Ace Combat News: BAE Systems' TEMPEST coming to Ace Combat??

but anyways I just thought it was interesting because maybe was for pleasure in this trip of him what he said does the picture is taken by Cano which is the art director of Ace Combat 7 so maybe it is a work trip related but I don't know it sites around the city of Blackburn in the UK and I know they have some like facilities from Bay like the British that defense industry there but I don't know just is this a fear of being just a theory and guess what one day later it's proven that I was right about my theory so here's the little mess that's where the the sea go picture was taken in st. Eames in the UK close to Blackpool but in very close to that city there is this Airport right here called the Wharton airdrome and kono posted on Twitter confirming my crazy theory in my profit now that he was there at BAE Systems and they are wharton facilities there you go Cano in his picture it was the sign now Wharton it's a very interesting place but before us let's see what kono wrote on the on the Twitter gonna use that what Bing Translator yes thanks Microsoft so the schedule for today has ended came to the very end can i tweet about this can I really do it I guess I can I got the permission but unfortunately what I have seen or in the in this facility is so amazing but unfortunately I cannot tell you guys about it I'm so sorry but thank you base system for the best time so it's very interesting that that they went there again confirming that was at least two people that went there kono and Cano but possibly there's more people from places possibly I don't know now it's very interesting to point out what the Wharton facility is known for and for that I went to the BAE Systems website so you can see the history of the of their facility there but in the last paragraph says organization involvement with the Typhon the hawk and the f-35 a number new future projects such as the tempests will see the SCI Romania that the for Ferrari a global reputation for innovation today water remains at the very heart of BAE Systems air sector so yes the 6th generation fighter aircraft being developed by their ok right now that known as The Tempest is being made there and we all heard about the typhoon the hawk in the after a five-week owner say you couldn't talk about it so to me that definitely implies it is talking about the tempest the tip has is a very interesting plane a bit the whole concept because you're really ties in in in in ace combat and specially nice combat 7 now I'm not sure if the tempest will show up is in your next conversation as a PLC or in a future is come with game I don't know I think the likelihood is high but I don't know it's not confirmed okay well but let me tell you why the tempest is an interesting aircraft see this is a the art of the The Tempest it doesn't mean to the official it's gonna be like that but that's for how it was unveiled last year at the Farnborough airshow now let me tell you why the tempest is an interesting the past would be a dual-use aircraft with south capabilities keep of being flown by a pilot or a drone by itself this is already a schematic material you know that right it has like the little art with the different things like scalable autonomy virtual cockpit very interesting for VR if you know what I mean flexible payload configuration physical texture designer for growth or available capable all that propaganda material like please buy the tempest guys and here 10 press is likely to be operated with wolf conventional kinetic weapons like bombs and directed-energy weapons like lasers or microwave beams so very easy competition there's an ability to deploy and manage air launch swarming UAVs through a flexible payload baby it's very easy confident and other features include the low observable conformal fuel tanks large modular sensors long-range oblique photography systems and scalable Watanabe to provide different modes of unmanned operational range of privatization aids and customizable virtual cockpit system provide a pilot with display options on the aircraft and interface of mission planning systems on the ground sounds like a very interesting thing for VR especially because breakfast they already did the VR in like a small portion of yarn Ace Combat 7 so I would say with this you know there's a good likelihood you will see the tempest in the future I'm not sure if it's gonna be phrase combat 7 maybe in a future like Ace Combat 8 or something like that because let's be honest I think I think a scream 7 is getting close to the end of the cycle seeing the support for the the multiplayer it's like but I don't know I don't know so it's very interesting thanks gonna for sharing very cool and then I posted I guess gonna can't say but I can say he has to read The Tempest that's a picture from when they had it in the Farnborough Air Show last year so the tempest really is a announced recently so advertising through a videogame would be I guess the cool marketing strategy because per day Jesus has already work of BAE Systems before especially Mesa commodify because we have the hawk which you have to fly it as a cannon plane and then final final option so yeah very cool stuff and good that prices is yeah getting that's those connections with the manufacturers and me we're gonna see a template in the future and in case you don't know I also made another video talking about the Chinese airplanes in acecomm but you can check for right here it's just about the news and how Chinese manufacturer got in touch leopard races so things should be excited in the future yeah let me know what you think thanks for watching I'll see you guys next time

  1. Wow, this Tempest reminds me a lot about the original design of the Boeing X-32 (F/A-32 Erne in AC3) , except for the intakes.

  2. You know what? What about the Lockheed YF-12 it was supposed to be the fighter version of the Sr-71 blackbird?

  3. This plane would be perfect as replacement for Tornado. Anyways, I'm still waiting for the F-15S/MTD and the B-1 Lancer.

  4. It'd be awesome to see the Tempest added, but hopefully a few more British planes are added as well, such as the Harrier Jump Jet (the jet which the AV-8B is based on), the Panavia Tornado and maybe even the Hawk T1 or Supermarine Spitfire!

  5. Still waiting for intel about CFA-44, XFA-27, and XFA-33.. hope these aircrafts will make it in to Ace Combat 7

  6. If, in fact, Tempest (by the way of FCAS too) and Super Tucano appear in Ace Combat, it will be a really big event.

    It now remains to wait for the arrival of such machines as AC7 like F-5E, F-20A, X-29, CFA-44, Tornado, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, MiG-35D, development versions of MiG-29, Rafale B/C, Gripen C/D/F/M/EW, F/A-18C/E, EA-18G, Super Hornet Block III, F-16F, F-16XL, F-16 Block 70/72, F-15EX, F-15 Advanced, F-15 S/MTD, F-15SE, ATD-0, FB-22, two-seat version of Typhoon, F-35A/B and debut of F-15N, F-22N and F-22B

  7. The Tempest would be a really lame plane to add to AC7. It's just such a bland design and very ugly looking. I can think of dozens of planes I would rather have than it. Not to mention it's highly doubtful the plane will even make it to the prototype stage let alone into production.

  8. Still wish we could get the CFA-44 Nosferatu or the F-5 Freedom Fighter, I miss flying the F-5 this since AC5

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