Adventure Communist #25 - Another Supreme!!!

did you blaze and I'm here and welcome back to some more adventurous communists would it complete the the event last episode if you did miss that we also are ready to move on to rank 22 I'm going to turn the volume up I have it off right now just because there is a air jump going on right now so we're gonna hold on to that for a second you're gonna hear that going in just a moment we're trying to bring that on and do that then I start that we've been trying to accomplish so you see there it is let's bring up Wiley of ain't there all the their jobs their new rank color look at that I think that's a new right that's the fun you almost positive it's new I've got two new researchers we can get which is sweet let's see if we get anything anything new we don't have would be cool I mean duplicates are fine too but nope nothing new at he's a bit of science there though we pop in here we click this that's what we want 36 million to start well you're currently making none we're gonna have 36 million going into this one moment boom we collected it we're making one a second we just did that that's all I'm trying to say it's ridiculous it's ridiculous you got to be really careful what we buy ten percents of because we will spend that weight fast then we want to I do need 50 of these so honestly I'm just gonna do it ten percent ten percent just spend the 10 percents quick and it'll be really cozy I want to buy a bunch of those these guys we definitely want to buy singles oh and don't want to fly through it that's the biggest thing right now I don't want to waste it just opposed to be a good kickstart 10% 10% 10% kind of keep it moving a little bit there we go that's what we wanted oh I didn't realize you're getting something sweet the first first part already done so that's geese is we're gonna be trying to do every single time obviously like that's just insane we have enough great cards you have some kinda waves we have clucks science all just happen kind of overtime these guys are going to buy singles up as well as prior to the card upgrades real quick let me get these going the orders real quick 10 10 and these guys definitely again these doesn't take a little bit to get to you just cuz you need get rid of those but you like a three card upgrades let's do that real quick and then I want to talk about something but let's find our cards that we want to bring up there was doubly some lower level stuff we're looking to start to get up these guys let start getting those up a little bit try to get those at least a level four as we go along you know they are decent there's something I exclusively I wanted real quick that was they're not do you yes trading those Conrad's boom let's just do one more card for now I think we'll actually do another bonus when you're only level 3 both of them are level 3 sure let's just do these guys here another airdrop going on which is not gonna be good if it's if it's Conrad's again I'm hoping it is yes CT it's only half a million it's not much cuz it bases off of your comrades per second so that's why I was so much because it when you move on with an airdrop already accumulated it's from your last run which is just crazy someone suggested that if it was but something I've been trying to are wanting to try 3 n 3 mm that's a lot I feel like we can't get these guys getting these guys rolling sooner than later will be nice game of the 10k can't get those quite yet irrigation we're already going into we decided that max or irrigation would pretty much one of any irrigations as possible coal plants I'd say the same thing about even human minds are throw a bunch and kind of wait for this to climb up a little bit so this is what I want to talk about there's already another new event plan in less than four days it's kind of crazy the rewards I believe here are less then we look at him all we can to 10 gold things work a little different 30 gold they're definitely in different places we made it the rank 7 last time no sorry rank 6 we didn't even cut 7 we were 2 away from collecting 7 this was the 14 which I think it was the same as the other one you get some of the better because the epic one I think is yeah definitely better than the gold I believe right because you took two epics 6 ed I mean I guess you could argue one over the other the Gold's probably still technically better but it's less rewards you should get 20,000 sighs you can make it here I hope they've changed it it lasts longer like I said I don't think they would've had time to get anyone's input and I don't know if everyone feels the same way I do but I feel like some of my my thoughts are definitely going to be similar to some other people in the community and actually I do know that some of them are but we got those done and collected I don't know how I want to do it I don't know I mean we might be mainly focusing on the event in the videos or I might bounce it around a lot I was thinking about doing events having its own videos altogether the more I thought about that the more I really don't like that idea we can collect all these by the way and we might get a decent amount of science from them this thing's gonna take quite a while so we can get these elsewhere would be pretty nice if I got most of them right there actually I'm going to do that which gives us over a million year ago off back which is kind of crazy coal plants we can start dumping into a little bit and we're not gonna get much as we're still in that land struggle phase which will slowly crawl out of I can deadly pick up some more of these but I'd be pretty much the rest of everything I have I'm not gonna do that but we got to do real quick let's do this bedecker kind of comrades per second up because we know we haven't even upped them because I haven't needed to barely used any so we're almost the 5k which is pretty solid I'll help us start refunding some of the stuff we've been spending and more coming in here already definite one two three whoops the 10% down here I get that over a million because we didn't really have much in there and I'd like to get this over a million as well I set up both of those are over a million or in a solid spot we really are I don't know if I just want to spend the rest of these comrades I almost do I almost want to just drop them here and land as it's gonna take a while to work towards that one and these will just take a little bit of time and you need 50 ffs pretty far away from that as well I could you know what let's drop 50% in here let's give this another like 10% goofy set up a little bit I was land that's over yeah it's supposed to be good dropped it there and then just everything else reindeer again i'ma call it there for now right come in with a little minor update I picked up a bunch of the I just buy a bunch of these bunch of buggers I just got a ton of them we're gonna see if we can get this collect science school complete real quick and move on I think we can because we do have a chest to open as well so even if we don't get it from these which we probably will do anyways yeah it's looking looking 100 percent like it's gonna happen we're still trying to get to this we haven't gotten in there yet and those potatoes are just gonna take forever realistically those are not gonna have any time soon but just trying to get in a little minor update and we got instantly whatever this was twelve mongers we just got it to 16 right up you know just a little bit ago I got that rolling that's open a Deb and spanned 800 science Wow another one we can do let's do this claim a little bit more science we can definitely spend 800 science it's like two card update or weaving one we can easily spend over a thousand spend it to like I think for thousands or I as one currently I'm gonna actually say no to that I'm actually just watched one to refresh up I wasn't gonna do an update but then I decided I think we're in an all right spot to do it so I don't think we'll be updating any of those in here I don't that's anything we're doing potato upgrades might not be bad because we're focusing pretty heavily in here right now yeah it's only a level 5 it's gonna be a matter hitting some of them that's most of it half of it let's see if there's any of these other things down here that we haven't done that are so level 3 yeah there's one that'll do it give me those up the bonus industries do add quite a bit in actually hope but I know they're gonna become a bigger part later in the game as well I think when those cards start getting much higher oh we have this oh yo no way is that of a wooden chest was this wooden her iron no way that makes up for all the disappointment that I had an event with my rewards increase the production of all industries that's probably the best card we could have started with but now we probably some of the two of the best cards just straight up all industries and the comrades but it's awesome this is a wiring chest I believe I wish I remembered that's insane – screams now that's amazing I've heard some stories of people not even getting one at like level 40 plus they still haven't gotten their first one so I've heard some pretty horror stories about trying to get some Supremes we can definitely do that and let that build up I'll probably get a little bit more in there but let's see if we get these boars for mines know if we can get one those take a while that is that is pretty known oh I'm so excited plus I want to buy it's a purple card right yeah you know that – crap why don't I do that one I was thinking this one it's mine both was another 100 for spending I just spent a lot and a little with other two vital upgrades or nothing gonna be a little lower I mean silver 5k so it's not that big of a deal wow I'm so hyped up nothing saying I think I'm gonna drop him here just a second that's going to take some time this will hit in I mean relatively soon actually we need 50 everybody make one board vines will take a while we could put them there but I think jumping them in here is a better place right now oh right Papa Megan here miss out I'll bet we don't care about the ad I don't really watch the ads and this I was watching in the event to get the fruit guards swish my admission tour it I'm really excited this next event oh I think it's actually gonna be next video is gonna gonna cover the event again I don't know how I want to do it I don't want to post as many videos including the event as I did with the last one and I'm like so ahead and content right now like we're back at the point where I could almost make daily videos of this just because of the events I figured if you have this this often it could but I want to drag it out that much so I'm gonna be trying to do it differently I'll just pick up all these which will get our camera through second up there quite a bit got this beautiful thing we can open on up I'll take it that'd be nice to get like that's something we should have had a while ago I was like the first one we got I don't really care right now bore mines we can do 50% covers it will do our 50% get them and we probably want more than the 50% anyways is will leave it if it's percent for now get all that stuff I just see what we can get done coal plants are there they're in here right yeah so we need 34 million oh my there you go it's not that hard represent boom she need to get enough to produce the prior resource basically somebody's just come in so quick if you just you know once you get one thing it's just you unlock so much more I mean we've almost technical pleated the event I don't have we've done anything in here we have not let me start this up just because we are gonna obviously need it because we need to tie me ambulances this will probably be one of the bigger slowdowns we have get a bunch of those I mean already getting an ambulance takes quite a bit so those don't come super quick okay once we get a couple of those going we produce a lot of these in it kind of skyrockets just got to give that one a little bit of time how much is this 400 that's kind of expensive if it's a super cheap one we'll go with it we get a couple of million of them so that's not gonna be the goal right now bunkers is going to be our easy easier goal I should say we'll grab that boom I'll take it just a bunch of new cards and we're flying through this rank to be honest I thought this rink was gonna slow down quite a bit and it did not bore mines I mean yeah you're asking a lot of me right now man those will take some time most of it just because of this and I could buy obviously a lot of these like we could spend you know we spend 10% I can then go buy another thousand of these no problem those take some time we'd probably want to drop 10% in here just to get them going I don't know if we'll need any of those but 10% is quite a bit I want to get this potatoes we don't need land for anything it's not gonna do it if anything I'd be better off dropping it to this to the 50 mil 10% how many I need a 10 million we need a lot of these I mean we're gonna need a drop a ton in here anyways like I think we're fine doing that the borman's will honestly be okay probably just chillin I mean you just give that a couple hours that come back I mean that's gonna be a lot plus we have more after this is gonna still be a longer rank and that's kind of the nice thing that the game does take a bit of time to get things I actually think overshot that by a little bit not too much though we didn't waste comrades that's my biggest goal is I'm trained not to waste comrades I know a lot of people have comrades around this rank comment problems are on this rank that's a pretty big I feel like there's waters in fact we got two screams now oh so good and we got that done treat and I think that's rank complete is it not again full completion is gonna take a little longer yeah that's right incomplete I'm definitely going to do both of these which to be honest um that's good this to be done tomorrow I'll write the hop-on twice to do it was he knew he's off or not what does he do though what was he again oh he's our traitor that's why he looked kind of weird I mean that's good we definitely need anything in there all of our focus can go a little bit into trains which we def I need and what's the problem is it land yeah so we'll need a bit more in there and then for mines which again just need a bit of time that's not that many to be honest I think our biggest hold back is gonna be here so I'm just gonna drop everything on some of this get the coal plants go up and running and we are set that's right complete I was a lot easier than I thought we'll buy those I'm pretty sure we've had higher than that before I don't know but then we have ten mil or ten thousand or we'd not make that we order had to be on there by now there's no way I guess we could have no really reason to live all that up I don't know why but those in there was nothing either none of these are worth levelling too heavy and we don't have trains automated I'm sure that's gonna be one of the next cards we get they already get trained Automation nah I got the bonus resources and then we've got two of these do searches all industries which would be really nice and then this dude which is the luck which I suppose we get him increasing the luck of other things would be more beneficial I'm actually gonna watch that but that's gonna be for this video guys this will take me either a day is probably day I'll probably get a couple I mean the trains should be easily done maybe not easily actually it's a lot it's a lot of trains within a day to two next video might consist a bit of the event that means unless I do things differently where I record the vents in a whole separate video it's just that comes out to be weird if I record for example to videos and then I'm going on a third a video for the event or something but I don't want to do that I think I'm just gonna combine it with these videos kind of like I did before I'm just gonna try to maybe show less I don't know maybe we'll just upload the series like I was going to multiple days way more you know when we're often I know a lot of you guys do enjoy this here's all the old videos still haven't gone up yet again cuz I'm ahead of schedule right now in videos and I'm still uploading way more than I was but I'm gonna kind of get a feel for what it seems like I know some of you guys definitely say you wanna you know you love the daily videos you love the often videos or every other day videos that's gonna just kind of play by ear and actually see how the videos do and then I'll probably pick up so this event will probably be similar to the next the last event but the way I do things as far as uploads go so I'm gonna get even more ahead but um yeah I think I think will test the waters it'll let me kind of get a full full view of things and then we'll go from there but unless you guys did enjoy the video please take a second to smack that like bond guys and as always I catch in the next one

  1. I’m finding whenever I try to use a adboost of any type it says I don’t have a internet connection, even though everything works like YouTube, safari, everything that uses wifi. Is there any fix to this?

  2. i have collected my science for over 2 months to get to 40k and it took another 2 weeks to get the comrades supreme.

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