Actual footage of anarchists fighting against ISIS in the Battle of Raqqa (Syria War)

  1. It's good to see our anarchist allies in the front lines (I said anarchist as allies because I'm a commie not a anarchist )

  2. Goodluck comrades! your an insperation for every single anarchist on this god damn Earth!

  3. I am not for Anarchy but I am full out against authoritarianism and totalitarians. Especially SAA and ISIS, I support American forces and the flags of the Liberty. Aswell as the freedom fighters and Anarchist that fought for the good there is in Mankind.

  4. Its crazy to see all of this happening weapons from the soviets, weapons from the germans all of this still there because of the world wars had such long lasting effects still creating serious problems today. Imagine if we didnt win

  5. Thank you for your service. Much respect. Many thanks. Have hope. Take care. Remember. No gods. No masters. Only Anarchy!

  6. if you put again the scences relacionated with it, you could put the songs to the barricades (a las barricadas) in a original version thanks

  7. you know what , i can remain silient no longer , im a conservative a moderate right winger , i was under the false impression that antifa and anrachists were all a bunch of middle class idiots with too much time in their hands , this video proves otherwise , thought we might not share the same world view there are actual heroic people who put their lives on the line to battle those disgusting theocratic assholes ISIS , i dont agree with most of what you say , but take out as many ISIS pigs as you can

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