletes for time for seconds faster so that's what's going on right there as you rank them up to the higher levels they do complete faster weapons as well what do we got for soldiers 103 very nice what about the nurses five more hey that's still a lot more than a head last time so that's working out started at the bottom worked all the way to the top buying 50% you're probably used up a fair amount of our farmers yeah they went down from 500,000 some two thousand two hundred and ninety one thousand I can still double up the land workers as well and also get a bunch of the farmers back it's kind of a balancing act between those two I'll run up through it again 50% so we're gonna add four thousand miners then we're gonna trade some of those four soldiers get that over a thousand and then add 50 nurses so we got a lot more at the top that time working through it farmers again at the bottom at five hundred thousand the land to get our workers up to eighty eight thousand another thousand for the miners soldiers are going up again and a hundred and ten nurses right there I feel like that's a pretty decent strategy going by fifty percent working from the bottom up that seems to work out alright what about the unlocks I only have one of twenty land work mining military health not too bad I guess I gotta do some more clicking here to get some hopefully more of those little time capsule things or whatever they were I don't they look like time capsule thank you man there we go daily potato capsule one of two hey plus two sciences excellent definitely gonna have to get this up to a full amount hopefully that I'll be able to get that tonight that's the goal click am I crazy even though this stutter and strive it'd be nuts hey there we go got our next daily capsule right there come on science nope just fair amount of medicine though so that's two of two there we're gonna have to move up to the land hopefully this won't take too long I finally found a good use for the Logitech like macro keys this is a lot easier than just left clicking as fast as you get now I can't lift click the fastest can still am but a muscle getting to use my left hand to very effective there we go first of three come on science two more only need one more let's just move on to the or there's a good chance I might be able to get that and not have to worry about the others is it seems like two science that we times in a row that the very first reward was science and then if I run all I wonder if I can get capsules on the other or if I gotta actually come on over here in rustically it's a good question I'm not sure if that's one way or the other right I tell you what I'm gonna swap this setup it's a mouse in the left hand and my right hand to run the macro keys look at that speed yeah there we go come on science that's what I'm talking about all right unlock run off there we go I could run everything hey that works out we just do a bit of an experiment right here click as fast as I can let's see if I still get some more data capsules baby running it look at that I'm gonna progress on that everything there that's like this is definitely the first thing you're gonna want unlock get those Sciences hey there we go hey that works out got a capsule for the medicine got a bunch of bullets and there's another one this is much more effective for science now good deal now that I've got some extra science let's see what else we can get here there's some experiments I can get or I can unlock some of the other stuff for the land the or all those stuff trials farmers dig 5 X faster for potatoes for 5 minutes that's great this is what I like right here so each time you click you can click multiple times so an inspiring shovel bullet time first pick the red flag vitamins all that stuff's gonna double it up right there that one cost 5 and I do have 6 so that could be worth it but I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna unlocks right here there we go that has been exposed we now have communes which are a lot like what we have down here except for they make farmers so if we take a look at this at a comm unit it's X amount of potatoes well I guess that's for everything right that let's stop lagging game there we go 32,000 potatoes 420 land some ore and a couple of farmers to make a combien right there hey we got ourselves a bronze medal right there and that will so by getting one of these I'm gonna get two farmers it looks like for completing that that it's definitely worth probably buying and it just takes up resources I mean it's not like I'm consuming farmers but only farmers there's more of a long term solution right and that's the easiest thing like farmers are the base worker so it only takes potatoes and land so as long as I have land a more or less that's the only fuel I really need and then I just roll everything in the communes so I get more farmers then when I need more stuff just come on over here run all the industries like mad fast as you can do it there we go got ourselves another capsule and we got some medicine out of that crank up the communes farmers keep the farmers busy well buy a hundred percent why not sell as many of those as I can do another capsule this is coming in pretty quick ooh for science now I'm up to nine yeah yeah click the reason they just roll in all right so let me unlock the land here come on now conducting experiment good so the blasting sites this is also very helpful right there again only takes the base worker for land and then a bunch of other resources so I'm gonna max that up mmm but then I'm still gonna funnel in just as many workers as that what I need is farmers but those are easy to get the capsule some more resources buddy did I just get a bunch of nurses 220 awesome that was all it worth it that's a big upgrade for me huge daily or capsule three or three nice actually I got soldiers out of that no these are just coming in every like few clicks anymore yes 1,100,000 land look at all these farmers I got now boom oh I should have seen if I could upgrade that darn that would have been enough to upgrade my land I didn't even think of that Oh actually wouldn't been 1 million that's I need four hundred and eighty eight million so that's actually a long ways off alright so let me go ahead and do the blasting sides again crank up the workers this will give me some more long-term stuff about as many workers as like it creates I'm gonna need to get myself some more farmers again ultimately once this really gets going what you're gonna end up doing is probably all the stuff that you're invested in over here like blasting sites the communes and all that stuff that's gonna be your main goal just building up those that you can then maybe that's my theory at least you probably won't be running all in trees here except for to get your daily capsules hey there we go medicine bunch of miners good deal and the last one I believe it is three or three for the weapons two more science good deal yeah you find that floating spot right on the switch mmm good deal alright so I've got eleven science let's go ahead and do this right now I'm kind of focusing on just land and farmers those will really build into helping everything else here out so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to build up my clique percentage right here so inspiring shovel how come the land one isn't there some other reason those aren't in order the same order as I would think they're so the land click as well be good so I got six thousand that time it really just doubles it up doesn't click twice just doubles the value come on baby give me up to a million promise I want a million farm eyes come on make it happen make it happen make it happen no problem farmers collision is two seconds faster oh good look at all these potatoes I get a million each time alright so let me move on into the comments of the last video you guys where all the comments you guys left on the last video here and see where we are at kind of got to play around with the shortcut to that GeForce experience wanted me to login change in the program when I need to use it I believed in you Green Team I even made my background green but you're letting me down alright since it's been a couple of weeks here I'm gonna pick and choose on these comments probably not just gonna read them all wholesale the sake of time here I do have to get moving the arts of life says I'm definitely playing this game with an auto clicker you know what some people like this game some people like to use auto clickers some people don't I don't think there's really any justified reason for hating on somebody for using an auto clicker here there's you you're either satisfied with clicking and feeling like you're the champion of mouse clicking or you're feeling satisfied with the idea that you are working smarter instead of harder there's some bike compromise here I used my keyboard just my equipment right in front of me my user puts leverage my ability to click faster for me I feel like that's a happy medium obviously there's people that would hate me if I just sat up at auto clicker – clicks pass I could but the game does definitely force you to sit there and click on the Run button just to get the things like sciences to build it up it gives you a reason for clicking but I could see where you would find that annoying I think they should have a different system for getting rewards bill to me sitting there and just running the businesses to get your daily rewards it's it's kind of a tedious thing and you know what when you look at adventure capitalists that game is really not tedious in any way which is why you can keep bringing people back to it making an idle game tedious is the quick way to make people on interest so I think they need to change that Jacob I've read your comments and some of the other videos since then I know it's been like three weeks had a Russian is community that's quite nice sounding I think maybe Russia isn't the only communist state after it just happens to be like the first one that comes to mind and it's prob about the only accent that I get do poorly as compared to not at all how do you get this it is on Steam it's currently in open beta you were in a Hershey Park so you could not watch for a long while xx minecrafter oh yeah that sounds pretty cool sounds like a fun experience I think you're talking about that on some of my other ones for the the roller coaster videos planet coaster and yeah um I try to say your name here is Sagna maybe consent you might have said it right yeah this game is a lot like swarm simulator just like it with more user interface and a couple other things obviously because swarm simulators just text-based game the beta on the iPhone yet I have no idea finally it's open thanks John Alfie you start cure yes you can get this game on PC you're gonna find it in the steam whatever it is steam game hub completely available there it's free you don't have to pay for it open beta Super Mario you can't wait for the release I'm looking forward to when the game comes out I'm hoping they make some changes to make the game a little bit more more approachable it's one of those things where I was thinking about this earlier as compared to at venture capitalist and why that game is addictive and why I can keep coming back to is because there's those tangible milestones that you reach and also the reset strategy I have yet to find those elements inside of adventure communist which is kind of why it fell off my radar here for a couple an idle games should be a game that isn't really tedious and it's easy to come back to and play for a few minutes it also feels like you build up you know little milestones as you go essentially a good idle game is true capitalist so be more like that Nathan helpful advice to a fellow communist well adventure communist I am NOT a communist unlock run all as soon as possible yes that is definitely worthwhile it makes growing your glorious country so much easier I agree with you I'm glad you're having a good time here playing the game here from the game players slash break-in gamer right it says this game seems oh so complicated without extra planet yeah I mean there's a lot of these little numbers that you see down here that build up in stuff there's gonna be a rule of thumb for working upgrades we're more or less surprised just gonna hit 50% down here click through it we'll have to see what the strategies are as this game guy Lord ha just wanted to be quiet for a moment sorry also will you marry me uh no I don't know you so I'm not gonna marry you but thanks for commenting Dolan approves clearly as forward to some clicker heroes I played that game personally not that interested in playing I'll be avoiding it I did give it a try though ultra memes this is pretty cool the commenting juggernaut Super Saiyan broth got me with crazy air pool I think it'd be cool to have yellow hair for a day like that would be would be a neat thing to happen I'd have to get a wig though because there's no way this is going yellow Hrothgar is a Russian spy admit it no I'm not brawny and if I were I wouldn't tell you yeah is it in the Apple Store I don't think so yet it's currently in open beta at some point I'll buy Charmander Chris a hundred and seventy of view not quite the first view but haha adventure communists sounds Russian I mean it seems like it's definitely geared towards Russia absolutely completed Mars in like four days I was on vacation because the Wi-Fi was crappy so did the Wi-Fi help you complete Mars at four days or did it hinder you not sure what that means some or maybe you just had time to play it your Wi-Fi was crappy I don't understand I have a question it says Philip Philip has a question what is the point of well from this game just click the question mark um because it gives you a legend and some sort of tangible how much stuff you have on hand I've wondered the same thing I feel like you should have well you should only have the potatoes and spend a wealth do buy land and mine I think you should be able to spend it wealth on certain upgrades personally like you could spend and like the different unlocks and stuff like that I think that's where you should be able to spend your well right now it seems to have no no but that's it thanks for commenting guys and if I didn't get to your comment or avoided it for comedy anyhow I'll see you guys next time here in the adventure communist I'll try to be a little bit more active on this game played a few more times at least once a week also while I'm doing other things as well it's trying to crank up the videos here a little bit without going too far and then burn myself you know how it all goes thanks for watching guys I'll see you guys next time if I've earned your subscriptions and thank you so much have a great night guys peace broth car out here we go that was building a rollercoaster on a floating island right there a pretty cool idea fun stuff I enjoyed it 1 million there we go now we're talking that's the sound of money if I ever heard whoo kind of got a weird ring to it I'm liking it so far

  1. Great video Brothgar. Your a really good youtuber with a very different personallity that i very much enjoy 🙂
    if ever you wanna add me on steam my name is Michael Scott. Keep up the great work!

  2. I understand your view on how this idle game isn't very "idle". However after a few weeks playing, the game runs itself very well, and clicking only becomes useful for getting capsules, as the value of your clicks is drastically lower than what your farmers/workers/etc produce, and those yellow resource generators make tons of science. (I make nearly 1000 science each time I check the game).

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