Adventure Communist #34 - ANEW ATLANTAS!

what's up YouTube a lady here and here we are back with some one more adventure communist and today we're going to New Atlantis this regard the rank if I already of this in the videos this may come out before the other video so let's do it let's get in here I'm excited can we do the music music is always nice it's very peaceful women who have been of course leadership and the ocean Kingdom it's kind of what I was expecting let me get this ad done real quick before I do anything well just got the four hours for now I'll get the rest of that after to excited to jump in so looks like we got a fish loot baby does it say I just need fish it's their car they are called fish we get a fisherman who we can get multiple fishermen oh I feel like it's like that's going faster than normal so we need to trade fish we need to clog two fishermen I don't really want to open that quite yet and what about the scaling on things are gonna be regret that those are actually the hold back right now it just um get a couple trades in your 16 fishermen it's quite a bit actually we'll take it need 250 these like I don't wanna clean this Reed chest yet I know we have to work towards upgrading cards but until we yeah I don't know does it say how many um it doesn't and you only have one ready we also have the add but you want to save the adds on these events till you get a what am I trying to say you get the oh god I'm just trying to blank the the thing we have to collect cards as I don't know what it's called it's just card collect maybe I don't know I just wrote complete complete blank there but we could eat our first thing done this probably a decent bit of videos on this event so probably not show a decent bit cuz it's the first time the events coming around I did say I would do that as long as I was around for it how much I'm hoping to be around a decent bit for this event that's the goal at least I can't promise but I'm hoping that actually gives us almost enough stuff credit card and there's a fisherman we don't have enough to upgrade them please get all right we're gonna have to we're gonna have to just clean this capsule another one comes ready in two hours it just stings to get it and then instantly get something to collect cards because those are the big holdbacks a lot of the time on these but we get this first upgraded it goes it's five times that's actually kind of interesting scaling they've done some odd ones I like how the scaling differs in the events let's upgrade that so what is these are goals pretty much we can't get one we are waiting on fish though coming in we definitely need to get more trades on the fish in we got another new card which is all fish industry okay rare researchers we need the event research at level 10 but there's so many of them that might not actually be that hard even if I like it one I want to get at least leads to that that's a lot probably that's probably lot of playtime I mean knowing my plate of time it's probably not gonna happen we're just gonna let our comrades build up these do only use one Conrad I figured normally the first rank only uses one we're just gotta take it slow like this we're in no rush I'm gonna probably a little bit let the game at run while I play if I get any of these done I'll come back it didn't take too long at all to get the dinghies required to get that I'm going to actually buy these are in a second and we're gonna open this see what we can get hopefully automated dinghies would be great there it is one card short that's actually upsetting I was hoping to get the upgrade to get this done yes scavenging wants us to get trillions of fish it's not terrible requests to be honest it's really not is this this other event done yeah it is I thought so cool that we got both those in the same one hopefully we get the biggie upgrade there it is oh and trade fish grabbed extra comrades that's nice for anyone who does not know getting those after that's us of the rank up which gives me my first reward over just a rare researcher don't really care about the rare researcher I'm liking the way this is progressing already it seems to be pretty fast all that happened in a really short time but anyone who doesn't know this going up with the comrades does change if you've proved they bought it so don't be afraid to buy something my first event ever I was hesitating and buying these upgrades because I knew I was getting close to a card upgrade to get more Conrad's pour it it does update it so don't be too afraid do not be too afraid but we got this one done as well it's 100 also 225 are there sorry to five times upgrade in the scavenging it's probably gonna have a different thing a little boat that's sweet of course I gotta watch the ad I'll come back when anything else is happening though right then here we are let's clean this first see what we get and then we'll get the savage scavenging unlocked got a card upgrade possible there which is nice I will wait till we get something to actually tell us to do it but spend our 10 trillion there to unlock here which is cool and we get this opened we're just moving along quite nicely I'm one away from that being able to upgrade again I'm wondering that these will scale up they look like they're five times as well as everything five times in this one it does use four comrades and then 50 treasure but they produce 20 off the bat that's not bad it does use a lot of comrades though we need a lot more dinghies that's where I'm gonna update these then I was kind of waiting to see I do not plan to buy any or do any upgrades until I get an upgrade quest unless I get a surplus of what's the science coming in that's not gonna be playing but we're waiting on comrades to come through one of the biggest things I can recommend a lot of time is if you go in like this panel I know that the game just chill the air drops are in this case the boat will come by and it'll be frozen in that spot so when you come in it'll still register the time and let you come back and claim it it's really really useful oh that's actually really helpful I use the ball my comrades on that but like that's awesome can get those which gives me two way that's pretty sweet alright we're about to make big waves right here no pun intended with the you know the event here I got two of these done I got the comrade ads telling you best in the game I love them I'm cool we got divers automated we didn't have divers a divers are these guys yeah so those guys have been clicking all the way up I've leveled them up quite a bit we might even complete like complete if we have to get more divers but a wooden capsule claimed already spend point it's our science which is insanely awesome so we're gonna have that more divers treasure trading comrades up divers see we're already pretty close to that and then even more science cuz we you know are just moving along so nicely things are just are flowing really well in this event though they're flowing better than the other events already and I really really like it and over just me but it seems like things flows super smooth I only need a little bit of these what do that claim it up we got science suspense we'll get that done – there's definitely these abit episodes of these I feel like I think I'm getting me look like three episodes of this game have this push depending on how much I'm actually around like I said I can't promise we'll be around a super ton anyways yeah it's the five times and this is well and you can see there it shows it's five times so we just went the 100 we need to spend some more I've got none of these to spend we've only got two cards you can upgrade if we do both of them that's spending 500 but we're gonna do it cuz it's gonna really be the best thing we could do plus I'm gonna click that to stop it from showing you we're gonna end up winning it anyways it's just we're spending a hundred over what it's asking me to spend which can be a bad thing sometimes especially if you get another one we have to spend science or upgrade cards it's quick and I think it's randomized a little bit some people get unluckier than others with it but hopefully we get we get good I haven't gotten any ads to watch for uh well we can already do them again any ads for science yet nope this one I'll take it though I'll be back again I'm just gonna be bouncing in and out all right so these finish roughly about the same time so I waited for the other one to finish up I've been just grinding out some nets we're getting $10 on a piece right now which is nice for obviously the dinghies here but let's get these on lock to see what other objectives we would pull out of here I'm really enjoying this though I haven't made a cleaver already this is nothing my favorite event off the bat it just it flows a lot easier than both the other ones even after they reworked the other ones you just feel like you move a lot slower again there's way more ranks in this like I get it it's meant a few that way that's probably something about the whole psychology behind the idea of what they did with it but I like it it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing more and that's a good feeling you know that's why you play these games a lot of the time so I do not have they saw me two things starter pack and the rank port magic age if you bought all the ranks like are they always four dollars so it's seven dollars to come in and I think every rank besides the first one to be pretty crazy are you pretty pricey I was trying to think like how fast could you get this event done but even then I'm just kind of going at a hundred of time always slowly work towards this the fish is gonna take a little bit time we need one trillion of these which we're slowly working towards I'm in kind of just dumping anything towards there I haven't really been getting too many uh I mean I don't need to click click that anymore that's really nice I'm really tempted to buy that but how much longer on this I'm gonna be leaving my house soon so I probably shouldn't because probably I gotta make a huge difference I'm after you have to take a little break and come back right if we got the fish nets complete I'm actually gonna buy more of them try to keep them as high as possible I'm just trying to dump everything else into here as well let's get this hopefully we get maybe something to upgrade I'd like to spend some my science would be great be pretty happy with that as a mission divers okay well we're working towards that anyways sadly I'm going to wrap this episode of here though guys I know it's a little bit of a shorter one the next ones of this will probably run closer to 20 minutes most likely I'm not really sure as I'm gonna be trying to kinda fit it into one video but it might not happen really gonna depend on much around is probably gonna be honest eight or even maybe even three more depending so expected these a bit of content of this game coming in a very short period of time because I try to bump these out as quick as possible get back to the main content and then again I'm really only gonna do this for a new events or events that I knew I'm gonna be around a lot for we might do it but I'll still condense that down where I want show you guys as much figure if I do have been exclusives kind of like this and then if I ever touch in on events I can spend good episode or even like half an episode just kind of covering my progress in the event or something but yeah anyways you guys enjoy this you guys wanna see more things I can smack the like button and as always I'll see you in the next one please that places to be taken off a lot faster than other events as well we're moving we were flying through this not really sure what to say we seem to just be really fast we've already got 12 I didn't just buy those we were already over a trillion there which we only tential eating at scavenging I mean we're getting close to that this is gonna come this is gonna clump we got to collect 15 cards meaning I'm going to actually go watch the little video so I'm probably at that and then I'll come back when I get to 10 and we'll claim this at the same time I'll just hang on to that be a little slow down in the production but okay I'm just dropping everything into being use right now should probably save some for here but working towards getting this obviously as soon as possible

  1. I realize there was a mess up with the clip at the end! Not sure how that happened. Shouldnt happen again in the future

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